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@DawnscrollThat sounds about like Vestec to me.
@HaelNo. I'm just a guy pressing buttons when this one book tells me to. I only speak Chinese, anyway.
@DawnscrollNot in terms of relationship, in terms of character. Sauron with the just-as-planned scheming, Morgoth with the "raaargh I mar you!".
@DawnscrollNah, Logos is the Sauron of this game.

Vestec is more the Morgoth.

@HaelMad scientists, presumably.
@Antarctic TermiteNice cream.
@Legion02Might need to use MP too. I don't think there'd be any limit, though. If you have the power, you have the power.
@BBeastMy Cherry Eater posts -- the one creating him mentions staring into fire &c. IIRC.

Honestly -- yeah, they probably would have "invented" fire. At least, they would have -- captured it. Lightning strikes a tree, they take a branch, build a fire and so on.
@BBeastWood against wood works.

Also if you introduce fire to them -- do you mind doing it "back in time"? I already mentioned them using fire a long time ago.
@RtronA completely predictable, infinitely repeating cycle!

--I don't know whether Vestec would have passed or failed Mammon's test. I suppose that about sums up Vestec.
@Double CapybaraThat's actually a really, really good pun. It has so many levels! I wish I'd thought of it.

Oh, and when the waifu market is cornered -- well. Expand into new markets.

@RtronMammon will tell him that chaos is the highest form of order.
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