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"A single grain of rice can tip the scales." The Emperor, Mulan
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"Honestly, I'm convinced the best of me is the worst of me. Believe me, I've tried, but I just can't seem to fight against the tides and undertow that drag me down." FIATP
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"Some say a comet will fall from the sky. Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves. Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits." TOOL
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Collab Featuring: Dixon@Silent Observer & Katie & Noah@smarty0114
Mentions: Owen@Universorum
Day: Tuesday Morning
Location: Mrs. Winship’s Homeroom

A haunting C sharp rang out through the practice room as Johnny Dixon played the final note of his original piece, one that he was planning to perform at the upcoming drama club’s fundraising talent show. It still needed a lot of work, and much like the boy who composed it, the piece was imperfect, and finicky. The mood wasn’t right, and it certainly wasn’t illustrating his emotions properly. Not that Dixon would own up to it, but this was because he wasn’t admitting the emotions that he was trying to portray to himself yet. The melody felt trapped, and that’s what would make it beautiful to any outsider that might hear him playing. It was trapped, just like he was. There was emotion and passion in the music, it just wasn’t what he had meant for it to be — it was better, but he would never see it that way.

Being a creator was maddening at times, so it was no mystery to JD as to why many of the greats fell prey to their insanities. He could relate. Sighing, JD pulled his bow away from the A string and let the room fall into deafening silence. It was peaceful, for a moment. That was what this was meant to be… peaceful. Even when Dixon didn’t have a talent show to prepare for, he spent most mornings alone in the practice room with his beloved Ella. This regular morning practice, like taekwondo, had been recommended by Dr. Thomas. He said that routines could be healthy, that they were a calming constant to a mind so frequently wrapped up in chaos.

JD placed Ella and her bow in a velvet-lined case with an intimate, delicate touch. Everything about JD’s music and artistry stood in stark contrast to the turbulent way that he lived the rest of his life. When the case was clasped closed, the gentle part of himself was shut away for the day. He was in the process of placing his viola in one of the many metal compartments in the instrument locker room when the door a few feet away burst open. He tilted his head back enough past the locker door to see the familiar frame of one particular upperclassman drama star. The cute one.

No! Not the cute one... What? Just like he shut the metal locker in front of him, JD slammed that thought to the back of his mind. It was curious, though, that Marshall was back here at this time of day. Usually the only people JD ran into here at this hour were fellow band geeks and orchestra nerds. His cat-like curiosity got the best of him, and he wandered over to the practice room that the taller boy had holed himself up in.

Standing on his tiptoes, Dixon peeked through the small window just in time to see Marshall forcefully kick the single chair in the center of the practice room towards the back corner. Yikes. That kind of rage was familiar, JD could both sympathize and relate to it. Briefly, he considered walking in and seeing if there was anything that he could do to help — but the popular drama king was then quickly reduced to a crying heap on the floor. Double yikes. Dixon immediately ducked back down so that he was flat on his feet once more. He felt guilty that he had so blatantly intruded on what seemed to be a very personal moment. Part of him still wanted to help, but that would mean admitting to having seen the whole thing, which he wasn’t willing to do.

Instead of sticking around the music rooms to be caught as a spy, JD made his way towards homeroom. He was already late, but he was a straight A student (looks can be deceiving), so Mrs. Winship likely wouldn’t care. Not that she really cared regardless of your grades, but JD didn’t know that about her yet. This was his first semester with Winship as a homeroom teacher, and he’d missed homeroom yesterday, so he didn’t really know her quirks. Dixon paused in the doorway of the classroom, unsure of where to seat himself. He didn’t want to be a clingy younger brother and sit next to Trev, and he didn’t want to be the annoying freshman to sit by Owen, and he also didn’t really have that many other friends, so… this was a tough decision. Relenting to just sit by himself in proper emo fashion, Dixon attempted to slink towards the back of the room unnoticed.


Katie had stood up from her chair, waving at the boy, cheerful as ever. Her shout had drawn the attention of most of the class, leading Noah to put his head down, his face red from the attention Katie had brought to them. Katie however, couldn’t have cared less. She reveled in the attention she was receiving, even if her friend didn’t.

Dixon startled. Why on earth was someone yelling his name? The friendly version too, not JD, or Johnny. Dixon. He peeked up through a curtain of bright green and brown fringe to see Katie Callaghan, standing up from her chair and waving him over. Dixon ducked his head down and headed in that direction, if only to get her to sit back down and not be so… loud? JD didn’t like being at the center of attention, not even when he was on the stage playing. It was embarrassing. “Hi,” he greeted his theater friend meekly and took a seat.

Katie grinned, returning to her seat as JD headed over and sat down next to her and Noah. She liked JD, all things considered. She’d met him through drama club, seeing as how he was part of the orchestra, and as reluctant as he’d been to let her in, Katie was a persistent girl. She had made sure they became friends. “Dixon, this is Noah, I’m sure I’ve told you about him. Y’know, the one that does all the art? Noah, this is Dixon,” Katie said.

Noah was doing his best to blend in, up until Katie went and introduced him to her friend. Why did she always do that? His face still tinged pink, a reminder of the intense blush he’d had kicking moments ago. He brought his head up, his blue eyes halting on one… masterpiece. The first thing that Noah caught was his hair, bright green, radioactive almost. A warning sign that shouted “Noah! Don’t Touch!” but only made Noah want to touch him more. And the metal that poked out through the boy’s lips? Woah. This kid was just bursting at the seams with color and he was so… him. He didn’t give any fucks. Or at least, he didn’t seem like he did. Noah realized, after staring for what was probably way too long, that he hadn’t spoken yet. “Oh, uh, hi,” Noah said, trying his best not to panic, despite the telltale heat of blood rushing to his face.

