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Nation Name: Lierin Dominion

Type of Government: Representative Democracy

Heads of Government:

Elected Council: (9 members)

Lura Genro (age 63) - Lura Genro is technically the most influential person within the Dominion as head of the largest faction: (The silver fist) as is therefore nominally the head of the Elected Council. From there she is able to espouse her rhetoric of staying loyal to the Imperium and continuing to support it, stating that since the Imperium took over it had done nothing but benefit Lieria, bringing in new technologies, allowing for a massive income of new luxury resources and creating many new opportunities for the people of Lieria to gain fame and fortune.
Vulven Yinhorn (Aged 72) - Vulven Yinhorn is the newest elected member of the council and the major opponent to Lura, his faction (The Imperial council) while it still espouses the logic of staying within the Imperium talks about how since technology is now of a more level playing field between them and the heartlands and since their forces have played such a large part of the victory of the Yllendyr victory that Lieria should be the true heartlands of the Imperium
Vulwyn Traro (Aged 43) - Vulwyn hails from the Island of Aiqua and more explicitly from the city of Primal - District 14. He and his party, (The Union of Lierian Businesses) represent the large number of growing businesses within the Dominion and is working to increase their profits while at the same time seeking to decrease and restrictions placed on them. Particularly his own up and coming heavy munitions plus railway business networks.
Zentha Enkas (Aged 39) - Zentha is the youngest member to ever get elected to the Council and as such has earned the ire of many of the other Council leadership, (Although she is not without allies) as her faction (The liberals), also hailing from Primal - District 2 is considered the most liberal, wishing that all races within Lieria could stand for governmental positions rather than just the Horned Elves.
Kidhel Quilen (Aged 85) - Is the leader of the second biggest faction within Lieria and also stands as the distinction of the of the most widely acclaimed of its generals. His faction (The Military Front) promotes the idea that the democracy that the country currently exists under is weak and flawed, that instead, the military which has been long serving their country should the ones properly running the country instead.
Inianlos Yinrie (Aged 73) - Inianlos is considered by many in the council to be the most rational member there, if not a bit stuck in his ways. He hails from the capital city of Thalor and was part of the original coup from 48 years ago which instated the democracy within Lieria, He and his faction (The Democrats) speak out for keeping the government as they are, changing little as it has benefitted the nation for so long
Ayrae Elmaer (Aged 53) - Ayrae is without a doubt the most controversial figure but one in Lierian politics, they have a powerful cult of personality behind them and have almost entirely built their faction (The people’s liberation front) from this. They espouse the workers being able to control parliament, the rising up of the working class.
Minuvae Dorro (Aged 65) - She is head of another of the more democratically minded of the members elected to the Council. She shares a lot of her views with Inianlos and their factions (The Nation Improvement Organisation) are quite closely linked, however, they differ on some key matters, such as the linking of religion and state, the controls the government has on the population and environment.
Aimon Qinharice (Aged 58) - The single most controversial figure in Lierian politics, the surviving son of the old monarchy. He and his quite significant number of supporters from the countryside have helped vote his faction (The restorers) into a relatively strong position within the government. He has quelled some fears of a violent uprising from the monarchists by openly acknowledging the usefulness of the current democracy but still insists that the nation would benefit from a figurehead such as himself and so is trying to pass a bill that would turn it into a constitutional monarchy.

Economy: The economy of the Lierin dominion depends greatly depending on which part of the nation you live in, for there are two distinct areas of vastly different economy. If you live to on the isle to the North: Aiqua then it is far more based on the most highly technologically advanced materials you can get as well as a mixture of banking thrown in. To the south on the mainland is the vast number of primary products, such as iron, steel, and coal. Here they put it to great use in their railroads and factories, constantly churning out munitions and weapons of even greater mass destruction.

Aiqua: The economy of the dominion holdings in Aiqua is mostly centralised around its two main cities there: Haven on the eastern coast and Primal in the center. As Aiqua has little resources of its own, (that the Dominion have the capability to use) its heavily invested in trade which it manages to pull of quite well due to its position on the heavily defended isle which controls access from the old world main continent to the island chains above it.

