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A @Silent Observer & @Smarty0114 Collab
Featuring: Marshall “I think I might have a boyfriend” Radley & Martelle “Only put out if it’s a yes” Radley
Setting: Wednesday morning before school at the Radley residence

There wasn’t much that Marshall could remember about how he got home last night, which would explain why he was currently sleeping on top of his comforter, still wearing the same clothes that he had worn to the party. Day drinking from before noon onward into the night, and then polishing it off with casual drug use might have been the recipe for a good time, but it lead to a bad morning. A very bad morning. Marshall flinched when his phone started chiming his alarm at the usual time to wake up for school — when it wasn’t a late start day.

With a groan, Marsh reached out to the pillow at his right and slapped around to silence the evil device. He then rolled onto his back with his phone in hand, and groaned again. It felt like there was a whole pile of sandbags placed directly on his head, mercilessly pinning him down against the mattress. “I’m dying… dying…” Marsh said quietly to himself, his throat was desert dry but he didn’t feel like he had the strength to get up for a glass of water, so this was probably the end for Marshall Radley. Rest in peace.

Marshall was usually a rather chipper morning person, but today was an exception. He vaguely remembered that it was a late start day at school, so he didn’t feel too guilty when he rolled over and proceeded to check his phone in bed. With a yawn, he opened Snapchat, which had a surprisingly high number of notifications. The majority of them were from Kit, so he opened them first. The first snap was a normal looking selfie of Kit, and then they progressively travelled through a journey of her getting her hair cut to chin length by her mother, at least Marshall assumed it was her mother, and then she proceeded to dye it purple with a dark blue streak. A few of the videos had music, and Kit loudly singing along to said music, which made Marshall wince. Ugh, loud noises were too much, but he still replied to his friend in his usual cheerful manner.

To: KitKat
It looks so great, sweetie!
I love it!!! 😍😍😍
Purple is my fave
I’m never accepting candy from you again
I think I may not be able to leave my bed, like, ever

After sending the response, Marshall collapsed his throbbing head back against the pillow and sighed. In a moment of weakness, he wiggled his still-clothed body underneath the blankets and let his eyelids flutter closed. Just… five more minutes. That’s all he needed, five more minutes, and he’d feel as right as rain.

Unlike her brother, Marty had been up for ages. She was a morning person at heart, and during the week she liked to wake up a little early to go for a run, and make herself a decent breakfast. On this particular morning, she was coming back from her run around the neighborhood to find a package at the door, wrapped up in colorful paper, with the phrase, “Happy Birthday” littered across. Slowing her pace to a walk as she came up the driveway, Marty bent over and picked up the package, intrigued. Must be for Marsh…

Marty took the package inside, bounded up the stairs and threw Marshall’s door open. “Marshy! Someone lef—Oh. You look like shit,” Marty said, looking over at her brother as if he was in a hospital bed hooked up to a million monitors, and not just a hungover boy in uncomfortable clothes. “I take it the party went well?” she inquired, her way of asking for every detail, without seeming like she cared. Nonchalance was an art form that Marty had mastered years ago.

He had startled awake again when the door to his bedroom swung open and his sister bounded in. Without speaking, he had snuggled further into his blankets as if to say that nothing could get him to get out of this bed. Nothing in the world. At her statement, he offered a weak response. “Thanks, sis. I feel like I look like shit, too.” Marsh peeped one eye open to squint at her. Did the party go well? He hadn’t really thought much about the party. He… he couldn’t remember much about it, to be honest. Slowly, flashes of the night came into view. Dancing with Trixie… ending up in the ocean… Jamie kissing him…

“OH MY GOD!” Marshall sat straight up out of bed, causing his head to pound and swim with dizziness. Despite the uncomfortable hangover symptoms, Marsh wore a stupid grin as he hugged a light gray throw pillow close to his chest. He looked at Marty, both eyes fully open now. “I think I might have a boyfriend now, Marty!”

Marty let out a hearty laugh at that one. Wow, he really didn’t remember much. “I know, I think everyone at school has seen you two eating each other’s faces already,” Marty said, pulling her phone out and opening up Snapchat, to find a video on one of her friends stories of Marshall and Jamie going at it by the stairs, captioned, “Finally 🙄”. She brought the phone over to Marshall, and let him watch, smirking.

“WHAT?!” Marshall exclaimed with wide, but still sleepy, eyes. “Show me!” He said and held out his hand expectantly for the phone. Marshall let the video loop three times, his smile growing increasingly wide each time. So it really happened then, he could see the physical evidence right there in front of him. It wasn’t just a dream. “Who took this? I wanna save it.” Marsh retrieved his own phone and tried to find if he had that person in his own Snapchat friends list.

“Jamie’s an upgrade from good ol’ Toby, I’ll give you that one. He was a weirdo,” Marty said, recalling Marshall’s last boyfriend. “He figured the AJ stuff out right? Cause last I heard, they were the ones making out in front of the entire school,” Marty said. She didn’t mean to burst her brother’s bubble, honestly. She just didn’t want him getting hurt, and sometimes that meant making him look through a different colored lens.

His smile fell away immediately. One minute he was grinning stupidly at a phone screen, not even registering what his sister was saying, and the next he was feeling a familiar pain in his chest. Sadness. Anger. He felt both as he recalled the AJ situation that had lead to his lapse in judgement and day drinking yesterday. “Uhm… I don’t know. I hope so… I don’t know.” He stammered, looking suddenly and particularly melancholic.

