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Current "So step right out. There is no amount of crying I can do for you. " </3
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What is going on that has me awake at 5 am willingly?! I actually woke up at 3:30 am.
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“The monsters turned out to be just trees, and when the sun came up, you were looking at me.”
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Take it from me: Sometimes the smallest changes make a huge difference in your health, mentally and physically.
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"You're just lonely. You've been lonely, too long." <3. The Civil Wars self titled album is giving me life today.
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Dean Winchester

Dean nodded his head at her as she explained that she would stay with him during his violent moments, although the thought of her staying around, while he was raging was honestly scary. He didn’t want to end up hurting her on accident. The feeling in his gut thinking about it was enough to make him never want them to happen again.

He kissed her forehead as she said she wanted to go down stairs and then come to bed. He figured that would be the case, if she agreed to go. He pulled back from her, and helped her scoot off his lap, before standing. His head was still swimming a bit from a mixture of her hard punch to the face and his fight with Cason. He had barely realized he was still bleeding from it.

“I need to clean up after we square everyone away, anyway. I think I might have a bit of a concussion…”, he smirked, bringing his hand up to the back of his head. He pulled it back and it was covered in blood. Sighing, he wiped the blood against his already bloody jeans and shrugged, “Doesn’t seem all that bad. But then again, how often do you get your head smashed into the ground by a demon?”

He gave a small chuckle, and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her to his side tightly as he walked toward the bedroom door. He decided to walk with her in his arm all the way down the stairs, so that Bobby would instantly see that he had things under control, and if Bobby was worried, his worry would calm a bit.

Cason and Bobby Singer

Cason nodded to Sam, a sigh of relief leaving his nose at the fact that the larger man in front of him didn’t pick up on his sarcasm. After how the night had gone, the last thing he needed was to fight the larger and more skilled fighter of the two Winchesters. He turned and sat next to Esme, Violet coming to lay on his lap quietly.

Bobby smiled at both Sam and Natalia as they thanked him, but watched the cushions move under the hellhounds, and pointed to them, “Cason, I want those things out of my house, before anyone goes to sleep.”

“Sure thing Bobby. I’m not gonna stick around, anyway. I don’t sleep, and the last thing I wanna do is sit around. I’m just gonna take a walk when Esme leaves.”, Cason explained, which caused Bobby to give an exasperated nod, sitting back down at his desk and pulling a bottle of scotch from the filing cabinet beside him. He poured a glass and held it up.

“Well, everyone get some rest. Tomorrow starts the hunt for angel signs and stuff. We don’t wanna be too tired for the riveting reading.”, Bobby joked with them, glancing to Natalia with a smile in his eyes, before he heard Dean’s footsteps coming down the stairs, “Well, speak of the devil…”
Dean Winchester

Dean nodded to his brother, feeling almost bad that he didn’t let Sam help the situation more. He had barely even spoken to the kid since he was resurrected. He would definitely remedy that situation later on, once things finally settled to a point that he would be able to get him alone. Turning his face back to Mika’s, he leaned forward and kissed her nose gently, before pushing her hair from her face to look at her eyes.

“What do you say we get our faces washed up, and go join everyone? I’ll play nice if you do.”, he whispered, kissing her nose again, “And one more thing about earlier, before we go…I’ve been dealing with a long of anger, since..coming back. It scares the hell out of me, because I black out. I’m sorry you had to see that. Seriously.”

He stroked her cheek with his thumb, still watching her eyes with a small smile, “So you tell me what you want to do. We can go downstairs and join the party, or we can climb into bed and sleep off this bad night. What do you say?”

Cason and Bobby Singer

Bobby sighed with relief at hearing that Mika and Dean both seemed okay. The worst storm he had seen them have in years was passing, and he didn’t have to be in the middle of it. The thought caused him to sit back down at his desk with a groan of exhaustion, picking up his whiskey bottle, “Well that’s good to hear. No knock down, drag out fights. Dean’s getting better at handling his messes, I see…”

Cason glanced over to Esme, just watching her face as he heard Sam’s heavy footprints coming down the stairs. He felt a bit of nerves creeping up at the idea that it could be Dean, until he heard Sam’s voice and his shoulders relaxed.

