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Current Why am I tempted to do a slice of life small town drama RP? If anyone thinks it sounds cool, hit me up, I guess.
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"When you are young, they assume you know nothing, but I knew you..."
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Where you lead, I will follow <3
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Gilmore Girls has taken over my brain.
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Taking a day off from lifting is honestly so weird. I'm sore. I'm tired. I have energy, but alas, the schedule says today is rest day.
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Cason tried to follow Nat’s eyes, as they darted all around the carnival, looking for what she wanted to ride. He cringed a bit at a few people his eyes scanned across that seemed to be losing all of their dinner to a trashcan. Suddenly, Nat pointed and Cason sighed with relief that he didn’t have to stay in place and mingle too long. Kids creeped him out a bit.

“That looks absolutely horrible. I’m in.”, he laughed, leaning in close to her ear,as she chose. He laced his fingers in hers as she grabbed his hand and ran off to the rollercoaster. Truthfully, he was tempted to sit this one out. As if cars weren’t bad enough, this rickety thing looked like an absolute death trap for his vessel. But then again, he couldn’t leave Nat alone on that thing. He would have to attempt to let her have ‘fun’.

As they approached the coaster, he climbed up the shaky platform with her, and led her in by her hand to her seat. He quickly sat down beside her and pulled the bar down over his lap, “Hold on tight. I don’t want you getting flung out of this thing. I’m pretty sure teenagers built it.”, he teased, holding onto the bar with one hand, and reaching a hand over to rest against her knee, just in case he needed to poof them out of the thing.

When the ride was over, Cason flattened his hair as best he could and looked over at Nat, a wider than normal smile on his face as he beamed over the fun she was already having. The ride attendent came over and wrenched the lapbar up off their legs, quickly moving on to the next seat behind them. Cason picked up Nat’s hand, and helped her out of the coaster, “So, that was something. What did you think?”


Dean spun Mika around as she commented on how much he surprised her. It was part of his charm, most of the time. No matter how long they had known each other, he always found ways to make her smile, and to make her eyebrows raise, at least a bit. He was more successful in making Bobby do the same. He laughed, and pulled her close to his chest, touching noses with her as the song continued, “Well, if I didn’t surprise you then I would be boring. And boring is not what I plan to do with my second chance, you know? I work too much. I drink too much, and not for fun. The least I can do is to take my best girl out for a little dancing…”

He pushed her out from his body, and quickly pulled her back, pressing his hand against her lower back as they danced. He leaned in close to her ear once again, “And I owe you a bit of fun, after the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been there, and I’ve been selfish…not that that is anything new, but I wanted to make it up to you. So, thank you for coming out with me tonight.”

Dean pulled back from her ear, and touched noses with her again with a smile. Even in a sweaty, smoky, and loud bar, somehow it felt like they were the only ones in the room. She just kinda made it that way, by existing.


Anna sighed as Sam brought her close to his chest. She could hear his heart beating in his chest, and she closed her eyes so that she could concentrate on the strong beat that hammered against her ear. His words were so gentle, and vibrated beneath her face, but she could hear them clearly through her other ear and she slowly wrapped her arm around his bicep, holding onto him for dear life. He considered her human. She was clearly not a human, and was clearly more of a hazard than he was, due to the demon blood that she decided not to drink but was still screaming at her to come back to.

It made her feel like some sort of monster. What if Cason got too close on a day that she was struggling? Would she drink him dry? Would the group just let her? Would she turn into some sort of bomb afterward, like she had with the other demons she had massacred? She shook her head, but as she felt Sam’s fingers against her forehead, she sighed, trying to relax into the safety of just being in his arms again, and the warmth of his fingers against her skin. He wanted to be there through the times when she could potentially kill him. He wanted to stick around even though it was wildly dangerous to be around her. He needed her…

“You need me.”, she confirmed out loud without even realizing it at first. She opened her eyes and stared up at his face as she sniffled, “We’re…we’re stronger together.”