Oof. This was not the lens she’d wanted. Marty winced at her brother’s sudden change in emotion, before launching into reassuring sister mode. “Look, clearly you’re the one, based on that kiss. I mean, I don’t even make out with Evan like that!” Marty said, doing her best to patch the hole she’d just blasted in her brother’s confidence. “Hey look, someone left this for you,” Marty said, handing him the present she’d found on the doorstep, a flimsy effort to change the topic.

Marshall nodded at her words, hugging the pillow tighter to his chest. Yeah, she was right. That kiss was more than just a kiss. It meant something. And they’d talked too, they had nice talks. He remembered that now. There’d be plenty of time to clear things up later today, about AJ and the kiss and what their… status was. No need to panic yet, probably. “Hmm?” Marshall was pulled from his thoughts as his attention was directed to the package. “A birthday gift, already?” He asked in confusion, which was quickly replaced with excitement. Marsh adored receiving presents.

“Who’s it from?” He asked, but before waiting for a response, he started to open it. The wrapping was nice, it almost seemed like it was professionally done. Maybe it was. Once all of the wrapping paper was torn away, he popped open the tape sealing the box shut. Nestled inside was a leatherbound photo album. Curiously, he took it out and opened to the first page.

Marshall Radley’s heart fell through the floorboards in that moment.

It was from Owen. Because his sister was right there, Marshall tried his hardest not to burst into tears. Through the pages, he traveled through the photographic journey that was his and Owen’s nearly five year long friendship thus far. Marshall stayed eerily silent as he flipped through the laminated pages, until he reached one that didn’t have any pictures, and the following ones were blank. There was a simple note stuck to the page that said “For the next 5 years” along with a pair of tickets taped beside it. The tickets were for an upcoming performance of Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco.

Marsh stood up quickly, dropping the album down on the bed as if it had just burned him. “I’m… I’ve gotta shower. I’ll come downstairs in a bit.” He said quickly, his voice cracking with emotion, before he headed into the bathroom connected to his bedroom.

Marty, somewhat confused, picked up the photo album and flipped through the pages, a look of realization dawning on her face. Now Marsh’s reaction made a bit more sense. Marty didn’t love how Marsh had handled the whole Owen thing, but after Damian’s party she hadn’t been thrilled with Owen either. Fucking with her brother was a capital crime in her world. That said, this was a damn good apology. She shut the book and put it back on Marsh’s bed, before heading out, back to her own room, knowing full well that this wasn’t something she could fix. Marshall would have to do that himself.

A great thing about showers is, the water hides your tears. Marshall was upset. He didn’t cry for a long time, but he did cry. When he really thought long and hard about it, he found what hurt the most about the whole situation. He felt guilty. He needed to fix things with Owen. He had started to realize his guilt yesterday morning when Owen gave him the box of tea, and now he was full blown swimming in a full ocean of guilt. He would make things right with Owen, today, at school.

Marshall stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed and confident in his plan for the day. He wasn’t going to wallow in this, he’d push through the hangover and the guilt and focus on the good things. Because now there were some very good things to focus on, some blue-eyed, blond-haired good things. Smiling once again, he got dressed for the day — choosing a dark purple cashmere sweater paired with a white, purple, and light gray plaid scarf and some dark wash jeans. He packed the photo album into a bag to bring to school with him and then headed downstairs to see his sister again. “How was your night?” He asked, as if the previous scene in his bedroom didn’t just occur.

Marty looked up from her laptop, where she was working away at her zine, a bowl of Lucky Charms next to her, and shrugged. “Hardly as eventful as yours. Me and Evan watched a movie at his house. Same old, same old,” Marty said, glad to see her brother seemed a bit happier than he had earlier. “Hey, where’s your car? It’s not in the driveway,” Marty asked, her eyes back on her computer.

Marsh smiled as his sister described the ‘same old, same old’ night she had. It sounded like a lovely night to him. When she inquired about the car, he looked out the front bay window for confirmation. “What?” Marsh asked rhetorically and then looked back at Marty. “Oh, yeah, I guess I kinda left it at school when I… played hooky with Trixie. Shh, don’t don’t tell mom.” He whispered and put his finger to his lips with a smirk. “Well… dang, this sucks.”

The elder Radley smiled, and shook her head. “You could always ask Jaaaaaaamie for a ride,” Marty teased. “I’d say you could ride with me and Evan, but I wouldn’t subject you to that,” Marty said, smirking as she clicked and dragged. “Plus, asking for a ride is like peak flirting. It’s how you test their loyalty y’know? Will he pick you up in your moment of need? Only put out if it’s a yes,” Marty said, laughing at her own words of wisdom.

Marshall laughed as well and rolled his eyes dramatically. “Such sagely advice, sister dearest.” Despite the apparent sarcasm in his words, he considered the advice. It wasn’t bad, it was actually really good. Marshall retrieved his phone from his pocket and hammered out a quick text to Jamie to ask for a ride. He poured a bowl of cereal for himself and sat down across from Marty. Just as he spooned a mouthful of cereal, his phone buzzed with a response. Marshall quickly snatched it up and the corners of his mouth turned up. He pulled the spoon out of his mouth and held it up triumphantly and swallowed before speaking. “Well, it’s a yes.”

@Doc Doctor

The Join Status of this RP is full, we are no longer reviewing or accepting character sheets from new writers. Ezzy is not accepted, I'm sorry you took the time to write a sheet only to get it denied, but it is usually RP etiquette to message a GM before submitting a CS to join a full RP. Upon reviewing this sheet, I'm also leaning towards the belief that this sheet wasn't even submitted seriously, and if that is the case and this was simply a troll post/meme, I hope you have better luck roleplaying elsewhere.