Cason sighed, the knowing that Dean wouldn’t kill him in the middle of the night after everyone was asleep was a big relief. It was obvious that he couldn’t overpower Dean, without seriously harming him. And with six other people that would avenge his death, including several hunters, the thought of killing Dean Winchester caused him to shudder nervously.

“How’s Anna doing, by the way?”, Cason asked, his eyes traveling to meet up with Sam’s face. Bobby tapped on his desk with a pair of scissors, a small gesture to tell Cason to shut up, and not start more fights, “I mean, with the detox, that is. She still raging and freaking out?”

Bobby sighed, taking another long drink of whiskey. These kids were going to be the death of him if they didn’t leave soon.

He stood, and stepped around Sam with a pat on the back, walking into his bedroom on the bottom floor. He rummaged around in the room with a bit of noise, before showing back up in the door frame with several fluffy pillows in his hands. He held them up to Sam with a small smile, proud of being ‘the dad’ for a change, “No sense in you guys sleepin’ down there with nothing to lay on but each other. Take these, and get some rest.”

Bobby stepped over to Sam, and held out the pillows to him, before turning to Nat, “I have another one in the bedroom, if you wanna go steal it from the closet. That old couch is as comfortable as most hunters can get, but you might feel better in the morning if you had a decent pillow.”

He smiled at Nat and then Sam, before letting his face fall with exhaustion and stepping back over to his desk, where he sat down and opened a book.
Dean shook his head, at first at her speaking about her eating habits, “No. See, I have only seen you eat one unhealthy food since I’ve been back home, and that’s bacon. And I think that’s just because Bobby Singer doesn’t know how to cook anything else for breakfast.”

He laughed at the comparison to his burger, and shrugged his shoulders. It was then that he noticed the innocent blush creep up over Mikas cheeks, and smirked as she moved her hair behind her ears in a very ‘Mika’ way, “You’re welcome. And I could say a lot more good about your hunting that I usually don’t mention, because I don’t want you getting a big head and going soft on me. But we make pretty good partners…and you’re a better talker than me.”

Dean laughed softly as the waitress stepped back up to the table, bringing drinks. He smiled at her, giving her a small and charming wink when she confirmed that their food was coming. He was dying of hunger, and honestly, he was ready to see the worst burger he had ever held in his hands.

As he watched Mika take her straw between her lips, he placed his elbows on the table and leaned his chin against his fists, just staring at her. The view took him back to when they were teenagers and he would convince her to try different drinks and food that she normally wouldn’t order at restaurants. He would introduce her to different ways to do things, and condiments that strangely worked with a lot of bar food, and it was the first leg of her becoming a hunter, before she ever really knew it.

Smirking, he glanced toward the window, and leaned over his own glass to take a drink, “This whole town seems oddly peaceful. For a town with a skin walker problem, if that’s what it is, I don’t see a lot of fear or chaos. It’s all really weird…”
Dean Winchester

Dean allowed Esme to just pull him close to her, looking down at her with a small sigh, but also a gentle smile. She was so good at calming his mind, when it raced, like this. Since coming back from Hell a little over a year ago, his mind regularly went straight to worst case scenarios, trying to head them off before they happened, and save everyone both the heartbreak, and the trouble of having to take care of a mess.

“Well, as long as I have my personal anxiety pill next to me, I should be okay. Not that I’m using you, or anything.”, he chuckled at his own joke, feeling his heartbeat slow down as if someone was turning down a dial. Flickers of what might have to be done still flashed through his brain as he stared at her, but he felt safer, and the longer he stood there, the less the images of pain flashed in his mind, “I’ll never get over how you can do that…”


Madison sighed, staying close to Sam with a nod as he stepped toward the door with her. She gulped slightly, her eyes beginning to burn as her fear built up in her chest at her first sight of Dean, but Esme was standing so close to him, she quickly sighed and cooled her eyes.

She looked up at Sam, her eyes flickering with light a bit as she gripped the back of his shirt and followed his steps into the room. She simply stood there, almost hiding behind Sam, resisting the urge to run to Esme.

“Hi…”, she whispered, causing Dean to turn to them both, taking in Sam’s look, before meeting Madison’s face. As his eyes fell on her, she took another deep breath, calming as he smirked.

“Hey Madison.”, Dean said gently, a soft smirk on his face, “How are you feeling?”

