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You can call me Orixi

Real life

Age: 28
Gender: Female, but not very girly.
Occupation: Body Piercer
Hobbies: Videogames, reading, crafting with polymer clay, LARPing, being a giant hermit.
Favourite Food: Sushi and Curry.

My dog is the cutest, he is a corgi/daschund cross and you can fight me out back if you disagree.

Roleplay Things

I've been roleplaying on and off for most of my life, I used to do forum based RP a ton a few years ago but dropped off when the website started going under (No, I don't remember what one it was). I've played DnD for years as well, but being an adult it's pretty tricky to get a consistent group to stay together.

Genres I like: Sci-fi, post apocalyptic, modernish kinda themes.
Genres I dislike: Teen drama, highschool bullshit, medieval fantasy (typically, there are exceptions), war/conquest oriented games.

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The now familiar scrape of the dungeon door echoed across the stone walls. With a languid stretch, Ava positioned her limbs where they needed to be as shackles clamped back in familiar places. A pair of youthful and unfamiliar guards nodded at her once the chains were set, stepping back and motioning for her to follow. Taking a tentative stride forward, Ava sighed in relief as the guards allowed her to walk herself from her cell and into the hallway, her bruised arms safe for now.

“Are you two new?” She piped, walking as quickly as the shackles would let her as the guards led her from the dungeon, “Normally there's a lot more dragging, shoving, angry glares... I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm into trying new things but...”

“We were told to escort you for a meeting, not to the gallows.” A hint of a chuckle under his breath, the guard continued his brisk pace.

“Your babysitting job would probably pass quicker if I could walk properly,” A delibertate harder step caused the irons to clatter against the stone path, “Get you back to more important duties, hey?”

“No,” His reply came swift and curt, the whisper of playfulness gone from his voice, “They'll be removed once the Steward releases you, no sooner. We've been warned about last time.”

Ava's mouth opened to object but nothing came out, her head nodding lightly a few moments later as she continued to follow the pair through various hallways. Turning around the last bend, a set of wooden doors opened as they arrived, the guards each nodding in turn to a pair stationed here. A quick scan of the room proved fruitless, Ava imagining crickets chirping as her eyes landed on a smattering of furniture and a handful of people, mostly other on duty guards. Instead of a group of rag tag adventurers, some friends included, the only person that looked not paid to be there leaned against a wall. Ava's pair of escorts broke in half, one leading her towards a furniture barren area as she eyed up the unknown man. He didn't seem like the old world plundering type, but Ava knew she shouldn't judge him by appearances, with her luck he's probably one of the wizards.

“Right, we wait here until this meeting is adjourned, then you can take your leave with the group if the steward deems so.” He motioned towards the wall, “Stand there.”

“Hey stranger,” Ava grinned, attempting a wave as her shackles clank against each other. Without acknowledging the guard, she did as told, her eyes never leaving the new face, “Are you one of the lucky few to work for the king? Did it mention how much it pays by chance?”
@Orixi The game is going to begin in the ruins of Washington DC, which is a battleground between all eight of the invading armies and one of the supposed locations of the artifacts (which means that survivors are pretty much drawn there), but the story will involve a lot of traveling. PCs will be able to die, though I tend not to run super-high mortality games since it's never much fun when a person's character goes out like a chump; that said, the world is bananas dangerous for a member of the Club, as you've picked up on, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few (righteously awesome) character deaths and rerolls. The story is set in modern day, summer of 2018, so yeah, mostly modern technology, though The Angels and The Metal have some sci-fi elements.

@Pupperr Correct! Since I tend to figure High Casual is halfway between advanced and casual, I figured I'd put it in both, to cast as wide a net as possible for interest.

Cool cool, I'm into it!
Permission to kick off something in the tavern?

I think @superboy wanted to give the last few players a chance to do their first post before we continue on, there's 3 or 4 people who haven't had a chance to post yet.
Hi hello! I am interested.

Is there a location this game is going to be set in? Is it expected for a character to die and have to make a new one (since we're not supernatural beings, I feel like it'd be reallll easy for us to die based on the proposed monsters we'll be fighting)? Is this current world (and thus current tech)?

Sleep eluded Ava, her eyes peeled open as she glared across the cell to her still lightly sobbing cell mate, his horribly broken finger now a deep shade of purple. As a few rays of the morning sun made their way through the barred windows, Ava forced herself up and off the freezing floor, rubbing at her hips and shoulders. With little idea as to the hour of the day, or even when she was to be summoned, she paced her cell, trying to force warmth and the tingling sensation from her limbs.

What seemed like hours passed as Ava paced, finally, the familiar clink of armour sounded down the hall, steadily growing louder before coming to a stop in front of her cell door. Metal creaked as it swung open, two grizzled guards blocking any escape route. In each of their hands sat a set of rusted metal shackles, “Step forward! Wrists out, legs together!” Barked the taller of the two, motioning at the girl. With little possibilities for resistance, Ava did as told, feeling the freezing bindings clamp down on her limbs uncomfortably tight. Without a word the guards half dragged her out of her cell and into the hallway, each guard placing a firm grip on her upper arms as they marched, her feet barely able to keep up. Ava didn't resist, letting the guards lug her from hall to hall as they moved about the castle. As they never said she couldn't talk, her questions started, spitting them rapid fire between the two.

