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I was originally planning on posting this thread in the 1x1 category, but I figured if it could (provided there are enough people interested) work as a small group roleplay.

Like the title says, I'm interested in zombie shenanigans. The idea I have for this roleplay is that it takes place sometime after the initial apocalypse, probably around six months to a year later after the event. It'd be centered around two or more everyday individuals who have grouped up with each other and are traveling the country/state(s) trying to make some sort of home for themselves or simply just survive the new world.

Personally, I'm not looking for something "Zombieland-like", or in other words, something guns blazing, comedic, badass, etc. I want to focus more on the desolate survival aspect of it along with things like character relationships/interactions with one another. I don't want to write a story where people are mowing down zombies left and right, but rather that the world sucks and that the cast have to make the best of it with what little they have.

If anyone is interested, please let me know here. Maybe we can figure something out together.
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Yes im interested in this.
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