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Current Looks like I might be moving to Connecticut 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰 Might be nice for my depression to actually have seasons for a change.
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My Kickstarter is sitting at 73%!!! Take a look 🥰…
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My Kickstarter launches tomorrow for my Ita Bag and Sweaters <3 :D
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I’m still working on coming back full time. Lots of negative emotions centered around the guild. I still love this place, though. ❤️


You can call me Anna!
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I'm a veteran of the old Guild, before the shutdown.
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I have a 2 year old son, and a wonderful loving husband, and I'm typically just a bubbly, excited person. <3

I’m also a gym rat, and a lot of times I get super into the gym and obsess over my newest PR. So, just ignore me if I’m bragging XD

If I currently RP with you, I love you!!!!

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Cason scanned his eyes across the crowd of teenagers, his nose scrunching in disgust every now and then as she shrugged the young girls away from him. He flinched uncharacteristically as Natalia’s voice broke through the chatter, a bit louder than he would have expected. Realizing the volume change was likely because of the alcohol in her system, he scooted a bit closer to her. He scanned the area behind her, over her head, and then turned his eyes down to meet hers with a smirk.

“I mean, it’s not like demons are just going to announce themselves out in the open, you know. They have to make sure you’re thoroughly…”, Cason started, reaching his hand out to attempt to block Nat from grabbing another cup of anything alcoholic. But before he could take it from her, she had already downed the entire cup. Wincing slightly, he rolled his eyes, “Drunk…”

Shifting on his feet, he straightened his jacket, shaking his head discreetly at another teen coming to offer Nat more beer, but his attention was pulled straight to her as she asked a question he really didn’t want to answer. He had honestly hoped she was either too stressed or too drunk to remember anything he had said at the motel. But in the same respect…he hoped she remembered it forever, in case she needed him.

“I um…”, he started, scratching his head awkwardly, “No! Getting under your skin would be the last thing on my mind. Demon…remember? I don’t exactly have the luxury of just messing with you.”

He met her eyes again, finally, and his gaze softened into something that resembled sympathy, “I just know that demons have a particular way of fucking over humans. From the inside…or from what I gather in your case, the outside. You don’t seem like a bad person and…”

Cason winced again, awkwardly glancing above her head, “You intrigue me. I’ll protect you if you’ll let me. That’s all. I want to know why.”

As he finished speaking, he turned his eyes down to hers once again, scanning them deeply as if he could read her mind somewhere behind them. Suddenly, a rowdy and very drunk teen shoved into Nat’s back, giggling the entire time. The action pushed her close enough that Cason had to shift his head back to avoid crashing noses with her, but he smirked, catching both her arms to keep her from completely losing her balance.


Anna stood, her arms crossed as a guy near herself and Mika mumbled on about some issue he had been having in school. She rolled her eyes, and leaned in close to Mika as she scanned the crowd for any sign of Sam or Dean…or even Cason in the chaos.

“I’m about to die. I swear. I’ve apparently killed people for less than boring me this badly…”, she grumbled over Mika’s shoulder, her eyes falling on Cason and Nat finally, “And I’m starting to feel like we’ve been cast aside so they can…mingle. What’s that about?”

She nodded her head toward them, and sighed, raising her eyebrows at how close they became in a split second from the shove, “And are we about to see an explosion? I feel like we’re about to see an explosion.”


Duke sighed with a wide smirk, carefully kissing Esme back as his heart fluttered. Whatever was happening between them was more than unexpected, but in his eyes, it was a long time coming. At this rate, he would end up staying…again…

He pulled the pizza toward him as his cheeks slowly turned red from the use of his nickname, somehow sounding different with him being the only one in Esme’s sights. It felt more like an actual loving nickname and less like a little fun poking at him, and as he pulled a slice of pizza and carefully handed it to her, he bit down on his bottom lip, “You don’t know how much I missed that nickname. I hate nicknames. But I guess it’s just you that gets away with it.”

