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Current Word of the day after that: Nostalgia
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7 days ago
I'm legitimately getting pissed off by the constant exposure to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailers. I am thoroughly indifferent to the franchise, but they've guaranteed I'll never even try the game.
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10 days ago
Full disclosure: My greatest fear is needles, a true phobia. Totally irrational. My second greatest is the solitude that I have saturated my life with.
25 days ago
For no particular reason I feel more confident about myself today than I ever have previously in my life. Thanks for incubating me, RolePlayerGuild.
4 mos ago
Acute anxiety gives me superpowers. Seriously. I've developed fine motor control in my ears.


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Gotham City
United States of America

“Oh, puh-lease, Bats. You of all people should know that nobody’s crazy enough to go to Arkham, except of course, those who are crazy enough to be thrown into Arkham. Makes it increasingly amusing how often I’m seeing you around these parts lately.

This lunatic before me is responsible for thousands of deaths directly and has poisoned the city so many times I can’t even begin to summarize the collateral damage he’s racked up. At the rate that he’s been polluting the area, it would only take five years for Gotham air to be as toxic as Beijing’s.

A year ago, he and the Riddler had joined forces to paint the town green. In the end, I caught them both, detained them, and prevented any bloodshed. However, goaded by Robin, I’d bashed the Joker so severely that he’s never been the same. He still tells me we’re friends, which I’ve refuted time after time, but I can’t help but sense that he feels personally betrayed. I find it oddly troubling.

I lean in and glimpse into his eyes, the cameras built into my cowl stream the video to Oracle’s video-analytics suite, where the footage is mined to pick apart his microexpressions. There was a time when the Joker wouldn’t have lied to me. I find it oddly troubling how much I do earnestly miss those days.

“For the last time, Joker, is Professor Miles Warren in Arkham Asylum?”

He puckers up, his eyes centering not on my own, but on the camera’s housing around the zygomatic arches. He blows my eyebrows a kiss. He blows Barbara a kiss.

“Sorry, bats. I couldn’t help you if I wanted t--kk!”

My fist lands in his throat, rocking him back so hard that he would’ve fallen out of his chair if it werent to the handcuffs snagging his wrists, anchoring him to the table. Eyes wide, he gives a Mona Lisa smile, eyes dilating, goosebumps inflating before he leans over the table and, rubbing his throat, he coughs pathetically, but giddily.

”Batman, he was telling the truth.”
Character Name: Bruce Wayne | Alias: Batman | First Appearance: Awesome Comics #1

Superpowers, Tools & Skills:
Bruce has a fantastic amount of wealth, thanks to his inheritance. Also a troupe of highly skilled helpers with various skills, such as engineering, surgery and investigation. He personally has several years of martial arts training, striking physical conditioning, a flair for the dramatic and “The Will To Act.”

Brief Backstory:
Bruce Wayne was nine years old when his parents were murdered before his eyes, at which point he was properly adopted by his parents butler Alfred Pennyworth until he came of age. Throughout his teenage years, Alfred had arranged for him to spend several years bettering himself in monasteries and universities in equal measure. His time at university was slickened by the fact that his surname was chiseled a dozen places across campus which, while not being direct corruption, even Bruce could recognize as being unfairly skewed in his favor.

Frustrated by his own privilege, he decided to drop out immediately before he would’ve gained a Bachelor’s in business, instead deciding to become a hobo traveling across Asia by foot. When he defended an old shopkeeper from a couple of young ruffians. He was observed by the assassin, The Bronze Tiger, who, impressed by Bruce’s resolve, brought him to his master, Ra’s Al Ghul, who saw to it that Bruce was trained as an assassin in the art of ninjutsu.

He has since broken away from Ra’s upon becoming disillusioned with his lethality, instead returning to Gotham as The Batman, viciously recovering his company and arming himself to the teeth, weeding out vagrant after vagrant from Gotham’s land. Along the way, he adopted several young men who reminded him of himself in one way or another before finally discovering that he had had a son with his star-crossed lover, Talia Al Ghul, Damian, who has since become Robin.