As she confirmed his words, she reached her hand up to brush her fingers across his lips, and a tiny smile appeared on her own, “You’re stubborn. You’re stubborn and I should have known that…but Lilith. I believe what she said, and I want to know that you’ll do whatever you need to to stay safe. I would never forgive myself if she hurt you. I would probably kill every single person on this planet, somehow…”


After spending most of the evening in bed, Duke finally unwrapped his arms from around Esme and threw his legs over the edge of the bed with a huff. He picked up his jeans, slipped them over his legs, standing up and jumping to pull them all the way up, “Someone has to be responsible here and get out of the bed, and I’m breaking free of your spell. You’re a sex witch.”, he teased with a laugh, grabbing a fresh t-shirt from his bag and tossing it over his head.

“So, I’m getting dressed, and you’re not allowed to touch me until we leave this room.”, he teased once more, pointing at her. Even just standing there while she laid in bed, he was tempted to just climb back in with her and kiss her. He was already exhausted, and hungry, and honestly a little thirsty…but he didn’t care. She was truly like some type of witch, or maybe it was the lingering crush he had held onto for so many years being validated, that made him feel so crazy.

Duke shoved his feet in his boots and tapped on the top of the table as he walked by it. And finally he brought up the one thing he didn’t want to do…leave the room, “We really do need to go get your car. Inevitably they’re gonna move on from here, once they get all their business finished and all that, and you’ll need a ride unless you wanna be stuck with me.”, he explained awkwardly, quickly darting his mind away from the prospect of leaving before it even invaded.

Anya didn’t quite believe Sam when he said he was okay. There was obviously some pull of baggage in this room, the same baggage that seemed to hang over both brothers’ heads. She didn’t dwell on it, however, and concentrated on the way that he said she could stay in the library as much as she wanted. Letting a smile that didn’t reach her eyes spread across her lips, she replaced a book she was holding, and sighed.

He didn’t owe her any explanations of what had happened in their lives that had them sharing what felt a lot like unrepented grief. He barely knew her. She would squeeze it out of him eventually. She stepped off the small platform, brushing her fingers across another book, and walked to stand in front of Sam with a small smile. Pulling her phone, Anya typed a message, “So, I’m seeing that I might be intruding on something. Maybe it’s just me reading into things, like some super power of the quiet.”

Anya thought out her next sentence, and wrote another message, “But even if there is a girlfriend, I’m only here as your aquaintance. I have pure intentions, and once I find what I need, I’ll be out of here. What exactly does Sam Winchester do with his alone time?”


Dean rolled his eyes at Lexi, but he was even more intrigued than before. She tried to write him off, pretending that there wasn’t a very specific sexual tension in the air around them. Possibly, that was due to how fast they had moved, and bonded, leading to those thoughts cropping up, the way they did for Dean when he had her in the weapons vault. He pointed his finger at her, and shook his head, “I am not a tease. I am the most straight forward man that you will ever meet. But if you keep up the pace…I might have to change that.”

He smirked, and looked down at his book, just as she mentioned the case again. He took a few deep breaths to try and cool himself off but then looked up, “You need to cool down. Maybe it’s the whiskey. You seem out of control.”, he teased, and turned the page of his book. Truthfully, he also wanted to slam this book shut and just run off with her, but he knew that if Sam came back into the room, only to find them wrapped up in each other, he would be good and pissed at Dean.

But then again, the way Sam shoved them together, Dean wasn’t completely convinced that was the case. Sam might be just relieved they got it out of the way. He tapped on the back of the book as he absentmindedly read through the journal in front of him, until a sentence caught him by surprise, jolting his heart almost as much as Lexi had.

“June 10, 1960: May have to hide the gun in plain sight with a human. Why would demons look for it, outside of the Men of Letters. We don’t share much.

June 12, 1960: It has been 24 hours since giving the gun to that human. And he is now dead. He appears to have been attacked in the middle of the night, along with his wife, child, and two dogs. We have failed him.”, Dean read, before tapping the book aggressively, “Maybe some hunter took a page out of these idiots book, and put a human on the chopping block for the Colt after we lost it. I mean, hunters don’t have it. Unless demons have it, why wouldn’t hunters give it to a human…and in this particular case, Anya’s dad.”

