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~Hellena Leigh~

Interaction with; @Aerandir. Including @Legion02

Lucy paused as she anticipated Alexina’s reply, the end of her tail wagging excitedly like how a little puppy would;

Which one will she choose?

The little reptile watched the coven leader who was in deep thought. She then gave Lucy a light tickle under her chin, eventually expressing her sheer fascination on the last choice; the poison.
However, in the end, even after implying how she wishes to talk to Hellena about the particular matter within an available timing, she had other plans in mind and chose none of the options that Lucy laid out.

“Yes, mistress.” Lucy deeply hissed, and extended a deep bow of her head to pay her utmost respects before slowly slithering down from Alexina’s body to the ground.

Hellena who had watched from afar, saw Alexina’s look of approval and felt an immediate spark of pride as if she had just won a competition. She then carefully tucked in the little glass bottle of the glowing potion inside her straw basket that she had been holding on to before reaching out her arm for Lucy to come slithering up to her neck and wrapping around her loosely.

“Well? Spill.” Hellena demanded.
“Wellll…..” Lucy let out a hiss as to giggle. “She didn’t want any of them.”
“Hm?” Hellena’s brow flashed up in surprise.
For now. She’ll want to have a word with you soon, mistress. Better keep a sharp eye now, shall we?”

Before she could reply, Ryleth’s voice could be heard from the center of the crowd. He had been keen enough to choose the first option Alexina had given them; the Penitence Mission. Shortly, another witch who had stayed by his side followed suit as she made the same choice as him.

Hellena’s eyes landed on Ryleth, quite amazed at his willingness to co-operate, even if she had been half expecting for him to say no to everything that just happened and just walk away, taking with him his bits of pride. As Alexina explained to them their Penitence Mission that included invading a nearby coven, the sight surely became much more amusing to the red headed witch as curiosity snaked its way to the tips of her skin. Despite being aware of the existence of covens, she didn’t seem to be aware of any coven that stood nearby Bloodrose Castle. Her cluelessness had only then matched with the other witch on trial with Ryleth who had asked Alexina for any information on said coven.

Topping that off was the sheer look of disbelief that showed up on Ryleth’s face the moment he had gotten hold of the mission, and it surely didn’t get any better once Alexina demanded a blood oath to take place between her and the witches as a promise to fulfill their assignment. Hellena’s lips pursed in suspicion. With how he had reacted, Ryleth sure looked like he had been familiar with the particular coven. What does he know?

Hellena’s let out a quiet gasp as she watched the sacred ritual. Never in her life had she witnessed a blood oath, nor had indulged herself in such. It was surely a sight to behold for the red headed witch.

Once they had finished, Hellena had only continued to watch Ryleth who turned his back coldly on Alexina before tending to the witch that had come face-to-face with Alexina’s wrath at the start of the trial.

“Best of luck to you, master Ryleth.” Lucy hissed, her tongue tangled with bits of sass.

Hellena heard her little pet and thought how it was only right to wish him in his coming endeavor. Because if there had been anything that Hellena could extract from Ryleth’s earlier responses, it could have been nothing else but pure hesitation and protest.
As a little contribution, Hellena simply bowed her head at him as he continued to his way.
When Aira attempted to offer a helping hand towards the two professors who seemed troubled, Dr. Roy and sir Alexander both simply exchanged quick glances at one another. But if Aira had looked a bit closer, weariness could be seen in their eyes, especially with Dr. Roy.

In the end, they’ve plainly dismissed the matter by explaining how it was a mere technological error. In the fear of pushing the scenario to where it shouldn’t be, Aira simply gave them a nod of her head in return. “I-I see.”

When Dr. Roy continued by asking Aira if she had any more existing concerns, the fire girl flinched, remembering her main purpose of approaching them in the first place.