At least Katie had stopped yelling when Dixon sat down, that was a relief. He hadn’t bothered to look at who was sitting next to her — JD made a habit of not really looking at people unless he was talking to them, and even then it was with limited eye contact, which was simply an odd social quirk that he had. Katie made quick work of forcing the young emo out of that by introducing whoever it was beside her. Noah... like the guy who loved animals and built a ship for them or whatever, Dixon recognized the name from previous conversations he’d had with her. By conversations, he mostly meant that she talked… and he listened. Katie was nice though, he liked Katie. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have come over here. JD looked up from his desk briefly to meet the eyes of this… oh wow, he didn’t look like some bible dude. Dixon’s gaze lingered for an uncharacteristically long couple of seconds before he focused it back at his hands atop the desk.

“Art’s cool.” Well, that was smooth. Was he trying to be smooth? No. Maybe… “I’m Dixon… or, JD. Dixon’s better though.” Like the last name of the Walking Dead guy, JD didn’t admit that, but if people associated him with being badass and killing zombies, that was cool with him.

Noah grinned, and looked down at the tile floor of their homeroom, doing his best to look away from this radioactive boy’s gaze. Two words, ‘Art’s cool,’ ran through his head, over and over. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! Noah’s stomach was doing flips, his heart was pounding, his palms were clammy. Was this radiation poisoning?

Katie on the other hand, was far from distressed by JD’s appearance, in fact, she’d long since stopped focusing too much on it. The kid dressed different and he dyed his hair bright colors. Big whoop. Instead she was focused on the more important things in life. Like where JD was gonna be tonight. “Dixon, you’re going to the Helmsley thing tonight, right? Me and Noah are going, we’ve gotta make sure my idiot brother doesn’t get his face pounded in,” Katie said, tilting her head over to where Jamie was sitting. Noah, having heard his name, looked up for a moment, clearly confused. “Oh I forgot to tell you. We’re going to the party,” Katie said, earning a resigned shrug from her friend. Noah had learned by now that Katie frequently got what she wanted.

“Helmsley thing?” Dixon looked up at Katie, meeting her eyes without much struggle. Katie was familiar enough of a person to get a full on look from JD, not just a sideways glance. He looked… confused. Although they were plastered all over the halls, he hadn’t seen the flyers. Dixon was often so far within his own head that he missed out on the happenings of his surroundings, especially when he had headphones in — which, he did this morning. “I mean, maybe? I’ve, uh… never been to a high school party before.” Or any party, really, besides a family gathering or birthday party.

What about Jamie’s face now? Dixon followed Katie’s gaze towards her brother, who was sitting at a table full of ladies, as per usual. The other token boy in that group wasn’t present. Weren’t they like… a thing, or something? JD remembered how angry he had seen Marshall earlier and his eyes widened… no way, that couldn’t be right… “Woah… w-who did that?”

“You’re kidding me, right? The Helmsley’s are throwing this party on their yacht. It’s gonna be wicked, I’m sure,” Katie explained, pulling a flyer out of her backpack and handing it to JD. “Jamie’s face? Owen Lyon.”

“What?!” Dixon hissed out in a shocked whisper, taking the flyer he was being handed without much thought. JD was close to the supposed perpetrator, very close. They sparred at the combat club all the time. They were friends. Owen’s dad was his mentor, one of his idols, even. “Owen, you’re sure?” He spoke quietly, his voice still colored with disbelief.

“Yeah, Jamie and him got into some scrap yesterday,” Katie said, careful not to hand out too many details. She knew Jamie’s job for Trixie was supposed to be on the downlow, and Katie didn’t want to blow his cover. “It’s not a big deal. But, what is a big deal, is the party. You’re coming, it’ll be ace, we’ll all have a good time,” Katie decreed, smiling. Noah shrugged, and chanced another glance at Dixon.

“Yeah, you should come,” Noah eeked out, trying to appear cool and collected, and landing somewhere closer to awkward and terrified.

Katie grinned. “See! Even Noah wants you to come! And how could you resist that pretty face?” Katie teased, nudging Noah playfully.

“Huh?” Dixon was thoroughly distracted from the fact his close friend might have beat some helpless kid up by the words ‘pretty’ and ‘face’ being used to describe this new acquaintance who did, in fact, have a pretty face. JD looked from Katie and then to Noah. A mistake, that was a mistake. He felt his lightly freckled cheeks grow warm in reaction to the other boy’s flushed expression. “Oh, yeah. It’s a... nice… face.” Holy crap, what? Move on, quickly! “Y-yeah, sure, I’ll go. I’ll, uhm, have to figure out what to tell my mom, though.” JD’s blushing increased tenfold and he kept his eyes on anything but Noah, or Katie, for that matter. What to tell his mom? Fuck, he was so lame…

Katie grinned, clapping her hands together with excitement. “Perfect! Just tell her you’re going to a study group and you’ll be home late. Works every time for me,” Katie said, seemingly unfazed by JD’s comment on Noah’s face.

Meanwhile, Noah had nearly died. He’d said he had a nice face. Wow. That was new. And exciting. And terrifying. And wow. He looked back up at Dixon, who’s attention was now held by Katie, and smirked ever so slightly. He could see the portrait he’d sketch the second he got a moment alone, of this boy, bright green spilling from everywhere, his mouth, eyes, nose, ears. Enchanting and dangerous. Radioactive.

Collab Featuring: Marshall@Silent Observer & Jamie@smarty0114 & AJ@Lovely Complex
Mentions: Owen & Ophelia@Universorum
Day: Tuesday Morning
Location: Halls of BHHS

Still clutching the box of tea in his hands as if it were the most precious gift ever received, Marshall made his way to his locker. He was thoroughly and completely shook by the entire encounter with Owen that had occured just moments ago. The bloody gauze, his own fear, Owen’s look of disgust, and the fact that Owen just so happened to have a box of his favorite tea on his person, or at least in his car. What did that mean? Were they still friends? Enemies? Something else? Marshall wanted them to still be friends, he missed Owen terribly, and he was going to do his best to fix this.

