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Current Apparently they're going to show Titanic again as part of its 25th anniversary. Not sure if I'll go see it, the only place showing it is a bit of a drive for me.
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I misread the bot in the news section and thought they were trying to sell kangaroos at first.


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In Z-Land 5 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Steel Legion I've got 3 concerns in mind.

1) Could you put it in a spoiler/hider for us? Just to keep things uniform and easier to browse later on if needed.

2) What's her first name?

3) Karate seems like a weird choice to fend off zombies with. It'd be really easy to get munched on, I'd figure.
I'll see about giving it a go.
In Z-Land 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Okay, will get something up either tomorrow or the weekend.

Great! The sheet itself isn't complex, if anything it can be super brief. I'm rusty myself when it comes to writing, and I didn't have much fleshed out given this was originally meant to be a quick one-on-one.

@Pluck Toss the sheet in the CS tab.

I think I'm going to cap the player size at 5 (myself included) to allow for a few players, but also to keep closer to my original intended 1x1 size.
In Z-Land 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Z-Land 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Survivor List

Thanks for the welcome party, everyone.
In Z-Land 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Steel Legion@Theyra The thread is up!
In Z-Land 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Z - L A N D


The year is 2010, and it has been roughly six months since a large scale pandemic forced the modern world to a screeching halt. Although the world's governments had managed to contain the first few cases, the virus would eventually spread like wildfire, unable to be quarantined as a result of the cannibalistic urges the sickness passed on upon infection.

There was no time for researching a cure. No time for an organized military effort. Civilization could not stand against the brunt of the pandemic, and it simply fell apart in the chaos.

You are a survivor of this event in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Perhaps you got lucky, or maybe you were smart enough to survive against the impending odds. Whatever the case may be, you've managed to join up with a small group of fellow survivors who might potentially be the last living people within the city. Yet with rations running low and the dead only growing in number, however, your group's fate remains uncertain. Will they be able to survive the end of the world, or will they falter against death itself?

OOC Info

Hey everyone! I was going to make this a 1-on-1 roleplay, but I had a bit of interest for a small group roleplay. The roleplay is your standard zombie apocalypse setting; there's nothing particularly unique about it. But if that's something you want to write, the sheet is down below for anyone who happens to be interested.

I was originally planning on posting this thread in the 1x1 category, but I figured if it could (provided there are enough people interested) work as a small group roleplay.

Like the title says, I'm interested in zombie shenanigans. The idea I have for this roleplay is that it takes place sometime after the initial apocalypse, probably around six months to a year later after the event. It'd be centered around two or more everyday individuals who have grouped up with each other and are traveling the country/state(s) trying to make some sort of home for themselves or simply just survive the new world.

Personally, I'm not looking for something "Zombieland-like", or in other words, something guns blazing, comedic, badass, etc. I want to focus more on the desolate survival aspect of it along with things like character relationships/interactions with one another. I don't want to write a story where people are mowing down zombies left and right, but rather that the world sucks and that the cast have to make the best of it with what little they have.

If anyone is interested, please let me know here. Maybe we can figure something out together.
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