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2 yrs ago
Current "You have no friends" wow, thanks for reminding me guild!
3 yrs ago
Not sure if things have stabilised or if we're about to be flung back into indefinite loading. Stay strong everyone!


I am a human... I think
I like kipsate...
and hugs...
... to be continued...

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I'll try and post this week.
“Say again, Forty seconds, Forty seconds, Hard landing!”
Gill was snapped out of his dulled state by the panicked shouting on the vox followed by the piercing sound of the hull being rended apart by enemy fire, he could feel his stomach churn as the ship was thrown about like a paper boat in a storm as it fell to the ground. He felt the air getting thinner as it rushed out the gap in the hull, the vacuum starting to make it hard to hear the shouting of those around him, he wasn't sure what was worse suffocating or listening to the annoying screams of the other guardsmen; he let out a sigh, if they survived he hoped that they would calm down enough to be useful.
He gripped the barrel of his autogun clenching harder as the lander began to judder more and more before cursing himself for getting scared, fear was for conscripts and dead men and stopped you from doing your best, despite this he got into brace position and shut his eyes tightly.
"Well emperor, if today's the day."
@Ollumhammersong can we see the hole in the hull?
I'm really really sorry everyone but due to massive unforeseen consequences I am no longer able to be a full time GM for this project, feel free to continue this under a new GM.
Sorry for the great inconvenience and waste of your time.
@Milkman no sorry.
@Drunken Conquistador@Legion02 i wasn't saying it was a bad thing, I was just saying that we should be wary that they don't wind up taking too similar paths, unless we wanted to do that as a plot point.

What's that? You can't take old WWII songs and rehash them not once, but then rehash a rehash? Pah! FOOLS!

That singing was great!
@Legion02 looks good, though I'm a bit worried that we now have two magic dominated nations with lots of slaves, we will have to work to differentiate them more when we start playing but I'm sure that won't be a problem so I don't see a need for anyone to change anything.
Guys PLEASE get your sheets to me ASAP, we will start within 48hrs regardless of who is ready. Sorry to be harsh but I feel this is necessary at this point.
@Drunken Conquistador ok thanks for clearing that up, I'm slightly worried by how powerful these guys are but I think it will be ok since they are mostly keeping to themselves and their rivalries.
Feel free to post it in the characters tab.
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