He laughed softly, pulling his own slice and taking a large bite from it, “So, with everything I just learned about you, I almost feel the need to reintroduce myself or somethin’.”, he teased, trying to make sure the mood stayed light.

“Like…hi! Name’s Duke. I’ve traveled the world huntin’ all the monsters the locals don’t understand. Terminally single. Doesn’t normally work out well for girls in the industry…bein’ around Winchesters, I’m sure you get that. But now I’m back in the states and I don’t know where the hell I’m goin’. Can I stay the night?”, he rambled off with a laugh, his bright blue eyes lighting up as he tried his best to show her that he was completely relaxed with the entire situation, at this point. It was a lot of information to process, but honestly, their entire relationship had been ups and downs of mass info dumps, “Particularly good at protecting people from all the creepy crawlies, even of the demon ex boyfriend variety.”

Official Kickstarter

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[center][color=DeepPink] So some of you know that I am a fashion designer that is pretty fresh out of school. After battling depression and some rough issues since graduating, I am finally ready to launch my brand and I thought that since I’ve been here for close to 13 years, I would share it with you guys. I’m not as active on the guild right now, due personal reasons. So, here I am…

My clothing brand is PonyBot and essentially, I am a kawaii/cyberpunk/pastel goth/anime inspired streetwear/ready to wear designer of clothing and accessories.

I’m getting ready to launch a Kickstarter for my first ever collection, and I’m so super excited for it. If backed, it will drop sometime in mid-late August in time for the Halloween Season!

Here are the tech drawings of my sweaters. I will also be placing matching enamel pins with each sweater bought through the campaign.

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My models are original characters called the PonyGirls. Think of them as a girl group of different personalities that match all the corners and niches of my brand. They will be shown in clothing from each individual drop and later on, animations.

Right now, I only have Abby completed, and I plan to make a CS for her that I can add here as things progress. My modeling camp is all virtual (think Gorillaz, but with models).

If you’re interested at all, let me know and I can PM you a link to my prelaunch when it opens sometime this summer! I just needed to share, because after a rough few months I am super hyper focused, and now I have no distractions.
Dean was surprised that Lexi barely reacted to his offhand musing of watching a movie with him, after everything. It wasn’t like he believed for a second that they would be able to watch a movie and keep their hands off each other. He shook himself from his thoughts as she mentioned the whole reason they were out in the first place, and he turned to walk with her as she patted his arm and turned to the store.

As they entered the store, Dean glanced down at Lexi, and picked up one of the hand baskets at the door, “Basic stuff. Plenty of booze and I think we need more popcorn and some chocolate for you, if we’re gonna do the whole movie night thing again.”

He chuckled and grabbed his favorite whiskey off the shelf closest to the register, a habit that he didn’t figure he could break all that easily. He nodded at the cashier, who was sizing Lexi up as if she couldn’t believe Dean had a girl with him. He brushed off the uncomfortable thought that flooded his mind, sending an image of Mika through his headspace, “And if you’re staying for a bit, we may need some more…girly things for the shower. Or I guess you could just use Sam’s. It’s close enough.”

He teased her as he reached his free hand out to guide her with her lower back into the next aisle to grab snacks.

Anya sighed with relief as Sam understood a bit of her sign language, at least good enough to understand that she was doing her best not to scare him off. He seemed nice, and she wasn’t completely an angry mess of a human, other than when she was incredibly frustrated. His agreement to have coffee with her pulled her smile even higher into her cheeks and she held up a thumbs up, before signaling for him to follow her to the cafe across the street.

Once they were out on the street, she looked down at the pad of paper, and began scribbling, “I’m not always so angry. You seem nice. Sorry if I seem aggressive.”, she wrote down, before tilting the pad of paper toward him, as they stepped up to the door of the coffee shop. She pulled the door open, holding it to where he could catch it with his much taller frame, and then she stepped inside.