Cason parked the car and stepped out, his boots crunching against the gravel, as the sounds of screams and laughter met his ears. A lot of those sounded like kids, which made him cringe at the thought of a bunch of kids running around everywhere. However, when Nat stepped up in front of him, and her hair blew in the wind, as she took it all in, he decided that he would quietly kill the kids if he had to. But Natalia was having a good night.

He caught up with her, slinging an arm over her shoulders and pulling her head close to his chin as they walked, “I think that sounds like the best idea you’ve had since I had the idea for the carnival.”, he said in his normal snarky tone, absentmindedly turning his head to kiss the top of her head. They stepped up to the ticket booth, and he quickly pulled out money, tossing it onto the counter and holding up two fingers. A small woman, just about as angry as the old lady huffed and glared at both of them, before mumbling under her breath about ‘punks’. Cason gave Nat a confused look, but then laughed softly as the woman gave them their change and tickets.

“You look beautiful tonight, sweetheart. Don’t lose that smile, alright?”, he flirted with the little woman, who raised her eyebrows, but didn’t completely drop her scowl. He stepped up to the fence, and dropped both their tickets in a bucket next to a sleeping elderly man watching the fence, and then he turned to Nat, “Alright. So, what do you wanna do first? Food…rides…games?”, he asked with his eyebrows raised as if he was overly excited to hear her answer.


Dean smiled brightly, raising his eyebrows, “I mean, I’m not going to say you’ve ever complained about getting me naked…or my affinity for being handsy. And it’s not like the deviant ones in this bar are really going to judge. Half feels like an orgy out there.”, he chuckled at the end of his sentence, bringing his beer back to his lips where he took a drink.

A Led Zepplin song began playing over the jukebox, and Dean’s ears perked up, “You hear that? We should dance. Put your beer down.”

With that, he grabbed her hand, and sat his beer down on the bar, dragging her off her barstool to follow him onto the dance floor, a rare choice for him. Normally, he wouldn’t be caught dead dancing, but this was his first time in a bar with Mika…or even really alone with Mika since he had returned from Hell. Nothing else to do, and the girl liked to dance back in the day.


Anna rocked back and forth as she saw Sam’s shadow in front of her. She was acutely aware that he had knelt in front of her but he wasn’t touching her, as if she was a bomb that would explode at any second, which for all she knew, she was. All she knew was that Sam was stubborn and he would gladly die before he would leave her alone. She knew that.

She opened her eyes while rocking and glanced down at his hands on the floor, as soon as she heard them pat the dusty tile. She followed every wrinkle, callous and divot in his fingers as she took a deep breath, sniffling. She reached her hand out and touched his fingers with her own, just a bit, and took another deep breath. Another sob rocked her body as she fought with her brain over letting him stay with her, giving in.

“B-but if anything happened to you, I swear. I would nuke the planet. They told me I was capable…”, she spoke through her tears, tapping one of her fingers against his, “And you’re the only light out there for me. The only person w-who treats me like I’m human. And I can’t let anything happen to y-you but I don’t want to not know you.”

As she admitted the last part out loud, she was able to take another deep breath, falling back on her ass, where she twisted her legs into a pretzel, her body caged in by his arms a bit, “I don’t want to stay away, but I don’t know if I can stay with you. The n-nightmares I will have. The powers I am still learning I have…and the demon blood. Oh god. The things you can do…”, she rambled, before glancing up at his face, remembering him washing blood out of her hair after the massacre, and how gentle he was…treating her like a human, instead of a monster, “And how am I supposed to leave when you know I love you?”
So, big shocker, after watching Gilmore Girls, I have the bug for a slice of life RP in a fictional small town in New England that we can make together. Complete with a coffee shop, a bookstore, a small town hall and a green, our characters will just live through the trials of living in a town of 1000, where everyone knows everything about everyone's lives, and you can't get through a single month without some sort of festival or celebration on the green.

I'm probably rambling.

Those who understand, understand. Those who don't are probably not still here anyway.

As far as pairings go, I prefer to play female characters but if we're doubling, I'm willing to do a male character for your female OC.