One step at a time, though. Apparently, Marshall had become quite good at making messes lately, and it would probably be best to try to clean them up one at a time, rather than just swinging a broom around blindly and attempting to get it all in one sweep. He was gonna fix things with Jamie first, as he had already made inebriated plans to do so. And then Owen. Closing his eyes and shaking his head, Marshall pulled out his phone to text his not-so hidden crush.

To: Jamie
meet me by my locker?

Marshall tapped the send button and immediately his stomach dropped. Oh shit. This was actually happening now. The Owen situation had been an unexpected distraction, but now he had just texted Jamie, and that meant that he would probably be coming soon. Their homeroom class was only just around the corner. Marshall spun the combination lock and opened his locker, at top speed, so that he could check his reflection. Gazing into the mirror, he messed with his hair until it looked as perfect as it possibly could.

Jamie felt his stomach lurch as his phone buzzed in his pocket, the tell tale sign of a new message. He fished the device from his pocket and swiped it open, examining the message from Marshall. Sighing, he stood up and left the classroom, weaving through the stream of his fellow students, nervously tapping out a beat on his leg.

He saw Marshall, looking into his mirror, messing with his hair. He couldn’t help the smirk that broke out across his face at the sight, a smirk that he quickly erased. Steeling himself, he walked over to the boy, biting his lip as the anxiety threatened to punch a hole straight through his chest. “Uh...hey,” he said, nervously rubbing the back of his neck, suddenly all too aware of his black eye, and every other imperfection he’d ever noticed on himself.

Marsh startled at Jamie’s voice. Embarrassed at having been caught amidst his coiffing, his cheeks grew warm. Despite that, he put on the the most stunning smile that he could muster before closing his locker to face the other boy. “Hi~” he greeted, still beaming.

Wait. Jamie’s face! Marshall’s smile quickly fell away, morphing into a look that closely resembled that of maternal concern. What happened to his eye? Without thought or reservation, Marshall stepped closer to him. Did Jamie get in fights? Marsh couldn’t recall that ever happening before. Jamie was a journalist, he certainly wasn’t a scrapper. Scrapping was Owen’s thing. Double wait. Owen… Marshall’s earlier conversation with the fighter played back in his mind at that moment. ‘... if I see him at the gym again. I’ll do more than what I did last time.’

“Oh my god!” Marshall gasped, his right hand dramatically flying up to his mouth in shock. Oh god, this was his fault! Owen did this because of him. Jamie was hurt because of him. There was no other explanation, at least not in Marshall’s mind. He was responsible for this.

Closing the distance between them, Marsh reached up towards Jamie’s cheek. With a touch softer than butterfly wings, Marshall’s fingertips barely grazed the skin just below Jamie’s injured eye. It was a far more intimate gesture than was likely appropriate, given the status of their relationship, but it was genuine. “Oh honey, what happened? What were you doing? What… what did you say to him?” He asked the questions in rapid succession, his eyes frantically scanning Jamie’s face for any other damage.

Jamie’s immediate instinct was to pull back, shying away from Marsh’s touch. He wasn’t exactly accustomed to people stroking his face, not since… well, not since AJ. His face grew warm at Marshall’s concern. God, this was embarrassing, showing up looking like he couldn’t hold his own in a fight.

“It’s nothing, really. Don’t worry about it,” Jamie said, suddenly taking an interest in his shoes. Looking back up, he met Marshall’s gaze, his face returning to it’s normal complexion. “You wanted to talk, so let’s talk,” he said, cutting straight to the point.

Marshall frowned when Jamie flinched away. He pulled his hand back to his chest and looked relatively ashamed. “... Sorry,” he apologized softly. When Jamie mentioned that it was nothing to worry about, Marsh disregarded that entirely. It was too late for that, he was already worried, and he planned to continue to worry until he smoothed things over with Owen. “Just keep your distance from Owen for a while, okay? He… he told me to tell you not to show up at the gym again, or it’d be worse. And I know I can’t tell you to do anything… but… please don’t go back?

The darker-haired boy chewed at his lip when Jamie wanted to switch the subject. Marshall didn’t blame him, he didn’t like how widely broadcasted his own encounter with Owen had been either. He understood not wanting to be seen as weak, and respected the desire to changes topics. “Right… I wanted to talk about what happened, at the party. Rather, what didn’t happen at the party. You ran off before I could explain it, so, please don’t run away this time. Okay?”

Jamie ran a hand through his sandy hair, sighing. Marshall’s words implied that maybe, just maybe, this conversation might have a happy ending. “Okay, I will try my best to stay right here,” Jamie said, smirking as he let his hair fall back down over his forehead.

The hand in his hair, his words, the smirk, the hair again. Cute, oh my god, he’s so cute. Marshall felt himself being distracted from his original goal in this conversation. Focus, Marshall, focus and you’ve got this. “Good,” he said, returning the smirk. Now what? All of this time to prepare, and Marshall hadn’t even rehearsed his lines. This wasn’t acting, it was real life, and that made it hard as fuck to talk about. “Uhm, so… well. I kind of… needed a moment? A moment to myself. After Owen.”

It was Marshall’s turn to awkwardly run his hand through his hair. He wasn’t about to admit to Jamie that he was crying in the closet. That would be mortifying. Still, he had to clear his name somehow. “I went in that closet alone, I didn’t want or ask anyone to come in with me. It was just bad timing that someone else did. Nothing happened.”

Jamie nodded, chewing his lip nervously.