She wrote her simple coffee order down on the pad, sighing in frustration that she even had to, and then turned it around to the barista as soon as they stepped up. She then placed the pad against her chest, looking up to scan over Sam’s face, just taking in his features. There was something about the worry lines on his face, and the way his eyes drooped just a bit at the edges that told Anya he had been through a lot, and was either working on getting to a better place, or was happier, now.

After he ordered his own coffee, she scribbled on the pad, and turned it to him, “Clinical or loss?”, asking about his sad eyes.

Cason raised his eyebrows as Nat essentially agreed with him, and praised him all within a few seconds, an absolute surprise to him. He turned to look at her, scanning her face, and then he let his eyebrows fall into a proud smirk. He nodded, “As bad as it hurts me to say it out loud, I do trust your brothers. If they play their cards right, we’ll just be headed to a Halloween party.”

He turned to side eye the backseat as Anna took a breath to retort to him, “And until we hear otherwise, we should just try to have fun. I’m not that bad to hang out with, am I? Anna? Tell Nat. I’m fun.”, he teased, trying to lighten his own mood with Nat’s efforts. If she wasn’t going to complain and be as rude to him as her brothers, he would keep the pleasantries, while keeping her safe.

“You’ll both be safe.”, he started again, before turning back to scan Nat’s eyes from his side, “I promise you, that. Relax. Enjoy the night. We’ll intervene if we have to…”


At the Cemetery

Cason nodded shortly to Nat as she turned to get out of the car, after a moment of silence. He wanted to reach out, and try to make sure her head was on straight, but he was still afraid to touch her. After a moment, he followed her movements, opening his door and stepping out. Before he even opened Anna’s door for him, the Impala rolled up, and parked next to them.

He opened Anna’s door, gesturing for her to get out of the car with a huff, and she slipped off the back seat, having already stashed as many weapons as she could in her less than ideal outfit for a fight. She pressed her hands against his chest for a moment to gain her stability, and then quickly pushed him away to stroll over to the Impala, while calling out to Dean the second he stepped out, “Are you guys good? If we’re gonna make this look realistic, I think we have to split, here…”

“We do have to split here…”, Cason called out over her voice, and she turned to shoot him a glare, “I’ll take the girls. They’ll be safe with me at the party, and if anything comes up, I’m the hardest of the three to kill. So, I’ll keep them safe, regardless what you’re probably thinking.”

Dean furrowed his brow, still wondering what Cason’s angle was, “I’m not thinking anything, except that you seem lonely and like you would love nothing more than to take advantage of any one of the girls…You know what will happen if they raise a hand and ask for help.”

“Yes, Dean. I’m aware that you’ll slice my head off…blahblahblah. Let’s just go. We can fight later…again.”, Cason rolled his eyes and mocked Dean, which only made Dean clench his fists angrily at his sides, “And next time, I won’t let you beat me…”

“That’s enough. You boys can measure dicks later. We have a job to do…”, Anna reached out and wrapped an arm across Cason’s chest, turning him back toward Nat’s car. He chuckled, but didn’t turn back to egg Dean on further. Getting him that mad in such a short time was enough of a reward, for now.

“Let’s go dance…and drink…and be a thruple, before your brother slits my throat tonight, eh?”, Cason teased Nat with a wide smile.


Duke shrugged at Esme’s question as he brought the pizza to set it on the bedside table, pointing at it, “Well…you feed her. You tell her she’s beautiful. Feed her a little more. Once she has her belly full, and she enjoyed all that pizza, then you can just whisper sweet nothings in her ear and…seduction happens?”

He laughed, his wide smile meeting his eyes as he stood near the edge of the bed, glancing nervously over at Sarah. His smile never faded from his face, however, and he raised his eyebrows, leaning in close to Esme’s face, “Would that work? I mean…there was a day when you could have touched my knee and I would have been ruined for a month. At least I’ve grown up enough to touch your skin…and seduce you.”