“Um. I’m…I’m okay, I think. I was asleep.”, she explained simply, which caused Dean to give an impressed eyebrow raise, calming her nerves even more at how relaxed he seemed, “And I can move the money…”

Dean sighed, taking in her innocent demeanor, and the way she clung to his brother. He felt horrible that she was so scared of him, now that he was in front of her again. But he had to keep his distance, just in case. Getting to close to her would make it harder to do what he needed to do, if she hurt anyone he loved.
Dean turned back to Mika after they ordered and raised both his eyebrows at her reaction to his food choice, “What? It sounded good! I have no idea what’s on it, but it’s a burger. It weights a half pound. And it’s bound to be greasy. Just what I need.”

Her toilet comment caused him to laugh, shaking his head, “If I really need to go, I’ll make sure to torture the receptionist with it. The bathroom in the reception area is nicer anyway. Besides, you ended up with fried food, yourself. After all the healthy stuff you eat, how do you think you’re gonna feel after this.”

Dean leaned both elbows on the table, his head resting against his fists as he stared over at her, a soft smile staying on his face, “You look gorgeous today, if I haven’t told you, already. I’m supposed to be the good partner and keep things professional, but every time you open your mouth, it gets harder. You’ve become one hell of a hunter since we were kids…”

He almost regretted mentioning her hunting skills, considering what had caused her to become a hunter in the first place. But, he also needed to let her know that not only were her skills impressive, but that he appreciated her being his partner, since he hated hunting alone.
Dean thought back to the same fond memory that Mika did, his mind almost not able to place her face on that innocent teenager she used to be. But the memory was just as vivid. The smell of her hair was part of the memory, and hadn’t changed much over the years. Only the color had. The smile on her face had changed slightly, less innocent now. But he still loved the remnants just as much. The date had ended in one of the most intoxicating kisses he had ever received before the bad.

He pushed the bad away from his memory, only concentrating on how simple and timeless the memory was. He smiled externally and nodded his head, “It really does. It has that feeling of your grandma or grandpa in the kitchen, which means they probably have milkshakes, if you want one!”

As the waitress approached the table, Dean glanced up at the specials on the wall, and he smirked at the name of one, and decided to try it.

“I’ll just have a coke, but I think I want to get the grand slammer toilet burger.”, he read out to her as he stared at the small menu. The waitress raised her eyebrows at him, seemingly worried about his heart, and wrote it down on a ticket before turning to Mika.

Dean pointed at the board, and smiled over to Mika, “Ditch the rabbit food?”

Dean Winchester

Dean sighed in relief, as Mika accepted his explanation of everything, and his ‘I love you’. It was a step in the right direction, just to hear her say it back to him, again, and not in tears. He couldn’t say much, as she explained she loved him no matter what. The thought sent a jolt through his heart as she leaned forward and kissed him. He kissed her back, pushing her hair back from the side of her face again and then welcoming the hug.

“Always forever. I’ve never changed my mind on that…”, he whispered against her ear as he held onto her. He nodded his head against her to let her know he understood what she was saying, as she admitted that she needed time but wasn’t leaving, “Well, I’m here. Whatever you need, whatever time you need. I got you…”

As Sam stepped into the room, Dean pulled back from her a bit and looked up at him with a sigh, “We’re good, Sammy. Go check on them. I’ll fill you in in a bit, after we dry it up.”

He smirked back at Mika and then nodded to Sam, telling him to go ahead and go.

Cason and Annabeth

Annabeth sighed, frustrated at the idea of being locked back in the vault. But with everyone in agreement, and now Bobby staring at her as if she was going to explode at any second, she reluctantly nodded, “Fine. I’ll sleep down there. It’s like a prison, but I’m sure I’ll be fine…”

Cason scanned Esme’s face, a little hurt that she didn’t want him to come with her, as she made it known. He didn’t know how to handle her just out right rejecting his offer for safety, although she hadn’t exactly opened up to him in any way that didn’t result in him almost being killed, since they had met.

He nodded slowly and looked down at Sarah, “You can take her. She seems to like you. No doubt she would rip me to shreds if I tried to hurt you.”

Cason chuckled, but gave her another sad look, knowing that this might be the last time he would be able to see her face. He reached down and picked up her hand, bringing her knuckles to his lips gently, “I didn’t think you would run. Get some rest, and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

He dropped her hand and turned back to Annabeth, “Does Sam know you’re out of the vault?”

