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Current @crystal what can I say, I'm a Black Eyed Pea
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Does Bakugan count
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Eyyyy kid wanna see some eldRriTtch bLAST
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All the other kids with the roundhouse kicks
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The hell is a laser kiwi
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I'm gonna fill this section to the brim with my self produced edgy quote things
Like seriously its useless info
-4;49 AM is best for edgy quotes and remembering regrettable life decisions
-Well made guacamole is bad for your waist line
-I keep typing waist waiste, is that common?
-Anime girls.
-It's not 4 am yet but good enough to add on to this unholy list
-Fresh avocado required
-What should I eat for dinner tomorrow?
-do you ever have mii theme stuck in your head at 3am
-you came all the way into my profile to read nothing but shower thoughts and immature comments. Interesting.
-I want more corn salad.
-ATLA is neat so far
-I like talking to myself in two barely different voices.
-ATLA is neat so far
-you know, I just realized this is more or less prime cringe material. But that's the exact reason this is going on.
-Mashed potato in sandwich is nice.
-So, ya like jazz?
-my sleep schedule is uncomfortably uncomfortable
-Mother of all omelettes
-Omelettes. I googled it.
-If you ever want to rp with me trust me you don't I watch anime and eat doritos but not with mountain dew but with milk
-trust me you don't wanna hit me up, I'd rather tell you my dubway sandwich combo, I wish they added marinara sauce to the choices here tho
-Chocolate chip cookies mmm
-Learning from mistakes is important. I keep learning it the hard ways. So make sure you do good when playing Dark Souls games.
-anime girls with big guns?
-mmmmm sugar glazed donuts
-like seriously, your fingers gonna get dugary but still, mmmmmm
-I dunno if milk goes well with it but its decently good, just less strong compared to the sugar
-just plain sugar glazdd is good, I dunno bout filled ones tho never tried much
-sugar glazed donuts, man I gotta work out to stay alive
-the hell is the INTP thing
-Beastars is fun but I'm not a furry
-sometimes I think, do I like pineapple pizza?
-Seriously though, Beastars is just so good
-Still not a furry
-this IS a JoJo reference
-metal man metal me a metal
-but if we are here, then what about there?
-love does not conquer, what conquers would be violence eith the mask of love
-laugh but with sympathy, chocolate chip cookie but with milk
-become anime girl ride giant robots
-I swear if you post that lyric again I'm going to write a shitty rap
-I had a shrekless childhood, maybe watching it whennI was like 7 or something mighta changed something I guess
-old habits may die hard but that leaves me live hard
-they fly now?
-resident baby dragon doodler
-We Are ODST trailer is best way to get ODST hype in your veins
-Giving them back their memes
-Nutrition is a joke, calories are an illusion. Eat borgar
-having one of the bands I like get cancelled is an interesting experience
-I've seen dank be used for what it actually means recently, it felt new
-bonless ham
-you came here with your free will, you deal with the consequences now hahahhahahhahahhahhahah
-update after a long silence, I still am cringe.
-I want some sugar glazed waffles. Is that a thing?

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A message from the Director of Many Things: Welcome

Database Logs:

leaked files
Warning: The following files may or may not have been leaked from high security database of PZPRS, or from a hostile organization. Refer to the following with caution.

Ye s
That's half the party gathered, I'll be accepting more people but for now that's enough interest to start making the thread.
No need for excessive advertisement
This is a bump
We require people to sacrifice to the dark gods
I mean
Shoot the dark gods with
Hardcover Pulp Fiction Agent Field Manual

Larry's Luxury Motel Security Protocol

Larry's Luxury Motel, hereinafter referred to as Motel 5, is considered a Pulp Fiction material. Please refer to the closest Softcover Pulp Fiction Intelligence Officer for more info.


Welcome to the Motel 5 Security team. We hope your stay here as a security officer is comfortable and contributes to your future job in case you are planning to transfer to another workplace. In this team, you will be doing the usual security work (such as keeping an eye out for squatters and trespassers) along with some more peculiar operations.
The following is the security guidelines for the Motel 5 cleanup crew. Be sure to do exactly as written, and please do not expose any unrelated personnel(this includes anyone out of the Motel 5 Security team) unless you were given clearance. Should you discover a case of information leak, inform your superior within the team immediately.