Nothing may have happened in the closet, but something definitely happened in the hallway. In front of all who were rushing to homeroom. If these two boys weren’t so enthralled with one another, they, or at least Marshall, would’ve noticed their classmate, same year and all, striding down the hall, with the the morning light streaming behind him from the side doors that were propped open. He had a swagger that was out of this world. He knew he was the shit, and if you didn’t know he was the shit, you would soon find out that he was the shit. The light caused a halo effect around his head, and made his shampooed, chocolate hair stand out. One of his best features. How do you define this guy? Classy clothes, classy watch, classy ‘tude.


Without any hesitation, AJ Tyler, the notorious jock who did whatever the fuck he wanted, when he wanted, slid in front of the drama kid, making sure Marshall had a good sight of who was getting in between him and AJ’s ex-lover, and in one fluid motion, not even saying any words, he pulled Jamie into a kiss. Making sure his hand was in his ex-lover’s hair. The kiss was rough, long, and passionate. Seduction was child’s play in AJ’s world. The resistance would crumble once their lips joined. Whether Jamie wanted to admit it or not, he still had feelings for him, and AJ wasn’t going to stop until he had no other choice. Take it all in, babe.

Freeing Jamie from his grasp, AJ teasingly licked his lips, taking in the saliva left behind, before chuckling, “How’s my Wonder Boy doing?” Did Jamie break things off with him months ago? Absolutely. Was he going to stop with his advances? Not until Jamie showed signs he truly, deeply didn’t want him. AJ turned on his heel to acknowledge Marshall, “Oh, hey dude, how’s it going? I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important.” If he did, he didn’t care.

Shattered. Marshall looked on, wide-eyed, as Jamie’s gorgeous ex-boyfriend stepped in between them and full on kissed Jamie Callaghan. Marsh’s heart was in shattered pieces, and surely shards of it would move through his bloodstream and kill him right where he stood. God, he hoped so, he’d rather be dead than be standing here right now. Everything had been going so well, too! They were finally going to talk it out and have a storybook happily ever after love story. Except for that was never going to be the case, because Marshall was an idiot, and he had misread everything. Here he was, trying to apologise to his crush about a boy that he didn’t even kiss because he thought that he was offended by the thought that Marshall might have kissed someone else. He felt like a complete fool, because obviously Jamie and AJ weren’t broken up, so Jamie didn’t even care. The evidence was right there in his face, in the form of Jamie’s devastatingly pretty, post-make out mussed hair.

“I —” Marshall began, and then paused. “It’s —” He looked from AJ to Jamie now. “Nevermind. I’ve clearly misread… many things. I’ve gotta go, yeah.” It was impressive that he managed to get all of that out without his voice cracking. He had felt the emotion clawing up his throat, attempting to choke off his words. Marshall turned on his heels then, and left the two lovers alone in the hallway. He wasn’t heading towards homeroom, though. To them it wouldn’t be clear where he was heading, but for him, it was to the safest and first place he could think to go; The music and theater wing. It had lovely soundproof practice rooms, where he could go and have himself a right and proper freak out without anyone but himself being wise to it. He would not show up in homeroom, and possibly not even to first period. The next time someone would hear from Marshall Radley, it would be through a text to Ophelia, not to the whole Candy group chat, just to his bestie.

To: Feels
u might wanna change my line from blue to black

Meanwhile, back at the site of the kiss, Jamie was livid. And confused. And livid. Very, very, livid. He took a step back from AJ, his ex boyfriend and maybe the most complicated relationship he had at the moment, although his and Marshall’s was becoming a close second. He’d broken up with AJ months ago, but that hadn’t exactly killed the physical aspect of their relationship, not that Jamie hadn’t tried. There was allure to AJ that kept bringing Jamie back. And this had been the worst time to go back.

“AJ! Are you insane! I was— Marshall and I were...oh my fuck, this is so like you!” Jamie shouted, not a care in the world for the surrounding witnesses. He ran a hand through his sandy locks, his exasperation evident as he closed his eyes, struggling to regain his composure. AJ had just kissed him. And he’d kissed him back. And Marshall had seen. And why did everything bad always happen to him? “This, this, this thing we have going? It’s done, AJ,” Jamie shouted, storming off, his legs carrying him far away from AJ and Marshall and every other ailment this school brought upon him.

At first, Jamie’s reaction amused AJ, but then watching him say ‘it’s done’ again and walk away from him again... that caused the jock’s fist to ball up. He looked around at all the witnesses and then let his smirk mask his feelings in the moment, “Enjoyed the show? I hope you took pictures.” He winked at a girl, who had her phone’s camera aimed at him. She had started recording the moment AJ grabbed ahold of Jamie. After that devilish gesture, he turned on his heel and strolled down the hall, seemingly unbothered. Under his breath, he told himself, “You’ll come back. You always do.”

Collab Featuring: Marshall@Silent Observer & Owen@Universorum
Day: Tuesday Morning
Location: The Parking Lot of BHHS

Marshall Radley once again found himself with a lot on his mind. How did his life suddenly get like this? He might be a drama star, but he was never much of a fan of tragedies. Now he was living one. He did drugs last night, for God’s sake. Not the cute gummy edible kind, either, he actually smoked pot — like some kind of… delinquent. Also, candy and multiple pieces of pizza in the same night? So much for a healthy diet. He was on a bender. Marsh was only almost-seventeen years old, and he was already having a damned mid-life crisis.

Thankfully, Marshall hadn’t gotten so wrecked that he couldn’t remember what had happened last night. He remembered it, all right. How could he forget? Apparently, a stoned Marshall gets even more confident than a regular Marshall, and he finds it appropriate to commit the weed equivalent of drunk-texting his crush. Jesus Christ… Marshall cringed at the thought of it. It’s not like he just texted Jamie, either. It was a pouty snapchat selfie captioned: can we talk tm? Thank God the picture had only existed in cyberspace for a few moments before disappearing, without screenshot. Marshall knew Jamie saw it, though… because he had responded. So much cringe.