“No. I’m about to head back, so it doesn’t upset him. Last thing I need is being trapped down there without him…”, Annabeth explained, before turning on her heel and walking back down the basement steps.

“Alright. I think we have everything figured out, for the most part. Now to wait and make sure the others aren’t going to tear the house apart while some of us are gone…”, Cason sighed out, clapping his hands with a wince as the cut on his hand still worked on healing.
Dean smiled at her comment of him being a good ‘renegade’. It meant his acting was good. However, when she mentioned food, his eyes perked up, and he smiled brightly, letting his cover crack. Walking with her to the diner, he almost had to jog to keep up, as she seemed very business oriented.

“This place smells like it has good burgers…”, he muttered as they entered the diner, and the smell of the food hit his nose. He placed his hand on her lower back again, and pointed to the corner booth in the very back of the restaurant. He typically chose these types of booths to help with his paranoia of having his back to a door, at least while he was close to one.

“So, are we doing business over lunch, or do we wanna take a break? I’m down for either, but this place just gives me that old school greasy spoon romance vibe…”, he asked, sitting into the back side of the booth by the wall. He peered around the diner, instinctively, seeing if there were any signs of strangeness. He found none and sighed with relief.

Dean Winchester

Dean nodded , “I know that. I just think I’m the one that is being rational about…the specifics.”

He then glanced toward the bedroom door, where Sam was working whatever magic he could to keep wake her up in what Dean hoped was a rational and peaceful way. He wasn’t a fan of how scared Castiel seemed, both of him, and of the situation. When an angel was worried, it heightened the nerves a bit.

“Sammy? How’s she doing?”, he called over to the bedroom door, hoping that his brother would call back to him, or show up in the doorway with Madison, and everything was safe. He
Sighed heavily once again, and wrapped his left arm around Esme, his hand coming down to rest on her waist. He pulled her in for what felt like a side hug, trying to breathe through his anxieties.

Madison listened to Sam’s words intently as he held her shoulders, “Okay, Sam. Just…don’t let me hurt you if I get upset. Okay?”

She watched him move to stand from the bed, and shuddered at the thought of meeting with Dean, even if Sam was convinced Dean couldn’t hurt her around him. He was intimidating, and being his target or his worry made her stomach hurt. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, and see if a hug would help with his anger, but she was too scared, herself.

He took Sam’s hand, and stood from the bed with him, holding herself close to his side, just as Dean’s voice rang out. Situating herself behind Sam, she looked at the door and then up at him, “Maybe Esme is out there. Maybe they came together…”
Dean Winchester

Dean watched her face, as he held it in his hands, running his thumbs across her cheeks a few more times to make sure all the tears had dried up. Thankful they had, he let his shoulders drop with relief that she was back with him, and in her right mind, even if her words hurt his heart.

“Listen to me…”, he whispered, leaning in and placing a small kiss against her lips, “I’m working through all of this. But in the meantime…I need you to know, that I’m not going anywhere. I left, sure. There was a lot of baggage when I left, that neither of us were able to deal with.”

He stopped and brushed her hair back from her face a bit, “But I was unfortunately the brave one of us, that day. And I walked away. I’m not going anywhere. You’re not going anywhere, if I can help it. That connection…that level of trust I put in someone else is something I can’t do, anymore, but I’m not going to lie to you anymore, and say that me and Esme didn’t have that…”

He scanned her eyes, “I love you. Okay? I do. I don’t say it enough. I know. I’m not the greatest at all the relationship stuff.”


Anna listened to everything that Natalia said, her eyes widening and turning to Cason, “You did what?!”

She took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh and shook her head, “So, we figure out where to go from here, hotel wise. I um…I know I’m not part of the family, but I can bunk with whoever might take me…”

Cason chimed in at that point, shaking his head, “No. If there’s even a chance that Alastair is out there, or that the angels are sitting around waiting for you, you have to stay somewhere where we can keep an eye on you. A situation like what happened to send you to the vault will force someone’s hand…most likely mine or Dean’s.”

Anna flinched, shocked to hear Cason admit that he would be willing to kill her. He had changed, since they broke up for sure. Cason was reading her like a book, as if he had a secret he wanted to tell about her. But he crossed his arms and shifted to another foot.

Cason turned to Esme, “We can go to a motel. I can protect you. We can bring the dogs, and anyone who wants to come is welcome to…”
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