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Current It seems I have survived my sick spell. Other than my lungs complaining any time I walk more than a few feet, I am alive, and mostly better, now. <3
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Thank you to all my RP partners for being so patient. This is the sickest I have been in years, and I love you all for just being precious and lovely ❤️❤️❤️
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I’m sick. I feel like poop and my little germ monster of a child is all healed up from his lol if my responses are delayed, I likely fell asleep 😷
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Ended up working on sleeve filler because we fucked up the stencil on my Bucky tattoo. So, Buck will have to wait until next week <3. But my new filler looks cool!
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Today is tattoo day! I'm awake way too early, and have already managed a short cardio session. But Bucky Barnes will round out the main bulk of my right sleeve in a few hours <3 So excite.


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Dean Winchester

Dean tilted his head toward Mika as she responded to the demon in front of him. He didn’t even want Cason mentioning Mika, much less talking to her. He wanted him as far away from her as he could get. He wasn’t convinced that them sleeping together wasn’t a grand coercion to try and mess with Dean’s mind. And the Hellhound in front of him, didn’t give him much confidence that he was wrong.

“I’ll give you the information when the others get here. I want to check on Anna…and Esme.”, Cason said simply, with a shrug. Dean calmed a bit as Mika touched his back, realizing that she was there with him, and she was his, even with Cason in front of them. She wasn’t extremely friendly with him, and it made his heart rate calm a bit. But her next words were so calm and almost nice, and he raised his eyebrows. Cason nodded, “I’ll just chill here. I have nothing but time. You look good.”

“Alright that’s enough. You and your mutt chill here until we decide we need what you know, and then you can get out of here. I don’t think Anna really wants to see you as much as you want to see her, regardless your hang ups. C’mon.”, Dean snapped, turning to grab Mika’s upper arm. He pulled her with him as he walked up to their door, and quickly opened the door, pulling her inside. He pulled his phone out of his pocket as he released Mika’s arm, and nodded, “Sam says they’re on their way…”


Anna rode back mostly in silence, just staring out the window as she came to terms with the magnitude of what was happening with the group. As they pulled into the parking lot, and she laid her eyes on Cason, along with what Sam and Nat were saying, she sighed, running her fingers through her hair. She waited until the car was stopped, not saying a word and stepped out of the back seat. She stood and flattened her dress as Cason approached her with a bright smile.

“Wow! Look at you! What’s the costume today, sexy receptionist to the FBI?”, he chimed, walking up to Anna and wrapping his arms tightly around her. He pressed a tight kiss to her forehead before pulling back and looking down at her face.

“I’m just an agent. What are you doing here?”, Anna asked flatly, scanning his face as he watched her expressions. His hair was slightly fluffier than she remembered, and he almost seemed stressed, and tired. Being a demon, she didn’t even know that he could get tired, “And are you okay?”

“She cares?! Wow! I’m touched.”, he placed a hand over his heart and pouted, but then smiled widely, “I might have a chance to get back in her good graces, yet! I’m fine. I’m here to check on you and Esme, and I might have accidentally stumbled on some information that your new boyfriend might find useful, if he’ll talk to me.”

He stared over her head at Sam and waved, gesturing for him to come over.


Duke smiled a bit wider as she offered to allow him to carry her, and he nodded, a bit more than surprised but pleasantly so, “Alright then. I think I can handle that.”

He bent at the waist, carefully wrapping one hand around her back, before wrapping his other arm around her thighs, lifting her from the floor easily. He cradled her to his chest, leaning his cheek against the top of her head as he turned and walked into the bedroom, “You’re light as a feather. I’m gonna have to watch you and make sure you’re eatin’ enough. I’m not the skinny little thing I was when you were around last time.”

He laughed, and lifted his leg onto the bed, propping her legs over his thigh as he pulled the blankets back with his now free hand. He lifted her back up, and gently sat her against the headboard, stepping back from her to pull the blankets up around her chest with a sigh, “Comfy? I don’t know what hurts and what doesn’t right now. So, if somethin’ is botherin’ you, just let me know. We can turn on the tv, order a pizza or somethin’, and then I’ll check in on the others and see what they need.”

Duke sat on the edge of the mattress and reached his hand over, placing it against her thigh with a smile, “What do you want, right now?”
Dean sighed in relief, and he stepped over to the small table behind her door and placed the safety back on his gun, before setting it down on the table top. He pulled the chair and sat down in it, leaning forward to watch her face. It was only then that he noticed she was only wearing a towel, as she explained that she had hurt her foot and had just taken a shower.

Dean shook himself from his thoughts, as he turned his eyes back up to her face and he smirked, “Well, I’m glad you’re okay. Although, we may have to dismantle this bed, if you can’t control yourself and stay safe.”