Marsh sat in the front seat of his iridescent purple Mini, contemplating the fact that he was about to make his second attempt at explaining the party situation to Jamie. Hopefully, with a bit more success and far less interruption, this time. Although he had gotten ripped with Kit and slept over at Candyland, he asked Ophelia to give him a ride home early this morning to prepare for this conversation. If he was going to try to talk to Jamie, he needed to look really good, and certainly not look like he had gotten super baked the night before. Ohmygod, what if I looked high in the snapchat?

Sighing at the foolishness of his past self, Marshall stepped out of his car. He grabbed his leather messenger bag of schoolwork from the passenger’s seat, and his thermos of organic Throat Coat tea — which was a singer’s best friend. What was done, was done, it was time to own this chat, fix things, and totally woo Jamie Callaghan. Marshall spun on his heel confidently, and turned to see… well, the car of the last person he would want to see whilst alone. He was so startled that he jerked back and lost his grip on the porcelain Starbucks travel mug in his hand. The vessel shattered noisily, wasting the precious hot tea inside, and unfortunately drawing unwanted attention to himself. “Fuck!” Marsh exclaimed as he ducked down to pick up the larger pieces. Maybe he could go unnoticed…

Spoiler alert: he couldn’t.

But did Owen even have anything to say to Marshall? Not really, he didn’t. He didn’t have anything to say to someone who’d abandoned him when he needed him most. Someone who had chased greener pastures when things got glum for Owen Lyon. But, Owen had to make a point, and honestly? In a way, he got a sick pleasure from the way Marshall was treating him after their last confrontation. Owen sat in his car, watching Marshall scramble to pick up the remains of his tea cup, and he shook his head. Before he opened his car door, he grabbed something out of the side panel, sticking it in his pocket. He pressed the button on his car door, and it slowly shut behind him, clicking. He stepped across the parking lot, and stood in front of Marshall as he picked up his shattered glass.

“Marshall, get up.” Owen hissed, standing over his ex-friend. Owen’s left hand was still covered in gauze, though it was less bloody than the stuff he’d had on the night before. His mother had made him change it out, but the wounds still bled a bit, and even the fresh gauze had the dark red stains.

Marsh yelped lightly at Owen’s voice. He had purposefully been looking at the ground and busying himself with the task of picking up pieces. This was a mistake, as it only led to him being startled yet again. Marsh let the shards of porcelain fall back down and stood up quickly. Fear made him extremely responsive to the command, and it also caused him to cautiously back up into the driver side door of his purple car. Shit.Shit.Shit. Panic colored his thoughts as his heart hammered in his chest. Marshall was going to actually die this time, and there was no one around to stop it, or even see it.

Owen watched as Marshall backed away from him as if he were the devil. What a child. Marshall! Owen barked, to try and snap him out of it. He realized, though, that it wasn’t going to exactly make things better. The last thing Marshall wanted to hear was Owen’s voice with all that… force behind it. But then again, did it even matter what Marshall wanted? Not really.

“I’m sorry!?” Marshall barked back, his eyes had grown wide. It was an exclamation. It was a question. It was an apology. Marsh was confused. Owen was just… standing there, and yelling at him. Did he want something? Was he… was he going to hit him? Marsh did his best to meet Owen’s gaze, afraid that he was going to see the same look in his eyes that he had seen at the party. But, Owen was one of his best friends, so he couldn’t just… not look. “I’m sorry.”

“You really should be,” Owen said with an undeniable bluntness in his voice. His eyes weren’t angry. The fire in them seemed to have been significantly dulled, and he looked at Marshall almost as if he were gross. No, it seemed that Owen was not going to hit Marshall. Marshall, for now, was safe. “Just let Jamie know that I was serious. I don’t ever want to talk to him again, and if I see him at the gym again. I’ll do more than what I did last time.” Owen spoke in a low whisper, almost frighteningly calm, before he reached out with his injured hand, holding out the object he’d taken out of his car: a packet of the tea that Marshall loved.

“What?” His voice was more calm now, but still a little higher pitched than normal. Perhaps it was the mention of Jamie, that had caught him off guard. Owen knew that Marsh liked him, Owen was the first person to know, actually, besides Marsh himself. But what did Jamie have to do with this? Marshall was distracted from his thoughts by the bandaged hand that was offering him a box of Throat Coat. He gingerly accepted it, somehow managing to feel guilty in doing so. Owen was being nice to him, and he didn’t feel like he deserved that. The last he knew, Owen had wanted to kill him. Now this? “Thanks.”

Marshall’s eyes went from the box of tea, to Owen’s eyes, and then back down to Owen’s hand. The gauze wasn’t a good sign. Marsh had seen that before in the aftermath of one of the Lyon’s rage-filled outbursts. He could very well be hiding broken bones under those wrappings, with how hard he was capable of hitting things. “Are you… okay? Should we go to the nurse?”

Owen froze as Marshall looked at his hand, and seemed to be considering something. Here we go. Owen let Marshall finish, but after he asked about the nurse, Owen’s lips curled up into a scowl, and he shook his head aggressively, the fire seemingly relit. “I don’t need no help. Least of all from you, Sprinkles,” Owen hissed, turning around and adjusting the backpack that hung on his shoulder, stomping off toward the school without a further word.

