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I've never wanted to set a company ablaze quite like I do with my internet provider...
1 yr ago
Just got internet back after months of battling to get my internet company to come to my house and fix the problem
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Well job got shut down today after failed inspection... it seems life has different plans for me. Time to go job hunting!
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I have updated the original post with an update. I apologize profusely for the upset this may cause and I wish nothing but the best for all of you.
Sorry for the delay my lovelies I got stuck with back to back 18 hour shifts with six hours in between so there will be a slight delay in the start time. I will have more information on the start of the role play Monday evening. Happy Easter to you all! :)

I know a few individuals who could get behind a shirtless pantless Edmund haha!

Oh god there's so many horny people everyone's just going to get pregnant like rabbits what have I created? I'VE CREATED HORNY JAIL!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!


Oh absolutely! Don't worry the castle has lots of window so you'll get plenty of moonlight for midnight rendezvous!

Also I cannot confirm nor deny that I'm secretly a robot that got onto the brain wave length of the creators of these awesome shows and books.


I couldn't agree more! :)

Then this motto might serve him well! Survive, adapt, conquer!
<Snipped quote by Maiden of Mist>

So... Princess Vana has a Prince with potentially more makenup and clothes than her as a room mate.

Her virtue might be safe... Well what's left of it... Least until she meets Gretta lol

[@Hayazowe] we all make such great roommates :)

I... cannot say anything towards this as Gretta is a hoe.

Though I feel like Vana and Pascal's Dorm is gonna be the place to be!

Oh and as for the question posed by Gisk Gretta definitely sleeps naked! So @Hayazo I hope Saiten is okay with that! xD


As for your wolf I don't care too much what the size is have fun! ^_^


Also astute observation! I absolutely adore Star and Cursed princess club but I'm unfamiliar with the third!


Oh and you forgot Press F to dig own grave! Gotta remember that one! Because there's a 10 percent chance you survive and you gotta be mindful of your roomies!
Alright everyone say hello to our Co-GM Gisk! Gisk and I will be going over some details so I will look at the thread when I can but please know that I have thoroughly been enjoying today's conversation in our little thread! :)

I'm so glad you all are becoming such good friends! ^_^
@Hayazo@PrinceAlexus@Searat@False Prophet@Gisk@Slypheed@LouLou

Dorm rooms have been slightly modified to reflect new Early Acceptance sheets!

Congratulations on Early Acceptance! We welcome Princess Calliope into the Academy!
@Hayazo@PrinceAlexus@Searat@False Prophet@Gisk@Slypheed

Alright party people! The map has been completed and dorm assignments have been made! But look at those lovely flowers! One by one your GM hand planted those bad boys! It's almost like they mean something... wait no that's probably just the high from the fertilizer!

...or is it?

Congratulations on Early Acceptance! We welcome Princess Wakizaka into the Academy!
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