I've been here so long that I don't feel the need to make these things like weird job pitches or applications. If you're interested, comment below or PM me, and we can kinda discuss where we wanna take things <3

Anya reached out and took Sam’s hand as he extended it to her, allowing him to pull her from the room and down the hall with him. It was such a simple gesture, but it meant a lot. She felt oddly safe around Sam, and she felt safe here. Her father would have had plenty to say about her behavior, considering she had only known Sam a few hours and was already walking around his home, holding his hand, and going on a tour as if they were meeting at the altar in a week.

When they stepped into the library, she staggered a bit in the doorway and then she finally processed how amazing the library looked, even with the visible dust all over the whole room. It was clear that many of these books hadn’t been touched in many many years, which made her want to read them all. She stepped further between the shelves, brushing a bit of dust off one of the diaries, one Ben Trimble - Men of Letters. She ran her finger along the embedded name and glanced up at Sam as he went quiet.

She looked up at him, grabbing for another book to dust off as she frowned, wondering what he was thinking. It was times like these that she wished she could just ask him, without having to fumble with anything, or have both her hands free. She brushed it off for a moment, and dusted off a plate that told what was in a particular shelf. She then stepped around to the small table, brushing her fingers across a few carvings in the wood. She pulled her phone out and typed a message, “I’ll probably be in here, if you ever lose me.”

Anya held it up beside her head with a sly smirk, and then pulled it down after it played, and typed a quick message, “Are you okay? If you’re tired or you need some alone time or something, I am happy to just find a book and head back to my room.”, she played the message, and looked up at him with a sympathetic look. She honestly hoped he would say ‘no’ and that she wasn’t being too much, and that maybe they had just trudged up some bad memories or something. Then again, it would be a lot easier to leave him, if she never really got to know him.


Dean honestly felt his chest swell a bit as Lexi covered her face and hid her laughter from him. He could make her laugh. No. He was making her laugh. That was a welcome sight as he rolled his eyes. She confirmed that she knew he wasn’t dedicated to the case, at which he didn’t have a choice but to shrug his shoulders innocently, “I can’t help it.”, he started. But then his mouth nearly dropped open.

She all but confirmed that she was willing to giving thought to having sex with him, something he had a very hard time getting out of his mouth as a request or even a flirtation. He opened his mouth a few times to speak, but couldn’t quite find the words to even begin to cover what was going through his head. And of course…she continued.

He followed her hands up and down as she teased him, taking in every inch of her body that he could see above the table, and he swallowed heavily at the end of her flirtation, “And um…do…d-do you still h-have those clothes? Just wondering. I mean…I-I’m a panties kinda guy anyway, but it never hurts to um…experiment.”

Dean’s heart hammered at the amount of energy it took to stammer out that entire sentence and he took a deep breath, blowing it out as if he had just ran a marathon, “You know what I mean, don’t even look at me like that…tease.”

Anya let her shoulders relax as Sam laughed at her sense of humor. They hadn’t exactly started on the best foot for friendship, but it was starting to seem like they had a lot more in common than not. The thought nearly caused her to blush, which made her feel even more ridiculous, like she had some sort of school girl crush on the attractive stranger she had just met..

When he gestured for them to continue the tour, Anya practically hopped in the air with a bit of excitement. His list of places they could go check out were all really boring, but for some reason they still sounded exciting, especially when he came to the one word she had hoped he would say, ‘library’. She beamed, her eyes lighting up, and she quickly fumbled with her phone.

“Library.”, it said simply, and then she furthered her sentence in the machine, “I would like to see the library…Please.”

She finished the message with a bright smile, taking in the features of his face, finally. She scanned from his bright hazel eyes, to the way his face creased when he smiled, and the scrunch of his forehead when he was in thought. His smile that seemed to stretch from ear to ear. But he was a hunter, despite being beautiful.


Dean raised his eyebrows at Lexi all but telling him that he had no negotiation power. As fast as their relationship had moved, of course he had negotiation power. He was kind of the one who made the first move. But when she continued, he tilted his head back with a small ‘ah’, understanding the route she was going to go down. He had to work for the next step in their relationship.

With a deep frown, he glared at her jokingly, “That’s not exactly fair. You’re here. You wear the clothing…that…makes you look…like that, and I can’t even request that you wear my clothes?”, he spoke as if he was negotiating a bank deal, “Doesn’t seem like a fair deal, unless you tell me just how much work I need to get done to warrant such a thing.”

