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Discord: Pусская Единорог#8759 (No I'm not Russian)
RP Preferences & Information:

I only write female main OCS, males 2ndary nbd.

OC content. I don't write fandoms. Exceptions, depending on story/mood can be OC happening in a universe I know or like. (No don't ask me to do pokemon or anime RPs)

I've been writing for 15 years, RPing for 10 or more of those 15. I do classify myself as an advanced writer.
-----> I spent several years mentoring novice writers on the RP forum I started on (surrealtwilight). This is not something I'm opposed to doing if for some reason I personally interest you and you want aid in writing, character creation, design, so on and so forth.

I have a lot of free time. So I can handle many RPs at once.

I'm not shy to writing sex, torture, gore, violence so on and so forth. However I am not a smut writer. If you get those elements in our story its because its suppose to happen and meant to happen for design and purpose.

I spend a lot of time creating my character and designing their existence. I also tend to plan a lot once there is a groove and or the story is taking off and I grasp your character. I may plan a lot and have the ability to lead a story. However I do not want it to be that way. I need you, my partner, to be able to take the lead where only you can or must depending on where our story is at.

I do not provide visual references to my characters. All of that is written out and left to the imagination.

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Thank you!
Thanks. Glad to be here.

Decided to give forum RPing a try again. It has been several years since I have been on them or tried to. Missed writing and being creative so here I am! My departure from forum RPs was the sad R.I.P because RPs failed, partners dipped or the scarce occurrence that somehow I couldn't force myself to continue---which is so rare I wouldn't ever count on it happening from me. Especially at this point in time as I'm creatively active and hankering for some good, in depth, creative, addicting and fun content.

I've been writing for 15yrs. Rping for about 10 or more of those.

I'm not one to do fandom RP. I prefer OC and OC characters. I write novel sized posts if the scenario/scene/moment allows it. I love brainstorming with my partner. I can lead a RP at any given time/moment. I write side characters as needed. I do write female characters as my OCs, males 2ndary is not a problem.

I have too much free time so I'm capable of juggling many RPs at once.

As this is a new account I obv don't have examples and proof of my writing, yet. However if you want or require one I do have content I've been writing for a FFXIV RP taking place on there. So its patchy context but you get the idea of my writing style/ability.

Thanks for reading it this far!
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