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Name: Darcy O'Connel
Age: 21
Birthplace: Limerick,Irleand
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Reltionship: Open for pre-existing
Bio: Darcy was born in Ireland but didnt spend long there as her family moved to America before she was even two years old. She spent her childhood being ridiculed all throught school until she met a group of friends in highschool that made her feel like she belonged. While growing up, Darcy often watched horror films and even started sudyung the occult as a teenager. She also discovered she had a talent in writing, persuing writing courses in college with the goal of becoming an author. When it comes to P.I.C.S. Darcy would never give up, not only was this a childhood dream she was close to acheiving, but it was a promise she made all of her friends.
Likes: Punk Music, Weed, Acid, Skateboarding and Candy
Dislikes: Suits(Narcs), Government talk, and Snobby people
69'Pontiac Trans Am
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Baxter Kingston
Seattle, Washington
Zodiac Sign:
Baxter was born and raised in Seattle by his single mother, Bertha, along-side his younger brother, Tyler. She worked three jobs trying to keep the boys fed and clothed, meaning they didn't see much of her. On birthdays, she would take the day off, the family would go to the local movie rental place and rent movies. They'd spend the day eating junk food and watching movies. As Baxter grew older, he found it difficult to fit in with other's his age, his clothes were usually old and ragged, and he never had any money. It wasn't until High School that he met a group of friends that he got along with. He had run into Darcy, quite literally, as a jocky jerk ran past and "accidentally" bumped into him. He had nearly knocked the poor girl over, he had apologized profusely, and the two became quick friends over their shared dislike of jerks. Baxter also had a particular fondness for horror movies. He was happy to meet his other friends through her, and though, he hadn't believed in the paranormal at the beginning, he was curious enough to look into it. He soon became a major enthusiast, and grew excited to share anything knew he discovered with his group of friends. P.I.C.S. had started out as nothing more than a dream, something to think about one day doing, but the reality of doing the show together with his closest friends has finally come to pass and he couldn't be more excited. He's hoping if their show becomes a success, that he can help pay back his mother for all sacrifices she made for him.
Paranormal, movies, Hanging out with his friends, car maintenance
Jerks/bullies, Rich snobs who think they're better than everyone, Know-it-alls
Second Lead/Co-Host
An old 1998 Nissan, he's learned to work on it himself
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Jason Hather

Age: 28 | Birthplace: LA | Zodiac Sign: Aquarius | Sexuality: Hetro

Bio: Jason wasn’t one of them, one of the crew. Not originally anyway. He didn’t go to college with them or have the seemingly lifetime worth of stories they all shared. Having built strong bonds with each other throughout the best and worst of their late teenage years together. Not like his younger brother had. Josh was one of them. A larrikin, loud, friendly, troublesome and funny. Sadly Jason didn’t really know much of that for himself though because although related by blood, the two barely ever saw each other. When their parents had split, Jason moved halfway across the world with his dad while Josh stayed with their mother. While once close, time and distance separated them.

Now, a year after Josh’s funeral, Jason is getting to know the company his brother once kept and learning of his interests, even if he isn’t a full believer himself.

Likes: Tattoos, loud music, dogs, MMA, surfing.
Dislikes: Shopping, large crowds, ‘fake’ people, bullies.
Position: Mothership
Car: Traded in his motorcycle for a camper van.
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@Dark Light Perfect I'll make the OC changes now
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Name: Nora Mays
Age: 23
Birthplace: Sacramento, California
Zodiac Sign: Pieces
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Relationship: Single
Bio: Nora was born into a slight upper class family in Sacramento, mainly spent her teenage years at the beach catching waves and enjoying the beach scene. She didn't go to highschool or college woth Darcy and her friends, instead she met Darcy when she came there on vacation and managed to kepp their friendship over web chat and texts. As the months went by, Nora became good friends with Jason Hather, surfing night and day catching the best of tides. After hearing that Darcy was making P.I.C.S. Nora had no other choice for she too shared the intetest of horror and the paranormal. What she did not know was Jason too was going to be there with them. As far a she knows, he didnt he had ties to that group of friends and with her technical knowledge from sutdying in her free time, she knew she had a calling with P.I.C.S.
Likes: Surfing, Skateboarding. 90's grunge culture
Dislikes: Water pollution, super Christians, and war
Position: Technical Ops
Car: Jeep Wrangler Trailcat
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Age: 22
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single

Bio: Connor is first and foremost a cinephile. He was always a bit of an odd duck, but his love of horror movies was the catalyst for the bond he quickly made with Darcy, Baxter and the rag tag crew of fantastic misfits. If there was a party, you could bet he was the first one rushing to the DVD player to put on Nightmare on Elm Street as background entertainment. During classes, he loved sketching out movie poster ideas and tossing it toward Darcy with an inquisitive and eager shrug.

Eventually he would even begin directing his own indy flicks, often offering his friends roles within the cast. It wasn't until Darcy proposed a horror project of her own that Connor became slightly obsessed with the possibility of actual ghosts existing. When the concept of P.I.C.S. came up, Connor was quick to volunteer himself and his electric eye for the cause. Finally, they could all make a horror film together but, instead of a work of fiction, this would be real!

From a personal standpoint, Connor Grayson is very laid back, 420 friendly, enjoys a beer or five when he isn't working and is always so eager no matter what project it is that he finds himself involved in. He's not a very religious person and some could even describe him as a sceptic, but like Agent Mulder from the X-Files, he wants to believe.

Likes: Movies, comics, pranks, goofiness
Dislikes: Excessive seriousness, lying, mouth noises while eating
Position: Camera Person
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