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I need something dark 😒
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What do we say to the god of death? Now, Please.
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If it’s even slightly possible, I ship it.
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If there's room I'd be interested in joining

Oh yeah! Feel free to hop into the discord and chat it up with us! We don’t bite too hard.

Disclaimer: Will have MATURE and possible DARK themes, 18+ required.

In a city of limitless opportunity what does it take to make it to the top? With a game of mortal and immortal players, will you rise to lead or humbly step down to follow?

Ah, New York, the city that never sleeps. Home to eight million people trying to make their dreams come true in this concrete jungle. From Fashion Weeks full of iconic moments to thriving black market businesses selling a variety of mind breaking drugs, the Big Apple has it all. Maybe a bit out of what you expected, but wander into the wrong neighborhood and you might find yourself stumbling upon the beautiful and terrifying predators you thought only existed in legends. The City of Dreams attracts people from all walks of life, and for decades now has been hosting a healthy population of affluent, and... not so affluent.. immortals. Well to be more specific, Vampires.

♕ ♔ ♕ ♔

Unlike the tropes of Hollywood and horrors of novels these vampires are much more... human. how disappointing. They dominate and struggle in much of the same ways you and I, some have made their way into national and global leadership positions, some own Fortune 500s, and some are poor struggling college students trying to figure out what the fuck they want to do. Once upon a time, their society was a secret hidden in the shadows, though with new rulers come new eras and Dmitri Tepes, the current king envisions a future where human and vampiric society has become one, a seamless mix of the immortal and the mortal.

And that, my dear friends is where you, the next generation of leaders, come in.

♕ ♔ ♕ ♔

Dmitri Tepes, your King, has invited you to a weekend getaway on his private island. You arrived yesterday, mingled, or fought (depending on who you are *side-eyes*) and drank WAAAY too much. The party was the best you've ever been to, and you've been alive for awhile. You're waking up, or maybe trying to get a few extra minutes, hungover, maybe doing a walk of shame, or perhaps you never went to sleep? But one thing is for sure, the smell of food, and that decadent blood laced secret concoction is calling your name from the main dining room.

Your vampire(s) have been chosen as part of a joint experiment from the three royal house leaders. Essentially your vampire(s) are being 'cut-off' from their houses/families and given the task to build up a new house from 0. With no money, no influence and probably no experience they will have to rely on their creativity and abilities to persuade, gather and recruit. All the while navigating their new found freedoms in a city of 8 million people. Have fun~

The Boring Rules

RPG RulesYou know what they are, so don't be a dick.
Drama I will clown tf out of you if you try to start some shit online, okay?trust me, you don't want that. don't be a dick.
Writing Going for quality over quantity, if it looks like a fourth grader wrote your post I will say something. Errors and mistakes are coo, we're all human it happens, but proofread once in a while, okay?
Posting I'm not a babysitter, so I'm not going to check up on you to make sure you're keeping up with posting. As an adult, I expect you to be considerate and self-aware. This is a group roleplay, character interaction is the main point, if you're absent or interacting with a single character it fucks that all up. So don't be a dick.
Characters You understand your capabilities better than I do. I won't have a character limit initially and will expect each character to be made with the same care and thought as the first. The same goes for the quality of your posts, so just be mindful of that, but go wild if you want.
Themes I like dark shit, vampires are sluts, and NYC is probably a city with lots of drugs, so yeah, if that's not your thing go elsewhere.
Building If you get some crazy lightbulb idea to add into this world let us (@Hoekage, @Tootsiepop,@GhostMami) know! I love when y'all get excited and throw ideas out there for us to work into our own plans!
Joining The OOC will be used as for announcements, asking and answering questions and interacting(but we have a discord for that). So to join, set up a group DM with ALL the GMS, and we'll show our approval or demand suggest any changes. Then you can post that sexy little CS up on the character tab.

Time/ / m o n d a y , 1 0 0 8 , 6 3 0
Location / /p r i n c e s s c h a m b er s
Interactions/ / s k a n k a s s b e s t i e @syn

The Carters blared in the silence of the large room, the small snippet of the song replayed a few times before a hand blindly swung in the general direction of the phone knocking it to the hardwood floors.

“Carajo!” The girl grumbled and felt something, or rather someone nuzzling into her, in her drowsy state Yessi couldn’t recollect anything from the night before and felt her blood turn cold. Shit, already? Reluctantly, Yessi slowly opened her eyes, and immediately expelled a relieved breath. A smile played at her lips as she identified the nuzzler to be Ximena.

“Meme, despierta.” Yessi’s voice was quiet as she brushed the brown hair out of the Colombian princess’ face, “If you don’t wake up I’ll kiss you la Bella Durmiente.”