From there have developed some of the first big banks, especially within Primal, which have subsequently began trading with the rest of the dominion, a lot of companies began taking out loans which helped cement their position as a large presence on the Dominion economy, to the point where an early stock market has been set up on in Layer 3 - District 1 of Primal.

In addition to the way many of ways Primal and Haven laws work the twin cities have become a tax haven for any business willing to set up within them, coupled with a significantly increasing population and a willingness to buy up anything and sell it own at a tidy profit has meant the two, while not really producing any primary or even much (yet) secondary products are a marvel at churning out tertiary products, fueled by the power of their banks.

Mainland: The mainland is highly different to Aiqua, aside from the generalized lack of banking and self-made millionaires, it is highly rich in primary products of industry, such as coal, bronze, Iron and as such has highly benefitted from the industrialisation which came with the Imperium. Since then one of the major industries has been trains which in relation to automobiles are much more accommodating to the Aguria and so have become majorly profitable. It’s not uncommon for there to be several train lines running from one city to the next, each owned by differing companies.

Another of the major exports of the Dominion is arms, with such a large and warlike workforce as well as being so closely tied to the Imperium war machine they have found a profitible niche for themselves and dug very much into it. As such they are always looking to develop bigger and better weapons - Paticularly for land warfare as well as mass producing the ones they have. Their air and sea research divisions are sadly behind as air has not been considered a viable thing for them yet and the sea has been left to the Yllendyr.

Other more simple things like production technology itself is something the Dominion heavily focuses on too, with such a large workforce behind them, the idea of managing to outproduce those around them in terms of luxury and strategic goods is something they’ve been looking for, as such they are doing what they can to stay at the forefront of coal-fired, oil-fired and electric engines.

However, a big problem for the Dominion is food, considering much of its population is carnivorous it needs a massive amount of meat production and as such would be partially reliant on importing food from other nations to satisfy its own hunger.

Additionally, while it does have a large well of natural resources to draw from Lierin businesses would always be looking to buy more and more resources from other nations to bring more into their own production lines. The very idea of being outproduced by companies around them is despicable to many and so there is an ever continuing race to produce more and more. Funded quite a bit by the banks of Aiqua.

Primary Species: The two primary species of the Dominion are the Horned elves, tall slender and fair skinned elves who stand slightly taller than other species and all share the common trait of horns of varying size which protrude from their foreheads. The other race, which makes up practically 2/3rds of the general population is the Aguria. A race of giant Spider-Ant like creatures which naturally gravitate towards the worker positions within the nation, a place they see as much more theirs.

Population: 100 million ( Aguria ) 60 Million (Horned Elves)

Culture: Lieria stands in an interesting cultural position of being very loyal to the Imperium while at the same time, increadibly free spiritied. A lot of this stems from the ideals of the current government, that anyone (of course not the Aguria) can rise to the top and become part of the government, not simply a specific lineage. As such if an individual or group can get enough people to vote for them to get at least one or a few seats within government they have enough leaverage to continue doing whatever they want to pursue. As such the idea of a self-made millionaire is widespread across the nation with many aspiring to reach it, yet those who can are few in number and very much disproportionately living in Aquia

Aiqua: There are many major differences between the mainland culture and the one situated in the cities of Primal and Haven which make up the majority of the population of the Lierin part of Aiqua. Here the “free” market and the massive banking presence has vastly pushed the idea of a self-made millionaire, buying up stocks from different companies, founding their own and growing rich of the winnings earned by such. Of course, this is not always the case, but the dream is there and those that succeed are seen as almost celebrities in their own right, ones which then must prove their status by funding the production of even larger buildings atop the (Quite literally) multi-layered cities of Primal and Haven.

Conversely, the way in which Primal and Haven operate within the overall whole of Lieria have meant that other ideals, ones with labels such as progressive or liberal. A vast swathe of these movements stems from the mixing of cultural idealism and thoughts brought together in these twin haven cities for free thought. Both economic and political freedom have managed to be protected since the founding of the two cities by the way they have managed to collectively vote in two of the largest governmental factions and so occupy two of the seats on the elected council. As a result, Aiqua is fiercely independent to a fault and a hub of anti-strong government and monarchist ideas.