He flipped the box open, and picked it up, carrying it with him as he crawled onto the bed on his knees, and sat it in front of her. He finally dropped himself to land against the pillows with another laugh, “How are you feeling, now?”
Dean melted into the kiss as Lexi returned it gladly. He wasn’t surprised, but at the same time, he couldn’t help the jolt of electricity that flooded down his spine. He leaned forward, tempted to lean her back onto the seat, the fact that they were in public leaving his mind momentarily. But then she pulled away from the kiss, and Dean gasped, still holding her face in his hand. He chuckled breathlessly at her comment, “Yeah…I definitely think you should…”

As he said the last words, he squinted his eyes sarcastically, and tilted his head to the side, “We should probably get in there. Sam’s whiney when I leave him waiting anywhere, and I have a feeling that you’re sticking around.”

He chuckled softly again, leaning in to press his lips gently to hers one more time, before forcing himself to release her. He pulled back, trailing his fingers across her cheek as he reached for the door handle. He stepped out of the Impala and ran around to her door, pulling it open for her, just trying to keep a passive expression on his face, despite how much his heart hammered away in his chest.

“When we get back, I might just have to convince you to have another movie night with me.”, he randomly blurted out, wincing with gritted teeth the second the words left his mouth, and he turned his eyes down toward the pavement. Kicking himself, he took a deep breath and mentally shook himself.

Anya smiled back at Sam as he understood exactly what she was trying to say, and with a smile, nonetheless. She shrugged, and waved off the newness of the clerk, even if he was so rude to her. She knew that the language barrier was strong with ASL and spoken languages. She just wondered how much Sam knew.

As Sam held out his hand, Anya stared at it for a few seconds, before taking it with a small smile. She shook his hand, and then as she pulled her hand back, she signed out her name, letter by letter, but sighed as she realized Sam probably couldn’t understand her, or maybe that was one of the few things he would know. A lot of Americans seemed to at least know most of the alphabet.

She didn’t have to worry long, as the clerk came back and shoved a notepad and a pen into Anya’s hands. She quickly scribbled down her name, with a tiny heart next to it, and turned it around to Sam with a soft smile. Turning the note pad back around to herself, she wrote down a list of things she needed, and tore it out, handing it to the clerk. He read over it, and sighed, “Miss…I’m going to have to order half of these parts. I hope you have a couple of days. We don’t keep a lot in stock around here.”

Anya rolled her eyes, and scribbled on the paper again, “Fine. Call me when it gets here.” And her number underneath, tearing the paper out and handing it to the clerk, before turning back with Sam. She wrote a single word on the piece of paper, and turned it to Sam, “Coffee?”

Realizing that she was asking him out without any context, she quickly turned the paper back toward her and wrote, “For helping me and not being a dick.”, and she turned it back to him.

“Just keep that. Consider it an apology for the delay, and…a little help with your friend.”, the clerk said with a smirk, folding the paper in his hands, before turning and walking back behind the counter. Anya stared up at Sam and shrugged her shoulders. She then signed to him, to test his knowledge.

“I’m nice. I promise.”, with a small giggle.

Cason nodded his head as Nat came up to the car, and he scooted toward the passenger door. He didn’t say anything, only slipping into the seat. He closed the door behind him and chewed at his lip, staring through the windshield for a few moments as the girls got settled and Nat turned the engine over, leaving the parking lot. He was shaken from his thoughts as Nat spoke up, after they were on the road, and he tilted his head to the side, erasing his sour look from his face.

“From what I gathered, the kids are all going to be gathering in a crypt, because kids are stupid. If the lore is correct, they are all being served up on a silver platter for whatever Samhain draws out.”, he explained, before sighing, “And from the rest of what I gathered, we’re the babysitters. If I’m wrong, we’ll just be surrounded by alcohol and idiotic teenagers. If I’m right, we need to be prepared for what will be in that cemetery, at any point.”

He tapped his fingers on his thighs, and then pointed a finger, as if remembering something, “And there’s more than one crypt. One of your brothers will have to babysit the other one. But to be honest, there is no plan…only a roadmap of potential ritual spots. Hopefully everyone has their phones handy.”

