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I'm not sure what the policy on dropping in at a later point is like, but I'm kind of in a sluggish vibe so id like to make use of that in case you want to start the rp before I'm done with my cs.
Sorry about not being around, unexpected life stuff came up.

Sorry about you missing the cutoff. I'll keep you in mind if any spots open up in the future.

While you have some interesting ideas, right now your character sheet is hard to read. If you could clean it up with proper sentences and paragraphs, and clarify some of the descriptions and back story it would be more likely to be accepted.

@Dead Cruiser @Nakushita @King of Soul
Are you guys still interested in participating. If not can you post here to let me know.

Hmm i should definetly proof read it and fix some basic mistakes, but to be honest i do struggle a bit with the sentences an paragraph's. I think im going to do some research.
Beside that i would apreciate any feedback.
Here's my new cs.

this is what i got so far.
i still have to work on history and personality.

so i was scavenging the internet for good dragon art this one time, and maybe this will safe anyone some time.…
(ps:the second* image from the left* is taken by me )
Maaan, im so excited for this.
Maybe i can use my cs that i wrote for another rp.
Boy im in!
Gotta say im pretty bummed to hear that the dragons arent able to communicate and that they are as intelligent as regular tameable animals.
is it possible to make a dragon with an exception to that rule? A possible reason for that, it being a diffrent species of dragon for example?

It would be cool if we could either pick a rider or a dragon as a character.
Nice to hear, yea i was planning on it to be a very generic type of dragon with only fire and with alot of strength and vitality that normaly isnt able to use magic as a penalty for balancing, but true, other ways can also be thought up to still allow arts.
Ill remove the droconic element thing then.
i already had a look at the framework you had in mind, but its really in an early phase and i first wanted to check if the overall specifications of the character were acceptable. ill make it look nice and tidy later. And ill keep this feedback in mind.

i guess I'm going with rank 3 because of the brute natural power and no skill.

I'm not quite sure how i can include having no control of the dragon form because its her true form and she should be having more control than while in human form.
i can take away the fighting instinct, and have her need to adjust to moving in dragon form.
as well as add a penalty because her dragon form was always dormant. making it so, that it became stiff, weak, malnourished and still small, having to build up strength.

maybe having an initial growth spurt of about 9 months. where she will change from: 33 percent in size and 20 percent in abilities and parameters, into the described size and power of the character sheet. with fire breathing and resistances starting from zero.

You've specified that she's human in default so that means she needs to transform into dragon form before she can actually do anything right? I'll need to know the details of the transformation as well. I need to know stuff like is there a time limit in dragon form? Is there a condition? It's also probably a good idea to make that a separate ability.

she starts out having no dragon benefits while in human form but later develop them as she gets stronger in dragon form.
i would like to go with: because her true form is a dragon, there's no time limit for dragon form, if anything, being human should take more effort and should cost more energy.(i guess explaining why her dragon form is malnourished) i can make her a bunch weaker in human form as well i guess.
maybe a 4 second transformation delay to turn dragon, and taking 20 seconds to turn human.

Draconic Element Manipulation is never gonna come up. There's not going to be any other dragons unless something funky is happening or you want them to and I approve so probably don't bother with that one.

a way to increase power beyond the natural specifications, and a way to still unlock the use of arts and other abilities, allowing for character development. and yea, its just adding some options for the future, if there's ever a need to get stronger.

The part in power bestowal where it says 'self sustenance linked to the dragon', I don't know what that means. Firstly are self sustenance and perpetual nourishment supposed to be different? I'm assuming the Linked to the Dragon part applies to all of the abilities and not just the self sustenance part.

yes all the abilities gifted by bestowal are linked in aptitude with the dragon.
and ill just go with the two nourishment abilities being the same thing.

Also what do you mean she grows when she eats in dragon form in the Consistent growth and Adaptive development section? Is it if she eats anything? Does she have to eat something specific?

inherently she never completely stops growing if she keeps eating, and all that is required to get stronger is eating a proportionate amount of sheep cattle or other types of meat sources. shell gain power just because of growing in size and cant obtain new abilities.

ill just remove the adaptive development thing aswell.
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