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Fil-Am. On hiatus...until I find a new RP to join or go back to my old RP's. Also graduated recently from college and focused on finding a job so focused on that. Although I will still in check in from time to time.

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Vega Venetia - Team VGGB – Armory Class

Vega was focused on reading her article instead of the commotion surrounding around her. And suddenly “Ah, I see so that’s a way to improve aim.” Now I can improve that Muzzle Compensator that I have been working in.

Vega then pulled out a Muzzle Compensator and a toolbox and began to disassemble it.
Arina Mifune

The sound of Alto Saxophone was playing inside a large room. In the room, there were stacked chairs, music stands on a rack. In it laid a lone girl in the middle of the Music Room, an Alto Saxophone around her neck.

I’m done, I’ve practiced enough for today.

With that Arina disassemble her Saxophone and placed back into her locker and exited out of the Music Room. Everything was normal for her as she walked down the hall. I wonder, what should I do next. Study? Practice Kali, no not that I am already an expert at it as Arina pondered while scrolling through Facebook.
@chukklehed I was serious. It's been so overcast and rainy this week, I haven't seen the sun since Saturday morning. I feel like crud.

Gloomy weather can make a person feel more depressed especially with a lack of sun. Their is research that shows weather does have an effect on emotions. Also the lack of sun means your body will not produce Vitamin D to which its an important for the body and mind.

I can relate to how you feel. My Winter Quarter at college was mostly all rain and clouds and I felt like crap for the entire 3 months of it. Irritability, depression, and laziness was what I felt the most.

Sleep more than two hours a night kiddos.

Its the most torturous experience to get less than two hours of sleep. Be sure take Vitamins, Coffee and/or Tea to survive the day.

Getting only two hours of sleep was my situation four months ago at College. :P


Give her at least another weakness.

Also, everyone, posts hopefully tonight AEST. I've been having a really crappy procrastination period over the last week.

Ok, I edited Ice for Shamsiel as another weakness.
Sorry for the wait. I got held up with summer school. Thanks @Crimmy for waiting a whole month for me lol!



Arina “Cal Senpai” Mifune








Pair of Kali Sticks, Alto Saxophone


Musician – Arina is skilled in the musical arts. She has played the Alto Saxophone for six years and is an expert in it. She can also play the piano as well but only to an intermediate level, having only 2 years of experience.

Martial Arts – Arina has a black belt in Taekwondo and Kali. TLDR, excellent health/body and can beat up anyone.

Trilingual – With the ability to speak three languages, Arina can seamlessly interact with English, Japanese, and Filipino speakers.

She stands exactly at 5’1.…


Arina is a mysterious girl even though her socialness. Arina is open to people that is marked with calmness and composure. Although will she will deflect from questions that pry more into her life or even bluntly state to someone that they do not need to know more about her projecting the aura of a cold-natured person. For many people Arina is just one of those normal friendly people though that is tightly-lipped.

The people that closely know Arina know that she is more open about revealing herself and even opens about her life though even then is privy about the info she reveals. She is calculating, calm, composed, and jovial. Although she can be self-deprecating, narcissistic, pessimistic and sarcastic.


Alina was born in the United States specifically in California. The only child to a Chinese-Filipino mother and a Japanese father, for most of her life she grew up in the Central Valley. She lived in a dull and boring city. This was accompanied by a sense of “omnipresent loneliness”, and a stress filled upper-class household. As a child Alina was always jovial, and excitatory. She did her best to live up to her parent’s expectations. She was the perfect offspring in their eyes even though her parents were not so perfect. They fought a lot, emotionally and physically. It was common for Alina to experience their emotions and anger sometimes displace on her if she made a mistake or for the slightest thing. This forced Alina to grow up early on to experience trauma and withstand stress. To an extent it also caused her to be introverted as well as she was more interested in playing video games, surfing the web, or learning more about the world.

When Alina was in Junior High School, her family fell apart. Her parents divorced and split their possessions that additionally caused her many problems and stress. Additionally, her father died due to a workplace accident a few weeks after the divorce and then months later her mother passed away from a Heart Attack. Alina by the end of her 1st year in high school was close to mental collapse that the only thing that kept her going was her mental willpower and mental health support.

Alina had no relatives living in the states. Her parent’s colleagues in the states could not take her in and her relatives in the Philippines could not as well. Her only support left came from her Godmother that she only met a few times. In the end Alina found out she would be moving to Japan to place called Shikatsu at end of her first half of Sophomore year. Thus, upon permanently moving to Japan she became Arina Mifune and began attending Uchima Senior High School.

Arina was very distant during her first time at Uchima and had trouble adjusting. She eventually adjusted and became well-known due to joining the Music Club, and Taekwondo Club showing her qualities. With Arina as a fourth-year now, having acquire the title “Cal-Senpai” she seeks to finish at Uchima and return home to the Golden State.





-Reflects: Bless
-Absorbs: Fire
-Weak: Curse, Ice


Lunge - Light Physical damage to 1 foe.
Kouha - Light Bless damage to 1 foe.
Maragi - Light Fire damage to all foes



Vega Venetia - Team VGNB – Armory Class

Vega did have any ideas for any contraption on weapon. Sitting near Gratia while she worked on her Contraption, Vega was reading an article concerning SMG’s and AR’s on reducing muzzle climb and increasing auto-controllability. She kept her distance so Gratia would have room.

Flipping a page, “Interesting” she muttered to herself.

@Ayazi PM me about this with more detail. I'm right now working on a senior student schedule.

Aight I sent you a msg on Discord.
Well Sarina is Goodwitch assistant

I've been wondering the same thing but I'm pretty sure I know the answer already. They are seniors after all.

Good point looks like Sarina can do something.


BTW Sarina was Goodwitch Assistant during the time Lugu was still GM. Do you still want Sarina to be her assistant?
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