“Well that’s not vague at all. I thought you had important information…”, Anna spoke up from the back seat.

“That is important information. You wanted a ritual location. I gave you one: the cemetary. It’s not like there’s a newspaper with theme park maps and push pins.”, Cason muttered grumpily, his frustration with the group’s lack of appreciation coming through in his voice.

Dean Winchester

Dean sighed as Sam and Mika both told him essentially to relax when it came to Nat’s behavior, but he couldn’t help the pain in his stomach. He messed with her, and he could be cruel at times with his teasing and the things that he said about her actions, but he loved her nonetheless. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and turned the engine over, “I don’t know that it makes me feel much better to just let her run off with a demon.”

He tilted his head to the side and wrinkled his nose, “But I hate to say it…she’s safer with him than she is alone. He seems to want to protect the girls. Did you see the way he grabbed Nat’s bag, like it was too heavy?”, he scoffed, realizing that he did the same to Mika, all the time, just out of his overwhelming need to do everything. He would carry her if she would let him. But seeing Cason grab Nat’s bag, made Dean’s mind whirl with what his intentions could be, “Maybe it’ll be…just an interesting night. We need to be prepared for anything. Literally anything. We have stakes. We have the knife. We have machetes. And we don’t know if a damn one of them will work against whatever is coming…but we haven’t been attacked yet. Maybe the angels have decided to help?”

“So, why do you look like you want to kill everyone all the sudden?”, Annabeth asked as she stepped up behind Cason. He was trying to figure out the best way to get into the car, with Nat’s bag on his shoulder, “Did you try the handle?”

Cason turned to glare at her, but she passed him quickly and pulled the backseat door open with her eyebrows raised. Huffing, he tossed Nat’s bag in the backseat and stepped back to shove his hands in his jacket pockets, “I don’t honestly want to talk about it with you, of all people. And if you must know…I’m feeling a bit under appreciated right now. Can you get in the car?”

“No.”, Anna said simply, crossing her arms to stare at him. She rolled her eyes and shifted to one leg, “You’re feeling under appreciated because Esme isn’t interested in your bullshit, while she’s resting? Seems a little extreme. Also, I never said I didn’t appreciate you. I’m just still healing from the whiplash of finding out that the man I’ve been sleeping with for the past five years is a demon. Takes a minute, you know?”

“So, you’re cool with going on a date with me?”, Cason asked, his tone aggravated but hopeful. Anna shrugged.

“Why not? I mean, Sam is gonna be there. So, I don’t have to worry about you trying to get back with me, and I know you’re not going to do anything too stupid and get everyone killed. Let’s date!”, Anna reached a hand out and slapped his arm roughly, as she glanced over and saw Nat walking toward them. She stepped past him and crawled into the backseat, scooting Nat’s bag over, and then tossing her own backpack on top of it.

Dean Winchester

Dean reached carefully for Nat as she snapped at Mika and quickly closed everything up, walking to her car. He sighed, and wiped that hand through his hair, before dropping that hand to his side and turning to Mika with his eyebrows raised, “Honestly? It’s stuff she’s never really talked about, and I don’t even know where to start. Best to just let her do this her way, I guess. Keep her within arms reach, and save her if she gets in over her head.”

As Sam approached them, Dean simply shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, “That’s what I was just telling Mika. It seems Cason being around her is just making things bubble up. I hope she doesn’t snap, while he’s within proximity of too many weapons. We need them all in one piece through this. Let’s get this overwith, yeah?”

He tugged at Mika’s hand, and turned to walk toward the Impala. Once there, he opened the trunk, tossing his bag inside, and then quickly walked around to the drivers side. The stress was already running high and no one had even pulled a gun. Dean took one more glance at Nat’s car, before he sighed and sat down in the drivers seat.