Ouch. Marsh didn’t know it was possible for a special nickname to hurt that much. Apparently even cute words could cut when they were wielded like a blade. Marshall stood stunned, cradling a box of tea in both hands as if it were precious and fragile, as he watched his best guy friend walk away from him. He was going to fix this too… he had to. Owen might be a cheat, but, maybe Marshall could get past that. Everyone makes mistakes…

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Collab Featuring: Ophie@Universorum & Marsh@Silent Observer & Cassie@smarty0114
Day: Monday Evening (flashback post)
Location: Ophelia’s Car

Ophelia had seen Brynn off with Marshall and Cassie, and now they were going to get the stuff that Kit had asked for. Kit’s friend, True, had already disappeared. The three remaining Candies : Marshall, Ophelia, and Cassie, were clambering into Ophelia’s luxury sedan, with Ophelia quipping, “Does anyone know where we actually get weed from? I’ve never bought it before, I just bum it off of Belle, sometimes. But I can’t do that now, and I don’t have any on me...” She muttered, starting the car, and looking at Marshall and Cassie expectantly. “One of you has to know, right? Plus we need pizza… what kind of pizza do you think she likes? I hope she doesn’t totally give up… but she seemed uber disheartened after that.”

“Uhh…” Marshall thought on that for a moment. He didn’t really do drugs that often, the most he dabbled with were edibles at parties. Smoking wasn’t really a good look for him. “I don’t really get it for myself, either. Like, really, it’s just around at parties sometimes, and I bum it too. I think… I think Hana Park deals? Or A Double, he definitely at least knows where to get it. As for Kit, she seems really sweet, but I do think she should try to go for someone else. Is she full lezzy or nah?”

Cassie chewed her lip. Like the others, she wasn’t big on drugs, not enough to buy her own. She tended to just bat her eyelashes and bum weed from a cute boy or something, but that didn’t seem like it would work here. “If anyone knows, it’s A Double. Ophie, don’t you have his number?” Cassie asked from the passenger seat, buckling her seatbelt. “As far as I can tell, poor girl is Selena-sexual. She’ll get over it, just like I got over my thing for Damian. She’s like, twelve, she can’t be that in love.”

From the driver’s seat, Ophelia shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno if she’s fully lezzy or not. And, dude, Cassie, you may be ‘over’ Damian, but you still totally chew on your lip when he takes his shirt off at P.E. Not that I think anyone blames you. Uh, I do got his number, hold on.” She started the car and handed the phone off to Cassie. “Here, text him. He’s in there under Burntown King, I think… Or something dumb like that. There’s a picture of his dumbass face, you can’t miss it.” She pulled out, backing up.

Cassie laughed as her fingers tapped away a message to A Double from Ophelia’s phone. “Of course I stare, that boy is gorgeous! Too bad he’s going for this Joy chick,” Cassie said, pouting. With a dainty tap, Cassie sent the message to A Double, handing Ophelia’s phone back to her.

To: Burntown King
Hey, do you know where we can get weed? Our friend needs some…

Before Ophelia could get her phone back, though, it buzzed with a response from A Double:

From: Burntown King
i can give u some just mee us at captain cuddles i guess see u there

“We’ve got weed! We’re meeting him at Captain Cuddles,” Cassie said, typing out a quick response back to A Double to let them know they would see him there.

“Oh, wow, I’ve never participated in like… a drug deal before?” Marshall replied, realizing the gravity of the situation at hand. Sure… weed was legal in their state, but it was still a drug. How uncharacteristic… yet, it felt right, after a day like today. “I think I’m gonna do it too.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. I think you should do it, too, Marsh. Maybe if you guys are both high, you can talk her down from Selena, or something… we need pizza too, so Captain Cuddles is the perfect place for our meeting!” Ophelia said as she drove the car down the winding driveway, “Hey, but won’t he be with Quincy, most likely? She’s gonna be pissedddd to see us. We’re like, Hailey’s friends. And doesn’t she hate Hailey or something? Because Hailey kicked her out.”

Cassie shrugged, twirling a strand of her hair around her finger as Ophelia got out onto the road. “Well, I mean, sucks for her. It’s not my fault her boyfriend’s a drug dealer,” Cassie said nonchalantly, staring out the window. “Marshall, make sure Shauna doesn’t get all sharky with Kit after Sel breaks her heart. She’s nice, and Shauna’s icky,” Cassie said, turning so she could face the boy.

“Don’t worry, I’m all over that.” Marsh responded and attempted to stretch out his long legs in the back. Luxury sedan… tiny back seat. He had taken one look at the itty bitty Candy prospect and knew that she would be an easy Shauna target, especially if she already admittedly liked girls. “I’m gonna adopt the little blondie. Be her gay dad. She needs guidance, and I need the distraction.”

“Well, good luck, Gumdrop. You know what’s tough, though? She doesn’t have a whole lot of options, as far as free, willing, lesbian or bisexual girls around the school… I dunno where we’d find more, though. But at that age, the easiest way to get over someone is to immediately jump onto someone else!” Ophelia explained, turning toward Captain Cuddles. “Someone should put our order in, ahead of time. So that we can just pick it up at the same time!”

Cassie pulled out her own phone and dialed the number for Captain Cuddles. “I’ve got it,” she said, holding the phone up to her ear. “Yes, hello? I’d like to place an order to go! Yeah, so, well, like we’re gonna have two large pizzas, one pepperoni, one cheese. Oh, Cassie. C-A-S-S-I-E. Okay, thank you.” Cassie put the phone down and grinned. “Okay, that’s taken care of. Anyways, girls who like girls are hard to find. What about that Shiloh girl? Y’know, with the pink hair? She likes girls.”

“She likes older girls. Kit’s a baby,” Ophelia explained, as she shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t really know what they could to do handle Kit, it seemed like a lost cause, at this point, almost. “Maybe we can find a bicurious girl? It’d be easy to get someone to shift with the right moves, y’know. I mean there’s technically like me, and Brynn, and Cassie, but I don’t wanna get with Kit.” Ophelia shook her head helplessly.

“Hmmm…” The drama king mused, deep in thought. He had abandoned trying to find leg space, and was simply lying across the back seat of Ophie’s car at this point, with his head leaning against the armrest. “I mean, maybe she’s into guys too? I don’t have her totally figured out yet. Though… from the way she described herself, she sounds like a natural born butch trying to masquerade as a girly girl. I’ll work on it, make it my special Candy project. She’s my new daughter, after all.”