He tapped the table, as if he had won, opening his book with sass, but then something dawned on him, and he laid his arm across the book and leaned forward again. Lowering his voice, he cringed before asking, “Does that mean…s-you know…sex is out too? Because you know…that’s a big step for us and I just think if you’re interested, you probably shouldn’t miss out just to um…stick it to the man or whatever. Not that I’m not dedicated to the case.”, he rambled, raising his eyebrows as if it would convince her that he was dedicated and more interested in the case than their budding (quickly) romance.

Cason felt a tiny pang of guilt hit his chest when she said they were no longer using the word ‘demon’. It shouldn’t be that hard, but then again, he was a demon. It was hard not to notice, especially if he ended up injured or in a place where he was expected to do human things…like sleep.

He shook the thoughts out of his head and then listened intently as Nat spilled her guts about her favorite things. He wanted to know everything. The music wasn’t all that surprising, but when she got to the movie part, he scoffed and tilted his head in a way that said ‘well, that’s interesting’, “I will um…keep that in my mind somewhere. Might have to use that one against you.”, he said with a chuckle as they pulled near the carnival, and got in line for the parking lot.

His travel wishes were what piqued his interest the most. He wanted her to travel. He wanted her to actually experience all the things he tried to put into her brain when she was in the hospital. In fact, the things she described, fit that bill just right. He would end up taking her, just to prove to her that they were real, and that there was more to this world than an old car and a dusty motel room.

“You will.”, he said with certainty when she mentioned wanting to feel whole again. He was sure of it. She would recover, but she needed to not only forgive herself, but she had to get past what happened to the point that she could grow from it, “It’s not ridiculous at all. Part of being human, the part that I don’t miss, is feeling everything all at once. You learn to shut it off, until you turn into some sort of cornered animal and you lash out…and then you heal and around the block you go.”

He waved his hand in the air, and then sighed, “What I would like, is to find a way to break that cycle. No more wounded dog. No more lashing out. I meant what I said. And ‘no one’ means you too. No one will hurt you while I’m around…even yourself.”, he finished his sentence, glancing over at her with a serious look on his face, a rare occurance for him, as his natural state was snark. After a moment, a heavy knock on the window caused his eyes to cover over in black for a split second as he was startled, and he turned and rolled the window down.

“You snuck up on me!”, he cooed to the elderly lady, holding her hand out. He flashed her a wide smile, and pulled a bill out of his pocket, dropping it into her hand. She said nothing, just ushering them through the gate to go find a parking space.


Dean sat down at the bar and instantly pointed to a bottle of beer he saw down the way, “We’ll take four of those!”, he called to the bartender, who slung his towel onto his shoulder, nodded and instantly fished four beers out of the cooler below him. He popped all four tops and sat them on the counter in front of Dean and Mika, “Just start us a tab!”

The bartender smirked, nodded, sized Mika up, and then walked away, fishing a note pad out of his pocket. Dean grabbed his beer and held it up in the air, gesturing for Mika to grab her own. As soon as she did, he clanked their bottles together and then took a long drink of his own beer, glancing around them, “This place makes me want a cigar, I swear. I don’t even smoke anymore, but that smell. It just brings back way too many good memories, and a few not so fun memories of Bobby nearly chasing me out of town for smoking in my room.”

He laughed, shaking his head. This was the first time he had felt truly normal since returning from Hell. It was the first time that he didn’t constantly have those thoughts of Hell running through his brain, and for a moment, he felt happy. Maybe it was the bar or maybe it was Mika, but whatever it was…he felt good.

“Just don’t get me too drunk. I get a little handsy…”, he leaned in and told her with a goofy smirk, as if they had just met, and she knew nothing about him.


Anna let go of Sam’s hand as he kissed her deeply, bringing both her hands up to brush them through his hair, doing her best to not let him go. She honestly wanted to chain herself to him, after feeling like for the first time, she would never see him again. When he pulled back, just enough to whisper those three words back to her, she smiled softly, sniffling and as the tears fell between their lips, turning the kiss salty and in a way, more emotional, she tightened her grip on his hair.

