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Current Judas Frickin' Iscariot, Honor! I hope everything is okay! Sending prayers to you and your workers!
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@Todd Howard: Son, them's fightin' words!
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Fecking WiFi's running like molasses, so expect delays! *bangs fist on router*
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Yo Vampy, you may try resetting your tablet's wifi connection and see if that does anything. Usually with a wireless connection, it gets iffy after a while and needs to reset.
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Hey, it's all good Smarty. Just take as much time as you need. Hope everything goes well. And I'm just sayin' to swift, certain areas do not need splinters! O__O


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I don't mean to toot my own horn, but...

@Kuro I did have an archer in mind actually. Also, what are your thoughts on bards?

Evelyn decided to skip class today and hang out at her usual spot, a tall shady oak tree on the campus grounds. She lied down at the foot of the trunk, laying her head in the wispy green grass and gazing up at the leaves and branches swaying back and forth in the soft breeze. Sunlight poured through the thick emerald canopy upon her, casting dappled shadows that danced upon the ground. She sighed, reaching into the pocket of her hoodie. It had been a very very long time since she has done this, and right was much needed. Pulling her hand out of her pocket, Ev had clenched between her fingers, of all things, a crudely rolled up spliff.

Claudia would have probably climbed all over her again, seeing her with it, but Ev wouldn't give a shit. She needed a good high right now. She lit the illicit substance with a tiny gout of fire from her lips, taking a long, drawn out puff that produced a thick, acrid smelling smoke. The drug took effect soon after. The beast that was raging inside her had mellowed out into a demure silence, and for once, she felt at ease. She took another drag, closing her eyes ever so gently. There was no sound...none, but the wind whispering in her ears and the tender rustling of the leaves above her. Everything around her had faded from existence. She was no longer a part of this world, this place that gave her so much much agony. She was in her own world now, her safe-haven...

Meanwhile, Claudia sat in her office, behind her desk in her comfy swivel chair. Her last altercation with Evelyn had left her feeling a tad salty, so she decided to liven the mood with a little music from her radio on the nearby shelf. The 80's, what a fun decade that was she thought, as were the many she had lived through, her and....well...her mistress, Evelyn's mother.

No no! Stop it, Claudia! She mentally chided herself. There's no need to think of Evelyn right now. Besides, I need a break from her outbursts. Deeply, and exhausted, Claudia sighed, rubbing her fingertips into her temples. There were other things to ponder about, of course, like her upcoming lunch date with Kassy. I do hope she hasn't forgotten. Claudia mused, a rather pleasant smile crossing her ruby lips. She is a busy woman after all, and who's to say it might slip her mind in the midst of chaos? Ah well. I suppose I could try...other getting her in my clutches. At this, a chill, like a jolt of electricity, crept through her body, making the woman smile even more luridly. ~Oooh yes indeed... So many unsaintly thoughts were coursing through her mind, but...unfortunately for Claudia...they were interrupted by the ringing of her phone. ~"Ugh. What is it now?"~ Out loud she grumbled, hastily picking it up off the desk and answering, ~"Yes, hello."~

"Hello, Claudia. I hope you are doing well."

Claudia perked up upon hearing whose voice it was who called, ~"Ah, of course dear! Tell me, how is your vacation going?
I do hope William is treating you well."~

"He is." The woman on the other end answered blunt. However, there was a tinge of dismay to her voice. "And my trip is going swell, thank you, but I am ready to come home. I want to see Evelyn. Is she doing okay, Claudia?"

~"Well...umm..."~ Claudia bit her lip, stammering. ~"I-I mean she...well... She's alive. So there's something, right?"~ A rather timid titter to follow.

"Claudia..." The woman sounded stern. "I'm entrusting you to look after my daughter for two reasons. One: to make sure she is safe and that no harm, ABSOLUTELY, no harm comes to her. Second: You must make damn sure she does not tap into her powers fully. Evelyn is not yet ready to embrace her true potential. She has much to learn before then, but if her emotions do not remain in check, she will tear the whole damn school asunder. Do you hear me?"

~"Why yes, Mistress, loud and clear."~ Claudia replied. ~"Ah, but sweetie....there is the matter of Evelyn herself."~

"What do you mean?"

~"Well, my dear, she is none too pleased you decided to come back into her life so suddenly...especially after...well..."~

The woman on the other end was quiet for a moment, then she responded, "I...I had no intentions of Johnathan going off the deep end like that, and to this day I feel...regret...for what I have done to them both. If what you're saying is Evelyn is not ready to forgive me, then I understand, but I still want to see her, Claudia. It's been so long..."

~"Yes, I understand, sweetie."~ Claudia cooed. ~"I just hope you are ready to face Evelyn after everything that's happened. The poor girl... it even hurts me to see her falling apart. If I were you, I wouldn't be so sudden to just come back. Give her a little more all I'm saying."~

"Of course." Said the woman. "I'm not due back until another week or so. That should give Evelyn enough time to think before we meet. Til then, Claudia, I expect you to keep an eye on her always. You mustn't let her get out of control. If she does..."

~"Y-yes, Mistress..."~ Claudia uttered silently. She could feel a lump forming in her throat, like a stone lodged between her skin and muscles. She had to swallow it down before continuing, ~"I...will take care of her if that happens..."~

"I don't want it to be this way, either." Said the woman gravely. "But it is either her...or a bunch of innocent lives. We shall speak later. Goodbye." And with that, she hung up.

Claudia sat her phone down on the desk slowly, collapsing into her chair with a weary breath of air. Hopefully lunch with Kassy would lift her from this dull, drab feeling encroaching upon her. She didn't want to think of...that... If it came down to it, if Evelyn did go berserk and unleash her true power...

...then Claudia would be the one to kill her.

@Vampiretwilight Yeah....but now there's like a f*ck-ton of posts I have to read through @____@ Oh well.
@Kuro I'd be up for this. ^_^ Just not sure what kinda character I want to make though.
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Sweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dying
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I can hardly breathe, and I can hardly take it

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Holy shit.... Guys, I am very very sorry about my absence. I have had no internet for the past six days.
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