Duke smiled a gently, his eyes a bit tired and hazy as he stared at her face and the words ‘I know’ left her lips. He stayed still as she brought her hand to his cheek and her lips brushed over his as she spoke, but then his brow furrowed. He pulled his hand down to cup her cheek, his fingers wrapping around her jaw. He brushed his thumb under her eye, and then pulled that hand away to brush the tears from the other side of her face and he shook his head, “You deserve to hear them every day. I ain’t nothin special, but I’ll volunteer.”

He teased her with a small smile, but as she pulled him closer, his smile began to fade into a pleasant smirk, and he gladly kissed her back. Having her initiating a kiss just sent his heart running off somewhere even further into the distance, away from him. He tightened his hand around her jaw and deepened the kiss, leaning her back quickly, this time. As he caged her in, he tangled his legs with hers carefully, trying to avoid her injuries.

His fingers traced the top of the towel around her chest, and he paused as the knock at the door pulled a flinch from him. He pulled from the kiss and sighed in frustration, pressing his forehead tightly to hers, “Pizza got here pretty quick.”, he laughed breathlessly, stroking his fingers across her cheek before scooting back off the bed. He tightened the towel around his waist and walked to the door to grab the pizza. He swiped his wallet from the dresser, and pulled a bill from it, before opening the door of the room with a wide smile. When he turned around, he had a large box in his hand, and he closed the door, wiggling his eyebrows, “Now…to seduce the lady with food.”
Dean turned to Lexi as Sam stepped out of the car, waving his hand dismissively at his brother with a roll of his eyes. He smirked as Lexi climbed over the front seat, reaching an arm out to make sure she didn’t fall against the dashboard or anything else that she might hurt herself on. As she sat down beside him, he couldn’t help his smile from spreading, just staring at her for a moment.

“So, supply run…as partners.”, he teased, placing the car back into gear, before reaching that hand over to rest on the seat beside her. He didn’t want to be overly touchy, if she wasn’t into it, but to give her the option to hold his hand if she wanted. Little steps. Testing waters.

“I just have to keep my hands to myself, I guess.”, he said with a laugh, breaking any tension. He drove to the grocery story nearby that was butted up against a small liquor store, a run he was used to making before he had gone into hiding. It was almost a breath of fresh air to see the store again, and maybe he would see some familiar faces. But first, he wanted to take a slight advantage of having Lexi alone, for five seconds. He turned carefully and brushed a strand of her hair back from her face, just watching her eyes, “So, we probably have a few minutes. It won’t take that long in the store and um…I…”

He leaned forward suddenly and covered her lips with his, cupping her cheek to bring her closer to him as his heart instantly hammered in his chest. He deepened the kiss slowly, just brushing his fingers through her hair as he took a deep breath through his nose.

Anya turned to look up at the tall stranger that was stepping in, trying to be the good guy in the middle of a fight that was just a second from becoming physical. As he asked her if she was deaf, she widened her eyes and shook her head, pointing at her ear. She slowed her hands down, and carefully signed to the man, hoping he would understand her.

“He can’t understand me and all I want is a stupid pen.”, she signed to him, but realizing that he probably didn’t understand her either, she flattened her hand in front of him, raising her eyebrows to make sure he was following along, and then she wrote on her hand with an invisible pen, before signing “I need…”

“Man, I have no idea what she’s asking for. She keeps doing that, and I’m assuming she wants some sort of receipt or something, but she’s violent, and I’m not helping her. Do you want a book or something?”, the clerk asked aggressively, causing Anya to turn furiously back to him, with a simple “Yes” hand gesture and “A Pen”.

She turned back to Sam, as the slow witted clerk scurried off to grab a notebook and something to write with and she thought about how to sign to him in a more understandable way, since he didn’t seem to know ASL either. She placed her hand at her throat, and hissed with her mouth open, trying to tell him that she was voiceless, but she had her hearing, as she had explained earlier. Not able to find a good motion for ‘frustrating’, she simply pointed at her temple and furrowed her brow as if enraged, holding her fists out toward Sam with a silent giggle.
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