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Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
9 yrs ago
Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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Ok now I've got my stats rolled but I got a 23 (ㆁωㆁ)
Np, I get the need to make it even. I'll probably need help putting the new stats in once that's done so if anyone knows how please let me know lol. Other than base stats everything else good?
<Snipped quote by Archangel89>

It looks good for the most part.
I will say that the stats will need to be changed. For this game you can either Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest, or point buy/standard array.

That's what I did and those were the results lol. The game didn't get off the ground and this was the link to the owners dndbeyond. I followed the character creation rules for the game
Feras Mossbeard

Here's the sheet I'm gonna use
Now as a quick question, the sheet I have was for another campaign that didn't follow through. Will it cause any trouble on here?
Sounds good, what level? I see the sheet says one but has the party leveled up since the start of the game and if so what level are they?
Any room for a satyr paladin?
I know this looks like it's filling up fast but I was curious how the party would feel about having a dragonborn sorcerer, either draconic or pyromancer if allowed?

A A R O N 'Z E P H Y R’ N Y L E S

AGE 23《》6'1" HEIGHT

Aaron is a rather breezy carefree individual whose major life motto is to not be too attached by or to anything. Due to his younger life and his upbringing he's discovered the dangers that come with tying yourself down to frivolous people or things and the pain that comes with it. He is one to usually deflect conversations with "too hard" questions to deal with despite his natural curiosity of people and the world around him. Aaron is a firm believer that people will tell you everything that you need to know about themselves without having to say a word and will observe people and things at a distance. If the situation comes down to it, Aaron is of the mind to quickly and definitively end a situation before it becomes too much of a problem..


Aaron's life, while not particularly tragic, has been a hard road to travel. For most of his formative years Aaron bounced from foster home to foster home in a small town where everyone knew everyone. Life without parents made him very bitter and angry which didn't help is living situations almost to the point that he was ostracized from any one his age. Until the day he met Samuel. Samuel saw through the façade Aaron put up and slowly introduced him to his group of friends; Kat, Remi, Thael, Rene, Freddy, Magdalena. Along with Samuel, these people slowly made Aaron into someone worth being around and for a time people actually began to see him in a positive light. All this changed, however, when the comet came.

When the infection began to spread and the spirits began to migrate into more and more people the mutated wildlife began making their way into the cities. One day when the kids where playing they came across said wildlife, a mutated stag that had wandered into the outskirts of the town. Aaron's natural curiosity drove him to go and investigate the creature leaving Samuel to come along to do his best to protect him as best he could. When the situation naturally turned south Aaron's fear got the better of him and made him cower before the thing while Samuel stood up to it, before the death blow could be struck a mass gathering of wind and electricity gathered into Aaron and the two of them escaped in a flash of light. The boys were safe and the creature was dealt with, but the group or the town began to look at Aaron differently. Samuel was the golden child able to do no wrong and he stood in defense of his friend, Aaron was a coward and hid and the town treated him as such.

For years after the fact Aaron was split apart from the town, these spirits gave him new abilities but he received foul looks from the town and his friends suddenly didn't see him in the same light and with all these things coalescing together he decided to join the UDF and give up his former life since they decided to give up on him. As he trained and grew in his spirits Aaron caught the eye of the Intelligence Division for his mobility and decisive actions, so when he graduated from the academy and received his captains rank Intelligence scooped him up and quickly began his work. He has spent the last 5 years investigating the infection, keeping tabs on R&D, and infiltrating high value targets to keep the flow of information coming into the UDF.


The Nakamasa High Frequency Katana is a blade that vibrates at extremely high frequencies that weakens the molecular integrity of whatever it cuts. In combination with his spirits of lightning and wind this effect is amplified even further in combination with Aaron's even heightened speed. The sheath of the weapon is fixed with a launching system that aids in Aaron's quickdraw style which also functions as a mid-ranged high powered rifle in certain situations. The system is powered by a 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) ammo.

  • Lightning
  • Air
  • Water




Five Hours Till Midnight

The defined features of Avery Wilde softened slightly as she smiled again.

"Then I look forward to it, Mister Silver."

Catching sight of something over Jayce's shoulder, Avery's smile faded, before she turned back to Jayce.