“Err, well. It’s my sparring partner, Morrigan. You see, she seems to have some troubles with… trying to cool down.” Aira explained as she gave the back of her head a vexed scratch from the unintended pun, because in literal aspects, Morrigan really had troubles with cooling down. “Should I just sit this one out then? I mean, unless you have another student who I can continue the class with.”

Aira ended her last statement with a nervous look. Deep down, if she were to be given another sparring partner, she’d hope that it wouldn’t be someone who’d create an ice sculpture to kill her. Perhaps, being excused for the rest of the day and being sent back to her dorm would be a much more pleasing idea, undoubtfully.


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~Hellena Leigh~

Interaction with @Aerandir

Once the warlock questioned their coven leader on what their punishments would be, a few witches then started coming forward with their own happy suggestions.
One offered slow torture.
And another one, who suddenly emerged from the crowd like a fast bolt of lightning and started playing with the dead witch’s limbs, suggested something that didn’t seem too understandable to Hellena’s ears. Though the given features were enough for Hellena to know that the particular witch was Usoa. The red head had been quite familiar enough with her, possessing the similar ‘doctor’ role of the castle that she once had with her village in the past as well as how she had lived inside the coven for probably as long as Alexina had.
Hellena’s eyes only widened as she watched Usoa take her merry time with the piece of flapped skin. The red head had already been aware of how…unusual… the witch can be. Though at the very least, she was wearing pants for the occasion.

In the end, Alexina had then declined both suggestions, and Usoa was commanded to stop.

Lucy should’ve been keen enough to listen to her owner’s words. Indeed, after giving Alexina the odd compliment, the coven leader flashed the snake a sharp glance, but still stayed dead silent.

“M-My apologies.” Lucy silently hissed, her head coming down low on Hellena’s shoulder. The owner gave a small smirk as she glanced at her little venomous pet. “Told you.” Hellena whispered.

Hellena’s eyes returned back to look at Alexina as she proceeded to list down her though-out punishments. The first was to perform a Penitence mission, the second was for their powers to be taken, and lastly, death.

Hellena had jotted down her own little thoughts on Alexina’s listed punishments.
With what these 5 witches had done and what they had caused, a Penitence mission didn’t seem all too enough. But in any other questions, what kind of Penitence mission can come to Alexina’s mind? A kind of mission that would make up for the loss of more than half of a village. Raising the dead and apologize? Not even a Master of this world can do such a thing.
Though seeming to be a reasonable choice, the second one will most definitely be of big objection to someone like Ryleth, the warlock. Being one of the only male witches in the coven, the one easy feature that Hellena can extract from his liking is his immense ego. He doesn’t seem to get along well with their coven leader either, for sure. If anything, he would have anything up his sleeve to counter it at any time. Doubtless, it would steer more trouble.
Lastly, Hellena didn’t seem to have the need to think the last choice though, as it would be the most reasonable choice of all.

A big smirk made its way across the corner of Hellena’s lip.
She couldn’t help but think;

What if she could spice up the third choice?

In these kinds of scenarios, the red head tends to always have tricks up her sleeve. Literally.
Hellena dug into her lower loose sleeve such as how a magician would and pulled out a small glass bottle with liquid inside the color of glowing dark red.

The last thing that Hellena would want to do is emerge from the crowd and feel the discomfort of eyes glaring on her, in so she decided to stay in her place.
With the red glowing potion in her hand, she waved it up just by a considerable length, not too high to attract much attention, in where she only wishes to gain Alexina’s alone.

“Hmmm...?” Lucy took notice of her owner’s action and hissed as to let out a small giggle. She knew what Hellena wanted to do. But with the hesitation that was clearly visible, Lucy decided to give her owner a helping hand.

Lucy slithered from Hellena's neck, down to her body till she reached the floor and made her way through the crowd and until she reached the front to where Alexina stood.
Once she neared their dear coven leader, Lucy quickly slithered up Alexina's leg, all the way up to her body till she reached her neck and eventually wrapping herself around her like a loose scarf.
"Mistress Alexina." Lucy hissed. "Pardon me for the sudden interruption, but I do believe that my Mistress Hellena can lend you... a helping hand perhaps?" Lucy remarked as her little head jerked up to Hellena in the crowd with the little glowing glass bottle visible in her hand.