~GM Silent

A @Silent Observer & @Smarty0114 Collab
Featuring: Marshall “I’m Wet” Radley & Jamie “That You Are” Callaghan
Setting: Flashback to the end of the Tuesday night party

“Okay.” Marshall’s response lingered between the boys. He was still hung up on the magic of the moment. Kissing Jamie was everything he had wanted and more. His face was flushed pink with heated desire and his fingers were still tangled in the other boy’s sandy-colored locks. Despite the blush in his cheeks, Marshall was still soaking wet, and when the seabreeze picked up in a gust, it ran through him and caused him to shiver. “I’m wet… and f-freezing.” Marsh remarked somewhat poutily and slowly took his fingers out Jamie’s hair and wrapped his arms around himself. He regretted the lack of touch as soon as he did so, but he needed to dry off and get warm soon, or he might die.

Jamie chuckled, grinning over at his...boyfriend? That was a conversation for later. “That you are,” Jamie said, grabbing one of Marshall’s hands and pulling him toward the stairs. “There’s some giant dryers up here, for people and their clothes. How’d you get so wet anyway?” Jamie asked, his hand intertwined with Marshall’s now.

“Oh yeah, Kit told me about them.” Marsh responded when Jamie mentioned the dryers. He was then distracted by Jamie taking his hand to guide him forward up the stairs. His romantic heart was sent aflutter when their fingers intertwined and he once again found his body overcome by the drug-induced electric tingles that skin-to-skin contact caused. He looked down at their clasped hands and bit at his bottom lip, content, but suddenly finding that he wanted more than that. Jamie pulled him from his momentary lustful lapse in thought with another question. “Oh… I, uhm, kind of got tackled overboard. Into the ocean.”

Jamie cocked his head to the side, one eyebrow raising in a show of confusion. “How does that even happen?” the blond asked, thoroughly unaware that his own sister had been in a similar situation that night as well. As he stood there, awaiting some sort of explanation, he looked Marshall up and down. He was soaked, head to toe, yet somehow, it felt to Jamie like he was looking at the most perfect boy in the world. Maybe it was the champagne, or the recent flood of dopamine to his brain. Whatever it was, Jamie was smitten. That was clear from one look at the boy’s face. He was supposed to be listening to a story. Instead, he was ‘miring.

“I dunno, by being tall, I guess?” The candy boy tried to explain the situation that led to him being in this state of wetness. “Honestly… I might be a lot a bit high right now, because I ate something that looked like candy but it definitely wasn’t, and when I saw the ocean it looked soooo pretty. So I was looking over the railing, and then Kit came outta nowhere, and she’s short and I’m tall so like, I totally just went over the edge when she ran into me. We both did. It was awful because there could have been jellyfish and I’m really terrif—” Marshall was rambling a little, but that halted when he noticed Jamie’s gaze. Was he just… blatantly checking him out? It was a no shame, head to toe once over. Marshall stood up a little straighter and smirked with confidence.

“You aren’t even listening!” He teased and crossed his free arm over his chest to block the view somewhat. “If you like what you see, we can continue this after I get dry.” Marshall said suggestively and then turned to head up the stairs, taking slow, careful steps meant to entice the boy trailing behind him. Marsh might be high, but he still knew what he was doing. Now that he’d finally caught Jamie’s eye, he’d do his best to make sure that he would never look away again.

Jamie laughed, holding his hands up in mock surrender. “You got me,” he said, grinning as he turned to follow Marshall. He remembered this feeling, the elation that followed an exciting new romance. The hunger, the desire to know everything about them. It was difficult, even for Jamie, a relatively mild-mannered guy, to stand there and watch Marshall just be himself. He wanted to push him up against a wall and make out with him, but he also wanted to hear about his hopes and dreams and… Jamie was head over heels. He felt like he did with AJ. God that was so long ago. Taking a deep breath, pushing this sudden realization away for the time being, he followed Marshall up the stairs, definitely trying not to check out his ass, and definitely failing. What? It’s a good ass.

Marshall knew better. You know how you can tell when someone is looking at you? They can practically burn holes into you with their gaze. Yeah, well, his ass was hot, so he could tell that his bait had been taken, and that knowledge pleased him greatly. Had he been sober, he would probably have tried to look over his shoulder and feign being coy, but instead he was focusing on not doing something foolish, like tripping up the steps. Once he reached the top, he looked around and found what he assumed could only be the fabled “people dryers”.

Marsh had never used a people dryer before, but there didn’t appear to be any special controls or anything, so he just looked over to Jamie, shrugged, and then stepped right on in. As soon as he did, the dryers kicked on and warm air rushed all around him. It felt heavenly. For a moment, Marshall just stood there and enjoyed the warmth with his eyes closed and a pleased, sleepy smile painted on his face. He then held out his arms and turned around in slow circles — he wasn't sure if that helped at all, but he did it anyway — hoping to speed the clothes drying process. All in all, it didn’t take that long before Marshall stepped back outside, with his clothes drier and his hair considerably more fluffy than it had been previously. Jamie was waiting for him, and now it was his turn to ogle his crush, and Marsh did so with just as little shame. “So, where were we? Shall we pick back up on that… maybe somewhere quieter this time?”

Jamie looked up from his phone at Marshall, who was back to looking like his usual, impossibly sexy self. Standing up and nodding excitedly, he grinned. “I would love that,” he said, having lost his infatuation with the party long ago. He wanted to be away from all these people, to have time to just… be. He’d been playing the game all day. He was ready to give it a rest, and if that meant a bit more making out, well, then that was okay too.

