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Current So for tomorrow's Splatfest, we're all Team Octopus, right?
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8 days ago
I like how the term edgelord still has an air of regality to it.
10 days ago
I don't personally believe that art can come "too soon". The people who it will actually matter to will be affected by it for decades, anyway.
17 days ago
Hurting people isn't hard. Not hurting people is infuriating.
23 days ago
Nightrunner's Evolving.


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<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>

Splatoon 2.
So for the Splatfest tomorrow we're all Team Octopus, right?
We should all stream this simultaneously when it comes out over Skype or something and give it the MST3K treatment.

Yes! Already memeing

<Snipped quote by Sep>

My house doesn’t have a basement, thank you very much

Maybe not, but I'm pretty sure that your heart is still in "the" basement.
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>
That isn't important. There is nothing down there but a bathroom and laundry-utility room! I write from the living room!

I could never focus posting from my living room.
So you're not really protecting the streets so much so as a lot of basements.

Well, our particular precinct has ties to the Doom Patrol and the Invisibles. We go from basement to basement using an asexually generated descendant of Danny the Street named Devin the Hallway.
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>
Sep and Nightrunner out here protecting our streets.

Yeah. We only protect RPers. Everyone else can go to hell.

EDIT: The only way to ensure your salvation is to POOOOST.
@Sep, y'know, I have really mixed feelings towards the police force. The only time I ever contacted the police for help, they told me I had no rights on account of being a minor. Assholes. I still remember the guy who said it. Anyhow, the experience has simultaneously obliterated my scant respect for the local police and made me flip-flop on whether I should join the police.

EDIT: God knows they're probably not of much use to anyone else in a position resembling what my own had been.

EDIT 2: This of course has nothing to do with whatever force you're training to join.
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>

I guess... you win?

No Byrd. You won.
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