Ximena was having such a vivid dream, she was the star bachelorette and it was down to the final rose between two men. She was cuddling with one of her male suitors nuzzling her face into his body. It was perfection, she heard her bachelor calling out to her, only how did he know that name only Yessi knew. The voice turned from manly to quite girly in seconds and her hair being brushed away revealed her pouty face. “Don’t kiss me with that hot morning breath. 5 more minutes porfa,” she pleaded while attempting to cover her face with a pillow.

Astraia laughed in response to Ximena and stole the pillow she was using to cover her face.
“You will have to drive yourself to school if you aren’t ready in time, principessa.” The warning was followed by the pillow being thrown back at the sleeping girl’s head as Yessi scooped up her phone off the floor and headed into the bathroom, the dread of facing everyone had yet to hit her. But... There was still time.

Being alone in that bathroom while she showered seemed to have been all it took to wash away the confidence she had been building up the past week. Memories of a life she had chosen to opt out of came flooding back, the faces of people she had loved, and the people she had not, flashed in her mind vividly. Though none of them affected her quite like the smiling face, as she remembered, of one particular pendejo. The water was promptly shut off, a towel snatched and wrapped around her body, and her ass planted itself on the edge of the bathtub with her hands holding her head.

Muffled moans and groans were all that could be heard from under the pillow in the vacant room. With a series of stretching and inhuman noises coming from the bed, Ximena was finally ready to get up. Opening the bathroom door so she could pee, XiXi then took her seat on the bathtub adjacent to Yessi. “What’s wrong muñeca? Dímelo.”

“Ugh, I can’t do this, tengo mala suerte. I know I’ll just fucking walk straight into him while trying to actively avoid it.” Yessi groaned lifting her head from her hands, stood up and started brushing her teeth despite the growing urge to skip out on school today.

While some believed this one wicked witch had a heart as cold as ice, there existed ways of melting it. One way in particular was hearing the pain that stuck to her best friends words like thick tar. Empathic never seemed like a word that could be associated with Ximena, but who could have known. “Quién? Whoever it is, I’ll kill him” Ximena hissed hoping for a name to write in her burn book.

Yessi looked up in the mirror her eyes meeting Ximena’s in the reflection as she put her toothbrush away, “Santiago Fernandez.. I’m trying to avoid that infuriating pendejo I had a heart on for as a Sophomore.” Yessi replied rolling her eyes a quiet chuckle leaving her lips as she faced Ximena, “There’s no way I didn’t tell you about him, I couldn’t shut up about that cabrón back then.”

If there was ever a record scratch freeze frame moment, this was it. Luckily for Ximena her poker face was as good as her tongue. The name Santiago Fernandez played on repeat in her mind. A lump formed in the back of her throat and proceeded to get heavier as it worked it’s way down to her stomach. The rest of Yessi’s words were drowned out and instead replaced with the sound of her heartbeat. They sounded like drums in her ears. ”Hijueputa malparida! No puede ser. No no no no. Fuck!” her mind trying to put out the fires spreading through her brain. It wouldn’t take long for Yessi to realize Ximena wasn’t paying attention to her.

The silence from Ximena was all too telling. Much to the dismay of Ximena, Yessi had seen through that poker face bullshit she tried to pull one too many times. With pursed lips, eyes narrowed in suspicion and with an expectantly raised eyebrow Yessi went on the offensive, “Cat got your tongue? Okay, well it’s obvious you know who I’m talking about. Did something bad happen between you? Was he an asshole or something, cause he’s known for that?”

”Fuck” the two really had spent too much time together. Of course, she should have know she wouldn’t be able to hide anything from Yessi. There was no easy way for Ximena to explain to Yessi what had happened so she hoped the honest truth would set her free. “Pues...I slept with him. But I didn’t know! You have to believe me! It was a one-time thing. I’ll answer any questions you have. Discúlpame!” Ximena pleaded as her voice started to crack.

The moments after Ximena’s truth had been spilled out in the bathroom were practically a blur. Yessi felt the tension in her trained muscles, the pivot of her right foot, the clench of her fist and the sting as her knuckle kissed the side of the Colombian’s face. Only the look of shock on Ximena’s face washed away the anger enough for Yessi to process what had just happened. Those Jade green eyes burned into Ximena’s brown ones, “I hope that fucking hurt.” Yessi turned her back and slammed the bathroom door shut as she stomped off to her room.

Time / / G o t t a b l a s t!
Location / / K i n g s
Interactions / / t h e k i n g @Dirty Pretty Lies, r e l i [Thats me]

The roar of the custom McLaren being pushed to its limits was on replay in Astraia’s mind, acting as a sort of fuel for the fire that burned within her throughout the rest of the morning.

The half-hour or so she spent in the office waiting for Aurelio to appear was enough time to gather that something different was happening today. From the erratic bustling of faintly familiar teachers, and the frequent grumbles and sighs of the office admins, it was evident that today had been derailed for them as well.

