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TIME: 11AMish | LOCATION: BBQ Restaurant → Onsen | INTERACTION: Team 12 @Syn@Odin@j8cob

These are the kids she has to work with? To hide her irritation, Koko fiddled with the drawstring of her straw hat and avoided making obvious signs of annoyance like a clenched jaw or a tight smile. The little smoking shit thought he had her figured out already after having met her for less than twenty minutes, how irksome. Now wouldn’t be a good time to buckle under his assumptions; Koko is adamant in proving to the brat that she was the big boss around here, she’s not here for this psychoanalyzing shit.

At least the brunette girl won’t be such a hassle, seems manageable enough, as does the other girl.

“It’s fine, kiddo.” Koko sighed, smiling though it was less enthusiastic than her other smiles – she purposely tilted the corners of her lips to seem more gently indulging rather than overly excited. “You guys are just genin, I don’t expect you to be experts in reading people – man, I don’t even expect you guys to be amateurs, ne Kasumi-chan?”

Koko waited a couple of seconds, giving her new team of genin a chance to voice any more questions. While she was waiting, Koko took the opportunity to rewrite their confirmed names on her palm. She didn’t bother hiding the fact that she was scrawling something onto her skin, but she doubted the genin could see what she was writing, let alone read it with her messy handwriting. At Sadako’s stuttering and dismissal of her own question, the newly baptized sensei decided it was time to get the ball rolling. As Koko stood up from the table, she placed some money down for her meal and sauntered away from the table, under the assumption her genin would follow without her having to tell them so.

Amegakure looked dreary and manufactured, fake, like it always did and the air smelled strongly of smoke, petrichor, and that acidic gasoline-esque smell that accompanies industrialization. Koko hated that combination of smells, it made her nose dry up and bleed every once in a blue moon, but she certainly could be living somewhere worse. Adjusting her straw hat to better protect her from the rain, the sensei stepped out from the protective awning of the restaurant and set the path towards the onsen, hopefully her little ducklings following her.

“No time to pussyfoot around, yeah? We should get the mission over and done with so we can buy a nice meal with your first paycheck!”

The trek from Amegakure to the onsen located on the road to the civilian village, Nagaishi, was a leisurely one. Koko could have pushed the genin to their limits to help them build up stamina and speed; but, Koko would have to have been in the front to enforce the brutal pace. For the first mission, Koko ambled behind them for better protection and for better observation. If anyone asked why Koko wanted them to go slower than the average shinobi speed, the sensei would only shrug her shoulders and say it was for them to build their observational skills. She also would not voice that she was feeling a bit lazy that day, the heavy barbeque food settling in her stomach and making her body crave a food-induced nap.

Every once in a while, to keep up pretenses, Koko would point out tracks she could pick out of animals or people, name some of the few plants she knew from her study in poison, and check them to make sure they were paying attention to their surroundings. To make sure they were paying attention, sometimes Koko would make a clone and see how long it took them to notice it hiding. If they didn’t notice it in the allotted ten minutes she gave them, the clone would jump out and try to scare the shit out of them. It gave Koko amusement for the boring hour long walk to the onsen.

“There’s the onsen over there, kiddies.” Koko mumbled lazily, stopping at the line of trees that faced the back of the onsen.

It looked like a typical onsen, with steam rising from the protective high walls that had little gabled roofs topping them. Orange lanterns glowed in the mist, dimmed by the density of the vapor, and there was raucous laughter emitting from the hot pools of water. The group of travelers really had made the onsen home, but seemed to be just that: travelers. Bandits would be smarter than just taking over an onsen and making it a party house; they at least would have put some people outside of the onsen to watch for surprises.

“The mission is to scare them off, not fight them.” Koko reminded her students, grinning at them mischievously. “So, let’s see how good you guys are at planning. Anything you kids have in mind to scare a couple of unwanted tourists away?”

Koko would listen to their suggestions with an open ear – if it wasn’t to her satisfaction, she could always tweak it a bit. For the most part, though, Koko wanted to be as hands off as possible to gauge their abilities. This mission geared more towards testing their strategic thinking rather than their fighting skills; it’d be really unfortunate if the pipe-smoker ended up with a group of brats that fight with brawn rather than brain. On further reflection, this would be a good mission to test their teamwork skills, too. In teams there is always one genin that takes alpha position above the rest, or two that fight for it and cause a death. It’d be interesting to see which of these kids thought they were the alpha in the team – even though that position belonged solely to Koko and she didn’t plan on sharing it.


