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Current How do people get their roleplays to last years? I can barely find any that get off the ground.
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Interest check for a futuristic bordello roleplay: roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
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I just made Cinnamon Apple Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. I also may have been heavily drinking while making them. Either way, the house smells great!
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I've been on a roleplaying hiatus for quite some time but I'm ready to come back to it! I used to roleplay mainly on an avatar based site called Gaia Online. I was more into what they called "literate" role plays: that is, what looks to be your casual to advanced roleplays. As of right now, I'm more interested in the casual ones. I might go into advanced at some point, but for now, I think casual will be for me.

I've done a wide variety of subjects. My favorites are:
-super powers or super hero
-some sci-fi from time to time

I really enjoy original stories/premises for role plays but I'm also okay with doing something based in an existing world with original characters. I like fast-paced role plays with plenty of action and adventure. I'm good with both group stories and 1 on 1. While I tend to prefer playing male characters, I'm up to playing either gender. I'm also up to 18+ content. I'm not quite sure how far I'm willing to go as far as smut is concerned, but I will let you know once I've hit my limit!

I'm a gamer, especially rpg's (big shock there) and I enjoy fantasy television and movies. I'm very into Game of Thrones right now. I've seen every episode and I started reading the books though I only made it to book 2 or 3...I don't remember, it was a while ago. I also like older Legend of Zelda (I stopped playing the new ones after Twilight Princess came out), the Fallout games, Skyrim, I'm currently playing Witcher 3 (which I got as a gift. Unfortunately, I have not playing the previous two, but I would like to), the Fable games, I played some of the Batman Arkham games, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (the console game, but I also played the mmorpg for a while) and more I can't think of at the moment. As far as movie and tv goes, I like Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, the Batman universe, Star Wars, Sucker Punch etc.

If you have a role play you want to start soon or need new members in that you think I might like, let me know! I'm always looking for new stories.

If you want to check out some of my art, check out my DeviantArt page. I will hopefully have some of my original characters up there once I start drawing again.

And if you like my art, check out my RedBubble Store!

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Captain Drystan

Grimacing slightly at being called the "king's little soldier", Drystan glanced up at Kerta. She had always been a flirt, whether she meant it or not. She also knew how to ruffle his feathers. He quickly shrugged it off at the sound of a knock on his door. He turned to look as the hunter entered. His eyes fell on the wolf at his side. What a strange group they had gathered. He wasn't sure how he felt about it, but as long as they were all able to get the jobs done, he wasn't one to complain.

He hadn't had a chance to speak to the newcomer yet when another man made his way into the room. He raised an eyebrow at his words. He must have been referring to the ogre attacks. Drystan hadn't been able to check on that job just yet, though it was one he was interested in. He had only heard rumors, nothing of details as very few, if any, made it out of the ogre attacks alive. He was about to speak again when he saw the man's hand go to his hilt. The captain tensed, slightly, a reflex he had gained through years of combat. His eyes followed Levi's to the wolf at the newcomer's side. 'Interesting...'

As he surveyed the apparent tension in the room, a third hunter made his way in. It was the mutant, or so he had nicknamed him. He had no ill-will against the man, he just had a hard time remembering everyone's names at times. Drystan himself had a weak spot for a certain potion that he had considered commissioning Namia to make so he could stop buying it from the black market. But that was irrelevant at this moment as he currently had three hunters, a wolf and his second in command all sitting in his office at once. He let out a sigh. "Please, everyone, let yourselves in at once," he mumbled, sarcastically.

"Okay so...Newcomer with pet," he waved his hand towards Mikhail, "Hand me your papers and we will discuss that bounty. I would recommend finding a partner or two to take on this werewolf. Levi," he turned his attention to the second man who had entered, ignoring his obvious discomfort towards the wolf. "I am eager to hear your report. As for Namia," he shot a glance at the man standing to the side. "I imagine you will benefit from Levi's information."
@Kipsateking Hmm, interesting. The hunters in the guild will most likely be hesitant to trust him and treat him similarly to Sol, keeping him out of public view as much as possible. But as long as you're okay with that, it's fine. You can post in the character tab.
@MojaveCourier@Migyudon@Drakey@chukklehed@Lucius Cypher@Hannya@LouLou@Allie

You are all free to post in the IC now. Things have been a bit slow taking off and I'm sure some of that is on me. I haven't been feeling the greatest this last week but I'm hoping to get things moving now. Let me know if you have any questions or if you're struggling to start things out.
@Kazemitsu It depends on the character. I prefer sticking with the lore I've created so far but I have also accepted a zombie-like character and a werewolf/wendigo/human hybrid. So if you have a plan for how they came about, I'll work with it.
Drystan's eyes lifted from his writing when he heard the door open on briefly. He spotted the silvery white hair and recognized Kerta immediately. He grunted a greeting and went back to scribbling on the parchment in front of him.

He and Kerta had worked together for some time now, having been acquainted before the official start of the guild. Kerta was one of the few people to stick around with his general coldness towards others. She seemed rather immune to it, actually. And in truth, he had started to warm up to her, himself.

He sat a moment in silence, the quill scrapping across the paper the only sounds he could hear. After finishing the sentence he was writing, he let the quill fall and sat back in his seat. His eyes lifted to look at the woman sitting on his desk. "Yeah, well, that's what happens when you have to deal with the damned king and his council of idiots on a regular basis." His voice was gruff and tired, an air of irritation behind it.

"I'm going to send you next time to deal with them and their bullshit," he scoffed as he pushed his chair away from the desk. He put one of his feet on the top of his desk and let the other rest atop it's ankle.
@chukklehed ?? I've never used a 3D printer. Are there many knives involved?
@Lucius CypherYes, sounds good. Go ahead and post in the character tab.
@Lucius Cypher Of course!
@chukklehed Hmmm, sounds interesting. Go ahead and post in the Character tab.
I added the Bounty Board to the front page of both the OOC and the IC. I also made the first post. Those who are still working on CS's, feel free to keep working. Those with approved characters may begin posting.
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