He laughed softly, and shrugged his shoulders as she asked how he slept. Honestly, he had slept fine, having someone in his bed again. There was something about the warmth against his back in his tiny bed that calmed him for the night, “I slept better than I have in a while, to be honest. You don’t snore. So, that’s a plus.”

As Lexi began to get dressed, Dean turned his eyes to the floor and he shook his head at her apology, glancing up briefly at her back as she dropped her towel. He took in the slim features of her shoulders, and how smooth her skin was. He had become so accustomed to seeing Mika’s tattoo, covering the deep scars across her shoulder blades, that seeing bare skin was almost jarring. He shook himself once again from his thoughts and turned his eyes back toward the floor, before she could turn around and see him staring, “Don’t be sorry. It might be a tiny bed, but it’s big enough for two people…trust me. I kinda missed having a bunk mate, even if on accident.”

He scoffed and stood from the chair carefully, glancing to the door to make sure that Sam wasn’t randomly standing in the hall eavesdropping. He walked over to Lexi’s bed and sat down on the edge, patting the mattress, “Want me to take a look at your foot? You never know what kind of damage a bed frame can do to exposed limbs. You might be ready to lose a toe.”, he teased, a fake pained look on his face.
alright. I dont suppose Y'all could direct me in the direction of one like this? Like, A Supernatural (fandom) RP I mean. I'm having a hell of a time finding one

I’m not aware of any off the top of my head here. We may be opening up soon but I have no idea yet. We’ve had some consistency issues.
I'm really super tempted by this <3
If there's room for me let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.
Dean Winchester

As Dean and Mika arrived back at the motel, Dean put the Impala in park and glanced around the parking lot, to check for Nat’s car, before pulling his phone from his pocket. He scrolled through his numbers, until he found Sam’s number and he opened a text, to let him know they were back and to meet them in his and Mika’s room.

“All we can do now is wait.”, he grumbled, opening the drivers door and stepping out of the car. As he stepped out, he heard footsteps walking toward him and glanced up, pulling his pistol instantly to point at the person approaching, only for Cason to hold his hands up in defense. Cason was completely healed from his injuries, at this point and his hand rested on what seemed to be an invisible head, as he petted Sarah and smirked.

“Don’t shoot me. I don’t think she’d like that very much.”, Cason muttered simply, smirking down at Sarah. He shifted his weight to one foot as Dean lowered his pistol and shoved it into the back of his pants.

“What the hell are you doing back here? I thought you ran for the hills.”, Dean spat at Cason, glancing down at the hand that now scratched under Sarah’s ear. Cason shook his head and he scoffed.

“I’m here to help. Esme’s predisposed, but I brought her a present…and I want to help you guys.”

“I don’t think we need your kind of help. I’m not quite over you almost killing me yesterday, you know. So, no thanks.”, Dean grumbled once again, walking around to Mika’s door. He opened her door for her, and stood between her and Cason as he stared him down but Cason rolled his eyes.

“So you know there’s a witch, right? You know that there’s a hoard of demons guarding this place and…you know that the big shindig is about to go down at the cemetery tonight…right? You know all of those things just from talking to some sad and lonely widow? My, Dean! I never took you for the intuitive type. Hi Mika.”, Cason chimed, making it clear that he had inside information they couldn’t get, while prodding at that knife in Dean’s side.


Duke laughed softly, holding onto Esme tightly as she lifted her foot and joked about how slippery the bottom of the tub was. He stepped forward a bit further, to make up for the slippery surface, glad that this particular motel had a bath rug. As he worried about, Esme’s foot slipped from behind her, just before her other foot hit the bath rug, and he gasped along with her, tightening his grip on her waist. He bent at the knees and caught her, before she could fall completely to the floor, pulling her tight against his chest and then drug her the rest of the way out of the tub.

He barely let her feet touch the floor as he pulled her up against him with a wide smile, and his eyebrows raised, “You’re really makin’ me work for my time with you, there sweetheart!”

He laughed loudly, steadying Esme and leaning her onto her good leg, before stepping back from her a bit. He unfolded the towel in his hand and wrapped it around her chest, neatly tucking it into itself, to keep her modesty the best he could.

“Are you done tryin’ to kill yourself?”, he asked her with his eyebrows still raised, kneeling to one knee to run a hand up her bad leg. He brushed the towel up a bit, and traced his fingertips around the stitches in her thigh, with a relieved sigh. He stood to his feet carefully, tilting her head up with his fingers under her chin and smirked, “Somehow, you didn’t tear anything. Do you um…want me to carry you to the bedroom, or are we walkin’?”
I think while we are trying to navigate through this particular scene we are definitely still full.

is this still full or?

Dean slept soundly through the night, his normal bad dreams and stress replaced by the familiar weight of a human next to him, pressing the blanket down around him, as well as the small noises Lexi made in her sleep, or her movements when she rolled over. He didn’t even seem to have his normal ‘wake up in the middle of the night’ moment for more whiskey. He simply…slept.