TIME: 9AMish | LOCATION: BBQ Restaurant | INTERACTION: Miyako @MesuOkami, Team 12 @Syn@Odin@j8cob

Is it possible to fall asleep while standing up? Koko had thought it improbable before, what with innate shinobi paranoia and need for constant vigilance, yet she was swaying on her feet. The Amekage was powerful, had an aura, but Koko really was not interested in the whole charade of the ceremony. She was of the mind that every academy sensei should personally plant a boot on an arse and kick the students out into the real world, without all the theatrics.

It almost felt like fingers were dragging her eyelids down, it was so hard to keep them open. For a second, Koko had relented and let herself sway into a fuzzy place where she vaguely knew what was going on but was still drifting off somewhere else. A startling series of thunk, thunk, thunk niggled in the aware part of her brain and when her shoulder knocked into Miyako’s, Koko snapped back into attention.

It’s raining. Natural or did the Amekage do it?

Miyako might have an inkling that she was falling asleep. How irritating. Koko summoned the last dredges of energy in her body and tilted her head in the general direction of Miyako. “Lovely ceremony, isn’t it? Yogensha-sama has such a way with words, it was like I was hypnotized.”

Koko doubted that would trick Miyako into thinking she hadn’t fallen asleep, but the insincere words were worth a shot. If Miyako replied, Koko would side-eye her and perhaps leave it at that. The redhead pressed her lips together and readjusted her straw hat, her fingers instantly being drenched in that single moment.

Which students were hers? Koko wouldn’t even have a hint at who would be under her questionable tutelage, considering the information regarding them was currently untouched on her coffee table. She didn’t bother sticking around after the ceremony.

Later that night, Koko hunkered down on the floor and scratched out notes to her genin. Surrounding her in her little apartment were crumbled slips, rejected versions that were deemed too aggressive or too callous. Koko would like to be perceived as polite and perhaps a bit affectionate to her genin, it would be easier in the long run for them to see her as a nurturing person. If they trusted her and she appeared understanding, they would be able to confide in her and that would solve a lot of problems right off the bat.

“Polite and affectionate, polite and affectionate,” Koko murmured like a mantra as she wrote her sixteenth draft. “Pet names? My precious genin? No, too affectionate.”

In the morning, the now official Team 12 would wake up to a nice, decorative scroll on their pillow. An obvious misstep for Koko in her attempts to be affectionate and erring into slight creep territory. Whether they were unnerved or impressed or perhaps even irritated, Koko wouldn’t know – honestly, the thought wouldn’t have even crossed her mind that they would react in any way other than surprise. Mostly, though, she hoped those little fuckers appreciated her efforts because she wasn’t going to try that hard again ever.

My Sweet Genin,

In a week’s time, meet at the Academy grounds. Please be there around 9:00 am sharp or you will miss me! It would be a shame to miss your first meeting with your sensei who is looking forward to meeting you very much.


On the day of their first meeting, when they arrive at the Academy, they will find their Koko-sensei nowhere to be seen. However, if they are observant enough, they would find a trail of small orange origami cranes. The trail would lead the genin to Koko’s favorite barbeque restaurant and they would be greeted with the sight of their great and powerful sensei stuffing her face with beef.

Her little trail trick was less of a test and more to keep them busy while she ate. Afterall, it shouldn’t be too hard to see the orange cranes – even if they are the size of a coin. When they arrived, it would be way too early for her. She expected to see them around this time, but it didn’t mean she wanted to see them anytime soon. Still, Koko gave them a smile that crinkled her eyes and caused her cheeks to bulge from the beef still in her mouth.

Koko gestured to the other side of the booth with her chopsticks, silently telling them to sit while she finished chewing. While they were shuffling into the seats, Koko took the distraction to peak at her palm which had their names and kekkei genkai painted on it. Damn it all, the ink smeared. She couldn’t tell if their name was Kasumi or Kazuya, Asashio or Atsuko, Satoko or Sawako.

