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  • If you didn't math it already, Angela's 22 years old as of Winter 2020. Yes I used IRL dates because I decided to make her arbitrary birth date a Catholic holiday specifically.
  • I decided to write a simple Persona awakening scene ahead of time to fulfill the CS requirements, of course I will rewrite a new one IC when we get to that in the RP.
  • Persona Stats:
    • Skills: Cleave, Bless, Sukukaja
    • Resists: Curse
    • Weaknesses: Zio
  • Phantom Thieves

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Alias: Bushi
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 26 February
Arcana: The Emperor

Likes: Studying, Reading, Rain, Tranquility
Dislikes: Crowds, Laziness, Unmotivation

Appearance and Personality:
Kyoko's appearance in public seems to be always well kept
and groomed; hairs well made, clothing without wrinkles,
makeup on point and eyes filled with readiness.
Her walk is one of assurance. Whatever goal she has in mind,
Kyoko will see it done without delay, without loss of focus.

This at first glance assured stance hides a socially
inapt person, however, as Kyoko is well known to
have a hard time maintaining a conversation for more
than a few moments. She is, however, well aware that
this...fear of hers, as it is, will keep her from
performing now and in the future to the high standard
of her family. Despite this, she doesn't seem to be
able to fight this major flaw of hers.


Dairokuten Maou


Although Bushi's persona is named "Dairokuten Maou", or roughly Demon of the Sixth Heaven, it in fact refers directly to the powerful warlord, and warrior figure, Oda Nobunaga.


  • Zio - Light Electric Damage
  • Lunge - Light Physical Damage
  • Tarukaja - Buff attack Power

Strength: Electric
Weakness: Wind


...Ahh yes. Phantom Thieves !
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