Shifting her body, she climbed onto his lap, straddling him at the foot of the bed. She reached her hand down, pulling at the hems of his shirts, before brushing her fingers over his abs gently, feeling his muscles move against her palm as she kissed him. And after a few moments, her heart suddenly began to hammer in her chest and her mind flooded with intrusive thoughts. She was no longer in the moment, and was in a sheer moment of panic, out of nowhere. She felt sick.

She suddenly broke the kiss, pulling her hand from the back of his hair, and pulling her other hand to her chest as she climbed off his lap and brushed the flannel she was wearing as a dress down flat. She brushed her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath as more tears came.

“I c-can’t. We can’t. This was a mistake and you’re probably going to just…drop dead in front of me at any second because I’m stupid. How could I be so stupid?! I let you in. I was told not to and I let you in. I let you come to me. And now, I…I…I don’t know what to do but this…this isn’t where we should be. I need to go. I need to keep you safe and I need to make sure that…that this…”, she rambled while pacing back and forth, her voice desperate and terrified. At the end of her sentence, she finally broke, sinking to knees on the floor as she sobbed. This was quite literally a lose/lose situation, and there was no way Sam would accept it, but she couldn’t just put him in danger, even if he was dumb enough to get himself killed over a woman.


Duke opened his mouth to prepare to capture Esme’s lips as she nuzzled his nose back. He just wanted to get back to business, and possibly go out later, if they found the time. Not that he thought they could find the time. But as she spoke against his lips, his breath stopped for a moment, chasing her movements with his lips. It was then that she realized she was looking him in the eyes, and though his eyes were hooded, he couldn’t help but sink into the gaze.

“Yeah…you know, that thing you make when you have stuff to do.”, he whispered back, but her next words were surprisingly sexy, acknowledging his rebel nature and his toughness. He nearly groaned at the sound of her voice, but tilted his head with his lips pouted, as if she was definitely correct.

But then her cheek was on his and her breath was washing over his ear, and he shuddered visibly, tightening his hands in the sheets near her shoulder. He was barely functional, by the time she pulled back and her lips were in kissing distance once again, only for her to continue teasing him. When she began to sit up, he moved his hand from the sheets to her bare shoulder and pressed her back down, “I think…”

Duke leaned down, placing soft kisses from her collarbone, all the way up to her jaw, where he gave a tiny little bite and a chuckle, “The list can wait.”, he drawled. He then reached back with one arm, and pulled the covers up over his head, before covering her lips with his again. It would be a miracle if they could get any work done at all around each other, at this point.

‘Magic?’, Anya thought to herself as Sam joined her, and she glanced up from the table she was looking at to scan over his face as he spoke about his home with such excitement. It was endearing, and even though she refused to get attached to any hunters, ever again, this place seemed safe enough to at least pry. Just a little.

When he pointed out the glowing rune, she looked at it closely, gasping a soft breath at how cool it was. Her mind wandered, almost in time with him mentioning the same thing she was thinking. She wondered how many times you could walk into a room in the bunker, move one thing, and find a whole new world under it. Sam’s words matching her thoughts just made her smile, and she pulled her phone up to type, “I was actually just thinking that you must find things all the time.”

She laughed silently, and straightened up, running her hand through her hair to push it behind her ear with a shy look. She thought about what to say, and eventually settled on something she had meant to say when he first agree with Dean to help her.

“By the way. Thank you. I don’t have anywhere else to go at this point, and to be honest, you’re the most normal and relatable…and young hunter I’ve dealt with. I have high hopes for you.”, she pushed play and smiled at the small joke at the end of her sentence. She didn’t know how long she would be staying, but they were off to a good start as far as getting to know each other. She had no family, or friends. Just finding common ground with someone else was refreshing.


Dean felt almost guilty when Lexi began to explain that he didn’t have to rush himself. He didn’t even want to put that on her. He didn’t want to be taken care of. But he could tell in her words that she wasn’t necessarily trying to take care of him. She was giving him space. The space that Sam normally refused to give him. He would take it. He sighed, and nodded, with a small chuckle at the mental image of her in dirty pajamas eating a barrel of ice cream. It was honestly so fitting.