Why this character:
As a kid, I really wanted to be Batman, but I’ve since noticed some things about him that I find remarkable, such as the fact that he often maims people for life, causes severe brain damage, and otherwise imposes disabilities that probably severely limit his enemies life prospects so long as he doesn’t deliver a deathblow. So I’m indubitably going to touch on that.
awesome comics

a singular universe style roleplay

Yo. This is Awesome Comics, a dangerous new strand of PBP-RP in the great tradition of crossover RPs that feature superheroes and comic book characters from different publishers and tattooing the phrase “fair use” onto our hearts, so we can clank ‘em together. There is no prewritten continuity, only that which is established in the IC thread. Half the fun is the improvisational skill required, the other half is pretty much always making fun of each other. What are you waiting for? Read the rules, duct tape a sheet together and “Jump In”!

the rules:

  • Read the motherfucking rules. If you do not comply you will be barred from the game.
  • The game may feature characters appearing in DC, Marvel, Valiant, or Image comic characters. Want something else to be included? Just ask.
  • After completing ten full length posts you will be eligible for a second character, with a limit of each player holding two max. If you drop your character before posting at least five times, you are not eligible for a replacement.
  • You must post once a week or your absence/inactivity will be interpreted as dropping out.
  • You must put your PC’s name across the top of your IC posts.
  • None may touch Doom.
  • You cannot kill other player characters.
  • You can only play as characters previously appearing in the IC thread, following the continuity established within the thread. They must be characters who have previously established within comic books or comic book media, as opposed to a player created extra.
  • You may not dedicate posts to name-dropping other characters.
  • This is a role-playing game, not a writing prompt. You will not have exclusive control over your supporting cast.
  • No complaining about the long list of rules.
  • Kneel before Zod.
  • Your character sheet must include the word “scientifically”, just to make sure you read the “motherfucking rules”.
  • Posts must be at least three paragraphs long, or a minimum of six non-speaking sentences if your character is actively engaging in a dialogue IC.
  • Guild content guidelines apply.
  • Have fun (or you’ll be booted from the game).

character sheet:

@Retired It's not that i'm specifically eager or blasting through it. I'm posting because my office currently has a bit of a work dry spell and i have literally nothing to do for 8 hours but sit here and pretend i'm reviewing old shit. Posting because if i don't, i'm going to blow my fucking brains out. It'll slow down when work picks back up again.

In other words, he wants you to also Retire.
Avengers: Save The Day



Stability: 30 / 30
Recent Injuries: N/A
Resolved Crises: N/A
Ongoing Crises: N/A

Identity: Unknown
Avengers: Save The Day

Greetings true believers, once again an as-of-yet unidentified dastard has mobilized his machinations against the status quo. That means that being a person just became significantly more dangerous in general. But fret not, for all is not lost yet. After all, you’re an Avenger now. Though the way you go about it may not be, your task is a simple one: Save The Day! ASTD is a tabletop-lite roleplaying game whose design is largely informed by the design of Avengers: Heroes United, as written @AndyC. The main gameplay loop is to identify which emerging crisis your PC is best suited to respond to before resolving it while attempting to identify the mastermind responsible for the plot and gaining the ability to launch preemptive strikes, all the while keeping ahead of persistent real world deadlines to avoid calamity.

Basic Rules
1. This game is based on characters appearing in MARVEL comics and, by extension, is not based on any particular previously existing continuity.
2. Characters applied for are expected to be based around a recognizable iteration of an existing MARVEL character as they had appeared in an official publications, though cherry-picking details from multiple sources is perfectly kosher.

Game Mechanics
1. Taking any action to resolve a situation will defaultedly subtract one point from The Gravity of The Situation. The contents of a post will only ever count as one action. If the PC who takes an action has a proficiency that is relevant, they will be awarded another point. It is therefore prudent on your point to respond to situations where your particular proficiencies seem relevant.
2. The world’s stability rating begins at thirty, its maximum. Once it reaches zero, the game will conclude with an in-game epilogue posted by the GM. The world loses stability points based upon how many gravity points had remained on an unresolved crisis when its deadline had passed.
3. Launching a pre-emptive strike to prevent a supervillain attack is a gamble. Based upon how many gravity points the strike is appraised at, that amount will either be added to or subtracted from the world’s stability rating.
4. At various points throughout the process of dealing with a crisis, it may be met with an emerging complication that increases the gravity of the situation, but does not affect the deadline. The amount of complications encountered during a given crisis will not exceed the amount of crises that have been resolved throughout the campaign.
5. Any given crisis may have additional opportunities to restabilize the world or mitigate the gravity of the situation and additional points may be awarded if a solution described in a post is particularly clever.
6. Posts are expected to roughly be five to seven paragraphs. If they are not, it becomes increasingly unlikely that they will be awarded points.

I'm just teasin'. Honest.
Somewhere along the line we forgot to teach Bobby Mattmanganon shame.
Hank Hill
Wow, Matt. Just wow.
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