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Sorry about this everyone, but I'm gonna have to drop out. My health has taken a bit of a downturn, and I think it's best if I stop roleplaying for a while. Best of luck!
Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been gone. Had a brief stint in the hospital. Will post within the next couple days.
I wanted to give other people room to post, but I can write something up later tonight/tomorrow.

As Mei dropped a bit of butter into the heated pan, quietly humming to herself, she started to zone out. She'd helped her mother out in the kitchen so many times, the act was almost routine to her. Of course, her mother was a much better cook than she was, but she did like trying. It was only when Enzo spoke directly to her that she snapped back to reality, turning her attention to him. "Hm? Oh, thanks! I made eggs with my mom all the time, I guess it's just practice." She paused to listen to him speak, biting her lip in thought. "Chives, huh? Never tried that before. Good idea." Mei set the bowl on the counter, fishing a bundle of fresh chives out of the fridge and slicing up a sizable amount before adding them to the bowl. She almost felt like she was overselling her cooking skill, but she supposed it didn't matter as long as the food tasted good. She continued to beat the mixture, then added it to the now-hot pan.

Once again, the sound of her name drew her attention, this time to Ryanne. Mei nodded at her, figuring she'd just have more eggs for herself. "Alright," she said, returning to the task at hand, though she did listen in a bit as Ryanne spoke. George seemed like a good dog; that kind of unconditional loyalty was rare in people. She smiled, faintly, remembering her own dog back at home. She made a mental note to ask her mother for pictures later. Finally finishing the eggs, she gingerly moved them to a bowl and placed them in the middle of the table. "If anyone wants some, feel free to take them," she said, scooping some onto her own plate. They weren't bad, but they certainly paled in comparison to the pancakes. "Damn. These are some seriously good pancakes." she remarked, looking up at Enzo.

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Mei had intended to wake up at 8:00 AM. Instead, a thunderous moaning jolted her awake at 5:30, because that was just her luck. As she jumped out of her bed, ready to fend off some intruder, all she found was the TV blinking, "MORNING ALARM" flashing in bright colors. She let out a long, exasperated sigh, half-tempted to just crawl back into bed; but she knew that was a bad habit to get into, so instead, she dragged herself into the shower. She took her time, enjoying the warm water, surprised that the pressure was so nice. Of course, the School of Death subjected its students to some of the most rigorous physical challenges known to man, so maybe this is how they made up for it. By the time she was done, maybe half an hour had passed...maybe the early wake-up wasn't so bad after all. Mei wrapped her long hair in a towel, wandering back to her room in a bathrobe. Her mind wandered to what she might wear that day; vanity was never her style, but it was her first real day at the School. Would it hurt to look nice?

After some deliberation, Mei settled on an airy yellow blouse and white shorts. Comfortable, but cute; she could almost admit it looked good on her. Of course, there was the possibility that she was going to be drowned by Kappas, so perhaps her clothing choices didn't matter that much in the end. She made her way downstairs, only to find that several other students were already having breakfast. "Morning, everyone," she greeted, a soft smile on her face as she wandered into the kitchen. The smell of fresh pancakes hit her almost immediately, spurring her hunger. Just in time, too, since Enzo was offering to make some. "I'll take some," she said, leaning against the counter. Come to think of it, she was in the mood for some cooking herself. Grabbing another pan and placing it on the other burner, Mei decided on a nice helping of scrambled eggs to go with her pancakes. Simple, quick, but still tasty.

"Anyone want scrambled eggs?" she offered, beating a mix of eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Cooking wasn't exactly her specialty, but she'd made scrambled eggs enough times to not set the kitchen on fire. Besides, it was a nice way to make a good impression on her new...friends? Housemates? Peers?