The chestnut-haired boy beamed at that response. That was easier than he expected and, more importantly, Jamie said that he would love it. There were so many possibilities that could happen behind closed doors, and Marsh wanted all of them. Well, maybe not all of them, not yet at least. He’d want to be sober and totally himself if they were to go all the way, but there were plenty of other options before crossing that bridge. “Excellent!” Marshall replied and took Jamie’s hand back in his own once again. He pulled them over the the nearest unoccupied room, seeing many occupied sets of names along the way, some of them were very interesting combinations, too! After signing his name on the tablet in his signature curly loops, Marshall backed in through the doorway and tugged eagerly at Jamie’s hand with a sly smile on his face.

Jamie smirked and followed Marshall in through the doorway, pulling the shorter boy in for another, much needed kiss as the door shut behind them. As their lips pressed together, the duo fell back onto the bed, causing a laugh to burst from Jamie’s mouth as he lay on top of Marshall. Despite his amusement, Jamie kept his face close to Marshall’s, his lips still locked with those of the boy beneath him, a deep, passionate kiss that sent the blond reeling. Was it even possible to have a kiss this great? Apparently it was.

Amazing, it was as if Jamie had read his mind. Marsh had stepped backwards as the fair-haired boy kissed him fiercely. He felt the back of his knees hit a soft edge before the both of them fell back onto the comfortable bed at the far end of the room. Jamie laughed into the kiss and the moment felt so real and natural and pure that Marshall’s heart soared in his chest. Everything about this felt right, especially the feeling of being pinned down by the weight of Jamie. That felt very right. Marshall gasped softly against Jamie’s lips and tilted his hips upwards with his hands at Jamie’s waist, wanting to be closer in every way possible. His fingers trailed up Jamie’s hips, his waist, his ribs, his chest. Marshall savored every curve of the other boy’s body through the thin linen fabric, thanking god in that moment for the blessing that button up shirts were. Especially this dark blue button up, that fit Jamie perfectly snug and made his blue eyes look like shimmering aquamarine gems. When Marshall had to stop for a breath, he rested his head against the bed and recalled what Jamie had said moments before he had kissed him for the first time tonight, and responded to it without any explanation of what he was talking about. “It was the same for me, you know.”

Jamie looked down at Marshall, struck by how perfectly fitting this moment was. He felt so incredibly right, as if, in the simulation of his life, he had ended up right here, every time. At Marshall’s statement, he returned from his thoughts, his head turning ever so slightly, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “Huh?” Jamie asked, his brain muddled by hormones and lust.

“The interview.” Marshall clarified as he stared up at the object of his affection. He looked even cuter when he was confused, which made Marshall smile, and then laugh quietly. He didn’t mean to be confusing, but even he was able to understand that his trains of thought were probably hard to follow in this state. Marshall would try his best to be clearer, because he wanted to tell Jamie these things… he needed to tell him. “It was the same for me when you interviewed me. That’s when I knew I wanted you too, even if it was selfish, because you and AJ hadn’t been broken up for that long. I knew those wounds might still be fresh, but I wanted you anyway, and I was trying my hardest to charm your pants off in that interview. Uhm, figuratively… mostly.” Marshall grinned demurely at that. He then reached his right hand up to run his fingers through Jamie’s hair and smiled contentedly. “I like that you’ve grown your hair out, too. It’s super hot, like, I didn’t even know I had a thing for longer hair until it was literally everything on you.” Marsh was vaguely aware that he was rambling affectionately at this point, but it was truthful rambling.

Jamie grinned as Marshall showered him with affection, his face flushing red. AJ had never been one to say stuff like that. He was passionate, but simple affection had never been his strength. Marshall though, Marshall did it right. Jamie leaned down, and kissed him, once, then again, a silent thank you. Soon, two kisses became another, and another, and soon Jamie was kissing his neck, running a hand up his shirt, feeling the muscles that Marshall had built over the years. It was going perfectly, until his phone rang. Rolling his eyes and sighing, Jamie let his head fall onto Marshall’s chest, before fishing his phone out of his pocket to see a picture of Katie, grinning in a sombrero and aviators, on his lock screen.

“Tell me it’s good Katie. Please tell me there is a very good reason for calling me right now,” Jamie said, his free hand absentmindedly running over Marshall’s chest. Marshall, being the way he was, got a little bratty over the fact that Jamie had answered his phone. Simply put, the drama king didn’t like when he wasn’t the center of attention, so he made sure that Jamie would have trouble focusing on his conversation by rolling them both over so that he was now hovering above the blond.

“So I take it the Marshall talk went well?”

Marshall smirked upon hearing his own name through the phone against Jamie’s ear. That meant that, in some form, Jamie had planned this evening out enough for his sister to know about it beforehand. This confirmation that he was wanted was enough to take the edge off of the bratiness, but Marshall still felt amped up on hormones and mischief, so leaned down to kiss Jamie’s throat as he spoke.

“I’m still waiting.”

The distracting kisses didn’t stop. Marsh kissed down Jamie’s neck and along his collar bone. When he ran out of exposed flesh to press his lips against, Marshall made more by undoing a few buttons of Jamie’s shirt.

“Oh my Christ, you’re an asshole. The boats about to dock, and I have a very drunk Noah here with me. Can you put it back in your pants so we can go?”

“Noah? Drunk? Okay, I’ll meet you by where we came in,” Jamie said, before hanging up.

Looking over at Marshall, he sighed. “So, as it seems, duty calls,” Jamie said, rolling his eyes before slowly sitting up, running a hand through his sexed up hair. “Do you need a ride? Trixie’s long gone, but I brought my car,” Jamie offered.

Marshall heard the questions, but he didn’t respond to them right away. He was distracted by the sight of Jamie being nearly shirtless before him — not only because he was nearly shirtless, but because his stomach was littered with fresh purple bruises. Touching the discolored skin softly with his fingertips, Marshall looked up to Jamie with dilated eyes that were blown wide with concern. “Oh my god, Jamie, what happened?” He pressed his palm flat against Jamie’s abdomen and asked the even harder question, “did… did Owen do this too? You didn’t go back, did you?”

