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Current Feeling like the worst person.. Ugh, sorry for my disappearance, I haven't been okay..
3 mos ago
I wish I could take it all back and fix my mistakes. Bring you back to life so I can hug you again, hear your voice again and watch my kids light up seeing you. My heart hurts so....
4 mos ago
Truly wonder how many people would even notice me if I disappeared...
11 mos ago
Made some changes and updates, check it out!…
12 mos ago
Discord anyone? Twystyd88 #9668 Hit me up to RP!


Well, I guess just call me Emy.
I've been Rping for... Well, I won't say how long, I wouldn't want to give away my age and all :p Kidding, it's been at least 10+ years, but I only consider myself more of a casual Rper
I play in MxF Rps, with me playing as Female characters (can and willing tp play male characters as side/background characters, but not for the main storyline)
I like multi-para RPs and will try to reply with 2-3 per post, more if I am feeling insprired. And only less if there isn't much going on (dialogue, etc)
I can post at least once a day, more depending on how things are with me. And I am more active monday through friday as I work weekends and soent more family time during those days as well. So, please understand that I may have some periods of not reply for a day or 2.
If I know I won't be posting for more than 2 I will try and let you know so you don't think I have just up and left you, but there are some personal things going on in my life that might make it hard for me. And for that I do apologize.

Anyways, that about covers it. Hit me up if you wanna RP, or hell just to even talk!
Thanks for dropping by

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Hey all!

I really haven't posted a lot in here lately after needing some much needed time away to deal with some things. But, I am back and would like to start up a few more RPs.

I've been wanting something modern and slice of lifey, and have a few ideas in mind. I don't mind something with a bit of drama, romance is okay as long as it is agreed upon and right between the characters. I'm looking for someone who is willing to put effort into their writing. I don't seek perfection since I know I am far from that, but I am willing to check for mistakes and put effort into what I post for you. I just ask the same from you. I play female characters, and would rather like if you could play male characters.

Anyways, if you've got more questions or want to discuss some ideas and start something up, message me or tag me here!
Not sure if you're still looking for anyone to RP with, but shoot me a message if you are!
Maybe we can discuss some ideas!
Can't find my last post searching for partners, so I am going to attempt making a new one and see if I can get any takers!

I'm hopefully not asking for too much here.
I just hope whoever wishes to RP with me will take heed of a few rules.
-At the very least put forth some effort in our story. Give me ideas, help me make it move along. If you want to throw a curveball, let me know and we can discuss it. If you don't like where something is going, let me know! We can work it out and make it good
-With effort, I hope you will make few mistakes. My spelling and grammar isn't 100% perfect, but I will do my best to make sure I have few errors in my writing and that is all I ask of you in return
-I don't usually write smut of any kind, I prefer the fade to black, but don't let that deter you as I do enjoy some romance in my RPs only if it works between the two characters. I am not going to write romance into something that feels forced, I want it to be natural. With that being said, I only do straight relationships (male and female) Nothing against anything else, but it is my personal comfort zone
-Most, if not all, my RPs are usually medieval or modern with some fantasy elements. I do strictly modern as well if that is something more you are looking for

I hope for the most basic of things that covers it. I have a few ideas we can discuss in a PM, and if you have any, throw them out to me and perhaps we can talk and make something work for us. Thanks for reading!
If you've read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, that's the basic idea of what I am wanting to roleplay, just maybe a bit of fudging to make in more of our own.
If you haven't, the generalized idea is that character A and B are soul mates, and they're always kept apart by evil forces beyond their control and have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another in the end. The only way to realy break the cycle is for character A to get her memories back of their past lives together and actually fall in love with character B before the sun sets on her 20th birthday.

Except I sort of wanted to go with a vampire take on the story, with me playing the human who keeps dying and being reincarnated. We'd be playing in the modern age, and we can discuss how our characters end up meeting again. But I wanted to spend some time with the two getting to know each other before we go into discussing why she was cursed in the first place and how the two would go about breaking it.

So, if this is something you might be interested in, let me know or if you've got questions feel free to message me!
@rebornfan320 Well heck, if you wanna message me maybe we can talk over something and work out a story together! AS for fandoms, I've never done them and personally would rather not just because I don't feel I'd ever be able to do that world any justice.
@Captain Swan Honestly, I've never done fandoms. I love OUAT, but as for trying to roleplay in that world, I don't think I would do it any justice. Sorry :(
So, as the title states, it's been awhile since I really actively looked for any RP partners. Between just being a stay at home mom and my random weird work schedule, I don't getm uch time to sit and think. But, I would like to change that and hoping I can find a few others! So, I will try to keep this pretty short and to the point, but I may wander off a bit, be patient!

I mostly stick to fantasy, medieval or modern RPs, or something modern with a twist. I can provide 2-3 paragraphs per post, more depending on my mood or situation in story, and would like my partner to do the same. I don't expect perfect grammar and spelling, because I know I make mistakes just like any other human being. But I hope you'll take the time to fix mistakes along the way.
I play female characters only, and because I do tend to have romance in my RPs, I would prefer if my partner could play a male character. And, on that note, I normally don't do any smut (usually opt for the fade to black technique here) BUt I am willing to try to write it. I am wanting to branch out and hopefully improve some things of my writing, and this would be one area. If you are willing to be patient and perhaps give me some helpful insight, that would be fantastic.
Anyways, I do have a few ideas I had rolling about in my head we could possibly discuss, buuut I am always open and willing to talk about any ideas you might have.

Thanks! And your best bett o get a hold of me is messaging me as I don't always get notified of comments, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.
Think it's been awhile since I've posted a request thread, so going to try and keep it simple!

-I like to try and post 2 to 3 paragraphs in my posts, and would much appreciate the same from you.
-I really don't expect perfect spelling and grammar because I know mistakes happen, but if you put in some effort and at least double check things, that's all I really ask for. No text talk, unless our characters are actually texting/messaging one another, then I will let it slide. But don't use it in your actual writing, okay?
-I do not write smut, mostly because I feel uncomfortable trying to do so. If our roleplay gets to that point, then I will opt for the fade to black option and skip over that. Sorry, if that's something you're looking for there's plenty of others out there
- I play female characters, and only female characters. I can play other genders as long as they are small roles or just needed, but my main character and focus are females. I do not write in a very convincing male perspective, sorry. With that said, any relationship we might discuss in said RP will be straight. Notihng against any others, just my preference. So, I would simply ask you be okay playing a male character.

I think that covers most of it. Sorry it might have gotten a bit longer than anticipated, but if you have questions, comment here or send me a message. If you are interested in working on something together, let me know. I do have a site on my profile page that has some character ideas I've come up with this year. I am more than happy to change or bend something to fit into an idea we might collaborate on, so again, let me know!
@Aristocles yeah sure, message me and see if we can't work something out!
Bump. Still looking
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