"Maybe... a potion that, well yes, temporarily takes away their powers? They live a life of a normal, boring little human. And the only way they would get it back would be through...a pricy request perhaps?" Lucy slyly hissed closed to Alexina's ear. "Or! Or, what about a potion that tortures them every night? A deep sleep, in where they live in the world of their worst, hellish nightmares." Lucy continued with excitement lacing around her voice. "Ah! Yes! What about... a little poison?" As Lucy went on with her last suggestion, she slithered her body further to come face to face with Alexina. "A poison that is slow to spread, but yes, utterly painful. Limbs one by one will rot and die, until the very last drop reaches the heart. Not even a witch can survive it through, the devil himself will make sure of that." Lucy concluded with shedding a hellish grin at the coven leader.

As she watched from afar her little slithering friend work her charm, the red-headed witch couldn’t help but feel an inner spark for her deep adoration for her potions, and the smirk on her face only grew wider and wider.
~Hellena Leigh~


Hellena’s drooped eyes fluttered open to sheer curiosity to the distant sound of loud dog barks. She watched a pack of angry wolves at quite a far distance in the forest, making their way in tight groups towards Bloodrose Castle with unbelievable speed. Still stuck in quite a light-headed state from a short nap by a tree stump, she had not been able to grab time to process if what she had heard along with the serious of barks, between it squeezed eerie cries and screams of human voices, before the forest became quiet again.

After what seemed like an hour or so of waiting, she felt the heavy weight of her pet snake, Lucy, as she slithered her way up Hellena’s arm and around the back of her neck, resting both of her ends; head and tail, on both of her owner’s shoulders.
Pinched between Lucy’s fangs was a dead blue butterfly, baby blue wings punctured in holes and scratches, but Hellena gladly disregarded the fact and took it from her pet serpent’s grasp. From her basket, she took out a small glass jar and carefully placed the butterfly inside.
“The wings of a Holly Blue, just as you asked for, my mistress.” Lucy hissed with a slight bow of her head to pay her respects to her beloved owner. “Pray tell, what will you be using it for this time?”
“With how beautiful their wings are, there must be something into it that I can put to good use for my potions.” The witch replied as she scanned the lifeless creature inside the glass container. "Now tell me, how did you find the butterfly?"
"I saw it already dead, stuck on a spider web. No killing, just as you said, my mistress." The snake hissed.

With that last confirmation, Hellena then carefully placed the small glass bottle back inside her straw basket – one of the listed items that the red-headed witch simply cannot roam around the forest without.

The red head had known Alexina for quite some time ever since joining the coven. She knew what the place such as the forest could mean to her leader. As much as possible, Hellena would always put up her respects.

At the very same time, the witch and her serpent looked up at the towering trees of the forest that covered the rays of the sun, but it was getting dim enough to know that more than half of the day had already went by.
“High time we return to the coven, mistress.” The serpent hissed at her owner, making it enough for Hellena to jolt her body to fully wake up and heave herself up into a complete stand.

Dusting off dried leaves and bits of soil that stuck onto her green cloak, she started to lightly tread on the pathway that led back to the castle with her hissing pet just beside her ear.
“Did you see it earlier? Those hounds.” Hellena asked her serpent, tints of weariness lacing around her voice.
“As a matter of fact, I have, my mistress. They were quite loud.” The serpent hissed back at her. At this point, the witch decided to stay quiet throughout the journey. Staying in the coven for a period of time, wolves have grown to have quite a picture for her. Thoughts of only one subject flooded her mind;

Could something have happened with Alexina?


Once the red head reached the castle courtyard, quite a scene welcomed her rather late arrival.

