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Obeleun Signitri
The Butler

Race: Oozeling
Sex: Male (?)
Background: Previously a talented magician who rose quickly within the ranks in Itonia, Obeleun has since renounced his affiliation with the mage country. Overtime, he had found the apathy the mage organization had towards anything but magic to not only be dull but extremely short-sighted. It was not that Obeleun had no passion in magic development but his peers were far more concerned with pushing the limits of magitech than actually producing practical appliances. Magitech was capable of so much more other than simple weaponization.

He encountered the Red Dragon Bone Guild when they had been commissioned by Itonia for transportation services. It was a decision made on the spot but it was not one he regretted. He saw joining the guild as an opportunity to expand his horizons and explore the world.
Role: This does not neceserilly mean like your “class” like in an RPG, but also encompasses what you do in the guild’s employ. Examples would be: Cook, scout, scholar, craftsmen, etc.
Abilities: List any skills, magic, or cool fighting moves here
Inventory: What stuff are they lugging around?
Theme song:
Misc: In case you need it


There is just too much missing info for me to develop a decent character @_@, realized as I began writing it. Are Oozelings genderless? Is the Red Dragon Bone Guild the only adventuring company or are we simply one amongst many? How big is our guild? Are we a tightly knit group or a large organization with many independent teams? What are we supposed to fight/explore? Can we get more information regarding the infrastructure and political situation of the countries?

Also anyone wanna make a character thats linked to mine?

And is there a discorddddddddd?
@ReflectionI think you should go ahead with it since ultimately you could pass Cojermo admin privileges anyway. Btw do you want to partner up with my master?
Interest is expressed.
@Rabidporcupine There's always a spot for a master...
@BishopYeah, Lancer in Fate Zero was forced to take his own life iirc.
@ReflectionNah, I'm not against the overpowered nature of your character. It just feels out of place to have so many phantasms in so many diverse areas. Detection, charm, chariot and etc. These all feel like basic powers a servant might usually have instead of being defined as his phantasms.

I think overpowered servants add a lot of depth to the roleplay as long as the person roleplaying is flexible and reasonable. Look at Gilgamesh or Iskandar. If one were to look at their sheets beforehand, they'd think there's no way they'd lose and yet they did. Likewise for characters like our blue lancer who had a phantasm that had a one-hit kill move that altered the very laws of the universe (yet still didn't 1 hit kill). You also had other servants who had seemingly overpowered skills but were unable to utilize them conveniently or to their full effect due to their circumstances which is usually seen in casters.
Here it comes, the "supah-mastahs". I feel creating a master as strong as a servant sort of nullifies roleplaying as a master. The whole point of role playing a master is usually to enjoy working around the fact that you're weaker than these living legends yet somehow be able to hinder/defeat them through tactics/prep. Even the weakest servant should be far more powerful than the strongest master. I don't think this means you should create a master that's helpless but definitely not one who could fight on par with a servant.

@ReflectionWtf is that amount of noble phantasms?! In fact, some of those seem to be nothing more than your average skill/spell. Not every ability of your hero has to be defined as part of their noble phantasm. Casters don't have 1000 'noble phantasms' which are each basically a spell and you have heroes like Lancer who had his cursed charm that made all women attracted to him yet it wasn't defined as a noble phantasm from what I know.

Noble phantasms should be of a distinct weapon/armor/equipment/trait of your hero. A hero could possibly have multiple legendary items in real life but usually only one is selected as the noble phantasm during the war. Exceptions to these are people like Emiya or Gilgamesh whose phantasms have the theme of drawing from an unlimited source...
Kurone Ono

Age: 48
Gender: Female
Weight: 45 kilograms
Height: 165cm

Personality: Kurone's personality betrays her graceful and innocent appearance. She's selfish, arrogant and flat out one of the rudest people you'll ever meet... Kurone isn't above foul play and delights in taking advantage of others. To sum up her personality as simply nasty is an injustice. She's a horrible person. The type of person that makes you doubt in humanity. Her only saving grace is she has a soft spot for people with 'genuine' personalities and has gotten into rather serious trouble several times due to it. Otherwise, Kurone is the meanest baddest foul mouthed bitch and almost all of her peers avoid her like the plague, which suits her fine because she's extremely picky about her company.

Background: work in progressssssssssssssssss

Elemental Affinity: Yin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Origin: Oblivion
Magic Circuits: 30 Class A Magic Circuits
Magecraft: Expert Houjutsu practitioner. While well versed in divinion as well, Kurone excels in curses and shikigami manipulation.
Other Abilities: She's into gardening.

Mystic Codes/ Magical Items: Midnight. A black cloak that Kurone dons at all times. Bestowed upon her clan centuries ago by Tsukiyomi, Midnight is a legendary defensive item possessing a myriad of abilities. The most significant one being it's ability to absorb magical attacks fired at Kurone, converting the magical energy into yin energy and storing it within itself for later use by Kurone. While Kurone is already considered first-rate mage, it is Midnight's ability to augment and elevate her yin powers into a whole other class that separates her from the rest. Midnight has the ability to erase her presence when needs to plan an ambush or a quick get-away. It does act as a form of armor against physical attacks, reducing damage but it's defensive capabilities are more geared towards magical defense. The wearer gains resistance to mind control and other ailements as well as having their physical abilities boosted. However, Midnight is not all-powerful. Using Midnight excessively eats at the wearers soul, shortening their lifespan. This is in addition to the physical and mental backlash it causes. Kurone has been rendered immobile for extended periods of times before due to abusing Midnight's powers.

Weapons/Other Belongings: Shikigami, Ofuda, the typical Omyouji fanfare.

Wish/Reason for Being in the War: To bring her daughter back to life.
If you don't mind, I'd like to express interest.
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