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Current Made some changes and updates, check it out!…
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Discord anyone? Twystyd88 #9668 Hit me up to RP!
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Losing my touch... Wish I knew what more to do.
12 mos ago… Check it out, new website for all my characters!
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Sorrry for my absence. Been a lot of personal crap going on right now with me :(
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Well, feel free to call me Lori, or Twystyd to start with. Whichever I guess. Secondly, I'm here because I obviously love roleplaying. I've been at it for about 14 years now, and I know I should be better than I am by now, but I still only consider myself beginner to intermediate.

Now, as for what I like to roleplay I prefer sticking to fantasy, medieval and modern. Even doing a bix of a mashup with one or the other would be fine with me. Mostly slice of life odreals are what I generally deal with, but some adventure/action, drama, and even some romance is fine as well. I used to have a site for my characters, but it is apparently not working so I am going to have to find another route of creating a place for all my character sheets. Until then I can provide pictures and quick explanations on each.

Anyways, I am always open to messages if you're interested in an rp with me, we can work something out I am sure. I try to be on often and can reply a few times a day granted I don't get buried under house chores. If I know my absense will be more than a day, I try to let you people know because I do artwork at home to try and make a few extra bucks for my family. So forgive me if I disappear with or without notice.

anyways, I hope that's a general idea of me and my roleplaying abilities. Questions, or just wanna chat, feel free!

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@rebornfan320 Well heck, if you wanna message me maybe we can talk over something and work out a story together! AS for fandoms, I've never done them and personally would rather not just because I don't feel I'd ever be able to do that world any justice.
@Captain Swan Honestly, I've never done fandoms. I love OUAT, but as for trying to roleplay in that world, I don't think I would do it any justice. Sorry :(
So, as the title states, it's been awhile since I really actively looked for any RP partners. Between just being a stay at home mom and my random weird work schedule, I don't getm uch time to sit and think. But, I would like to change that and hoping I can find a few others! So, I will try to keep this pretty short and to the point, but I may wander off a bit, be patient!

I mostly stick to fantasy, medieval or modern RPs, or something modern with a twist. I can provide 2-3 paragraphs per post, more depending on my mood or situation in story, and would like my partner to do the same. I don't expect perfect grammar and spelling, because I know I make mistakes just like any other human being. But I hope you'll take the time to fix mistakes along the way.
I play female characters only, and because I do tend to have romance in my RPs, I would prefer if my partner could play a male character. And, on that note, I normally don't do any smut (usually opt for the fade to black technique here) BUt I am willing to try to write it. I am wanting to branch out and hopefully improve some things of my writing, and this would be one area. If you are willing to be patient and perhaps give me some helpful insight, that would be fantastic.
Anyways, I do have a few ideas I had rolling about in my head we could possibly discuss, buuut I am always open and willing to talk about any ideas you might have.

Thanks! And your best bett o get a hold of me is messaging me as I don't always get notified of comments, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.
Think it's been awhile since I've posted a request thread, so going to try and keep it simple!

-I like to try and post 2 to 3 paragraphs in my posts, and would much appreciate the same from you.
-I really don't expect perfect spelling and grammar because I know mistakes happen, but if you put in some effort and at least double check things, that's all I really ask for. No text talk, unless our characters are actually texting/messaging one another, then I will let it slide. But don't use it in your actual writing, okay?
-I do not write smut, mostly because I feel uncomfortable trying to do so. If our roleplay gets to that point, then I will opt for the fade to black option and skip over that. Sorry, if that's something you're looking for there's plenty of others out there
- I play female characters, and only female characters. I can play other genders as long as they are small roles or just needed, but my main character and focus are females. I do not write in a very convincing male perspective, sorry. With that said, any relationship we might discuss in said RP will be straight. Notihng against any others, just my preference. So, I would simply ask you be okay playing a male character.

I think that covers most of it. Sorry it might have gotten a bit longer than anticipated, but if you have questions, comment here or send me a message. If you are interested in working on something together, let me know. I do have a site on my profile page that has some character ideas I've come up with this year. I am more than happy to change or bend something to fit into an idea we might collaborate on, so again, let me know!
@Aristocles yeah sure, message me and see if we can't work something out!
Bump. Still looking
"You'll be the first person I get a hold of if I change my mind," came her reply, as she clicked a few items in her inventory and placed them i nthe enchantment slots for her mage's staff. They'd help with DoT spells and give a boost to healing buffs she could perform on her allies.