Jamie looked down at his chest, the bruises having become an afterthought to the wild events of the night. He looked back up at Marshall and pulled his shirt closed, buttoning it back up. “Do you remember that story I wrote about Jeremy and Kris? The one where I broke the whole cheating thing? Well, he wasn’t too happy about it,” Jamie said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Really, it’s fine. Owen actually helped me. There were like four dudes and Owen handled them and made me look like a completely incapable gay, just like every movie made in the early 2000’s,” Jamie said, his tone of voice bordering on annoyance. He didn’t like being reminded of Owen or his black eye or his bruised chest. He didn’t like being reminded of how helpless everyone probably thought he was, all because he didn’t play football and screw girls, even though his dad had taught him to fight better than most of the assholes at Beverly Hills Hellhole. “Do you need a ride?” Jamie asked, his tone reverting to the soft, affectionate one that had been present only seconds ago.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” Marshall stammered, instantly feeling guilty at Jamie’s annoyed tone. Did he push him too far when he was on the phone? Or was it something he said? His inebriated mind swarmed with what ifs and what if nots, but at the forefront of them all, he just really didn’t want to mess this up. Marshall was having a marvelous night, and he’d never forgive himself if he just ruined it.

“I’m glad he was there to help you… that sounds more like m—” Marshall caught himself before he finished that statement. My Owen? Did he really almost say that out loud? Owen wasn’t his… his best friend, maybe… but he wasn’t even that anymore. “Uh, him. That sounds more like him.” Marsh chewed at his lip and brought his eyes to meet Jamie’s again. His face softened and he brought his hand up to Jamie’s cheek and brushed his thumb across it. “I, for one, think you are a very capable gay. My favorite capable gay.” Marshall beamed a smile at him. “And I would love a ride… we better go, before your sister accuses us of having done something disreputable to make her wait.” He said with a quick wink and stood up, holding his hand out to Jamie expectantly.

Location: The Helmsley Boat Party

A highschool boat party, what could be better? Sure, it was on a Tuesday night, which was far from ideal… and Val had to lie to her parents to attend this event, which she really didn’t like doing either. Lying to her parents, that is, not attending events. She was only fifteen and she really didn’t have any business being at a drunk fest at sea, but everyone else was going, and that meant her crush would most definitely be there too. Not to mention, it was a party at sea, which was Valerie’s favorite place to be.

As far as Val’s parents were concerned, she was having a sleepover at her good friend Mallory’s house, since they could stay up late with tomorrow being a late start day at school and all. It was the perfect alibi, especially because Mallory’s parents were cool and would cover for her if her parents called them. Said cool parents were also the ones that drove Mallory and Val to this party, and would be driving them back to their house afterwards to make sure the girls were safe and able to make it to school the next day. The Sheffields, Mallory’s rents, were liberal folk, the kind that believed that the best way to raise their children was to let them experience the world without censorship, to live and learn from the mistakes that they might make, which was why they trusted the girls to attend this fiesta. They were good girls, they could be trusted to make at least halfway decent decisions.

Valerie’s decision making was currently lying in the bottom of one to many glasses of coke and vanilla vodka. That is to say, she probably couldn’t make a good decision to save her life at this point. Thanks to her heritage, Valerie was a lightweight, and right about now she would be rocking the so-called “asian flush” if not for her darker complexion. The amount of her intoxication could only be seen through her eyes, drunken swagger, and slurred speech.

Drunk or not, Val was still doing her best to rock the dancefloor. The DJ was spinning a fly hip hop tune that she could shake what her momma gave her to. When the beat dropped, so did she, taking her toned backside down to the floor and twerking her way back up to a standing position. Val was wearing acid washed jean shorts over a back crop top bikini, which revealed her still-secret turquoise anchor belly ring, and the tassels of her bikini top swung around as she spun on the dancefloor. Valerie had started the night off a little bit chilly, but she had since worked up a sweat, as beads of it were now trailing down her back.

The best way to cool down would be to take to the water. As much as she loved the ocean, Val recognized her own inebriation enough to decide that jumping overboard wouldn’t be wise. Instead, she wandered off the dancefloor in search of the pool. She’d heard about there being a pool. A pool on a boat, what fun!

Location: The Rothstein Residence

The scent of rosemary and sage wafted throughout Dahlia’s bedroom. The girl sat at her writing desk along with a set of three lit cream-colored, unscented candles of different heights, as well as a carved incense tray depicting a circle of psychedelic-looking mushrooms meant to mimic faerie ring, at the center of which the source of the fragrant aroma was smoking.

On the desk before her, Dahlia was scrolling out notes on a tablet. Dahlia valued the art of handwriting, and preferred to write most of her essays, blog posts, and other assignments in this manner. The tablet translated her beautiful script handwriting into digital typeface document on her computer in real time using a wireless connection. Doll paused in her writing to reference the two open hardcover books on astrology to her left, tracing her index finger along the pages and nodding to herself as she read. She was still learning the star-based occult science, and she frequently sought out reference material to ensure that she was putting out the best and most accurate predictions that she was capable of. Dahlia Rothstein was nothing if not a respectable, studious witch.

After writing a few more lines in her project, Dahlia sat back in her office chair and studied the wall in front of her desk. On that wall, there was a screen that currently depicted last night’s starry sky. Dahlia flicked her wrist in the air and the screen switched to sky of the night before last. She pondered for a moment, contemplating the constellations, and then flicked her wrist again to go back to the previous night.

