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Current Welp, spent most of today remembering, and being disappointed by the fact, today is Thursday not Friday. I'll hopefully finish responding to everyone when I get home.
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Thank goodness my boss is out today. I haven't been able to focus at work all I'll probably be making posts while continuing to fake working.
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No posts tonight. Sorry, not sorry. Sleep and OT overruled my ability to respond to anyone.
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Me at work right now:…


If you're here, then thanks for looking. I periodically decide to edit and, sometimes even, bump my interest checks so feel free to check it out if you really want.
This one is my general interest check.
This one is my NSFW interest check. (Must be 18+ to play.)
And this is dedicated to my current fandom love affair Fairy Tail.

Short bit about me: As far as age goes, I'm in denial so I'm going to just say I'm over 21. I have three children, which includes 2 toddlers (just upgraded to a newer model for the youngest lol) that seem to have as many hands as an octopus has limbs. My work schedule is more consistent now, but at the same time just as chaotic (so no more rotating schedule, but still shifting hours to help cover my department's needs now that I'm an assistant manager) when matched to time dedicated to my family. But I'm more consistently on with my phone and can usually get a post a day out, so...little things.

Whether you're an old partner looking to reconnect/start something fresh, or someone I haven't been in contact with before but are interested, don't be scared to contact me. I don't bite (unless you want me to) and will certainly respond when I have the time.

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"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
"Round One. Fight!"
Let's do this.

Still looking for more partners for this. PM me if interested.
@MissIndependent Thanks for thinking that. Currently I'm only looking for Fairy Tail, but if that changes I'll definitely hit you up.

Me and You

The TL;DR Version: I’m an adult - that can handle adult things - with a family, enjoys romance in RPs, and can play a decent range of characters in a casual to advanced range of writing.

TL;DR - Try your best with spelling and grammar. PM only. Be 18+.
TL;DR - Bonus Round! = Romance is great, adding to plot and plan is better, character sheets are amazing. Help with supporting cast, please.

Through all that and still with me? Great!

So I’ve been watching a lot of Fairy Tail and even though I’m still new to it (I just started the Edolas arc) I’ve got a super big craving to play around in the setting.

Possible Ideas:


    • Playing OCs from Fairy Tail
    • Playing OCs from a different existing guild
    • Playing OCs from two different guilds (either one from Fairy Tail or both from different guilds existing or otherwise.)
    • Playing OCs where one is a dark guild wizard and one is a legal guild wizard
    • Playing OCs making our own guild
    • Playing OCs not even in a guild, just wizarding it up on our own
    • One playing an OC that is a wizard, and one is a normal person

Canon x OC

    • OC x Natsu (and Happy)
    • OC x Gray
    • OC x Lucy
    • OC x Erza
    • OC x Gajeel
    • OC x Cana
    • OC x Loke
    • OC x Levy
    • *Pitch an OC x Canon and see if I'm up for it*

    *Note: If we do a OC x Canon RP, please be willing to double. I'll play a canon for you if you play one for me. I know I can pull off the canon characters I've listed; I might be able to pull off others. So come to me with a list of canons you're willing/able to pull off and feel free to ask if I can play others. We'll talk!
    This request is regardless of if we do a romantic pairing or not.

Canon x Canon with potential for romance

    • Lucy x Natsu (and Happy)
    • Lucy x Gajeel
    • Lucy x Loke
    • Lucy x Levy
    • Lucy x Gray
    • Gray x Juvia
    • Gray x Erza
    • Erza x Lucy
    • Erza x Gajeel
    • Gajeel x Levy
    • *Pitch a Canon x Canon and see if I'm up for it*

Canon x Canon without romance

    • Lucy x Natsu (and Happy)
    • Lucy x Gajeel
    • Lucy x Loke
    • Lucy x Levy
    • Lucy x Gray
    • Gray x Juvia
    • Gray x Erza
    • Erza x Lucy
    • Erza x Gajeel
    • Gajeel x Levy
    • Gray x Natsu (and Happy)
    • Natsu (and Happy) x Erza
    • Natsu (and Happy) x Gajeel
    • Natsu (and Happy) x Wendy (and Carla)
    • Wendy (and Carla) x Lucy
    • Wendy (and Carla) x Gajeel
    • Wendy (and Carla) x Erza
    • Wendy (and Carla) x Gray
    • *Pitch a Canon x Canon and see if I'm up for it*

**Note: As far as anything with Canon goes, I'd like my partner to keep in mind that romance should happen naturally. If characters just don't mesh, or their typical personality is to overlook even obvious infatuation (I'm looking at you Gray), I believe in keeping things in line with canon and not forcing there to be romance.
Don't get me wrong - lust at first sight and crush at first sight are totally real and fine, but jumping into bed together first thing is a Cana and Loke thing. Most of the rest of the cast will take a few dates for that in my opinion.

Remember, romance is just a plus.The fun of the series is the adventures and story. None of the things involving OCs needs to be romance based.

Aside from all of that, while I do prefer a 1x1, I do acknowledge this could work pretty fun as a small group. So if you see this and you have a friend that might be interested too - hit me up.

As far as when in the series to set it, I'd prefer either setting it before the series or up to the end of the Oración Seis arc as I'm just about to start the Edolas arc and don't know when I'll get further into the series.

Well, shoot me a PM if you're interested.
(Bonus points if you include a bit about yourself or a character you'd like to play or a concept for this RP.)
Hiya, @prettyskeleton. I PM'ed you the other day about this.
@YourHeart Hey, interested in starting back up or starting something new? Hit me up. PMed you, but it may have been lost to the Master In pile.
Alright. Decided to bump this.
I shouldn't but...

I'm going to bump this looking for two specific cravings:

An RP based on Diabolik Lovers (only familiar with the anime to be clear)
Or a Master x Slave RP based on a story called Control by Cordelia Kingsbridge.

18+ required for both due to the dark nature of one and the mature nature of the other.

Not familiar with either? That's fine, I'm happy to explain. We can alter things too so we're on the same page with them. I'm just more or less looking for the same premise.

Outside of those two, I'm not really particularly interested in anything currently.
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