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9 hrs ago
Current We short people type mightily, riding high on our Napoleon Complexes, to crash the gates of Valhalla!
2 mos ago
Full disclosure: My greatest fear is needles, a true phobia. Totally irrational. My second greatest is the solitude that I have saturated my life with.
3 mos ago
For no particular reason I feel more confident about myself today than I ever have previously in my life. Thanks for incubating me, RolePlayerGuild.
6 mos ago
Acute anxiety gives me superpowers. Seriously. I've developed fine motor control in my ears.
7 mos ago
I just saw a Fire Emblem Heroes ad with a metalcore song playing in the background. #WeAreTheCounterCulture


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Yeah, perhaps. Really depends on what you wanna do and how carefully you want to craft it. A lot of it is finding other people that you like, which is just something that happens naturally, I guess. I mess around with the friends I've made on this site more than I actually roleplay. But yeah, there really is a place for anything. Not sure I actually made it any less daunting, but I'd recommend giving this thing here a little looksie and just see if anything catches your eye.
In Noob 10 hrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Awesome. We're always pleased to have fresh blood. If you ever need help navigating the vast reaches of Guildspace, we're only a ping away.
Pleased to have you aboard, fellow human. I've been roleplaying on this site since I was fourteen. It's a real good spot for the most part. If you need help finding your way, I'm sure any of us would be willing to help show you around. Happy roleplaying.
@Lord Wraith Besides, whatever he writes, it's gonna be great.
Alright, boys and girls. What do you think the theme song for Season One should be?
@HenryJonesJr I know it literally has no value most of the time, but you have my approval.
@DocTachyon The art on that is really cool.
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>
It's in my application on Page 2. Not sure why I removed it, but its in my notation. Plus I have to add Season 2's proposal. Also, sassing me is going to make me privy to tell you to not even bother applying, so watch your mouth.

Get over yourself, dude. I'm just capable of appreciating irony. No hostility was intended.

Edit: I hereby officially apologize for any offense levied and have clipped the thoughtless bits from the end.
<Snipped quote by DocTachyon>
I think what Wraith is trying to articulate is that most people’s motivations were explicitly less vague and actually told us things instead of using obscure statements as an explanation of their concept.

The funny thing about you saying that is that the section literally doesn't exist on your sheet.
@Lord Wraith I feel like your avatar is emoting pretty well for you at this particular moment.
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