Wooden beads rattled as someone passed through her bedroom door, followed by a soft knock on the door frame. Dahlia looked up from her writing, a dark chestnut curl that had been tucked behind her right ear came loose as she did so. Upon seeing the guest in her hippie-style beaded doorway, she offered up a soft smile. “Hi papá,” she greeted loud enough to be heard over the native-inspired flute music that was playing through the sound system in her room.

Judah scanned the area, taking in the full scene, before smiling at his oddball daughter. “Going full Brujita tonight, huh?” He remarked in a teasing tone.

Dahlia responded with a shrug and a grin. “Aren’t I always? ...what’s up?”

Her father made his way over to her bed and sat down at the corner of it comfortably. “I was just coming to see if you were home. I figured you might be hanging out with Brian since he’s back, Ryan said he was throwing some big party tonight. Why aren’t you there?” Judah asked, tilting his head curiously.

“You knowww I don’t like parties, papá,” Dahlia responded, spinning her rolling chair around so that he could see the way she rolled her eyes at the statement. Alcohol wasn’t her thing, and there was sure to be a lot of drinking at the impromptu Helmsley bash. If she wanted to hang out with her fellow wealthy weirdo and childhood friend, she could do so another time, under more preferable circumstances.

“Yeah, yeah, I know… sometimes I question if you’re even my daughter.” Judah said jokingly.

Doll crossed her arms saucily and smirked. “Maybe I’m the milkman’s, wouldn’t that serve you right?”

Her father’s eyes narrowed as he considered the implication that Mia had slept with someone else to produce his beloved Brujita. Mia would never, she knew better, even if he didn’t follow his own demands for monogamy. “We never had a milkman, you’re my little girl, for better or for worse.” He stood up from his perch on Dahlia’s bed to go look over her shoulder. “Whatcha working on?”

“My first week of January’s horoscopes for the school newspaper. I have to turn them in to Trixie tomorrow afternoon.” Dahlia explained as she rolled back around to face her desk once again.

“Ahh… you sound busy. Too busy to join me for burgers and shakes at the Diner, then?” Judah asked in a tone that very much sounded like a sleazy salesman to offer up a deal that she ‘absolutely could not refuse’.

Dahlia smiled wide, because that was a pretty decent offer. The Sunshine Diner had the best non-dairy black raspberry shakes, and her father knew that they were her favorite She was also incredibly hungry after working for so long, brain power could really burn calories, so a burger sounded divine right then. “Never too busy for that, papá!”

A @Melissa & @Silent Observer Collab
Featuring: Savannah “Texas” Matthews & Trevor “Dopey Jock” Wells
Location: Bow → The Game Room
Special Guest: Josie “Emergency Situation!” Erickson @Kitty

Tucked into a corner towards the bow of the boat, Savannah and Trevor had found the perfect spot to continue chatting. The seabreeze seemed to lull the sounds of the party, and allowed for them to enjoy each other's company without the blaring music ruining the moment. And what a moment it was! The stars were bright and visible over the water, the air was cool (but not too chilly), and Savvy was having a great time with her redheaded suitor. What more could she ask for?

Brushing a lock of red hair out of her eyes, Savannah segued the conversation to a new topic. “So what was the beginning of high school like for you? Have you always hung out with the same people, or…?” She truly wanted to learn more about Trevor, and she knew she couldn’t pass up this golden opportunity to do so, but at the same time she was attempting not to sound too interview-y. The inner journalist in her was itching to ask so many questions, but she didn’t want to dig too deep. After all, she only had so many chances to make an impression, and the last thing she wanted to come off as was nosy.

Contented. That was the best way to describe how Trevor felt in that moment. In fact, he had never felt more content in his young life. A nice chilled brew in hand, the sounds of his classmates enjoying themselves in the distance, the beautiful sight of the ocean and night sky before him, and an even more beautiful girl beside him. Trev had his muscular left arm resting comfortably around her shoulders. Absentmindedly, his thumb brushed the skin of her shoulder, savoring the softness. He wondered if all girls felt this soft, or if it was a Savannah exclusive. Either way, he considered himself quite lucky for it.

“Beginning high school wasn’t much different from middle school… except for being able to join varsity. But yeah, my core friend group has pretty much been the same since moving here — Damian, Owen, and Brian, we all kind of grew up together. Not just school either, our families are really close. I try to make friends with everyone, though, I don’t think there is a single person in BHHS that I can’t get along well with. How about you, what was freshman Texas Savvy like?” Trevor responded before looking over at her with a curious grin.

Sav tried not to erupt into laughter, but she couldn’t help it. Instead of opting to make herself seem cooler than she actually was, a common theme among the people whom she’d met here in Beverly Hills, she let the truth spill out like it was nothing. “Freshman Savvy was lame. Yeah, she was pretty lame,” The laughter she was trying to hold in escaped as she remembered how awkward and quiet she was. Since then, she’d come out of her shell, but even remembering how dorky she was made her cringe. “But I’d like to think I’ve moved on from my awkward stage…. that is unless I’m still in it and I just haven’t realized.” Another small laugh escaped her mouth, so she bit down on her bottom lip to cease her giggles.

Trevor chuckled alongside her. Savannah had a contagious kind of laughter. Soft and sweet, like windchimes in the summer. “You? Lame? …I don’t believe it.” Trev said with a teasing grin. He watched adoringly as she tried to bite back her giggles. She was cute. So cute. “Convince me otherwise. What was lame? Did you have braces with headgear or something? Highwater pants that couldn’t catch up with your height?”