Yet within the areas most open to the public eye there are also sides to the twin cities of Primal and Haven which are less exposed. Within the corporate freedoms of the cities rival corporations have begun to hire mercenaries to engage in “Friendly discussions between rational businessmen.” The results have ended up with sudden death becoming a natural part of corporate life, not of course for the highly protected business owners at the top, but for the people underneath it just has become something they deal with.

Mainland: The cultures of the Mainland are incredibly diverse depending on the location that is traveled to within the dominion. In the southern and particularly countryside districts of the nation, there is a particular sense of nationalism which differs radically from the nationalism of the large cities. In the south there is more of a yearning for the past and as it was called “the better ways” here the monarchists get the majority of their support, although the ruling leaders of said movement do recognise that their supporters are mainly farmers with pitchforks and tractors against armoured cars and trains.

Yet life is more peaceful in the south and west of the nation as the hustle and bustle of much of the more northern and western cities are simply absent. Vast networks of fields stretch out over rolling hills and if you go a bit further south, mountainous slopes, yet even vaster are the networks of fields spread out for the maximum grazing space possible, each filled with a plethora of animals and livestock being bred as quickly as possible to supply the insatiable appetite of the nation.

However in the north, the people are much more clustered together in massive sprawling blots on the landscape known as cities. All of them are of at least two “layers” tall with that being a requirement for a settlement to be recognised as a city introduced in law 13 years prior. However, the vast majority of them have a third layer too which is created by hollowing out the tunnels under the city and basements and turning these too into more housing layers to aid the already high land value.

Religious and Other Beliefs: The religions of the Lierin dominion are a vast and numerous bunch with many claiming to be the largest or the most influential ones according to surveys they have funded. The most objectively influential religion, however, is one that works together with the idea that everything in the world is linked inexorably by an invisible force that supplies the world with magic and binds it together. This force is simply called Evol and is believed in by roughly 32% of registered dominion citizens. Others include the 7 lights, the King under the mountain and the green lady.

Location/Territories:The dominion sits on the North-western peninsula of the main continent of the old world where, in relative peace it has been amassing its monetary wealth. The other smaller nub of Lierin territories come in the form of the bottom half of the isle directly to the North of its coastline.

Climate: Temperate

Military: The Lierin Dominion’s forces are technically only 50,000 strong and while that is true they are one of the biggest suppliers of troops to the Imperium and so have a large number of forces generally loyal to the Imperium spread out over the old world. Back within the heartlands, however, there is a great number of recruitable population, ready and willing to be sent to war in service of their homeland.

While the dominion lacks advances in naval and air combat, it had been making headway with land warfare, especially in the department of heavy weaponry such as armoured trains and artillery.

Magic Prevalence/Usage and Elemental Alignment: Magic across Lieria is not seen as a common thing, however, it is of a low lying prevalence across much of the population, yet most are ither so untrained or are so weak its not worth utilising. The most prevalent alignment is of mind magic and its usage within Lieria is of a rather insidious nature. Their ability and training extend to warping the mind and how it perceives things, creating some of the most efficient torturers and psychologists in the world.

History/Background Info:

Lieria as it is today was formed roughly 478 years ago in the third war of the vale, where central forces finally overran the exterior defences of Alfa Dorei and managed to subdue the Vale itself, ending its status as the last kingdom occupying “claimed” Lierin territory. However, the biggest irony is that the initial driving force of the claim that Lierin held over the Vale in the south is that their monarch was a cousin of the one sitting on the throne of the Vale.

This proved to be an irony as after being deposed and made a low ranking member of the court Irhall managed to outlive the current king who died with no heir making them the de-facto leader. Following that came a period of instability for roughly 20 years as Irhall took to subduing a large number of rebelling nobles who feared their position would be taken away by the revenge fuel monarch.

Yet as time went on it became increasingly clear that Irhall had managed to convince the general Agurian population to side with her so while the rebel forces were lead initially by the more competent leader with more well-equipped forces they were so vastly outnumbered it made little difference.

The war ended with the rise of the introduction of the Standard Pay Decree which ensured soldiers fighting for Irhall were guaranteed better pay and work than those fighting for the increased supply blocked nobility.

