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@Raging FenrirConsider Aya accepted, man! :)

I'd also like to point out another thing. Specifically, I have a problem with this here-

Reputation: As Eita Mera, Akihisa is a celebrity in the theatre scene. His performances, along with the others in his kabuki troupe, are quite salacious that they sometimes cause a ruckus among the audience. Conveniently, these brawls can often lead to deaths that don’t seem to end up at the local coroner’s office. Indeed, this new art celebrated by the people of the new era allow Akihisa to walk among the people as a ghoul, albeit with heavy makeup or with a Men-yoroi mask on.

See, my issue with this is, there's no way the Kujo-Sha wouldn't notice this. Your character would become a target for the exterminators. Even if you already were a Kujo-Sha, the rest of the group would find out and probably expel you before hunting you down.

Katashi shrugged and placed his cigarette back in it's carton, shoving it into his pocket. "Suit yourself." He said. Part of him appreciated Grant's attempt of a smile, but still. Yeesh, he felt sorry if anyone had woken up in his bed after a wild night out. Ah, who was he to judge? Although, the Ghoul was rather curious where the scars came from. They certainly weren't your everyday cat scratches. Ghoul perhaps? He couldn't accuse Grant of being a dove for merely hanging out with them, but regardless, he couldn't rule it out either.

No, Katashi.

Stop thinking this way. Who cares if this man was a Dove or not? He's not going to attack you with no evidence. There can be reason. However, Grant's own question had threw him off guard a little. He's got some nerve after flirting with Mika in front of him. Whatever. He was over it by this point.

"Actually, yeah. Very recently, in fact. Why do you ask?" The Red Tiger responded. Let's see just what kind of a man you are, Grant Wesley.

Katashi smiled and stayed silent for the most part, wanting to get more of a feel for this Grant. He knew that he had to just stick with the program, at least for Mika's sake. It was just something about Grant, it rubbed the ghoul the wrong way. This Grant was mysterious, and seemed like a guy who knew how to wear many faces. Not that Katashi wasn't use to some grisly features but he sure wouldn't want to wear his own face if he had the same scars as that guy. His mask would be on permanently. Thank god Ghouls can heal. Regardless, it wasn't that big of a deal in the long run.

Then it was the sweet talk. Katashi wasn't gonna get mad or anything, but this guy had some balls to be flirting with Mika while he was right there. Katashi didn't look pissed off and he of course trusted Mika, but still. It was a surprise when Grant turned to Katashi and invited him to have a smoke with him. The Red Tiger saw this as an opportunity to delve a little deeper into this guy's mind. Although, hindsight would say that he would most likely regret that. Figuring each and every intricacy of a person wasn't Katashi's thing. He just wanted people to get along, regardless of whether you were a human or a ghoul. Hell, if this guy was anti-ghoul it would provide an opportunity to maybe change his mind, if it comes up in conversation.

"Yeah, that sounds great." Katashi smiled. The pair walked outside and the Ghoul proceeded to light his own cigarette. Before Grant could say anything, Katashi offered a cigarette and his lighter. "You smoke?" Katashi asked with a smile. It would be good to offer a gesture of good will. Again, Katashi wanted to make a point that he was trying to be hostile or territorial towards Grant, he just wanted people to get along. "I'm Katashi, by the way."
@MepMepBrilliant! By all means, welcome!
@TheAppraiserGlad to have you on board. Welcome to the guild!
@NewShoesForeverAwesome! Thanks for showing interest!
Hey guys! Co-GM reporting in here! Let's get this show on the road!
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