“Braces, yes. Headgear, no, but I did get glasses freshman year and the three months where I had both were absolutely heinous.” Sav recalled with bashful smile, not believing that she was revealing this all to him. There was something about him that just made her so comfortable — she didn’t just tell these things to anyone. “I had to give this presentation in English class on Edgar Allan Poe, and one of my elastics snapped off while I was talking — there’s no convincing you that I wasn’t a dork, I’m sorry.” She smirked with a slight shake of her head, as she knew there was nothing he could say that would prove her wrong. “It sounds like you were the opposite of that — you were on varsity freshman year, how many people can say that? Pretty impressive if you ask me.” Savvy nudged him playfully as she commented on his not-lame achievements.

The red-haired boy beamed a grin and laughed beside her as she recounted her dorkier years. He tried to imagine her all awkward in glasses and braces, and only found himself growing more enamored. When she mentioned him being on varsity in freshman year, he shrugged it off humbly. It wasn’t that big of a thing in his eyes. “Both Dames and I went straight to varsity, football’s kind of our thing. Not really special or anything, just a couple of dopey jocks. And hey, you wanna know a secret?” Trev asked rhetorically and leaned in closer to speak softer to her. “I totally had braces in freshman year too.”

The hairs on Sav’s neck stood up as he leaned in closer. There wasn’t much distance in between their lips, and getting all flustered, she turned to the side and laughed. “I’m sure they looked great on you.” She replied, gaining the courage to turn her head back to look at him once more. “But still, even though it may be your thing, never downplay the fact you made varsity as a freshman. In Texas, that’s like one in a million!” Texans took football very seriously. Lawn signs and everything. Savannah blushed, realizing she would have never had the courage to talk to Trevor as a freshman in her awkward stage. But look at her now!

“I think you’re one in a million too, Texas.” Trevor responded smoothly. The words just, kind of tumbled out, all on their own. Even he was shocked that he said them, but, he didn’t regret it. In fact, he smiled confidently, feeling quite proud of himself. Clearing his throat, he spoke up again. “How about you, you play any sports?”


Sav cheeks grew rosier as her eyes bashfully darted towards the ground. It was like Trevor knew exactly what to say to give her butterflies! Trying to formulate words to his question, she cleared her throat and spoke, “Nope, I’m an athletic supporter, not an athlete. I tried playing sports, but Kindergarten soccer was an absolute trainwreck so I hung up my cleats for eternity. Not the sporty type.” Savvy explained. She’d rather write about sports than participate in them!

“Hmm…” The ginger boy mused at that. He looked over to her with a smirk, his thumb still absently tracing circles into her shoulder as he did. “Maybe soccer just wasn’t the right sport for you. How about we go see what games they have in the game room? You might have an undiscovered talent.” Or, this was simply an excuse for them to have some fun and spend more time together.

“I highly doubt it, but let’s go find out!” Savannah replied enthusiastically. As much as she enjoyed sitting here cozily with him (spoiler alert: she really enjoyed it), this was a party! They needed to go and do something fun and active and the game room was a great way to do so. Taking the last sip of her Angry Orchard, she stood up and placed the empty bottle on one of the tables and extended her now free hand towards Trevor. “I would lead the way, but I don’t know where it is.”

“I do.” Trevor said with a smile and happily took her extended hand in his. Of course he knew where it was, this wasn’t his first time hanging out on the Helmsley yacht, and it certainly wouldn’t be his last. Especially now that Bri was back. Thankfully, by the time the innocent ginger pair had made it down to the game room, the naked card game had already concluded, so there was no need for any more blushing than was usual for the two of them together. Trev’s eyes scanned the room for options, “Looks like there is pool, pong, foosball, darts, air hockey… whatcha feeling?”

Savannah pondered their options carefully, gazing around the room at the different games surrounding them. She already knew she wasn’t a pool shark — they have a pool table in the basement of her father’s house and she loses every time they play — so that was a no-go. The pong table looked crowded, and darts sounded dangerous and she didn’t feel like stabbing Trevor in the eye. She also didn’t feel like hitting any of her limbs against the foosball table pegs. Air hockey it was! “I’m thinking air hockey, that good with you?” Savvy stated, motioning to the table in the corner of the room.

“Sounds great!” Trev agreed and led her over to the air hockey table. He still held her hand as they made their way through the chatting and gaming groups of their classmates. He had no desire to let go of her hand, but he’d probably have to if they were going to play games. They arrived at their destination and Trevor turned to face her with a cheeky grin. “Now don’t be intimidated, but you’re about to play against a bonafide hockey player. Did you bring your competitive spirit?”

“You’re kidding me… is there a sport you don’t play?” Sav replied in disbelief. Not only did he play football, but he was agile and athletic enough to translate that all to the ice! Trevor seemed to do it all. Grabbing one of the paddles and the puck, she continued speaking. “But yes, competitive spirit is ready and raring to go and — oh look, what’s over there?” Attempting to trick him into looking away, Sav began the game whether he was ready or not… it was going to be her funeral, so she may as well score some points while she could! The puck soared from her side of the table to his, clinking into the goal.

Huh? As gullible as a school boy, Trevor’s gaze followed where she pointed, curious to see what had caught her attention so suddenly. Upon seeing nothing of note, the realization clicked. She wouldn’t. The clack of the plastic puck bouncing off the back side of his air hockey goal and the dinging sound of the table recording the scored point confirmed that, yes, she would. “Ohhh, I see how it is. Dirty plays, Texas, dirty plays.” Trevor replied with a chuckle and stepped up to guard his goal properly.