“Where are we going? What exactly am I doing for the king? Am I getting paid for this? Do I have a team or am I being sent to my death? How much do they pay you to drag girls places? Can I have my stuff back? How are you going to be sure I don't just fuck off as soon as you unshackle me? Who recommended me to the king? Are you mad they're letting me do a thing for him? Does he seriously think I'm not going to just take things for myself? He seems kind stupid, is he stupid?” Their fingers burned into her biceps, nails cutting flesh as they shot disapproving glances her way and the occasional smack to the back of her head, never once responding to her queries. She didn't know much about this adventure she was volunteered for, other than someone recommended her and it involved delving into old world ruins. When presented with the missive, it was the easiest decision she had ever made, jail time and losing more digits she couldn't afford not to have being the other options.

Several minutes passed as the trio finally exited into the courtyard of the castle, the wind whipping her short hair into her eyes as it bit her skin. “Stand here, don't move.” The tall guard barked again, prodding her to stand off to the side of the gathered crowd in case she try to slip away, “On second thought, don't talk either.” Rolling her eyes at him, Ava craned her neck to the side, scanning the gathered crowd. A nervous shiver went down her spine as she looked over them, she knew that the magical type would likely respond to the king's call, but she didn't quite anticipate how many. Flowing robes, ornate embroidery and unnecessary frills adorned a large chunk of the crowd, each of them standing tall, their noses pointed skyward in their presumed superiority, or at least Ava thought. 'Fucking hell, look how many there are. I'm going to die, this is what is happening. Start some grand adventure and then keel over from some misplaced spell being flung at me instead. Fuck.' Her thoughts bubbled over into her facial expression as her eyes glared and lips frowned across the gathered mages.

As she continued peering about, four people stood out to her in the crowd. The first, a lithe, beautiful woman with flowing black hair and piercing eyes; Ava knew this one was deadly, the words “Murder Girl” flashing in her mind as she looked her up and down. While this woman wouldn't recognize her, Ava had stumbled across her and her trail of destruction. Near her stood another, Ki she knew her as, with hair like fire. Ava had spent some longer nights with her after encountering each other in a ruin, deciding to work together rather than fight over what they found. Another woman stood off on the side, a scowl forming on Ava's face as she recognized the tainted woman, or necromancer as she claimed instead. As her gaze continued, her scowl transformed into a wide grin as she spotted a vicious looking person. A hulking specimen of what man's form can be stood out to her like a beacon; leather, chains and studs strapped against bulging muscles, something she had become decently familiar with. 'Shame it's so cold out, his shirts on.'

“Sully! This is g-gkkk” A quick elbow to the gut stopped Ava in her tracks, her shackled arms dropping back down instead of continuing her attempt at a wave to her friend, Blackwall.

“What did I say, girl?” One of her captors growled, “We wait, silently, until the steward arrives.” His eyes narrowed as he glared at her. Ava turned her head back towards Blackwall, rolling her eyes at him before being yanked by her bicep, the same guard glaring at her so hard a vein had started to bulge in his forehead.

“Fuck, fine, ow!” Ava grumbled, turning her head back towards the gargantuan doors, finally giving into the guards and just standing and shutting up. Minutes seemed to drag on as no one appeared, irritated grumbling and questions flying around the group behind her. Even the guards seemed unsure, looking back and forth between each other and the others standing watch around the courtyard. “Something isn't right. Return her to her cell, we can send for her later.” A curt nod between the two and Ava was jerked back the way she came.

“WHAT! NO! Let me stay here! Come on!” This time Ava resisted, pulling against the guard, her shackles clinking as she stretched the other way, “No! I did so good at not killing that pervert! Don't tempt me! It's best if I stay here!” Her voice raising to a frantic shout as she protested. The guard simply marched where he was told, dragging Ava quite easily as she stumbled across the cobblestone, too tired and weak to put any real effort into it. The last of Ava's protests quickly being drowned out as a door slammed behind them, disappearing back into the castle.
Ava is in jail so that's a big nope on my end. I should be posting my entry up later today once my DnD game is over.

I'm including a couple characters in my post (mostly just mentions of Ava seeing them in the gathered crowd, not putting any words or actions in your mouths) but if anyone has issues with what I've posted/something is incorrect about the character, let me know.

@mercenariusi was under the assumption that since it was still technically based in the states that we’d all have a common language, probably not dialects or slang though. Did I miss somewhere where people are from not in the states/overseas?
Aw I’m sad! I was excited about the old man in the group. Hope everything is okay!
Count me interested!

What sort of characters were you hoping to have played? I'm assuming military/personnel based on the lockdown location? Is the tech in the game current (besides the AI) or more advanced? Does one need to know a lot of military jargon to be able to play effectively?
Voluntold into a group of finger wagglers and a chaperone knight.

This is gonna be a time for Ava.

Probably a bad time.

Especially once she realizes that certain people have magic abilities as well.

I can't wait!
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