Seeing Shadowblight's dot not far ahead of her on the mini-map, she continued moving along until she saw the bright green name above his chracter's head. Watching as he commanded his character to wave and bow in her direction, Kira herself giggled lightly and shook her head, only to return the gesture's with her character, named Kuroi for in-game purposes. She enjoyed the ineractions they could perform with their characters, it made her feel closer to those she played with, maybe a bit more "personable."

"Well, then Deep Bog it is!" she said excitedly, typing in the quick command to make her Mage do a little dance. "I could really use a new staff for my Mage, and maybe we can try again tomorrow with my Ranger for a new bow or short sword." Smiling, she moved on over to Valdin,a nd while her character couldn't show her emotions, she was smiling and feeling the excitement bubble up within her.

She loved going on adventures with her friend, a part of her wished it was more than just a game, that they could go on a real adventure. But she'd never admit that, in fear of scaring him away or making him think she was some weird crazy person. "Leead the way good sir!"
Rolling her eyes at the reply, though it did get a smile on her face, Kira simply ignored it for now until they were in party chat. Her character jumped off the horse, landing with grace as it pulled up to the main gates of Camelot. And just in time as the party invite popped up on her end. Accepting it, she took in a deep breath, before releasing it slowly.

"First off, I don't think a broadsword would do much but make matters worse in this situation, but thanks for the concern," Kira replied in a grateful manner, though the smile sitll on her face could be heard in her voice.

She really did want to talk about it, she wanted to vent to someone about how she felt. But she worried it would scare him away, and leave her alone like she usually was when she was home. So, she bottled up the hurt and frustration and shoved it aside. She was here now, and all she wanted to do was enjoy her time. Taking one last peek through he inventory and making sure she had the proper gear equipped, she turned her character into the city and walked through the cobbled streets lined with flower beds and trees, ponds filled with exotic in-game fish breeds, small shops and taverns that served as buying or crafting items and equipment, or just a hang out place while waiting for raid patries to gather and what not.

"So, which one shall we try to get through today? I know there's two dungeons not too far from here, and if I read the news atricle correctly they give out different gear depending on which one you choose. I believe the one closer to the swampy area is a class specific weapon, which I wouldn't mind getting. What do you think?"
Green eyes squinted with amusement as her smile widened even more.

*Sorry, bad day. But I will meet you there once I am loaded into the game. Can you sent up a chat party for us?*

Sending off her reply, Kira sat patiently waiting for her character to load in. Once it did, she was quick to walk over to the transport vendor and paid the small price for a horse ride to the capitol city Camelot. In the meantime of waiting, she went over her gear and weapons to make sure she was well equipped with all she would needed.

The lower level dungeons had become easy, so she never bothered adjusting her gear. And though she knew the two were quite capable of getting though the mid level ones together, she knew her cloth armor would do little to protect her. Plus the leather amror she had crafted would help with her mana abilities, meaning she could cast more spells during their exploration. She loved how immsersive the game was, it truly let her escape the world around her. Something she could never truly explain to anyone she knew, except Shadow, as she called him. He seemed to be the only one who understood how she felt about the game. Which was why it had become so easy to talk to him, and probably one of the biggest reasons the two of them had become friends so easily
"Be down for dinner by six!" yelled Kira's mom from downstairs in the kitchen, which was met with a silent reply of Kira closing her bedroom door and tossing her school bag on her bag, ignoring the several papers that fell out and floated to the floor.

Being home now, Kira could get her escape from reality, and today at school had been a rough one. Again, stupid rumors of some 'sexual exploits' she had taken part in started circulating. All were false, of course, but no one seemed to care as long as it meant getting her to cry and hide away in the bathrooms during her lunch hour. Now, most days her other peers left her alone and gave her the silent treatment, save the few close friends she had. But in her online world, Rise of the Dark Ages, Kira was fierce, confident, and had made many connections in the year she had been playing.

So, with that in mind, she plopped down in her computer chair and fired up the PC, scrounging around in the mess to find her headset and put it on. Once the main screen blinked on, she clicked the game icon and smiled as the music played. She hadn't gotten a message yet through the games mobile messenger she had downloaded on her phone, so she hoped her friend would still be on to get through the dungeon. With a few hours to kill, the two of them would have no problems defeating the boss for the special loot dropped this week only.

Now with the main menu opened, Kira opted for her Mage character, one that specialized in close to mid range magic spells that did lots of damage, offered buffs and minor healing spells to party members, and if needed could use a short sword with average effeciency. While waiting for the game to load in with her character with her username of ScarletAngel, Kira clicked on the online friends list and scanned it real quick. Her lips began to pull into a frown until she saw her friends name highlighted that they were online. Grinning, she clicked on it and hit the 'Send Message' option.

*Hey there, still wanting to hit that dungeon today? I have a few hours to kill!*
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