He didn’t notice Lexi leave the bed, but after several minutes, he opened his eyes and blinked at the wall next to his side of the bed. He frowned, as the memories from the night before washed over his mind, and he remembered that Lexi was actually in bed with him. She had stayed over. Nearly fully clothed, yes, but she was still in his…

Dean rolled over quickly, and his eyes fell on the opposite side of the bed, a frown taking over his features. She was awake before him? Even in his depressive state, he always woke up before Sam and moved around the bunker before Sam could see him and strike up any conversation. Then, it was easier to slip back into his room, have a mid morning night cap, and sleep until noon.

“Lexi?”, he asked quietly to the empty room, patting a hand over the blankets. Sighing, he rolled back over to his back and ran a hand through his hair. He half wondered if she had crossed some sort of personal line, in her mourning, and got too close to him. Maybe he should have picked her up and carried her to her own room, so she woke up in at least her own space.

Before he could think too hard on it, Lexi’s voice rang out from not far down the hall, and Dean shot up out of bed. She sounded as if she was in pain, and judging by her voice coming out through what sounded like gritted teeth, she was angry. Was she fighting something in the bunker? It was warded against almost anything on Earth, but that didn’t mean something didn’t follow her and Sam home, looking for some sort of easy captive meal.

Dean’s rational brain shut off for a moment as he rolled over the irrational thoughts, and quickly reached up under his pillow to pull his pistol. He checked it for ammo, before springing from the bed, gun positioned high. He bent his knees and walked over to the door, swinging it open as he rushed into the hallway. He scanned the hallway from both sides with his pistol, and sighed with relief to find it empty. But Lexi not being in the hallway only left a few locations if she was actually hurt.

“Lexi?”, he whispered as he slowly walked toward her room. His footsteps seemed like cracking glass every time he took a step, until he finally reached her door and wrapped his fingers tightly around the doorknob. He pushed her door open, and entered, scanning her entire room with his gun before his eyes fell on her, and he scanned her body, realizing quickly that she was holding her foot. His abs rippled as he relaxed a bit, and placed a hand over his bare chest as his heart finally started beating again, “Are you okay?! I heard a noise and…I just…reacted. Are you okay?”
Dean Winchester

Dean nodded his head, and he sighed, stepping back from the hood so Mika could take photos of the hex bag, “Sam’s gonna love trying to track everything down. Might keep his hands busy for a while, and gives us time to learn more about what to expect from all the ‘things’ around. I have a feeling this is all going a bit too well.”

After she finished with the photos, Dean picked up the edges of the fabric and he carefully lowered the entirety of the contents down to the ground in front of the bumper. He picked up his zippo from the hood and flicked it to a flame, carefully touching the flame to the edge of the fabric. The bag went up in a blue flame, quickly burning hot, before turning to ash at his feet. He stomped the ashes to make sure he didn’t catch the grass on fire.

“Like I said. This is all going a bit too well. There has to be a twist in the road, somewhere.”, he muttered, placing his lighter back into his pocket. He stepped around to the drivers side of the Impala and glanced over the roof at her, “If I know Sam, they found more than enough information about the girl. We should at least be able to pinpoint what kind of crap she’s into, and who’s helping her. With all the allies protecting his area, she’s not working alone…”

He opened the door and sat down behind the steering wheel, quickly turning the engine over.


Anna nodded at both Nat and Sam, stepping close to Sam’s side. They were dealing with a witch, it seemed, and not just a witch, but a potential of two witches. This was new territory for her, being with them only a few days, and to be honest, the seal scared her less than a malicious person with magic at their disposal.

“I’m honestly a little scared. Hopefully the things that the angel said would be here leave us alone? Maybe we can just…figure this out, burn the witch and get out?”, she asked innocently hopeful as she glanced at Sam’s phone.

As Natalia mentioned getting back to the motel to regroup with the others, she smiled and nodded. Safety in numbers calmed her nerves a bit, and the idea of being back around the more ruthless members of the group made her feel safe, even if Dean was still a bit afraid of her.


Duke laughed and he tilted his head to the side, shrugging his shoulders lightly as Esme mentioned his memory of her being a bit clumsy. He smirked and nodded, “I mean, add injuries to your normal mess you get yourself into, and I’m pretty afraid to let you do anything on your own. Hence…why I’m here.”

He lowered the towel to one hand and squared his shoulders, his abs rippling as he readied himself to help her out of the tub. He reached his hands out and laughed, “Well come here, then. Good arm. I don’t wanna have to re-do those stitches. Good hand.”

Before she had a chance to protest too much, he reached down and picked up the hand of her good arm, doing his best to keep his eyes on her face, as to not make the room awkward. He stepped back from the tub a bit and pulled to help her stand. He quickly realized she was going to need a bit more help than just an arm pull and stepped back up, carefully wrapping his free arm around her waist. He pressed his lips to her forehead and stepped back to coax her to step over the edge.