Great, at least everyone is experiencing the case of the Monday’s. The thought was brief as no sooner had her stupid brother finally showed his face than they she was getting a firm explanation about their expectations while being back in Florida. Yessi couldn’t find it in her to care much about the smart play from her dad and zoned out for much of the remaining formalities.

Well, until the mention of the event that had all those teachers wildly going about their mornings.

“... right so that’s everything, please go ahead and go to the auditorium for the assembly.”


“An assembly? On a Monday, can’t we just skip it, I’d rather figure out where my classes are an-“

“No, this is a requirement for all seniors, the actions occurring at Homecoming were quite horrendous and need to be addressed.”

“Riiight.. but this is our first day back, why do I need to attend an assembly about an event I didn’t attend?”

“Considering the things you were up to in South Korea I-“

“Excuse me?” The anger she had been slowly working on pushing away came in a strong blast forcing her out of her seat, Aurelio’s hand around her wrist was the only thing stopping her from crossing a line that’d surely have her kicked out of the family.

Yes, non qui. Lascia andare, c’mon let’s go.” Chalk it up to their supernatural twin connection, or the attention to detail Aurelio paid, but he never missed a beat when it came to Astraia, especially her outbursts.

“I believe the assembly will provide you with practical and relevant information. I look forward to seeing your success here at King’s.” The Dean’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard to Yessi as she stomped out of the office and begrudgingly to her doom the auditorium.

Astraia barely registered her brother’s arm around her shoulder as the two of them entered late. The few eyes that looked their way quickly went back to the center of the room as if licked by the fires in the Spanish girl’s eyes.

“Congratulations to both.” The applause and cheers from the seated seniors sent those fiery green eyes to the main stage and grazed over the face of the principal, and Aurelio’s red-headed princess to land on- ...I slept with him...

Fuck me. Mio dios, por que me odias?

With the information from the morning evolving into a scene in her head, she would much have rather punched his stupidly handsome face (like she had Ximena) than to just stare at him. Though luckily for him she couldn't, so... with their eyes still locked she settled on sending him an aggressive as possible silent ‘fuck you’ via a dainty middle finger in the air and a medusa-esque glare. Aurelio’s chuckle cracked the angry expression on her face as she snapped at him and yanked him down beside her just as the impromptu main event of the morning started up.

Like Aurelio Yessi turned her attention to her phone, though it was more of an attempt to distract herself from the swirl of conflicting thoughts pulling her emotions every which way. Annoyingly enough, the one thing she couldn’t get off her mind was how in the hell bebe had managed to get even hotter. What the hell was in the water here?

When the assembly was finished, Yessi waited not even a moment to get the fuck out of that room. Storming out of the auditorium doors she faintly heard Reli’s voice but kept it pushing forward, passing the cafeteria and the office before bursting out of the school and into the fresh Florida air.

“Alright, Gym time.”
Happy Friday everyone! I hope it’s a great one for y’all. I will be getting that OOC up on Sunday probably once I’m off work. 😌

Again, if you have any questions or need any help feel free to ask! ❤️
@Tootsiepop and @GhostMami can give you some inspiration too!

I’m excited to explore this story with you guys!!!!!
and my loves, so far!

Kasania Atarah Tepes
looks 23/24, the only daughter, possibly the biggest disgrace in the Tepes fam (she gay and loves a human).
Loves her little brother (who she practically raised) and his dumb friends (which she doesn't know why she associates w/ them).
HATES TRADITION, will fuck you up on sight if you come after Niko, but otherwise docile and diplomatic.

(FC; Yael S. DC; e6e8fa)

Khione Lee Crusch
roomies w/ Mina and Nat, loves them like Fam. Works w/ Milo a lot, and hates him, but loves to fuck him.
Is from a long line of 'Vampire Hunters', now a days since the treaty, mostly goes after the rogue vampires who aren't careful in covering their tracks, and works at a Club meant for vamps to keep an eye on the shitheads that work there.
Big time HOE, but she's ethical.

(FC: Madison Beer ; DC: ec3b83

Octavius Zeno
25/26, the eighth son of the Zeno fam.
Hates humans but likes to play with them. Thinks all vampires should be ruling over the weak, has a distaste for Turned and most Half-bloods, elitist in that way. Has no loyalty to his family, but that's a Zeno for ya. Though has an unbreakable loyalty to his boys [Milo and Niko], and Nia [butts heads with her a lot since she's 'in love' or some bullshit with a blood bag]. Has a soft spot for a pureblood sweetheart, and would die for her... seriously[hmu if you tryin' to be bae].

(FC: Corentin Huard ; DC: #ebb000)
@HaleyTheRandom It's Hoe-Kah-Gay, (it's a Naruto pun) but BIG emphasis on Hoe.

ALSO here's the info you'll need in your CS, but pimp it out however you want!

I FORGOT SOMETHING! Include their occupation too, since we'll be traveling through NYC so they could run into each other in different businesses.

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