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8 mos ago
Current @AlternateMan Unfortunately because advertisers can't see your browsing history and have more effective ways of tracking you. =)
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11 mos ago
Joke’s on you: mods were never awake in the first place
11 mos ago
It's a bad night for conflict on the status bar. Let's celebrate that it's nearly Friday instead. 🎉
1 yr ago
Really glad to hear that your mother's doing well. Falls can be scary.
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1 yr ago
Not quite casual chat. Just a speed-style that reflects its IM-like origins. It works, so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


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Thanks to @Kuro for being a good sport and playing along. Hope you all had a good April First!
Note: @Kuro has been banned for hacking the staff Discord channel and leaking confidential information.

This was not an easy decision, but in light of the thousands of DMCA takedowns we’ve received from companies requesting that we remove RPs featuring licensed IP, our team has determined that it is no longer feasible to continue paying the Guild’s numerous legal fees.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past several years on the Guild, and if you have any questions, I’d direct you to our legal team’s support page: bit.ly/3LAbl53
I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread. Please message a moderator if users break any Guild rules during your RP experience.
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