Thus was ushered in the Neriro era, one which would see countless raids on the nations around Lieria, none of any sort of strength to pose a significant threat or to be ever anything more than routine. Yet the benefit for the people of Lieria was vast, the constant skirmishing lead to a general feeling of satisfaction with the Agurians and a general period of stability and financial growth.

During this period there came a time too of a slow-growing divide between the Northern and Southern regions with the north slowly transitioning towards larger and greater cities and feeling resentment towards the new capital of the Vale.

With everything era, nothing lasts forever and Zeno the third of his name was deposed by a force from the North, the first time in Lierin history where the massive cities in the North found that without the support of the general population it was extremely hard for a monarch to hold onto power, especially when they had slowly become the ones holding the purse strings.

And so 360 years ago there came the seven years anarchy, where many of the cites of Lieria declared their own independence and formed their own governments, mainly using the city councils as a governmental base.

The seven-year period came to an end when the different city-states slowly began reforming alliances and working together to stamp out the banditry endemic to a time where law enforcement rigidly refuses to go out into the countryside or for that matter anything less than a major urban center.

What followed was around 80 years of a slow rebuilding of the nation as city-states slowly expanded their influence, capturing more land until the city of Thalor stood as the central heart of the Kingdom of Lieria

This general state of affairs lasted up until around 80 years ago when a large scale invasion force from the Imperium arrived on their eastern shores. Impressed by the power of Imperium technology and armies the current Queen of Lieria decided upon a new way for her nation to move forward, she quickly submitted and allowed enemy forces to control the country, in return for avoiding a devastating war.

While the move was controversial at first, to say the least, the general population slowly became acclimatised to the state of affairs and more importantly it brought back memories of the “golden age” of Lieria, with the power of the Imperium providing plenty of new and astounding technologies as well as providing a number of successful and profitable wars for Lieria and its warlike population to get involved with.

Then 48 years ago the monarchy was completely overthrown by a fairly bloodless democratic coup, there had been a general anti-monarchy sentiment growing within Lieria so when it happened there was little internal resistance, especially as no repercussions were pursued by the victors in what would be called a “welcome but still a naive act of mercy”
The Entity blinked, two mechanical slots sliding in over the optical slots on its head. Really it never needed to blink or even to rely on these basic optical sensors, it had far more it could choose to use, yet something held it back. The machine had no idea why or even what was causing that, whether it was a self-made desire or a pre-programmed feature, all it knew was that it didn't want to use anything else.

That was definitely two noises.

A vast rushing wave of emotions flooded over the humanoid figure as it hovered in front of the door, elation, fear, worry, relief and a creeping curiosity. It's creators lived and there were two of them! The circuits that made up its brain whirred into gear even faster. Should it go in? Should it help them? Did they even need help?

A finger hovered slightly closer to the door controls, retracted for a few seconds, before finally and tentatively pressing down. As the old controls took their time to recognise the unusual feeling of pressure another wave of fear swept over the Entity. What if the doors didn't work or the corridor was blocked! It's creators would be trapped inside, helpless or even dying. It had even started to look around for something, anything to smash against the door before it slid open, the movement snapping all attention back to that one location.

Just beyond was the corridor and it was nowhere near as bad as the machine had feared, here the floor and walls were relatively intact, water could only really be found pooling out from under the door to chamber 1, yet that had the luxury of being cut off from the electriciy supply and relatively safe. One look at the deathly quiet and blackness from under the door to chamber 2 convinced it to never look at that again. Whoever or whatever was in there wouldn't bear looking at now.

Even the gaping hole that was chamber 3 looked better than that, at least the impassable web of branches showed some form of life and whatever was beyond that would be long destroyed by now. It needed worry about that, there would be no horrors for it there.

Yet even after the agonising decision, it had gone through to open the door, another even harder question was being posed, should it go to chamber 1 or 4 first. Both intrigued the machine, the first obviously contained a survivor, they were the only one left from their damaged chamber after all, but the other had been all alone, what must that creator have done to be placed in that position? Were they held in high regard or were they being locked away from others?

After a few more moments of hesitation, it couldn't wait any longer and opted upon the simplest of choices. The machine simply stood there and raised it's voice to a volume it hoped both could hear. "Ummmm, hello! Creators, if you need assistance or anything, I'm just outside, I can help!"