“I got you. C’mon. Lift that good leg first.”, he muttered against her forehead, “I got you.”
Dean smiled gladly at Lexi’s teasing, happy that she was at least willing to tease him back, and make the flirting that slipped from his lips a little less uncomfortable. He took in the way her fingers brushed against his palm, and watched carefully as she ate the chocolate, biting his lip. He scoffed at his own thoughts, and leaned back against the headboard of the bed, “Well, I think you’re gonna like this. Get comfy.”

As the movie progressed, Dean made small comments about what was happening in the movie, while Lexi was still awake, but slowly, he could feel her relaxing against him, as she passed out. By the end of the movie, she was awkwardly laid out across the bed, and Dean tried to figure out which way he wanted to move in order to not wake her, but to settle her in more comfortably. His heart stuttered in his chest at what this likely meant. He couldn’t exactly carry her and open the door, and get her into her room without calling Sam. She would have to sleep over. Swallowing heavily, he glanced down at the top of her head.

He slowly pulled himself from under her head, and with both hands, he lowered her head to the pillows beneath her. Trailing his hand down her torso, he pulled at her legs to better adjust her head on the pillows. With a sigh, he stepped back toward the closet, and pulled another blanket. Walking back over to the bed, Dean shook the blanket out, and covered her with it, tucking it around her shoulders carefully.

As if he had no control over his hands, he watched her face as she slept, reaching a hand out to lightly brush a strand of hair from her face, and behind her ears, his thumb hesitating on her cheek for a moment. He smiled softly, “I guess you’re sleeping over.”

Dean walked around to the other side of the bed, and he unbuttoned his pants, shoving them down and picking up his flannel pajama pants from the floor. Pulling them on, he sighed and stared down at the bed, still feeling as if she might react badly, if she woke up next to him the next morning, despite being under separate blankets. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, and tossed it aside, before carefully laying down beneath the blanket, “Not exactly how I thought tonight was going to go…”, he scoffed at the ceiling, before rolling and shutting the table light off.
Dean Winchester

Dean tilted his head in agreement with his eyebrows raised at Mika’s annoyance with witches. Witches could be tricky, and with the careful placement of a hex bag, or even just one of your hairs, they could totally screw everything up or even kill you. He furrowed his brow and thought about the possibility that a teenager could be doing all of this.

“She just seems a little young to be doing this on her own.”, he muttered, as he approached the Impala and tossed the hex bag on the hood. He ran a hand across his eyebrows as Mika mentioned a solid plan of regrouping. He reached down and untied the leather strip around the hex bag, “I think that’s as good of a plan as any. Take pictures of this stuff. We can take them back to Sam and see if we can figure out what we’ve got.”

He flattened the fabric and gestured for her to take photos, as he pulled his keys and his zippo from his pocket, laying them beside it.


Anna nodded slowly as the Don answered her question, and she stepped close to Sam as Natalia finished up with him. She followed his gaze toward the furnaces and watched as he managed to get some of the small bones from the tray inside. She turned from him, waving politely at Don and then a few of the male students, before leading the way out of the classroom.

Once she was in the hallway, she turned to Sam and raised an eyebrow, “You think the teacher knows more than he’s telling us? I mean, its possible that this girl is just an angsty teen, but it’s just as possible that she’s doing some kind of weird magic with those bones, and hiding them in plain sight? Or Don…”


Duke stayed still as Esme confirmed she wanted him to stay. Her hand resting on top of his sent his heart racing a bit, just at the deliberate touch. He raised his eyebrows a bit further as she made it clear that she wanted to spend time with him, not just have him as an extra set of hands while hunting. As she kissed his cheek, he took a deep breath, his heart stuttering, but he nodded his head, “O-okay. Yeah. I’ll stick around for a bit. I don’t see no harm in that. If anything, I can do my best to make sure you don’t get yourself killed tryin’ to keep up with the Winchesters.”

He laughed softly, watching the side of her face as she stared at the ceiling, but as he took a deep breath, so did she and turned back to him. He furrowed his eyebrows at the mundane date night sound of her plans for them. He nodded excitedly and rolled his shoulders back, “Yeah! Yeah I think that sounds like as good a plan as any. We’ll go find your car in the mornin’ if we can’t talk one of the others into going to get it when they get back.”

Duke could feel that the water was getting a bit cool, as they sat there, losing track of time. He stretched his leg out and hit the lever to release the water from the tub and scooted her forward on the slick tile of the tub. He stood carefully, and stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist. He reached back and grabbed a second towel, holding it in front of him for her to stand so he could grab her. He laughed softly, trying to keep the mood light, “Can you stand up without help? I know sometimes that’s touch and go with you.”
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