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Well, feel free to call me Lori, or Twystyd to start with. Whichever I guess. Secondly, I'm here because I obviously love roleplaying. I've been at it for about 14 years now, and I know I should be better than I am by now, but I still only consider myself beginner to intermediate.

Now, as for what I like to roleplay I prefer sticking to fantasy, medieval and modern. Even doing a bix of a mashup with one or the other would be fine with me. Mostly slice of life odreals are what I generally deal with, but some adventure/action, drama, and even some romance is fine as well. I used to have a site for my characters, but it is apparently not working so I am going to have to find another route of creating a place for all my character sheets. Until then I can provide pictures and quick explanations on each.

Anyways, I am always open to messages if you're interested in an rp with me, we can work something out I am sure. I try to be on often and can reply a few times a day granted I don't get buried under house chores. If I know my absense will be more than a day, I try to let you people know because I do artwork at home to try and make a few extra bucks for my family. So forgive me if I disappear with or without notice.

anyways, I hope that's a general idea of me and my roleplaying abilities. Questions, or just wanna chat, feel free!

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Sorry, I haven't recieved any notifications on posts in this thread. I will message both of you if you are still interested. I am still looking for some partners!
If you're still looking, I might be interested in #2 or #3 with you! Just message me and let me know
Hey all! I'm still looking for some RP partners, I haven't had much luck here as of late but would really like to find a few partners!

As for what I'm looking for. Someone who can do multiple paragraphs in posts, at the very least 3 per post. And someone who can bring in more ideas to the story to make it interesting. I enjoy things set in the modern day world, sometimes with a bit of fantasy elements. I also enjoy some medieval themed stories of princes and princesses, knights and dragons and the like.

I am female, and play female characters. Thus, with romance being a possibility I would prefer if my partners/characters were male. I've tried playing males, and I just can't do it well. Sorry! Otherwise I am okay with females playing males if that's sometihng that's more suiting to you as well. I've no issues.

I have a few ideas in mind, but would rather post in messages if someone is actually interested in starting something up. Let me know and we can discuss some things and other fine details I may not have mentioned!
Bump. Still looking to do this idea, or I am open to any other ideas you want to discuss. PM me!
Hi there! I haven't been active here lately, so I thought I'd throw an idea out and see where it goes.
First off, I'm a female, so as you can imagine my main character will be female. With romance a possibility, I would prefer if my partner was male, but I can work around female playing male characters. I wish I could do the same, but I just can't get into the head of a guy, sorry. Secondly, I don't play multiple characters well. I might play one or two side characters if needed, like a friend or something, but I will stick mostly with my main one.
Also, I know I'm not perfect when it comes to writing and will make mistakes. With that being said I don't expect it from my partner, I just love effort. I love lengthy posts, I love detail and emotion and development. I do warn, if we are in a sort of slow situation, I may only post 2 paragraphs, but I do hope that won't be the case. Uhmmm, well. I'm not sure what else to say. We can discuss finer details if my idea is of interest. And, I guess with that being said. I'll get to it!

My idea is set in the modern world, maybe high school or possibly first year college. Two people who reside within two completely different social rankings. Outcast and popular. I would prefer playing the outcast, but I don't mind playing popular either. The only tihng these two have at all in common is an online roleplaying game called Camelot Ages, a fantasy world with carious races, classes, magic and quests galore. Somehow, in the vast online world, the two came together and formed an alliance to help one another out. They have no clue who the other is, just their screen names.
But their worlds are thrown for a loop when they find out a social event is happening they both want to attend. It can be a concert or something, fundraiser, faire, comic con. We can hash that out later. But the two decide to meet up and finally meet in person, and when they find out who the other is, that's where the magic happens. They can start to hang out together in person, secretly so as not to ruin someone's social status, or decide to hate each other for a time but still play together online where eventually feelings come to surface.

Just PM me if you're interested in this. We can work out finer details then!
I may be interested in something, probably 3 or 4 if you're still looking.
So, this has been a collaboration of some ideas I've had going on lately, and would actually like to play it out. Basically a small town band finally gets a chance at touring with some more well known names, one in particular Like A Storm (look them up if you havent, I love them!).

I would like it for my character, the lead female singer of the band, to end up turning to alcohol being under these new pressures. Perhaps the male lead (that you would play) tries to get her some help so she doesnt ruin her chances. I'd play the main character, plus the others in her band, and I would like for you to do the same with the band. Yes, I would love for some romance to happen, but only if it fits in with what's going on and if our characters end up feeling the same way. If this idea interests you in anyway, shoot me a message please!
-Raises hand- Oh, pick me please?! I'd like to work out something with you, because I haven't had any roleplay and would like to start something up here on RPGuild. So, shoot me a message if you would like to discuss some of your ideas. I like the slavexslaver/master, commonerxnoble, and either the demon/angelxmortal ideas.
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Yeah, but we must move on and create bigger and better and learn from the past to make a better future, right? Oh some weird philosophical crap to make it feel better, lol!

And thanks!
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So, I'm not exactly new to here, buuut it's been a long enough time since I last logged in I might as well just say hello again!

So, hi! You can call me Twystyd, or Lori, or dude, or whatever :p I love roleplaying, I've been at it for a long time now, at least 15 years. I'm not the greatest, I am limited in my interests or likes, but I try to provide the best of it that I can.

Anyways, I guess that's really it. Not sure what else to say. Drop me a line if you wanna chat or brainstorm up something maybe. I am currently working on setting up a site that will host pictures and some info about characters I play, and it will constantly be changing and updated as I narrow down characters I play the most and sadly weeding out ones I haven't played in such a long time. If you're interested in it, let me know. Otherwise just message me and ask. Thanks!
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