The red-haired boy retrieved the puck and repositioned it to start a new round. He went back to her initial, most likely rhetorical, question and answered it. “I’m pretty terrible at basketball.” He admitted. Damian beat him nearly every time they shot hoops together, but that didn’t keep him from playing on occasion. He wasn’t much good at golf either, but who was besides old rich white dudes? “But yeah, I love hockey. It’s more of a hobby, since ya know, Cali schools don’t really have ice rinks. I miss the cold from back home, so I like to skate at the public rink downtown when I can.” Trev knocked his striker into the puck and sent it gliding towards Savannah’s side.

Savannah couldn’t help but laugh at Trevor and how easily deceived he was. His clueless reaction was absolutely adorable, which made her laugh even harder. With a shrug, she tossed her hair over her shoulder dramatically and dissolved into a smile. “Can’t let you win that easily.” Knocking the puck against the left side of the table, it soared near the goal, but not close enough to score. “Hockey seems cool, lots of moving parts, but I can definitely see why you love it.” Sav commented, blocking her goal with the paddle so that he would have a harder time scoring. “Skating seems hard though, admittedly I’ve never been, but I’m sure when you get that down it’s a lot easier to focus on the game.”

The puck passed back and forth between them a few times until Trevor sent it sailing toward Savannah’s unguarded goal. Sure, he could take it easy and try to let her win, but he was far too competitive of a person for that. Nice guy or not, sport was sport, and that was the fun of competition. No one wanted easy wins, it’s only fun when you have to work for your gains. “Wait… you’ve never been skating? Really?” Trev looked up as the table dinged another scored point. It was a 1 — 1 tie so far.

Sav watched as the puck sailed towards her, and before she had the chance to block it, it slipped into the goal. “Nice shot.” She congratulated him, placing the piece back on the table to continue the game. “Nope, never. I’ve never seen snow, so the thought to go skating has never really crossed my mind. And even if it has, I guess I’ve just never gotten around to it.” The female redhead admitted, hitting the puck back towards Trevor. Skating wasn’t big in Texas, like, at all.

“Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Trevor remarked, feeling a little bit foolish that he hadn’t considered where she came from. Texas was a lot like California, except, even hotter… and way more conservative. So of course she’d never skated! “Winter sports were really big in Colorado. Man, when I was little I wanted to snowboard so bad but my mom wouldn’t let me. Too dangerous, she said. I had these big dreams of growing up to be the next CR — and now we go to school with his kid! Times change.” He laughed lightly knocked the puck so that it bounced against the wall and angled towards Savvy. “I could take you, if you’d like to learn how to skate. I could teach you, it’s a lot of fun.” That, and she’d probably look gorgeous gliding across the ice, all bundled up with a hat and gloves like a proper snow bunny.

Savvy’s lips curled up into an excited smile. Ice skating with Trevor sounded like something out of a romance novel — it was fun, intimate, and she’d get to hold onto him for support. Instead of agreeing right away, however, she decided be a little more flirtatious. “On one condition.” She stated, leaving a large pause in between her words. During her pause, she looked down at her striker and knocked the puck straight into his open goal. “Promise you won’t let me fall?” She asked, looking back up at him with her bright green eyes.

“I would nev—” Trevor began to assure her that he wouldn’t let her fall, but he was cut off by the sound of her scoring yet another goal via distraction. Trev looked down at his own hand, as if it was the one that betrayed him, and his mouth dropped open in shock. He looked back up to his adorable, sneaky little fox of an opponent. “Well, for that, I just might let you fall at least once.” He winked and shook his head with a grin, reaching down for the puck again.

After running around half the boat, getting weird looks from everyone she passed, Josie finally spotted her favorite redheads. For a moment she stopped and looked at the two of them because damn they looked cute right now, but she was going to have to ruin that. Josie was their biggest supporter but Josie needed her best friend right now, it was an emergency level situation. She’d apologize to them both later, but until then she’d be taking her favorite of the two redheads with her.

Speed walking to where the two stood, Josie only looked to Savannah and reached over grabbing her hand, “Emergency situation. I need to borrow you, like right now.” Her internal freaking out was slowly leaking out and she knew Savannah would be able to see it clear as day. As Josie pulled her friend away from the other redhead she simply looked to him and gave him a curt nod, “Hi Trevor. Bye Trevor. I’ll return your date in a bit.” With that Josie lead them to a quiet place that was lacking in people, one where Josie could fully freak out to her friend.

Sav knew right off the bat that something was wrong, but before she could say ‘hello’ or even ‘how’s your night been’ to Josie she was being pulled away from her redheaded boy faster than a tractor pulled hay. “Oh, um okay, I—” She started to babble in a state of confusion and turned to Trev, guilt written all over her face. “Sorry, duty calls. I’ll be back, I promise.” The ginger apologized to him as she attempted to keep up with her friend’s urgent pace. “I’ll find you!” Was the last thing she could manage to say before disappearing with Josie entirely into one of the side rooms that lacked people and music.

“Take your time!” Trevor called out from behind them as the two girls scampered off. He chuckled and shook his head in amusement. Pondering what to do now that it was just him, he pulled out his phone to text Savannah: I’m going to go see what Rye’s up to, text me if you can’t find me later.. He tucked his phone back in his pocket and wandered out of the game room in search of his brother, who he hadn’t seen all night.


It's hard to tell exactly when it will come up, because the progression of events in character depends on how much time we writers have to actually write through them. But, currently it is January 10th-ish IC, and Spring Break will be around the first week of April IC. If I am giving an honest estimate, it will probably be at least a few months in real time before we get to that point in character.

~ GM Silent


Thanks for your interest, but this roleplay is currently closed for new writers. We may be opening up applications later on in the IC school year, perhaps around Spring Break, when we feel that it would be a better time for new characters/writers to join in. But for now this roleplay is still at "Full"/closed status. If we open up a Season 2 of BHHS, feel free to create a character and apply at that time.

~ GM Silent

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