The jonin shuffled the meat that was cooking on the grill in front of her, and grinned again at the genin. “I hope the cranes didn’t get wet. I tried placing them where they would be relatively dry if it rains.”

Fuck, Koko doesn’t know what to say now. She reclined, placing one of her arms over the back of the booth and placing another strip of beef in her mouth, chewing slowly in hopes she appeared thoughtful and assessing. Maybe they would think she was sizing them up, or maybe they would assume she was thinking of their future plans. In reality, Koko was attempting to find a polite way to figure out who the fuck these kids are. If she left it alone, they were bound to drop each other’s names at some point on their first mission. The question is if she could bluff her way until then. There was always the solution of having them introduce themselves, but she would have to fluff it up with other questions and Koko couldn’t care less about their dreams and aspirations. What was more important to Koko, putting forth more effort to pick up their names due to her own improper studying of their files or having to listen to them talk about themselves?

The answer was obvious.

“Well, my sweet genin,” Koko started after swallowing, “here’s our first mission. Tada!”

Koko flourished the scroll she pulled out of her pocket, waving it emphatically but with a lazy tinge to her arms. Carefully, and politely, Koko placed it on the table and pushed it towards the trio. “Go ahead and read it. It’s always important to familiarize yourselves when presented with information.”

Unlike her, the poor sensei who didn’t even know the names of her genin.

“It’s at an onsen. Doesn’t that sound fun?” Koko readjusted her straw hat. “What do you guys think? You think you are up for the task?”

Koko would wait politely until all of them responded to her questions – whether they wanted to respond or not. If they wanted to keep quiet, she would stare them down and keep smiling until they answered her. Not because she cared what they said; because she asked a damn question and she’s the boss, she will be answered when she wants to be answered. No genin punk is going to defy her, even over something so small as that.

“Now, then, any questions?”

There's that one weakness that needs to be added, but everything else seems to be adequately nerfed. The custom jutsu need to be listed under the ranking lists like Odin's. Other than that, everything seems up to par.

Isles of Mist | Tokubetsu Jōnin | Squad Four

TIME: Present Day | LOCATION: VTOL -> Crash Site | INTERACTION: Squad Four @BladeSS4@Odin@MesuOkami@Syn

He has a bomb on his chest. Koko couldn’t get over that fact, even when they were all silently sitting in the VTOL and the air had a restricted calmness about it. Koko thinks this might be what resignation feels like. She crossed her legs and leant back into her seat, resting her head on her hand and staring out the window. Koko was careful not to let the irritation spread across her face when she continued to ponder over the fact that Sakana is a literal walking bomb.

Though, Koko understands the concept in theory – a big fuck you to whoever kills you, hopefully, but Koko was a close range fighter and if she had to go head to head with an enemy, she’d be the closest to Sakana. This isn’t to take into account that Koko also would not be able to use her airborne poison as it would affect Sakana as well, unless she was willing to show her cards to him. His nasty little explosive really was a gamechanger for Koko – before, she couldn’t care less whether a little friendly fire occurred and some of her foreign teammates inhaled a little bit of her poison. However, if Sakana’s reflexes are dulled, he’s that more likely to get his throat slit and his body obliterated – her with it.

There was no need to panic yet, or at all, really. All Koko needed was a plan. From the corner of her eyes, she regarded her three teammates thoughtfully. Koko hates teams – she works better solo.

Before facing combat situations, Koko needs to find out the radius and power of the seal. Then, if it looks like Sakana is losing, she can jump ship far away enough. For now, she’ll hold back on her use of Jōryū ni Suiei, to prevent his combat from becoming sloppy and his death inevitable. Priority wise, she’ll have to protect Sakana way before she protects the other two – while keeping her distance and letting him die sooner rather than later was the easier situation, it wouldn’t look good on her skills and his seal could come in handy later if there is an enemy they can’t defeat.

Koko’s thoughts were interrupted by the current bane of her existence remarking on the mission. Koko bit her tongue from replying, as she knew whatever would come out would be considered impolite and Koko wasn’t in the mood to expose her cavalier personality to the others. It always caused distrust and wariness towards her when her borderline sociopathic attitude towards other humans is revealed. It’s much easier to fall in line and act like others want her to.