“Yeah…well…”, he started, but she drove home the point of him being able to ask her anything he wanted to know. Honestly, he wanted to know everything about her. As guilty as he felt half the time he touched her, he also felt some sort of comfort in having her so close. And he wanted to know why. He wanted to know every inner working of her brain…eventually.

“I’ll have to give you the Sam Winchester interrogation, soon. Cheaper than a therapist and better in the sack.”, he joked with her to lighten the mood, as she took her deep breath and he glanced down at his glass of whiskey. Then came the call to action, mixed with a tiny bit of blackmail for his stomach that caused him to groan.

“Of course you’re going to use food to blackmail me into work. Of course you are. That’s just who you are…”, he feigned misery, finishing with a light chuckle, as he sat up straight in his chair, downed his whiskey, and pulled a book toward him, “I guess we should get to work. But I’m getting that pie! And you have to cook it in my t-shirt. Don’t ask. Just do.”

Cason frowned, and glanced over at Nat as she asked for clarification about his music taste. He then rolled his eyes at the little nickname she gave him, though the fact that she gave him a nickname made his chest swell a bit. He shook his head, “I’m old. Like…really old. Most demons are.”, he tried to justify, but glancing over and seeing the amused look on her face, he shook his head and had to chuckle himself. Of course giving her any information about him was an instant way to give her ammunition to get the upper hand. He didn’t even know if he minded…

When she asked about his knowledge of her, he thought about it for a moment, and shrugged, “There’s plenty I don’t know about you. Our…meeting circumstances weren’t exactly conducive to relationship building. I know you love your car. I know you have an odd relationship with your brothers, and you have a tiny bit of a prejudice toward me, for good reason. I know you like to drink and you like junk food…a few specific types. But tell me, what kind of music do you like? Movies, hobbies, travel wishes…”

As he spoke, he waved his hand in a bit of a circle, as if to tell her to just spill as much information as she wanted to. He legitimately wanted to know everything she was willing to tell him, even if he didn’t quite know why…just like he couldn’t quite say why he had kissed her the night before, or why he had been tempted to do it again, several times since.


Dean chuckled at Mika’s call back to Duke. The two of them always had a complicated relationship, but they loved each other, and Mika was the only one who could get away with the type of teasing she threw at him. She also happened to be the only one who could calm Duke down in a lot of cases, when he rarely became angry. Feeling her hand in the pocket of his jeans, he flinched at first, and then chuckled and stared down at her with a smirk, “I mean, if you’re gonna do the whole PDA thing, we may want to find a darker bar…”

With another amused laugh, he pulled his keys out of his pocket, just as they stepped off the sidewalk, causing him to point toward the Impala. He glanced down the road a bit, seeing a beacon in the sea of diners and motels along the road, “Down there…”, he muttered, pointing at a sign with a neon naked woman on it, and just the word ‘Saloon’. Raising his eyebrows, he shrugged his shoudlers up around his ears, “They always have the cheapest beer. Let’s go.”

At the Bar

Dean stepped out of the Impala and ran around to the passenger side excitedly. He opened Mika’s door, and helped her out of the car, before turning and pointing to the sign, “It’s a Saloon.”, he chimed happily, with a wide smile on his face. He practically dragged her to the door of the establishment, and as soon as he opened it, the smell of cigar smoke and whiskey hit his nose, causing him to sign in ecstasy.

“Its…a saloon.”, he chimed again, walking her toward the dusty bar. The entire place was dark, save for a light behind the bar. The music was loud, and country, and around the room, various people had ‘fun’ against the walls. Dean was in heaven. This was heaven, “Let’s get a drink, and mingle. This is quite literally our kind of place!”


Anna didn’t fight Sam as he picked up her hand. The warmth of his palm against hers was honestly the most comforting thing she had felt since simply touching his hair again while they kissed. Feeling his heartbeat through his fingers calmed hers down a bit, almost syncing up with his the second they touched and she took a deep breath as he began speaking.

She nearly interrupted him when he told her she wasn’t selfish, opening her mouth to speak, but quickly closing it against to let him speak fully. She sighed through her nose, and finally raised her eyes to watch his face as he spoke. A small sob left her throat as a couple of tears fell, just hearing him admit that they would fight Lilith together. They would be in this together, and he definitely wanted her to stay. She kind of already knew that, obviously. He had flown over 3000 miles to find her. But the words were enough to nearly tear her down to her core.