"Now, I am afraid, you must excuse me. I will leave you in the capable hands of Mister Black."

With that, she was gone, lost in the shifting crowd, and the rest of the room seemed to rush in around Jayce, as if it had been holding its breath. Mister Black was at his shoulder again, the too-wide smile, the prickling on the back of Jayce's neck, the smooth voice.

"You certainly made a good impression, my friend."

"Did you have any doubts Black?."

The smug satisfaction that now seemed to be permanently attached to Jayce's face shown like a beacon to any and all that could see it. He could see the eyes of the faces of the other guests as they glared at him in a mixture of disgust and envy, he couldn't get enough of it.

"So Black, give me a run down on this dinner. Is there anything that I need to know cause I need to be prepared to deal with any possible outcome, the Silverhand name is riding on this dinner."

While his mouth spoke volumes about his goals, and they were still there, he couldn't help but feel like there was something more that could come of it. He didn't know but all he knew is that he could not wait to be in her presence again.

Mister Black smiled at Joyce’s confidence, clearly enjoying the preening of his companion.

“I am sure your social graces are without question, my friend.”

Suddenly stepping closer, the broad smile of Mister Black did not falter, even for an instant, but the man’s voice dropped lower.

“A word of warning though, if I may be so bold. The close circle of the Wildes is as much the great and good of Arkham as it is a nest of vipers. Choose your friends wisely.”

As quickly as he had moved forward, Mister Black stepped back. His voice was louder now, almost exaggerated in the way he raised his voice to be heard above the whirling music.

“If you are to be joining Lady Wilde for dinner, then I believe I should make some introductions!”

Dark eyes scanned the room, before seeming to find what they were looking for, and turning back to Jayce.

“That is, if you can continue to bear my company?”

"Of course, Black. You are my guide this evening, and I need to have names and faces straight if I am to be a permanent place here."

Mister Black smiled again, thin lips pulling back to reveal an unnerving number of polished teeth. Not for the first time, Jayce couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something sinister in that smile, but for better or for worse, he shook it off.

“I admire your ambition, my friend! I know of just the man to introduce you to…”

Before Mister Black could continue, a figure stepped out of the crowd, catching Jayce’s arm. Her clothes plain compared to the opulence and grandeur that moved about them, it took Jayce a moment to even notice her. A maid, plain features, mousy brown hair tied up, but her eyes.

“A drink, sir?”

Even as she spoke, her eyes burned into Jayce. Dark pools, Jayce could feel the breath catch in his throat at the intensity of them. Her manners and speech were polished, but her eyes, her eyes were screeching a warning, even as she held a tray of champagne flutes towards him. Her eyes unsettled Jayce, there was something disturbing and pleading within them. If he were to spend any length of time staring into them he thought that he might lose himself in them. As he remembered his place he quickly took a flute of champagne and tried to carry on with his mission.

"A...ah yes, thanks."

For a moment, it seemed as if the maid was going to speak, but then the dark eyes flashed across to Mister Black, and then dropped to the floor. The curtsey that followed was robotic and stiff, and then she was lost, disappearing into the shifting crowd. By the time Jayce had turned away, Mister Black had reached his apparent target. A lanky man, standing a few inches shorter than Jayce and wiry, fine dark suit practically hanging off him, thinning white hair. Mister Black had a quick, hushed, conversation, and then he turned back to Jayce, smiling broadly and gesturing him over.

“Mister Silver, allow me to introduce Mister Cobalt.”

As Jayce reached the figure, this Mister Cobalt, he was suddenly struck by a realization. He recognized the face behind the white and gold mask, he knew the piercing blue eyes. He couldn’t place the face, not yet, but he knew him. His chest suddenly tight, Jayce couldn’t help but wonder if Mister Cobalt would recognize him in turn. Even if he had wanted to change his course, it was already too late for Jayce, and a thin hand was thrust in his direction. A thin smile danced beneath the carefully maintained moustache and white and gold mask, but it was a smile that never reached the man’s eyes. The voice that spoke had a Chicago drawl.

“A pleasure to meet you, Mister Silver.”