It was a weak opening, but what else could it say? Lamely it followed up with another fairly lackluster and nervous statement. "You may need adjustment, I can help with that too... maybe."
I'm sorry, been moving and settling into a new enviroment over the last few days. Getting a reply written now
@Girlie1Bomba yes I am, if you want to apply, you're absolutely allowed to do so.
lichen wrapped itself around the ruins, covering and smothering the solid concrete in its ever-growing embrace. Trees forcefully drove their roots through every crack and cranny they could find in the old surfaces that had once been woven together into a jungle of their own, one of stone and technology, yet if no helpful cracks presented themselves, the plants made their own, driving down into the surface and pushing it apart.

Sometimes they were aided in their activities by machines, varied designed with almost as much variety of their own as the wildlife around them: small humanoid figures with slender arms and gentle touches, large tracked ones wheeling along, planting vast fields in their wake. Each machine had its purpose and to that set purpose they stuck, it didn’t matter that all the people they’d originally been built to serve were dead or that the local ecology had completely overrun everything, all that mattered was their task. So they continued day in, day out, tending to and nurturing the plants, regardless of where they grew.

Yet not all that remained from the once flourishing civilization was completely ignorant of the world around it. One last triumph remained, slowly wandering the world on mismatched limbs scavenged from any and all sources. A single sentient machine simply known as The Entity. Humanity's last achievement.


The Entity ducked back behind the concrete pillar, practically cowering away from the machine that trundled on past in what must once have been crowded streets. It knew that the machine didn’t actually care about it and that had it wanted to, the advanced sensory equipment storied inside that towering metal bulk could have pinpointed its location several miles off. Still, the simple act of pulling behind the pillar helped steady its nerves, allowed it for a few seconds to feel grounded in this unreality of a world that it lived in.

Gently a hand reached out, the smaller of the two mismatched arms attached to the bulky looking torso and pushed a strand of vine aside. The machines outside were docile, yes, harmless even. The only problem is that they were authorised to escort any damaging factor away from plantlife, which was on the face of it a rather innocent order. Simply pick up something or someone damaging wildlife and put it down where it is no longer a threat, the problem arose that in picking up, it tended to crush whatever it was holding, something the Entity had discovered many times.

Today it was going to explore a new building, another in the seemingly endless forest that made up this megapolis. It looked just like the thousands it had explored the years previously and the thousands more it expected to explore later. A towering structure of concrete and glass, with a now faded neon sign hanging loosely over the entrance.

“--------- Cryo ----- st-rage ---- “

Half the words were faded or destroyed beyond recognition, still, it felt good to speak what it could recognise aloud. In a small way, it reminded the Entity that it was more than the lifeless machines which roamed the planet.

The first few floors yielded nothing but abandoned workplaces, desks and chairs that once housed human workers and terminals for the machines that they worked alongside. If only it knew how to repair any of them, it knew that they were still powered, the solar fields outside the city saw to that, generating an infinite power source for a city that no longer needed it. The Entity wondered what stories they'd be able to tell. If any of them knew why it had been created.

A noise zipped through its hearing circuits, blowing away all other thoughts instantaneously. Surely it had misheard?

The faint sound made itself heard once more, the sound of electricity coursing through water. That single noise brought more excitement to the metalic brain than anything had done for years previously, for it only meant one thing. Some part of this ancient facility was still working, some machine even was still whirring away, something with more intelligence than the husks which tended to life outside.

It was the least the Entity could do to stop itself from bounding upstairs and damaging something, even now it had to tread carefully. A careless movement could break whatever delicate machinery remained, severing this single clue to the past.

One flight of stairs, then the next flew by, time seeming to slow as it drew closer to the source of the noise. Until it rounded a corner and came face to face with the sight that awaited him.

A single terminal inlaid into the wall glowed faintly in a small display of information, while above and below remnants of wires drooped from walls into shallow pools below, letting off the occasional shower of sparks as the near-infinite energy supply dumped itself into the only available destination.