As several others retired to their rooms, Mei felt exhaustion grabbing at her. Despite the fact that she'd slept on the boat, it hadn't exactly been comfortable. Besides, she had to unpack, and that wasn't going to be a quick process. "I ought to get some sleep too. Need to be well-rested if I'm going to keep those Kappas from drowning all of us." It was a joke, of course, but not entirely untrue. Kappas were no joke. "I'll...see you all tomorrow, then." With a small wave, Mei turned and walked up the stairs to a door marked with her name. She paused, tracing her hand down the door and to the handle. For some reason, she found herself hesitating; if she walked in, it added so much...permanence to it. She'd never lived anywhere that wasn't San Francisco, and now she was all the way across the ocean in Japan. And yet, what else was she going to do? Call her parents and go home? That wasn't going to happen. So, she closed her eyes, and slowly opened the door.

As she walked inside, opening her eyes, she found her room to be...pretty modest, compared to the rest of the manor. Then again, by dorm standards, it wasn't all that bad. She had space, at least. Her luggage was off in one corner, with a desk in the other. A cushy-looking bed was pressed up against the wall, with a sofa and TV on the opposite side of the room. Dropping her purse at her feet, Mei unpacked the essentials from her luggage, leaving the rest for later. With a comfy set of pajamas on, her makeup and jewelry removed, and her succulent placed on the desk, she finally felt able to get some rest. There was even an outlet next to her bed, which was good news for her phone. She figured that about 6 hours of sleep would be enough; so, she set an alarm for 8 AM. Throwing herself into bed, Mei closed her eyes, the clutches of sleep pulling at her. Slowly, but surely, she was lulled to sleep. Whatever tomorrow held for her, she felt ready to face it.
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As introductions went on, Mei realized just how diverse their little group was. Greenhorns, Scions, and Legacies all together...that was going to make for an interesting living situation. She vaguely wondered if, somewhere at the school, there were other Lepidos kids wandering around. It'd be strange to meet a distant cousin, but more family couldn't hurt, right? It's not like she had any siblings. Mei gave a shy smile to Alexandria as she patted her back, appreciating the gesture; she'd heard Lionheart kids could be arrogant, but Alexandria seemed nice. The next person to speak up was Levi, whose brevity was...a bit surprising. Maybe he was a "less is more" kind of person; she could sort of appreciate that. Up next was a kid named Torok, who was apparently from House Ivory. Perhaps even more surprising, however, was his lack of magic. "Everyone has some magic in them. Maybe yours is just...a bit late?" Mei offered, though she wasn't entirely confident in her words. "Even then, there are Reapers who don't rely much on their magic."

After that little exchange, another boy spoke up. He seemed even more nervous than she was, which was actually a bit comforting. Hunting was a useful skill to have when dealing with demons; maybe she could learn something from him. "Nice to meet you, Alex," she spoke softly, giving him a kind smile and hopefully reassuring him somewhat. Just then, another voice called out, seeming friendly until a sharp drop in his tone. Turning to look at the newcomer, Mei tilted her head a bit in confusion. There was always someone like that, right? Someone absolutely incapable of being nice for half a second? She stayed calm, though, seeing as Enzo and Alexandria were already tearing into him. Maybe he just had really mean parents. Mei just shook her head, feeling more pity for him than anger.

When Luke popped in, the tone seemed to lighten up again. She already knew him, of course, so she just gave him a soft smile. At his mention of the Kappas, though, her expression turned into something more skeptically amused. "You know they'll drown us, right?" she said, crossing her arms. "I had a cousin who was killed by a Kappa. If another Lepidos kid gets drowned by one of those things...yikes." The Takahashi family was mostly based in Japan, so Kappas weren't exactly unfamiliar foes. "Sounds dangerous. I'm in," she decided, her smile turning into a playful grin. Deep down, though, she was more interested in keeping Luke from drowning.

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As Mei tightened her grip on her bō, ready to jump whatever was coming her way, her eyes narrowed at the sight of a humanoid form appearing before them. As he stepped out into the light, Mei realized who it was: not a Demon, but Headmaster Yasue Hiroji. The Headmaster Yasue Hiroji, famed swordsman and head of the Society. Just the sight of him made Mei relax from her fighting stance, though she didn't put away her bō just yet. As the wind vanished, leaving nothing but empty silence, she couldn't help but wonder just what was in store for them. The harsh manner of his English was almost intimidating, though she still made a point to listen to him. He was the Headmaster, after all; whatever he had to say, it was in her best interest to pay attention.