The voice, the moustache, everything screamed money and affluence and he knew that there was something to him. He knew that Silverhand Chemicals had some sort of dealings with him but for the life of him he couldn't finger who or for what he did. The drawl struck first then followed by the hand, there was a part of him that didn't want to deal with him but social policies and his own drive to make a reasonable impression here amongst the Wildes' social circle drove him to meet this person head on,

"The pleasure is all mine Mr. Cobalt. What a privilege to see you amongst such high society."

A frown crossed the older man’s face at Jayce’s introduction, piercing blue eyes narrowing slightly as he looked Jayce up and down for a second time.

“Forgive me, do you know me, man?”

"Haven't you had dealings with Silverhand Chemical in recent months?"

At the mention of Silverhand, the piercing eyes of Mister Cobalt narrowed, as if he was properly looking at Jayce for the first time. There was a heartbeat of silence, before the thin lips parted, as if Mister Cobalt was about to speak, but before he could, another voice interrupted him.

“And who is this dashing gentleman, darling?”

Turning towards the speaker, Jayce will find himself all but face to face with another guest. An older woman, with the unmistakable air of grace and dignity, expensive blue dress flowing around her and dark eyes framed by a white and gold mask that was the twin of the one that Mister Cobalt wore. If Jayce had been fumbling to place the face of Mister Cobalt, the face of this newcomer struck him like a lightning bolt. He knew the face. Suddenly, he was a child again, finally allowed to attend one of his parent’s lavish parties after months of begging and pleading. The suit he wore was scratchy and uncomfortable, but he had been lost in the colors and the music, faces blurring past him as he clung to his mothers skirts. One of those faces had paused, leaning down to coo in the young Jayce’s face. The same face that was now looking back at him from behind a white and gold mask. Amelia Harris. And with that name, the face of Mister Cobalt finally clicked into place. William H. Harris. With a slightly uncomfortable revelation, Jayce realized that the man that he had been conversing with was one of the great magnates of the American East, driving force behind the juggernaut that was the Harris Oil Company. The whirring wheels of Jayce’s epiphany were finally interrupted by the drawling voice of Mister Cobalt.

“That is the exact question I was about to ask myself, my dear.”

Three pairs of eyes were fixed on Jayce, and he became increasingly aware that a suitable answer was expected of him. The boring gaze of all three people dug deep into his soul and psyche in what felt like an attempt to pry something out of him. As seconds drug out into what seemed like hours, Jayce pulled on the years of social training his father beat into him, pleasant but not ignorant.
He reached for Mrs. Cobalt's hand and lightly kissed it in a display of gentlemanly humility,

"Ah, this must be the radiant Mrs. Cobalt, I am Mister Silver. I represent Mr. Damian Brennaman who was unable to attend this evening."

Mrs. Cobalt watched Jayce with a raised eyebrow, but she seemed to quickly reach a decision, nodding her head towards Jayce and smiling warmly.

“Well then it is a pleasure to meet you, Mister Silver. I am sorry to hear that Damian will be unable to join us this evening. It has been too long since we visited Boston, has it not, darling?”

The question was clearly directed towards Mister Cobalt, and it seemed to jolt the older man out of his contemplation, gaze finally leaving Jayce as he glanced across at his wife.

“Yes, of course, my dear.”

The next voice to speak was that of Mister Black, the lean man stepping forward and taking Mrs. Cobalt’s hand in his own, mirroring Jayce’s actions from just a moment before as he raised it to his lips.

“Please allow me to echo the sentiment of my good friend. It is a pleasure, as always.”

Mrs. Cobalt watched Mister Black, her face a mask of polite indifference. “I am sure it is, Mister Black.”

Her hand returned by the aforementioned Mister Black, Mrs Cobalt turned her attention back towards Jayce.

“How are you finding your evening so far, Mister Silver? I am sure this little soirée must seem old-fashioned to someone accustomed to the styling's of the Brennaman family, but I assure you that we are all quite friendly. For the most part, at least!”

"Heh, yes the Brennaman family can certainly throw one heck of a party, but I must say that I've quite enjoyed myself this evening. I've been able to see the finest in Arkham gather in one place, I've made some wonderful new friends," gesturing between the Cobalt's and Black,"and have even met the illustrious Lady Wilde. I must say that I rather enjoy old fashioned if parties happen like this."
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