Koko offered an insincere smile to Sakana in answer to his bleak suicide mission statement.

It was while Koko was searching for something socially acceptable and bland to say that the VTOL started to shake. Almost on instinct, chakra burst to Koko’s feet to keep her planted in her spot rather than be tossed around like a ragdoll. Sakana jumped from the VTOL almost immediately, calling for everyone to follow after him. Koko just prayed he didn’t die already, that would be such an inconvenience – though, he would die all the way down there while they’re all the way up here.

Either way, Koko didn’t have much choice but to place her trust in him. While she had some jutsu at her disposal, ninjutsu was always taxing on her reserves and she was reluctant to use it so early on in the mission. Taking a leap of faith – if she really needed to, Koko could pull out a jutsu midair to save her hide – the redhead followed after Sakana.

The air rushed past her ears and her straw hat slipped off her head, the only thing keeping her from losing it was the black string that strained against her neck. The string began bruising her throat and, reluctantly, Koko swiped the hat off her head to grasp it in a death grip. Being strangled by her own hat was a hell of a way to go. The ground approached all too soon and Koko’s pliable body tucked and rolled until she was sitting on Sakana’s platform with her legs stretched out, her face flushed.

The platform began to lower after Shinji’s and Miyako’s landing and Koko took the time to regard her teammates’ health. Shinji seemed to be fine, as well as Miyako, but Sakana had injured his ankle. Without getting up and personal, Koko could tell it wasn’t a break – perhaps a pretty bad sprain at worst, a fracture at best.

Koko studied medicine, only to know how poisons would best effect the body, but she knew the basics. While Koko had the mystical palm technique in her arsenal, she wasn’t confident in using it and she rather not aggravate the injury in the middle of a mission with unknown circumstances. They very well could be in danger right now – fuck, Koko didn’t bring a first aid kit.

“We need to compress that ankle, Sakana, or it’ll get worse.” Koko said loudly, adjusting her hat back on her head. She turned to Miyako, their current designated leader, though Koko uses that term loosely. “We should wrap Sakana’s ankle before we find shelter. Walking will only injure him further and slow us down.”

Koko began to unwrap the bandages around her wrists, for lack of a better current option at the moment. With the bandages in a cluster in her lap, Koko grabbed Sakana’s ankle and began to wrap it quickly and clumsily. She didn’t even bother asking for permission to manhandle him; they were in a tense situation and this needed to be done quickly, before anything else goes wrong. If he protested, Koko ignored it. After she was done, Koko sat back onto her heels and surveyed her work. It wasn’t medic-nin level of neat, but it was satisfactory enough to provide enough compression to prevent further injury.

Koko could only hope that they would find more bandages for her to wrap her wrist with later – she felt awfully naked without her wrists protected.

Isles of Mist | Tokubetsu Jōnin | Squad Four

TIME: Present Day - 8:58AM-9:01 | LOCATION: Amegakure - The Great Hall | INTERACTION: Squad Four @BladeSS4@Odin@MesuOkami

Sakana sure seems like the dramatic type, Koko thought to herself as she curled her fingers under her chin in a thoughtful pose. If she was a brute, she would have struck him right in the face by now, and if she was particularly emotional, she would have raised her voice quite quickly. Alas, Koko was neither, and she held her thoughtful pose, scrunching up her nose and flicking her eyes towards the ceiling – more so to ignore his further tangent in a semi-polite manner rather than any actual need to think over his words.

But now that she was staring at the ceiling with her fingers propped under her chin, little thoughts flitted to the forefront of her mind – perhaps there was a technique to this pose that caused her to focus more intensely on thought. Sakana was a fish, so surely he knows that Koko means stork? Or do they perhaps not have storks in the Empire of Stone? Due to the Isles of Mist’s professional relationship with the Empire, Koko had visited the country on multiple missions and occasions. However, it never occurred to her to look at the fauna of the place.