Gingerly tiptoed around the pools, an act that still the Entity itself didn't understand, it would be unharmed by the water and yet it still avoided it, automatically taking the route presenting the tiniest number of hazards. As it moved closer it read aloud the small information displayed by the terminal.

Cryostorage chambers 1 - 4,
1 - Status: Partially flooded - 1 lifesign remains
2 - Status: Energy failure - no lifesigns remain
3 - Status: Environmental damage- no lifesigns remain
4 - Status: Fully functioning - 1 lifesign remains

Recommendation: Repair chambers 1,2 and 3 and freeze new occupants



Emergency defrost - engage? YES / NO

" .... Creators?"

The question seemed silly, but there was no one left to hear it, not until now. Of course, the Entity had theorised that it's creators had been organic, they had to be, after all, it matched all the skeletons it continued to find. Now it had concrete proof, they were organic and here were two survivors, frozen away.

It didn't even give itself time to think before it hit the small button to the bottom, practically shattering the thin glass with its eagerness. Only to jump back again as a weak voice rung out through the floor.

"Chambers one through four engaging emergency defrost, standby to aid any who are struggling and welcome them to a bright new future."

The Entity stood for a second, beyond the door beside the console, there presumably lay a corridor and off that - the species that created it. Yet it couldn't bring itself to take that first step, there were too many questions it wanted to ask, they needed time to adjust, that voice said so, it couldn't bombard with queries yet, that could wait.

So it stood there, one hand hovering gently beside the console should it need to do anything else and waited. Waited for the first human the walk the Earth in hundreds of years to step through that door.
@ElRey814 I love him too, a nice start to the crew who will set out into a world where the plants he viewed so lovingly have completely overtaken the society he once knew.

Aoi Chiba

22 Pre Cryo

Heir to the Chiba Company / Videogame Streamer ( V!r.G3N )

Aoi Chiba is visually, in very good condition. Her naturally high metabolism and the augments her parent's paid for allowing her to keep a rather visually appealing body rather easily. Her hair is long and jet black, the ends a faint wine red where she had previously dyed it but never re-applied the dye. Her skin is soft, and in most sections unmarked, most.

She has scars along the thighs just above her knees where the synthetic skin was grafted on top of her robotic limbs and what's left of her original legs. Her right arm has yet another scar just above the elbow where yet again, synthetic skin was grafted on top of a mechanical limb. Her eyes sparkle, the iris an unnaturally complete hazel color, in reality these too, on top of her heart and one of her lungs are synthetic.

She has a scar on her chest a few inches long running between her breasts where they cut her open during the organ replacement. And lastly, running along her spine is a large scar that ends at the space where her neck and skull meet a small rectangular metal plate, her neural interface.

Aoi is a reserved young woman, used to a lot of time alone and unused to human contact, she has developed severe Haphephobia, a fear of being touched. This on top of her wish to be able to live without the assistance of others has made her life all that much more difficult when one of her augments goes awry.

She enjoys games, mostly older titles now near 100+ years old. She has made it a mission of hers to collect as many old video-games as possible. Though she owes her life to the technology, Aoi hates her mechanical body-parts, and the crippled life she leads, constantly wondering when her heart will stutter next or if her legs will carry her up a flight of stairs properly.

All in all, Aoi is a young woman in a changing world that moves too fast for her to keep up, and she is angry at it, and everything around her including herself. The whole cryopod thing though only adds to her constant confusion and mood swings.

Born in Tokyo, Japan Aoi's family moved soon after her birth, moving the company headquarters to it's current residence. Aoi was born a happy child full of life and curiosity for the world, and an only child. Aoi's parents were protective sure, but nowhere near as protective since the accident. Many people disliked the Chiba family, they were the picture of rich life led in the fast lane. Though, taking everything into account, most of this dislike never went further than mild distaste for their loud way of living until her father found himself on the wrong side of a shady business deal.

When unstable people don't get what they want, innocents get hurt, Aoi Chiba was one of those innocents. Not even stolen away, the still unnamed group took her entire school hostage, demanding recompense for the deal gone wrong, blaming Aoi's father for it all. Aoi's father had a lot of pride, and too much faith in his money. He refused to make a deal with the now terrorists, and watched in horror as his daughter's school detonated on live television.