"...But in your time here, you will see Demons. You will fight Demons. And you will lose to Demons."

The statement was so matter-of-fact, so knowing, it actually did frighten her a bit. Losing to a Demon wasn't something many people came back from. Of course, this was a school, so perhaps they had a means of keeping students from being outright murdered. Still, Mei wasn't so arrogant as to believe she'd never lose to a Demon; she was no pushover, but Demons were a different kind of dangerous. She had so much to learn...but that was why she was here, right? With a sigh, Mei pressed the button on her bō, causing the staff to contract back into its smaller form. At the very least, there was nothing about to kill them all. As Headmaster Yasue finished his speech, she clapped along with the others, surprised at the power in his voice. He seemed to genuinely believe in what he was saying; somehow, Mei found it rather reassuring.

As Headmaster Yasue continued to speak, Mei winced a bit for the older students. Four hours of rest wasn't much, especially when they'd need to go to class. She and the other new students had some time to get their bearings, though, which was nice. Mei knew she'd want to explore the campus and get to know a few more of her peers. She perked up a bit at the mention of a pool, until Headmaster Yasue mentioned it being infested with Kappas. And that they would drown her. The delivery was so deadpan, it was almost funny; still, the thought sent shivers down Mei's spine. As the Headmaster bid them all farewell, a hulking beast of a man-Beauregard-stepped forward, who was well over a foot taller than her. She was fairly certain he could break her spine with his bare hands; she was just glad he was supposed to be protecting them.

As he gestured for the group to follow him, Mei put her bō back in her purse, before jogging to catch up with him. Walking through the forest, Mei found herself enraptured by the scenery; San Francisco was all city, so even just being in a forest was somewhat refreshing. It was beautiful. Soon, though, they came out through the other end of the trees, stopping at a large manor. The Oriental look of it reminded Mei of her high-rise back in California; it was a gorgeous building, and much bigger than she was expecting. As Beauregard read off a list of names-including hers and Luke's-Mei felt rather relieved that she had a (potential) friend living with her. Not to mention, being in close proximity to the forest would be good for her magic. A grin broke out on her face as Luke leaped up onto the porch, prompting her to follow him inside.

A small laugh escaped Mei as she took in the decor. Compared to the ship she'd just been on, Lotus Building was...something else entirely. Peering down the hall, Mei noticed a huge TV screen, complete with comfy-looking sofas, video game consoles, and even a pool table. She was pretty damn good at pool; she made a note to play a bit at some point. Her eyes moved to the small kitchen, a somewhat unexpected accommodation; would they need to cook for themselves? Or was there a cafeteria somewhere? Mei wasn't completely incompetent in a kitchen, but she definitely had room to improve. Finally, a set of staircases led to the upper levels of the manor, presumably to their dorms. In all, she was pretty pleased with the way things were turning out so far, though she knew this was just the tip of the iceberg.

As Luke strode down the hall to the living room, Mei felt a bit tempted to follow him. If only to try out the couches. But there was a whole group of other students she wanted to meet before she took a moment to rest. Alexandria was calling for introductions anyway, so she might as well, right? First up was a girl accompanied by a dog, whose name was apparently Ryanne. Mei nodded along as she spoke, well aware that petting service dogs was a no-no. George was very cute though; Mei was content with enjoying his presence from afar. Just then, another boy walked past the group, seeming disinterested in the whole "getting to know everyone" thing. It was 1:00 in the morning, after all...she wasn't surprised. Next up was a girl named Deborah, who seemed nice enough, and pretty self-assured. Mei could respect that. After her, a rather sickly-looking boy spoke up; at the mention of his name, Mei suddenly realized he was Enzo of House Arachna, a fellow Legacy student. She made a mental note of his presence, though he seemed rather kind. Sensing a lull in conversation, Mei took her chance to speak up.

"Um, hi everyone. I'm Mei Takahashi, and I'm from San Francisco. Both my parents are Reapers who went here, so all of this isn't super new to me. I hope we can all get to know each other better this year." Was that too cheesy or shallow? Suddenly feeling self conscious, she crossed her arms, though she kept a polite smile on her face. Someone else go now, please.
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