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Current Can make this world seem right.
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In the event of an apocalypse, the internet will survive. After all, it's just a series of tubes.
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Incel is short of Involuntary Celibate so what would Outcel be short for?
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Well either way the answer is 12.


I'm a girl with a taste for those delicious chocolate skinned beauties that occasionally pop up in anime. Brown is Justice.

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Hey there, my beautiful deviants, welcome to my scintillating, smut filled 1x1 thread based on the popular hentai game Haramase Simulator. This will, of course, be a thread for mature roleplay, so should that not interest you, you should take this opportunity to retreat whilst you still can. For those of you pervs who have no problem with the naughties, WELCOME! <3

Right so first let's go through a few little rules.
1) You must be 18 years of age or older to engage in this rp with me.
2) All will be in PMs.
3) We'll be splitting the IC and OOC into separate PM threads.
4) Try to keep the quality of your posts at around 2 or 3 paragraphs.
5) Please ensure your posts are as free of spelling errors as possible.
6) Fair warning, impregnation is a heavy theme in this.
It's the year 2035 and in the aftermath of World War Three, the world faces disaster. Towards the end of the war, biological weapon was released that could be customised to target certain demographics. However not long after it's release, the virus mutated to target all men, though it was never able to target women before, thankfully, being cured. As a result the world wide ratio of males to females now sits at an astonishing 1:20000 and global populations are plummeting. To stave off the population decline different countries have adopted a variety of policies, from mandatory sperm donation, to government rewards for multiple births. Japan has adopted a unique practice of its own. The government has authorized a form of Breeding License for eligible males of confirmed virility and genetic desirability. This licence, when presented to any female citizen, of breeding age, compels them by law to engage in intercourse for the purpose of reproduction. Licenced men are awarded monetary compensation for each confirmed pregnancy they are responsible for and prospective mothers are given full support by the government with the option to raise the child themselves or place them into a government adoption program.

Government Breeding Licence Application Form

*Print full name here*

Attach the image you want on your licence below

Personal Information
Marital Status:

Physical Information
Body type:
Penis Size:

Please tell a bit about yourself below

Candy Bane
Dark skin and fair hair, definitely.
Banned for that hideous shirt.
Indoor Lube Luge
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