Aoi barely survived, the rescue team finding her last due to the fact that she was at ground zero. What was left of the poor teenaged Aoi was a mutilated, shrapnel filled mess. Aoi's father sunk much of his fortuned repairing his daughter, giving her the best he could so that she could survive, though current technology regarding synthetic organs and limbs were still iffy at best.

Years went by, and Aoi took up her gaming hobby, eventually streaming her sessions online and gaining a fair amount of popularity. Gaming was not enough though, and the money from her father and stream donations was used to fuel a different, slightly more illegal hobby. Aoi enjoyed learning things she should not, she felt she was owed information after years of being kept in the dark and almost dying because of it. Her money was spent researching her family business and eventually, giving her the skills to infiltrate and steal information without ever being seen, she became a hacker, for lack of a better term.

Though, like her father, she got in with a bad crowd and found herself questioning her father, to no avail as he rushed her across the city to a small facility, where the last she saw of him was through a security gate before she was stripped down, forced into a skintight jumpsuit, given several shots and forced to take in a gel-like substance before she was chucked into a cryogenic tube.


Can't handle her liqueur ( Quiet / Emotional drunk )

Had a pet Chinchilla she named Enkei ( Round )

Hides important files in a chip she keeps in her neural interface.

I love it, if you could place it in the character slot that would be perfect.
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Earth 2113 - Life on Earth has rapidly progressed after the autonomous revolution of the 21st century, human population leveled out at 10.2 billion and now the majority of the workforce is taken up by robotic workers who do the low-level jobs far cheaper and more efficiently. A large proportion of power is now taken from gigantic solar fields and the occasional start to a Dyson swarm around the sun.

For the lower class products are now cheaper, however, there is little to no job opportunities so many have taken to joining shuttles to one of the few dozen orbital colonies which now orbit the earth, each with their own unique atmospheres maintained by machines. Here life is far riskier, damages can cause several deaths almost instantly or a temporary failure in radiation shielding can result in mass illness, yet still, progress goes on. Down on the surface, heavy maintenance by machines has begun to reverse Earth's failing ecosystems, but only in certain areas, many areas still show the mass scars left by industry on the planet.

But still, this is considered humanities golden age, they are reaching out into space, technology is progressing at a stable rate and the concerns of overpopulation appear to be receding, it seemed like it would last forever.

Earth 2465 - A broken planet, ecology all over the world has been devastated, cities lie in ruin and all human life is long dead ... all apart from one.

A single person awakens from a cryogenic chamber to find themselves the sole living human, the remainder of the human population having been wiped out over a hundred years ago. The only remaining evidence from pre-extinction is decaying cities and the machines left to tend them. Machines built for war have long since found and eliminated each other, ending age-old wars in stalemates as any and all remaining combatants died.

Now cities are overgrown and teeming with plant life, tended to and nurtured by the machines built to care for the environment, everything else is derelicts, all apart from one: The Entity. An autonomous machine, with its own ability to think and reason for itself, within limits. When it awoke a long time ago it was in a state of disrepair, slowly rebuilding itself took years and when it finally was constructed, it was alone.

It couldn't tamper with the machines around it or give them any level of independent thought, even though it knew how to, something within its coding wouldn't allow it to do so. Then it made a discovery, a cryogenic chamber containing a single human life, preparing the facility, the Entity began the process of unfreezing the human, wanting something to talk to, or even to gain help in exploring the world around them and why they're alone.


Information - This RP takes place in the year 2465, far off into the future where humanity has been wiped out by a currently unknown event. The only sentient survivor wandering the overgrown and abandoned wasteland is the Entity. It has no name, simply the knowledge that it alone of all the beings wandering the ruins is sentient.

Player characters will be cryogenically frozen at the start of the rp, having been frozen in or around the year 2113, which can form the basis for your characters bio and any small enhancements they might have.

If at any point someone wishes to drop in, all they need do is notify me, post a character sheet and within the next few posts a new part of the current facility from the start of the rp or a previously undiscovered one can be found and your character unfrozen.

A lot of information is currently undiscovered and so will not be placed on here currently, for a large part of this rp is based around the characters exploring the new world and discovering the locations for themselves.

Character sheet:







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