Witches of the coven gathered around the courtyard as they eyed Alexina, standing in the middle of twelve wolves, all of them looking down at five deeply injured witches.
“Look, mistress! Aren’t those the hounds that we saw-“
“Shh. Quiet.” Hellena shushed Lucy.

Hellena watched Alexina’s eyes burn with great fury as the coven leader spoke out about how the audacity and rebellion of five witches led them to terrorize the village of Goldencrest and take the lives of countless innocents, but once Alexina included the lives of young children to the list, Hellena’s eyes bolted wide. It didn’t take long for Hellena’s eyes to start expressing an empty kind of sorrow.

The injustice surely seemed distraughtful.

The conversation between the rebellious and the leader went on. As one of the witches attempted to taunt Alexina, knowing her leader, Hellena could only think of the many possible approaches that she could do, that witch chose one of the least that any one, or at least herself, would do. In the end, the red head watched the expected as Alexina took her fury out on the witch, tightly grasping her neck till her last breath.

Hellena’s face showed revulsion as Alexina tossed the bloody, lifeless body down to the side as if it were a mere toy.
A masculine voice roared out. The eyes of the red headed witch distinctively fell on a male warlock who ran to the body and tried his best to reassure any remaining life in her. Unfortunately, luck didn’t seem to stand on either of his sides.

“My, my. This is getting quite exhilarating, don’t you think so, mistress? Mistress Alexina sure has quite an iron heart.”
And once again, Hellena found herself shushing her little serpent to silence.
“Either you stay quiet, or let Alexina have your tongue. She can hear you.” Hellena remarked at her slithering friend. As a sole response, Lucy let out a quiet, long hiss as a way of saying “Oops.”

As Hellena’s eyes went up to her coven leader, she couldn’t help but allow a string of pride lace around her as she continued to watch the woman who took her under her wing. But nevertheless, an ominous feeling that grew and stuck onto her cannot be shaken off, now that these five witches have stirred trouble for their home. And most inevitably, their lives.

Aira carefully eyed Morrigan as she tried to come up to a proper stand. The ice girl was visibly struggling in almost all aspects. Aira was just about ready to cast her healing spell on her – all she needs is Morrigan’s word.

"Your right, I saw everything last night, but I don't give a damn about any of it. And don't worry, I won't go blab to anyone about you guys being out, not like I have or want any friends. Just stay away from me you glorified candle, I want nothing to do with you Goonies rejects."

The cryomancer replied coldly as she turned her back on Aira and started to trudge her way out of the forest, leaving the sorceress with her blood boiling
In expectations to see Morrigan turn around, Aira stood, shook, as she watched the cryomancer walk further away out of the forest, dismissing her with deaf ears.
“H-Hey, get back here! Sparring class hasn’t even- huh?”

The next moment, Aira’s attention went from her sparring partner to the center of the forest just at her peripheral visions in where the heads of the department as well as the hologram that displayed the list of names and pictures of the students stood.
The teachers could be seen from a far distance, huddled into a close group with worry and trouble clearly expressed on their faces.
With one more glance back to make sure, Morrigan was now nowhere near her sights. With another long, heavy and vexed sigh, Aira resolved to the only thing left suitable to do.

As she made her way towards to where the professors were, Aira couldn’t help but replay a specific quote that Morrigan had said;

“..not like I have or want any friends.”

“Huh, figures.” Aira mumbled to herself followed by a quiet scoff.

As the sorceress neared the group of professors, she could see them tending to the hologram as if it happened to have experienced some kind of disruption.

“Err.. e-excuse me? Miss Allison? Sir Damien?” Aira shyly called out with a low wave at their direction to get their attentions. “I uhh..”

Before Aira could address her matter to them, her eyes distinctively went to the hologram that the professors seemed to be worried about.
“Do you uhh.. happen to require any assistance there?” Aira asked, her eyes refusing to tear away from the technological device

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