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I go by Sandy to my online friends ^^ So feel free to call me that, or Mackerel I suppose. Super excited to jump into a new RP. I may be a bit rusty. I write often, but I haven't been part of a solid RP in probably 6 mo. I'm a mid 20's female, currently job hunting so I have quite the bit of freetime on my hands. I dig RPing either gender, usually I gravitate towards the male role as that's all I've ever done. When you only have access to RPing with women, one usually gives in for a Het plot, and Lord do I love giving in lmao but either way

Prefer 18+

I think sex and the sins of life belong in storytelling.

I can respond roughly once a day when doing advanced RPs (maybe more if I'm really excited) but prefer RPs that are pretty loose with timing.
Semi-lit (3 Para min and good punctuation)
Always open to DMs
Shoot your ideas my way if you're into the following:

-Dark Fantasy (classy pleassee)
-Religious themes

I can do a happier themed RP but the plot has got to be heavy adventure.

If you hit me up to do School anything type of plots that are not college I will probably end up getting bored. Not a fan of the school setting, even with magic elements.


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If you are still looking, here's my app!

@yupmackerel, are you okay with Group RPs?

I'm not particularly skilled or experienced in group RPs, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try!
I've been a long time fan of RPing on other sites that are a lot less centered on RP. Been RPing for years, semi-lit to literate. Love deep plots and natural progression of stories. I haven't done much in the world of RPing characters from shows/anime but I have written a few fan fiction!

Supernatural elements
Horror/gore (if that's okay here)
Romance (I say this tentatively because I'm really not a fan of love at first sight or instant infatuation-- Unless onesided--)
Dark fantasy
World building

Excited to be here!
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