The distant commotion of a Konoha shinobi caught Koko’s attention. The brunet sped to his own squad amongst his shouting and, writing him off as nonthreatening at the moment, Koko turned her observance to the conversation continuing around her. While she was intentionally unintentionally preoccupied, Sakana had let his chokehold on the squad’s communication go and handed the proverbial reigns to the other Kiri shinobi (or, in this metaphor, would it be the proverbial arm stronghold?). Koko smiled politely at her fellow shinobi, but let his cold voice buzz into the background.

From what she has gathered thus far into the rather pointless conversation – or, at least, pointless to her – Sakana seemed to be the most sociable of the bunch. Meanwhile, Shinji appeared to be most businesslike and could quite possibly be the oldest among them. The third member, Miyako, was quite polite and a tad like stale bread. Koko might have worried about Sakana becoming an irritant to the other members of Squad Four, but it seemed quite pointless to fret over it when the other two were perfectly blank to his brash behavior.

“– is that you bring to the table?”

Koko blinked dumbly before tilting her head towards Miyako to show she heard her. Humming, Koko tapped the pipe at her hip, if only to prevent her from lighting it. It wouldn’t be good to bring out something that was technically considered a weapon in a room full of paranoid shinobi. Paranoid shinobi who don’t recognize the importance of relaxing and tobacco.

“What do I bring to the table?” Koko mimicked, if only to buy her some time to find the appropriate response. If Miyako expected her to wax lyrically about her skills, then she would best prepare to be disappointed. However, it would be dumb to refuse to share what she can do as it could bereft the squad of trust and offend the other girl. Koko’s small polite smile became wider and she adjusted her straw hat in faux-sheepishness. “Like Sakana-kun said, I’m just a grunt – a sword for hire!”

Thankfully, before the conversation could be carried any further, they all were urged to take their seats for the briefing. Koko slunk into a seat, draping her calf over her other knee and slouching back into the seat with half-lidded eyes.

Most of it was boring details; as her feelings are for most things, Koko was mostly bored at the details of the mission. She supposes there is some excitement into going to the New Continent, but she didn’t want to let her hype grow to substantial amounts only to be disappointed later. It was best to stay subdued until she was sure the New Continent was worth what everyone thought it was.

Despite her wishes to remain uninterested to avoid a total let down, Koko couldn’t help but lean forward in curiosity at the bio-terrorist attacks. Koko wasn’t the type to mess with biology; she preferred only messing with simple plants and poisons. However, the airborne contagion that was plaguing the nations was undoubtedly deadly and the concept of a poison that could achieve the same effects was riveting. With her, albeit limited, knowledge of medicine, it would be interesting if she could apply any knowledge found about the contagion to creating a poison. However, it was equally extremely unlikely.

Koko tried not to pout when the briefing was over, and the bio-terrorist attack victims no longer being presented to her. To cover up any lingering disappointment and attempting to inject a nice healthy dose of friendliness amongst her new comrades, Koko flashed a happy grin to the others as she gracefully wobbled towards the location of the VTOL.

“Yeah, let’s get going, kiddies.” Koko smirked, beckoning the others forward with a wave of her hand. As if in afterthought, Koko paused and cast a warm yet casual glance towards Miyako. "And feel free to take the role of leader. Giving orders and doing all that leader-ly stuff isn't really my strong suit."

Following orders from foreign shinobi is probably not her forte, either, but Koko felt mentioning so would be more detrimental than helpful. It wasn't that she would openly defy Miyako - she just wouldn't give going against them a second thought if her orders were stupid. Pragmatism, really.

Isles of Mist | Tokubetsu Jōnin | Squad Four

TIME: Present Day - 8:30AM | LOCATION: Amegakure - Hotel Room | INTERACTION: None

It was a new set of clothes – the exact same as the pair before, but a new set nonetheless – and Koko couldn’t help but be mystified by the splotchy grease stain that marked her orange pants. A part of her felt a little upset, it was such a waste of money to make a good impression when they were already ruined, and she didn’t even want to buy new clothes, only had stopped by the shops at the insistence of one of her superiors. For the most part, though, she was rather proud of her grease stain – only because it looked remarkably close to a fish. Or maybe it was more akin to a branching willow tree? No matter, the point stands that it takes a certain amount of talented devil-may-care sloppiness to have such an artistic blotch on one’s pants.