“Sorry, but I’m not trying to cradle snatch,” Cassie said. Ophelia soon pulled her car into the Captain Cuddles parking lot, and parked towards the front. “So is this a we go to him, or he comes to us situation?” Cassie asked.

The answer to the question that Cassie asked came in the form of a tap on Cassie’s window. A Double was standing outside, waving dumbly. On his arm, was Quincy, who was holding no less than three bags of Captain Cuddles’ famous ‘cheese explosion’ appetizer collections, consisting of cheesy bread, mozzarella sticks, and fries with cheese sauce, and the ‘potato collection’ of fries, baked potatoes, and potato skins. Ophelia rolled down the window, and A Double spoke. “Hey, what’s up? This is Q.”

Quincy was not pleased by this arrangement. Nevertheless, she came, mainly because A Double promised food, and she was stoned. As A Double introduced her, she rolled her eyes and turned away, not in the mood to deal with Hailey’s minions. She heard Cassie shout from the passenger seat, “What do we owe you?” Like this was her first drug deal. Well, come to think of it, it might be.

“...huh? I, uh. It’s free? I dunno. I don’t usually charge friends, and you guys are cool. Anyway, I think my girlfriend doesn’t like this, so here, take this.” A Double said, stuffing a small paper bag onto Cassie’s lap. He gave it a little pat, and then led Q away.

“...that was really… easy.” Ophelia muttered, looking at Marshall and Cassie quizzically.

Marshall sat up and peaked over the seat. He peered at the mysterious small paper bag. It looked sketchy as hell, this totally was a drug deal! Even if they didn’t really have to pay for it... “What’s all in it? Is it just, like… loose leaf?” He asked curiously, as if they were discussing tea or something.

Cassie shrugged and opened up the paper bag to discover a ziploc bag filled with nugs of weed. ”I don’t know why, but I expected something different. Huh,” she said, staring into the bag, mesmerized by the drug resting on her lap. So this was what weed looked like, outside of a joint. Interesting.

“What do you mean? You just… roll it up and puff it? I’ve helped Belle with it before! But I have a feeling that Kit’s gonna want to do it herself… Who wants to go inside and get our food? Marshall should, because I think he’d be funniest, since he’ll be nervous after participating in a drug deal!” She said, smiling into the rear view mirror and reaching back to tap Marshall on the leg.

“Puh-leeease.” Marshall exaggerated both syllables and jokingly rolled his eyes at her in the mirror. He scooted towards the door in preparation to go get the eats. “I’m an actor, darling. I can hide my nerves very well. Besides… I’m not the one whose hands are dirty.” He said with a smirk, looking at the paper bag on Cassie’s lap, and then hopped out of the car. He would return in a few minutes with some hot and ready pizzas, hopefully.

Once Marshall went to get the pizzas, Cassie turned to Ophelia. “So, Ophie, what do we do about Marshall’s situation? With Jamie, I mean,” Cassie asked, taking Marshall’s absence as a chance to meddle in his love life. Sanctioned meddling, of course. Not that Cassie cared much about sanctions, so long as the end result was positive.

“I think the first step is to talk to Jamie… Since, it seems that Marshall is like 98% sure that Jamie hates him, so I think we need to figure that out first. But we have to be careful, because he seems like the type that would freak if we were too, like… pushy?” Ophelia explained, reaching over and looking into the bag. Cool, looked like they probably had plenty. Unless Kit was like, some kind of pot fiend. Which was totally unlikely, right? She was a kid!

“Yeahhhh, he does have that kind of vibe doesn’t he? I don’t know, I feel like Marsh could do better, like he could land AJ if he wanted!” Cassie mused, twirling a strand of hair around her finger as she watched the parking lot. Truth be told, Cassie wasn’t the biggest fan of Jamie. He had a habit of sticking his nose in dark places and bringing light with him. When your life is a lie, that’s not exactly the kind of person you want to be around.

“AJ’s a shitty person, the exact kind of guy we don’t want with Marshall. Really, it sucks, but Jamie is like the best option we have. Gays aren’t exactly in high number here at Beverly Hills… Maybe we just need to widen our horizons… Nah, it’s gotta be Jamie! Marshall adores Jamie, man, it’s the only right option.” Ophelia turned and smiled at Cassie, “If they’re not together by Valentine’s day, then we know we’re bad at our jobs…”

Cassie frowned. “Yeah, you’re right. Well then, we talk to him tomorrow and make him pull his head out of his ass. In nicer words, of course,” Cassie said. Maybe being around Jamie from now on would be inevitable. Hopefully Marshall could at least keep the boy from going full Veronica Mars on her ass. She’d built herself a strong reputation here. She didn’t need Jamie Callaghan coming in and ruining it for her.

“Yeah, totally. Way nicer words.” She reached into the paper bag and pulled out the plastic baggie, withdrawing one of the the nugs from it. She lifted it up to her nose and sniffed it deeply, pulling backwards from the smell. “Whoa… smells like Skittles, dude.” She sniffed it again, before holding it back to Cassie. Written in blue sharpie on the baggie was the word ‘Skittlez.’

Cassie cautiously held the weed up to her face, as if it might bite, then inhaled through her nose. Oh wow. “Oh wow, that smells great! Where the hell is Marsh, he needs to smell this!” Cassie shouted.

As if on cue, Marshall arrived back at the car. With two boxes of pizza balanced in one hand, he opened the door with the other. “Holy fuck, this smells so good. I want to put all of it, in my face. Just, full on eat my feelings.” Marsh announced as he re-entered the back seat, pizza boxes first, body second. He then looked up at his friends who were… sniffing weed? “What the hell are you doing? I’m not really an expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s done.” Without really responding, Cassie instead shoved a second nug under his nose.

