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<Snipped quote by RWDS>

Hey, I was also thinking of having a strong religious faction as well. Not that it is necessary, but as a fan of world consistency for maximum coherency among nations, how would you feel about working on said possible religion together. It does not have to be the same religion per-say- mind you- it could have a divergence as wide between Islam and Christianity but with the possaible similar origin of some kind with different interpretations.

Let me know what you think.

<Snipped quote by GreivousKhan>

Mind if I hope on this train of religion too? That said, I'm not actually sure if what I have in mind can actually stem/connect to anyone else's

ik i'm double posting btw

I planned on asking someone about it, but I'd say that a whole NotCatholic and NotOrthodox dynamic. And if you'd all like, we could maybe throw in some NotProtestants and forge a complete NotChristianity.
<Snipped quote by RWDS>
Out of curiosity, what's the difficulty with a laptop? I struggled with using paint at first (touchpad), but I've discovered some handy tricks that may be of use to our laptop-using members.

Because I'm using a Macbook Air and this thing has very little editing software.
(That and I'm bad at using a Touchpad)
Currently on my Laptop, so I can't make claims. When I'm able to I will lay claim to an area on the map.

Prepare for a NotOrthodox Church!
Banned for bad pun under your name.
Guess Who's Back
Interested, but also looking for a small part due to time constraints.

Would it be possible to import my old Independent Hawaii nation from one of your previous games?

I really don't remember what NRP that was in (It's been 5 months that I've been away) but you'd have to consult @Cleopatra about playing as Hawaii, because she controls the US
How exactly would someone RP with that nation. Is it like alqueda? Just in there to be in there? It's also a major detractor from anyone wanting to play as USA. Forced to deal with an internal terrorist group from within.

Or is it a peaceful political party. Do they take part in elections? Do they run for senate? Or president?

I'm just curious about what a player choosing the USA would be forced to deal with.

@Cleopatra Already Claimed the US (Unless she unclaimed it and I missed it) but regarding how the Rebel group would work is like this.

In the situation where the person controlling the Group would want a more political format and less of a Terrorist vibe, he would message the person of the country he is inside planning certain events, with most of his posts being from the perspective of the guy running the group attempting to spread its influence.

In the case of him wanting to run a rebel cell, it could work in multiple ways. Since he is in Chicago it most likely would be something similar to the Mafia, but with a political agenda not just based on making money, attempting to spread it's influence by carrying out attacks and assassinations. If he wanted to go fort he more Terrorist vibe, he would definitely have to work out with the person who claims the US what territory would he end up occupying (Example: A Small Part of Eastern Chicago) and they would be a lot more violent then what the more Mafia-like one would be.
My NotOrthodox Church Shall Destroy All
Rebel Name: The American Federalists
Rebel Flag/Banner:
Rebel Group Allegiance: Fascist
Number of Members:
Location: All around america large concentration in the midwest specifically chicago.
Eventual Goal:Turn american to a fascist dictatorships.

So here's a rough sheet. I didn't wanna add a history or amount of people. Until I saw if there was going to be an american player and we could work something out.

I like it so far.
If I may ask, did you create the flag?
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