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  • Name: Asora Ebonwing
  • Nickname: Ebony
  • Age: 41
  • Sex/Gender: Female presenting (gynomorphic hermaphrodite; i.e. she looks female but has organs for both biological genders)
  • Species: Estrati (Avian-like Mammals)
  • Appearance:

    Asora is a dark-feathered and furred Estrati with white and light-grey markings on her face, front of her body, and her wings, which are located on her back and allow her to fly and glide for short distances, like all Estrati. She has fur and feathers to her knees and elbows, which are then scaled and skinned like those of a conventional bird. Her right arm has been replaced with a black-and-white coloured polymer and composite materials cybernetic replacement that has a full range of functionality comparable to her original arm.
    She is physically fit, reasonably strong and possesses relatively good stamina, despite being somewhat (caution: NSFW image) fuller figured than others, which may suggest otherwise.

    Outside of piloting, she tends to wear relatively robust and pratical clothing, such as boots, combat/cargo pants in grey, tan or olive, T-shirts (usually purple) and leather or flight jackets, often coupled with a bandana or scarf around her neck and appropriate belts, holsters and webbing for her day-to-day duty gear.
  • Height: 7' 5" (226.06cm)
  • Personal Qualities:
    Bold, curious, intelligent, quick-witted, sharp-tongued, daring, hot-headed, playful and kind.
  • Biography:
    Asora was a Commonwealth fighter pilot during the Imperial Coup. She had not long completed her training before the coup erupted, and found herself thrust into the crucible of combat abruptly, and without warning, thanks to the Empires manipulations and cover-ups.
    Once fighting erupted, she quickly gained a lot of experience in personal and bloody way, through hard lessons in the cockpit and even on the ground, fighting against people she once called allies and brothers-in-arms.
    Over the following years, her reputation grew with her experience, putting her into the position of being an experienced ace within the Resistance' ranks.
    Her major notable incident prior to taking command of Onyx squadron was during the Resistance assault on the Rivas system and the shipyards there. While carrying out a strike against the shipyards' orbital defence platforms, her fighter was engaged by four enemy craft. She managed to hold her own and down three of them with her fighter taking heavy damage. The fourth was later identified as the infamous Imperial ace, Garlan Frost. She managed to damage - but not destroy - his craft, while he inflicted heavy damage on hers, leading to the loss of her left arm, and causing serious damage and injury to her.
    She survived due to swift medical intervention, though her recovery was long and difficult. She was promoted following this, and used the rest of her recovery time working as an operations controller and ground instructor, before returning to flying.
    Despite her rank and achievements, the only open position for a squadron leader was aboard the Wandering Star, the oddball ship of the Resistance fleet. Accepting the challenge, Asora turned to recruiting pilots for the newly reformed Onyx Squadron.
  • Fighter: AS-103 Excalibur
  • Fighter Customisations: All over low visibility digital camouflage pattern in grey/dark grey/blue. 'Shark mouth' on nose.

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