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The most common color for highlighters is yellow because it doesn’t leave a shadow on the page when photocopied
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40000 Americans are injured by toilets each year
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A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.
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No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because its patent was burned in a fire
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Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other


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Skeleton Coast, Namibia, Earth

Midnight, February 5, 2187

Overcast, 15°C

The night was more than ten degrees cooler than the day. Under a starless night sky, two Kodiak shuttles zoomed across the arid landscapes of Namibia. They flew no more than twenty meters above ground; just enough to clear tress and rocks, and strictly below the scanning height of long-distance radars. Their sounds contrasted each other; soft swooshes of the first shuttle, the sleek resistance vehicle carrying three sneakier SRN members, was followed by the rattling of the second, which struggled with the weight of titanium armor plates and five heavily armed SRN combatants.

"Five minutes to target." Yarik announced from the cockpit of the first shuttle. Beanie acknowledged from the cockpit of the second.

They were close enough to the coast that the cool, salty sea breeze could be smelled through mechanical oil fumes of shuttle engines. Earlier tonight, before they embarked, the group had gone over their plan with everyone. Before that, they had time to rest through the afternoon. Thanks to the cover of darkness, the infiltration team should be able to reach the enthrallment device undetected. The distraction team would have to engage the enthralled drells regardless, in order to destroy a generator that powered the shielded perimeter fence. The alternative, which was breaching a section of the fence, was deemed too dangerous given the presence of traps.

Five minutes went by as more ship wreckages appeared below. The pristine sand beaches gradually became darkened with unnatural metal debris and charring from recent explosions. Finally, the spikes appeared. Dozens of stumps that were once dragon's teeth; with partially converted husks still impaled on several remnants. Beyond it all was the drell's camp. An improvised perimeter fence surrounded multiple smaller wrecked ships. Several sources of light interspersed among barricades and scaffolding. The center of it all was the giant cargo ship, over 300 meters long and fifteen stories high at its bridge.

"Splitting off to the north." Yarik reported. "We'll move in once you've made your approach."

While the infiltration team's shuttle hovered quietly beyond the northern edge of the camp, the distraction team's shuttle flew right over the southern end. The entire camp came alive upon their entrance. Searchlights pointed at the shuttle, movements scrambled across the scaffolding and the generator began powering up. But before any of the defenders could reach it, a disruptor missile (cobbled together by Beanie herself) shot out from the shuttle. it's explosion torn up the generator, and the perimeter fence died.

"Put us down, now, before they hit us with rockets." Katya ordered. The shuttle landed behind the wreckages of two tugs. Sure enough, a rocket flew over as it touched down, missing the shuttle within meters.

"Move out! Davai!" Katya led the distraction team. As soon as she landed outside of the shuttle, sand filled her boots. Alongside the clanking of armor and shuffling of feet were sounds winds and waves. Not so far from them (50 meters at their closest), about ten armed figures moved to interconnected dunes and other shipwrecks.

"Beanie, stay with the shuttle. Be ready in case we need to evac." Katya told the engineer. Whether she followed or not was up to her.

The first shot fired was not from anyone nearby. In fact, it was a high-powered sniper round from further inside the camp. It landed just in front of Katya; the ground impact kicked up so much sand that it blanketed her.

"Solveig, Yarik," Katya commed in between spitting out sand, "the fence's knocked out and we got their attention. You're clear to proceed!"

That single shot became a cacophony when Katya reached cover behind a rusted rudder. It was apparent the drells were indeed intent to kill. Thankfully, other members of distraction were able to find cover as bullets whizzed around them. When Katya peaked out again, she saw one drell soldier running from a dune to a fishing trawler. Katya fired a burst from her rifle, but it missed. The drell was much faster than the average Alliance soldier. Scanning with her visor showed another drell at the same trawler, and behind them was a scaffolding holding a lot of dried sand. If they could-


The sniper shot again. This time, the bullet punched through the rudder and took out most of Katya's shield. Katya was knocked on her back by the sheer force. Getting back to her hands and knees, Katya wasted no time crawling to more solid parts of the shipwreck.

"Someone take out that scaffolding!" Katya shouted to closest members of her team. A high impact attack would be needed. "Drop the sand on them!"

Yarik had landed his shuttle 200 meters north of the camp. His team was just at the perimeter when Katya gave the signal, and the fence powered down in front of them. Along with the fence, several light sources also went out. Though even in near-darkness, silhouettes could be seen rushing to the south. Yarik raised his submachine gun, but the all enemies ran by without noticing his team.

Then came the sniper shot. It was not directed at them, however, the source was closer to them. Yarik signaled for his team to stop. He knelt and closed his eyes, recalling his eidetic drell memory. A second shot rang out as his eyes opened.

"Amonkira's spear, you're always making life hard for me, sarge." Yarik groaned.

"Sniper's on the bridge." Yarik pointed to the top of the cargo ship. "One of you take out that sniper, or our friends will be picked off."

"The rest of you, get in that cargo ship and locate the device. Clear out traps on the way." Yarik informed them. "I'm going to find the Locust." With that, he biotically leaped over a barricade and slinked off into the camp.
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