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Current No. The best music from a Cartoon is here:…
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@Raddum, I have DayQuil. I've been sucking ot down all day.
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I have my bottle of DayQuil and am ready to conquer the *cough cough* the world.
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Thanksgiving Eve Greetings from my cubicle to everybody.
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@Otaku95 And boots! Don't forget the spiked heeled boots.



I'm a long time RPer. I play group games and 1x1 games.

I only play MxF in my 1x1 games. Group games, doesn't matter.

I'm a guy and will only play 1x1 games with people 18 years or older. I'm trying to avoid going to jail.

I can't play fandom canon characters. I just don't know the characters well enough to do that. But love to play OCs in a fandom story.

I'm pretty flexible. I don't have any demands. Just have fun. One request, if you tire of the game or me, shoot me a PM and tell me. In your PM blame the game and not me ;P I'll let you know if I can't keep up with any game we are in.

I'll be honest, I enjoy romance and a little smut in my 1x1 games. I do enjoy the build up and plot.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna play or just hang out and chat.

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Sorry that is more of a gush... moving it

Looking for at least two more partners. :)

That sounds so naughty...
Welcome. I really like the title of this threat. It's very nice.

I hope you have fun here.
@Silver Carrot

Sounds interesting! Besides who doesn't love pirates?

I like the idea of playing in a fantasy world, even if there is no supernatural/magic. By having it be a fantasy world, we can make our own history and allow people to play female characters if they want.

I like Penny's idea of old ruins and lost lands. That's easy enough in you make up the world.

Anyhow, I'm interested and will keep my eyes on this to see how it goes!
@little whiskers@Animera

Sundos put Alastair down. Speaking to Reizo, he said, "The lad's legs were too short. He was slowing us down. I meant no harm, just trying to rush them along." The quietly to the guard, "I didn't know who they are. But they were trying to get to the castle. It looked bad there. I saw a lot of smoke coming from the castle. Something big was burning."

He gave the children over the their guardian's care.
Sundos watched the two kids run towards the harbor. Then he turned back towards the castle and started yelling again, "To the harbor! Get yourself to the harbor!"

Then he saw them. Two pirate invaders where trying to kick in the door to a stone house. Sundos readied his axe and ran at the two pirates. He took them by surprise and quickly killed them. Now, it is time to get back to the ship. He turned around and started running back the way he had come. He looked over his shoulder, ready to stop if he saw any more invaders.

He caught up to the princess and prince. He had no idea who they were, other than 'rich kids'. "Lass, Lad, come with me. There is a ship we can get on. And your dog too. But we must hurry. The pirates are not too far behind." He ran behind Tiffany and Alastair, not allowing anybody to run towards the center of town. "To the harbor, it is safer there."

Young Alastair was too slow. "Lad, let me help you." He picked up Alastair and threw him over Sundos' shoulder to carry him to the harbor.

@Animera@little whiskers
Oh. Sundos just ran into Tiffany and Alastair. My IC and Animera's OOC posts crossed paths.
On the Docks

In reply to Delaney, Sundos said, "Aye, Aye Captain. Save a spot for me. I will be back soon." With that he ran towards the harbor.

"To the boats. To the boats. Flee to the sea!" Sundos ran to the houses along the harbor and kept running deeper into the town. making his call. He physically grabbed some people and turned them around and pushed them towards the harbor.

As he neared the center of town, he saw black smoke coming from the castle. The sounds of the cannon were much louder near the castle. The castle has fallen or was about to fall.

He saw two kids running towards the castle. "Hey! Hey! You two! Stop!" He ran over to the two of them and grabbed the girl by her arm. "Where are you going? It's not safe that way. You need to go towards the harbor."

Sundos had just recently woken up. It was late afternoon, but he was working the night shift as a guard at the warehouse owned by House Caid. He stepped out of the tavern, where he had a small apartment in the basement. He was anticipating a quiet, boring night in the warehouse.

**BOOM** The cannon sounded close. That cannot be good, Sundos thought as he started running towards the warehouse. The non top cannon fire told Sundos that this was no mere raid. It was a much larger attack. He knew that he could not protect the warehouse, and he wasn't paid enough to defend it in case of invasion. So he ran back towards his home in the tavern.

By the time Sundos reached the tavern, it was empty. Not knowing what else to do, he grabbed his chest with his worldly treasures and ran out to the docks. If he saw the city watch or militia gathering he would have joined them. All he saw was chaos everywhere.

He finally heard a firm voice taking command, ”Everyone! The attack is inland! To the boats!” He was drawn to the voice. There was a leader he could follow.

He saw the captain who has issued the call. He was about to approach to ask permission to board. However, a Nobleman reached the captain first. With a shrug, Sundos stepped around the two men and rushed up the gangplank like he was allowed to. There was chaos on the deck but it was a controlled chaos. The crew was preparing the ship to set sail. Sundos asked the first crew member he saw, "What can I do to help?"
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