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The most common color for highlighters is yellow because it doesn’t leave a shadow on the page when photocopied
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Sleeping burns more calories than watching TV
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40000 Americans are injured by toilets each year
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A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.
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No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because its patent was burned in a fire


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There's still room, @frapet.
Not yet, @Zarkun.
I can’t wait to finally get going! This is going to be great fun, I just know it.

Alright guys, we'll start once we get two more characters in.
Fixed all the stuff you told me about! I left out her reflections on the differences between republic and imperial era as I thought it'd be a lot more interesting exploring that IC-ly and her struggles of not seeing the despot nature of Palpatine and the guilt of being part of the system that enabled him.

Excellent. I'm excited to see you explore the depth of your character.

Arosha is approved.

I still lurk, I'm just multi-tasking working on a CS for this, adjusting my CS for the PG and GMing. Sorry for my delay folks.

No problem; take all the time you need.
Several more changes, @Torack:

Since Arosha is 31 years old, she would've grown up during the final years of the Republic, and been taught pro-Republic, instead of Pro-Empire, philosophies. Besides adjusting this, I'd like to see her reflect on the difference between Republic and Imperial eras. Arosha likely advised her senator in the Imperial Senate, near to the point of its disbandment.

The last paragraph of Outlook and Motivation still mentions the First Order; switch it out for Imperial Remnants.

Since Arosha is a newcomer to Scarlet Moons, a senior enlisted rank like sergeant is unlikely. Her accomplishments would earn her a commission as lieutenant, if she provided the credentials. Otherwise, she would be a specialist.
Understood, @Stormflyx. FoC is taking a hiatus after its last round of collabs, so you won't have to worry about that.
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