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A Discord server for this RP can be found here.
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It is the year 2050. After the discovery of holomatter, a mysterious new state of matter with wondrous properties, holotronic technology has become ubiquitous in all sectors of society. Cityscapes are bathed in psychedelic holograms, the virtual reality holonet is a world unto itself, and the megacorporation HoloSys Inc. holds immense influence over mass media and governments. And in the underbelly of society, illegal holotech and programs mingle with rumors of the paranormal conspiratorial into a dizzying web of half-lies.

You are a hacker, one adept with holotech in ways that don't always play by society's rules. Recent times have been relatively calm for you until one day, as you log into the holonet, instead of arriving at your intended destination, you are surrounded by thick, impenetrable holo-fog, the sign of extreme data corruption. From the fog it emerges, a shadowy figure with an uncanny resemblance to yourself, surrounded by an ominous aura that you find unsettling on some primal, instinctual level that you cannot quite explain.

"I am the Shadow, the true self..." The shadowy figure speaks, its voice a horrible distortion of your own, before letting loose the deepest, darkest secrets that you have admitted to no one, not even yourself. But just as you cry out to reject this gratuitous affront to your very identity, the shadowy figure contorts in grotesque defiance of human anatomy, before exploding into a monstrosity from your worst nightmares.

But then you hear another voice, this one unfamiliar and mechanical. "Arcana Code installation confirmed. Initializing..." Suddenly, streams of softly glowing holotrons swirl around you, coalescing into a floating card that resembles stylized holochips. Desperately, you reach out to grasp the card in your hand, and...

World Information

This is an RP based on the Persona franchise. However, it is an entirely self-contained alternate universe, so no canon characters or organizations will appear. Some mechanics are similar to those in Persona games, but some are different. They will all be explained in this section, so prior knowledge of Persona games is not required.

Also, this is a fictional version of Earth where history and physics resemble real life only on the surface level. Plot-relevant secret conspiracies aside, the laws of physics themselves are not the same at the subatomic level. This may affect some well-known pieces of popular science and history, e.g. there is no longer time dilation in Einstein's relativity. This should have no effect on most characters, but please consult me first if you want to make references to real life theoretical physics concepts. There are also some unintuitive quirks in this new physics that I had to add for the sake of consistency, but I’ll only bring them up when necessary.

Magic System

I call it the "magic" system, but it really covers everything that grants capabilities beyond real life modern technology. Some of these are available to theoretically anyone, while others are only available to Persona users.

Character Sheet

A blank character sheet can be found below and copied for your convenience.


All guild rules apply. In addition, there are a few points that I want to clarify and emphasize.

- Each player is not limited to one character. Feel free to make multiple characters if you think you can handle it, within reason. You can make minor characters that are more akin to NPCs, and potentially turn them into major characters later if you want.

- I am someone who takes internal consistency and verisimilitude very seriously. Therefore, if I see something in your post that I believe to be a plot hole, I'm almost always going to ask you to fix it. If you don't, I may have to gratuitously retcon some things, or even declare your post invalid.

- Don't godmod. When interacting with another character, work together with that character's owner to ensure everyone's actions, reactions, and consequences remain consistent. That includes NPCs controlled by the GM and co-GM.

- I'll try to give player characters a moderate amount of plot armor and good luck. But actions have consequences, and the suspension of disbelief only stretches so far. Keep that in mind before you try to make a dangerously reckless character.

- Mature topics involving corruption on both personal and societal levels will be discussed in the plot. As per forum rules, there won't be anything explicit, nor will I make things pointlessly grimdark, but just be aware that this isn't an innocent kids' show.

- If you want to leave the game, I'll try to retcon out your character's existence. If that's not feasible, I'll try to remove your character from the plot as painlessly as possible.
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I have to take a closer read before I decide, but I'm tentatively interested.
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@Krayzikk@DJAtomika Please join the Discord server if you're interested. There are a few people there that haven't posted on this thread yet. We could talk about character concepts and see what would make interesting team dynamics.
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