Koko patted her work of art affectionately and awkwardly tumbled off her bed, unto her feet. She wandered over to the window that overlooked Amegakure, watching the slogging of the smog that chugged out of almost every orifice of the city. The pollution hardly registered to Koko, her years of filling her lungs with tobacco have made them impervious to the incessant coughing. Unfortunately, she wasn’t entirely invulnerable to the Amegakure atmosphere – Koko swiped her hand under her nose, wiping the nosebleed before it travelled too far. She may have been spared burning in her lungs, but her nose was so dry she’d been suffering from nosebleeds since she arrived.

“Hm, it’s around that time, isn’t it?” Koko muttered aloud, her eyes flicking over her shoulder and to the round soundless clock.

There was no need for her to check the room to ensure she had everything, Koko had gone over her mental list twice before she had deigned to get out of bed and checking it all over again was just going to be a waste of time. As it is, Koko will probably be one of the last to arrive.

Koko placed her straw hat over her unbrushed hair, humming a tune she was making up on the spot. She wasn’t going to win any awards for her composing skills any time soon. Almost without even realizing it, the redhead had retrieved her pipe from where it hung on her hip and began to puff on the tobacco. All her necessities on her – the straw hat, her pipe, the usual shinobi things – Koko left the hotel room.

TIME: Present Day - 8:53AM | LOCATION: Amegakure - The Great Hall | INTERACTION: Squad Four

The coordinator gave her a sour look, lifting her nose as a swirl of tobacco smoke drifted under the girl’s nose. Koko didn’t see why she had to place the pipe away – they were in Amegakure, after all. The tobacco was more likely to do them some good, distract them from that suffocating feeling of pollution. As if her body was mocking her, another slight nosebleed began to trickle from her nose. Koko sniffed, though it didn’t do her much good, and furiously rubbed the remnants away with her hand.

“I hope you know that smoking is prohibited.” The coordinator said to her with a delicate tilt of her chin that was supposed to seem authoritative instead of cute. She looked like a puppy, but Koko wasn’t going to tell her that. People don’t like being compared to animals, she finds.

“Of course, of course.” Koko smiled, putting the kenka kiseru away, “I’m Koko Iyokan.”

The girl seemed placated by Koko’s submission to her authority and gave her a polite smile in return. The coordinator then gave her the seat assignment and Koko left, feeling bereft of her only comfort.

With that all said and done, Koko lazily ambled to the slow gathering of her new teammates, Squad Four. It seems she was the last one, after all, but not by too long. She silently arrived to stand next to them, glancing her eyes at each of them as she tried to put names to faces. Miyako Kurosawa, a pale girl that looked to be around Koko’s age; Shinji Yuki, a shinobi from Kirigakure that Koko never really encountered; and Sakana Uragiri, a younger teen with girlishly long hair.

Sakana, her new teammate, regarded her with cool black eyes and it was slightly unnerving, Koko supposes. It wasn’t off-putting enough for Koko’s smile to falter or for her lazy gait to stumble more than it did usually. Rather, it was unnerving in the way a dog happens to wink when you ask it if it understands you or when someone coincidentally turns and catches you in the exact moment your eyes flickered across them (Koko personally hated that last scenario – everyone always thinks she’s staring at them!). Shinobi liked to be unnerving, liked to evoke that intimidation factor in others, friendlies or no, and it’s that deliberateness of shinobi that causes Koko to be less intimidated than more.

So, Koko continued to smile at her new teammates – she didn’t beam at them, she wasn’t trying to lift any rain clouds with a big fat grin, nor did she have an arrogant tilt to turn her smile smugger. It was semi-polite, not formal though, and incredibly lazy.

“Looks like I’m the last one.” Koko chuckled, hand on hip and body language intentionally staying open to convey sociability. “M’name is Koko Iyokan. Pleasure to meet you guys.”

A polite lie – Koko didn’t feel anything from meeting them, just said it as formality. In truth, she didn’t care much about them from what she gathered. There was no reason to be nefarious, so Koko had full intentions of working with them well and getting along; but, if they were to die somehow, Koko would feel no serious loss on her side of things.

The only wish Koko has is that they’re not socially inept weirdos. Please don’t be socially inept weirdos.
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