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Current Working on a Personal/Comic Book roleplay.
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3 mos ago
"I'VE GOT STRAIGHT EDGE!" - Minor Threat. Been listening to this forty-five second banger on loop for an hour and a half while I write.
3 mos ago
I got rejected on a submission from the NoSleep Podcast. That means I'm a real writer, right?
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3 mos ago
No more must be no more.
3 mos ago
I promise I will die trying


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I don't understand why Negative Man being on the set for Doom Patrol is newsworthy.
<Snipped quote by Eddie Brock>

Do you need some help from above? :P

Meaning Canada?
Hey guys. Hate to do this, but I'm gonna let Logan go. For once it's not because I don't have opportunity to write, but every time I do so, it feels more worth it to put the effort into the comic I've been saying I've been working on for months. I don't intend to leave this community or disappear or anything, but I'll just have to find something that feels worth telling. I'll probably just put all the IC posts in hiders.

EDIT: See, Re, I'm not a hypocrite.
Sometimes commercials are very convincing.

Wish I was asexual.
Too start my own discussion, who is your favourtie underrated villain? Someone that never really grows (but has the potential to do so), or someone that just gets isnta-knocked out. Why are they you're favourite?

The correct answer is Mark Waid's creation Ikari. He appeared brilliantly enigmatic with the same skills and abilities as Daredevil with the key difference of not being blind, which was a thundering revelation. He was essentially Bullseyes pawn and I can't really criticize much of anything that Mark Waid's DD run had put out but I really wanted more Ikari. I feel like he's meant to incubate, but I think he'll be a more central villain in time. Next time MARVEL recycles the Dark Avengers concept, he'll probably ve a prime candidate as a DAREDEVIL expy.
I would love to see Magneto wield Mjolner.
<Snipped quote by Eddie Brock>

That whole soundtrack, though. My little brother and I were talking one time and the subject of "nu metal" came up and wanted to know what defined it. I just said that anyone who was on that soundtrack was nu metal.

Raise Your Rifles is far and away the best song on there.
Daniel? An entity for fear? Interesting choice.

He is literally the devil.

I took pause here.
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>

The old Donald Blake can't come to the phone right now.


'Cause he's dead.

You've never read a comic book, have you? Death don't mean nuthin'!
I ship Thor with Donald Blake.
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