  • If you see any keys of a room that doesn't exist, just ignore them. Don't touch them, or try to find a room for the key. The rooms listed on the map on the information desk is all that we have.
  • Do not enter room 409 at all times. Whether the door to room 402 is open or not does not matter. Whatever you see and/or hear inside, do not enter room 409.
  • Ensure exactly two guards are stationed outside Room 215 each night. These guards must remain within 15 feet of the door into Room 215 between 22:33 and 01:43, and are to be informed that if one of them should faint for any reason, the other must immediately shoot them with their assigned tranquilizer gun, or with their assigned .357 Magnum revolver failing that. Whether or not a guest is stationed within Room 215 is irrelevant.
  • If any form of wailing is heard on the third floor, it must immediately be reported to the reception desk in person. All guests will promptly be evacuated via standard fire drill procedures. Nobody must pass by Room 301 until it is declared safe to return to the building.

“We were told to post mortality rates. I’m quite surprised you signed up for this.”
The Director of Many Things welcomes you.

Hi hello and welcome to a roleplay of PZPRS (pronounced Papers), an SCP-inspired agency of all kinds of people taking on high mortality rate tasks to keep the world safe. You will be participating as one team of agents going through missions. A Hard Cover team to be exact, dealing mostly with physical work that requires your presence outside of a secure facility.
There will be character death possibilities.
Characters will be allowed to possess supernatural capabilities/be a supernatural being, but not to an extent where they are indestructible immortal balls of energy dancing around to Boney M’s Rasputin.
The atmosphere of the RP will be a mixture of seriousness and comedy, set in a world where paranormal is a part of the norm and therefore brings forth ridiculous things to everyday life. While the RP was partially inspired by the SCP Foundation works, it will not be the same containing-weird-objects, but stretch more into the typical fantasy subjects such as mythical creatures, lizardfolk living in the underground, a secret base on the dark side of the moon, and ghosts. Oh, and evil cultists trying to spread the influence of a twisted eldritch being. Can’t miss that.

We’re thinking of keeping a group of maximum 5~6 people.
@BCTheEntity is my co-gm again.
I saw her today at the reception
A glass of wine in her hand
I knew she would meet her connection
At her feet was a footloose man
Then I saw her face
And I'm a believer
Joseph stole a glance at the woman as she joined him and questioned the vampire. He hadn’t seen her full strength, but seeing her stand her ground in front of such a formidable foe spoke enough. Even he himself would’ve never thought of facing a vampire up close, had it not been the situations that brought him there. He had gained a trusty friend.
“If you’re not going to tell us by yourself, I’ll find a way to make you say it.”
He took a step further. He could feel the chills go down his spine as he got closer to the vampire. But it was a necessary step for his next trick, and as an insurance to one specific move he knew.

As Joseph drew near, Straizo scoffed.
“You eill learn of it, eventually. For now, you will have to face me. The first move is the one that Dio used to kill Jonathan!”
Straizo’s eyes bloated as he stared into Joseph. Streams of fluid flew like a ray of light at where Joseph was standing, each landing on his forehead and throat. Seeing the strike land a clean hit on the man, the vampire scoffed and turned to Charlotte.
“Hmmph, an easy fight. When I’m done with you, I will find old Erina Joestar.”
"Judging from what I've heard, attempting a close up research eould be as good as suicide."
Joseph kept his eyes on the rising vampire as he and his companion advanced further into the mess of a restaurant. When Charlotte gently reached for his forearm with a suggestion to walk away, the man shook his head. The barrage had hardly done anything. If they attempted to run, that would be a plain bad choice. Not to mention that he still had a few more tricks up his sleeves. Instead he gestured Chalotte to back away.
"I got this. You stay back."

Straizo's eyes scanned the two as he threw the final few bullets off of his torso with a twist. He raised a fist before them.
"Dio's reason of defeat was enjoying his powers. He wanted to experiment and discover the limits of his true strength. That created an opening on him, being the cause of his defeat! But I, Straizo, am different. I shall test my limits luxuriously once I am done dealing with you!"
He looked over to the lady next to him.
"And your lady friend too, if she is to interfere!"
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