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18 hrs ago
Current I really need to stop being the queen of my nerds. It just makes me have to learn new table top settings so I can explain them to everyone else
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4 days ago
Ever run into the problem of wanting to do something but not being able to figure out what that "something" is? too. All I know is it's not "work" which is what I'm supposed to be doing...
8 days ago
I don't know if I should bump or not...what I'm in the mood for is very specific...What to do, what to do? *goes to run errands instead* Future Me will deal with this!
9 days ago
Hmm...maybe I can take one more...
11 days ago
General check in for all my stalkers. Mental health update: still alive, still kicking, still stressed as all hell, but all is generally well. Should get some crummy responses out today (kids willing)


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"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
"Round One. Fight!"
Let's do this.

Still looking for more partners for this. PM me if interested.
@MissIndependent Thanks for thinking that. Currently I'm only looking for Fairy Tail, but if that changes I'll definitely hit you up.

Me and You

The TL;DR Version: I’m an adult - that can handle adult things - with a family, enjoys romance in RPs, and can play a decent range of characters in a casual to advanced range of writing.

TL;DR - Try your best with spelling and grammar. PM only. Be 18+.
TL;DR - Bonus Round! = Romance is great, adding to plot and plan is better, character sheets are amazing. Help with supporting cast, please.

Through all that and still with me? Great!

So I’ve been watching a lot of Fairy Tail (I just started the Grand Master Tournament arc) and I’ve got a super big craving to play around in the setting.

Aside from all of that, while I do prefer a 1x1, I do acknowledge this could work pretty fun as a small group. So if you see this and you have a friend that might be interested too - hit me up.

Well, shoot me a PM if you're interested.
(Bonus points if you include a bit about yourself or a character you'd like to play or a concept for this RP.)
Hiya, @prettyskeleton. I PM'ed you the other day about this.
@YourHeart Hey, interested in starting back up or starting something new? Hit me up. PMed you, but it may have been lost to the Master In pile.
Alright. Decided to bump this.
I shouldn't but...

I'm going to bump this looking for two specific cravings:

An RP based on Diabolik Lovers (only familiar with the anime to be clear)
Or a Master x Slave RP based on a story called Control by Cordelia Kingsbridge.

18+ required for both due to the dark nature of one and the mature nature of the other.

Not familiar with either? That's fine, I'm happy to explain. We can alter things too so we're on the same page with them. I'm just more or less looking for the same premise.

Outside of those two, I'm not really particularly interested in anything currently.
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