She opened her mouth to speak again, only for him to continue in reference to their relationship. She hated that he felt solely responsible for how distant they had felt in the last few weeks, as if the was the only one who hadn’t worked toward anything. When in reality, she wasn’t seeing his true feelings either, due to the past. She was living in the past. He was here, now. He came after her, and he was here.

At his last words, she took a deep and shaky breath, not even sure how to react to his words. He didn’t hate her. He wasn’t angry with her. He didn’t even think she was selfish. He just…wanted her.

“I love you.”, she blurted out, her hand tightening in his. She had the urge to just smash her lips into his, and kiss him until morning to prove to him that she wouldn’t disappear. She wanted to somehow show she wasn’t the same runner she was at 16 and 22, and now recently…

Taking a chance, she leaned in and just gently brushed her lips across his, as if he would disappear from in front of her at any second.


Duke rolled his eyes at Esme as she stifled her laughter, but when she pulled the covers down, the smile on her face was hard to resist. He mirrored it almost instantly, and nodded, placing both his hands on his hips. He flashed a toothy smile, “That’s just how it goes around here, I guess. Every…single…time. Pretty soon, they’re gonna come into the room to a whole lot of ass…”

He laughed again, and watched her face intently, as she brushed her hair away from her face. The simple motion nearly took his breath away. She was just…too beautiful to be in his bed right now. He dropped his hands to his sides as she gave him the order, and glanced up at the ceiling, “I mean. I don’t know…I’m a bit afraid of traumatizing someone. Then again, everyone’s gone…and we’re all alone…so maybe there’s just nothing else to do.”

The whole time he spoke, he would pause, climbing onto the foot of the bed, crawling over her like a bridge. He stopped at the end of his sentence, and leaned forward, nuzzling her nose, “And I mean, we do have a to do list, today.”, he said softly against her lips, breaking into another wide smile.

Anya scoffed, rolling her eyes at the fact that Dean made fun of Sam for being a nerd. Of course he did. He didn't exactly seem the most moldable of humans, and maybe even a tiny bit prejudice against anything that didn't fit his narrow view of the world. They were going to have a lot of fun together…

She tightened her hand in Sam’s as he led her down the hallway toward the first area he wanted to show her. Honestly, she wanted to try and prove to him that she did want to be his friend, and that even though she was stressed, tired, and disappointed in his dismissal, she could forgive him for it. As they stepped into the first room, she raised her eyebrows as soon as they hit the landing. The room was expansive, and full of pre-World War 2 era computers that she had never seen before. A couple of them even lit up with their green cursors blinking wildly.

She pulled her hand from his for a moment, as he stretched his arm out to the room, and pulled her phone up, “This is amazing! Even the smell is amazing!”, she pressed play and then ran over to the nearest working computer, running her fingers over the old slick black keyboard with a wide smile on her face. She pulled the phone back to her front, and when she pressed send, she turned back to him and smiled, “It’s crazy that you live here. With all of this. Imagine if you could use it all, and stuff. I would never leave.”


Dean nodded, and raised his eyebrows, tipping his glass toward Lexi when she confirmed that she wanted to take the shot. He was hoping for that answer, and the look on his face was almost that of pride. He was proud of her, for being tough enough to at least be willing to keep hunting, despite the horror she went through. He stopped at the last words she said, at first, ‘her tragic backstory’. He swallowed a bit heavily, and turned his eyes down to the table, as the thought of talking about Mika in anything other than vague explanations caused his stomach to plummet.

“Yeah, well…we all have backstories.”, he started, but he couldn’t help the smile that threatened the corners of his mouth, even if he didn’t necessarily feel the same way. She wanted to be open with him. She wanted to have those hard conversations, and he didn’t know if he could reciprocate.

“I um…I’ll get there too. I honestly feel the need to ask you a million questions, but I…I don’t know if I can um…”, he stopped talking, tapping his glass on the table in frustration before clearing his throat, “Talking about things isn’t exactly my strong suit. I’m more of the eternalize and ruin my liver type.”
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