Momentarily shocked by the gesture, Marshall pulled his head back. And then… he leaned back in to get a second whiff. “Did he… did he give us candy weed?” How apt.

“Yeah, I guess he did!”

Cassie grinned. “Alright guys! Let’s go get high with a freshman!”

Collab Featuring: Shiloh Clay@Silent Observer & Parker Ashford@Fabricant451
Day: Monday (flashback post)
Location: Mrs. Winship’s Homeroom → Halls of BHHS → After School Shenanigans

Like any self-respecting, mediocre student, Shiloh had waited until the last minute to get a project started. To be totally fair, this wasn’t a schoolwork project, and it was the first day back at class after winter break… so, could you really blame her for procrastinating? The project in question was, of course, her photography club “A Day in the Life of…” project. Many of her peers had already completed the project prior to or during the break, and Shiloh, well... Shiloh hadn’t even picked out her subject yet.


If there is one thing that Shi had learned from growing up being both surrounded and raised by musicians and eccentrics, it was that creativity could not be forced. In Shiloh’s mind, you could not and you should not put a date, nor a deadline, on art. Teachers tried to do so, and teachers were stupid for it. Creation is like a sense, it should come naturally, unbridled and uncontrolled… at least that’s what Cooper’s influence on Shiloh had led her to believe, and Shiloh was nothing if not a product of her eclectic upbringing.

The pink-haired punk arrived well-past fashionably late to Mrs Winship’s homeroom, and gave absolutely no fucks about it. With a slightly out-dated professional grade Nikon camera strapped around her neck, Shi stepped into the classroom like she owned the place. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly immersed in their conversations and, for a time, Shiloh simply stood in the doorway and observed the environment. She was like a lion, hiding in the tall grass, attempting to select the tastiest looking meal amidst a herd of antelope-like students.

Who would be her subject? Certainly not any of the It girls or their posse, they got far too much attention as it was. Disgusting. Certainly not any of the Elite or jocks either, no thanks, that’d be too smelly of an endeavor. Shiloh was friends with many of the burners, so one of them would be a safe choice. Safe choices were boring. Shiloh was not boring. Finally, her blue eyes settled on the perfect specimen. No one was farther from phrases such as “safe choice” and “boring” than Parker Ashford.

With a wide grin and a sudden spike of inspiration, Shiloh made her approach. She loudly marched over in chunky combat boots that were so battered and worn that one might believe they had seen actual combat, rather than simply being a grunge fashion statement. Parker was sitting next to Henry and Min-seo, whom Shiloh knew enough about to recognize as her close friends. Shi knew a surprising amount about most of the BHHS student body, despite her stance on disliking the majority of them. Her guilty pleasure reading of the Weekend Warrior blog helped with that knowledge. Seriously, whoever is the author of that blog is Shi’s hero, whether or not they know it. What a champ.

“Hi!” Shiloh greeted the group of her classmates in a cheerful tone. She pulled up a chair and sat beside them, as if this was her usual, everyday group of friends. It wasn’t, but she could be very friendly… when she wanted to be. “You might know me as ‘that girl with the pink hair’, but my name is Shiloh. Or just Shi. So, hello to you. I have a proposal for Miss Parker, here. But first, would you mind if I…?” Shi pointed a purple fishnet-gloved finger at the bag of gummy worms, requesting permission to partake in the goodies.

Parker wasn’t nearly as familiar with the students of BHHS as they might have been of her; she knew the names of those she was friends with and some names she was told to remember as a way of staying away from them, but given that Parker’s mind operated a bit differently than some there was little room for remembering everyone by name. Naturally when an unknown, but vibrantly hair colored, student joined the proceedings Parker looked towards Min-seo for answers but was met only with a shrug. There were two things Parker was certain of, though. The first was that this new girl had hair that was like cotton candy and Parker really wanted to know if it was, in fact, actual cotton candy. The second was that anyone who asked for a gummy worm probably wasn’t a bad person.

The short sophomore nodded to Shiloh and held the rapidly decreasing bag of worms out while Parker was still idly chewing on a yellow and green-colored one. Whoever this sugar-haired girl was, she wasn’t here just for the worms. “YOUR HAIR LOOKS COOL IS IT CANDY?” Parker wanted to know. Parker needed to know. So, of course, she simply asked. What she didn’t do, was wait for an answer, because she had finally processed what Shiloh had said.

“PROPOSAL? OHMIGOD LIKE A WEDDING? YOU WANNA GET MARRIED? OH WOW, I CAN WEAR A DRESS AND IT CAN BE PRINCESS THEMED AND MUSIC OH WOW.” If Min-Seo hadn’t tapped Parker on the shoulder and told Parker to first hear out Shiloh, it was quite possible she still would have been rattling off ideas for a hypothetical marriage ceremony. If nothing else, Parker was now willing and able to hear about this sudden proposal of Shiloh’s.

Shiloh blinked at Parker. Oh yes, this was ideal. Parker might turn out to be the most fun school project that Shiloh had ever worked on. First though, she plucked a red and green gummy worm out of the bag that Parker had offered. Chewing on the treat, she frowned slightly. “Awwe, they aren’t the sour kind. Sour gummies are best gummies, hands down. Speaking of candy, my hair is unfortunately not cotton candy — but that would be cool! Rather unfortunate in the event of rain, but that is what it is… anyway, thank you for saying that! Cotton candy is definitely an aesthetic inspiration that I was going for. ANYWAY…”

Shiloh took a break in her response to catch a breath. It was obvious that she was feeding off of and matching Parker’s own enthusiasm. “It’s not a marriage proposal, we’ve only just met, of course!” Shi laughed lightly at that. “I’m in the photography club,” she said, holding up the camera hanging from her neck with emphasis. “-- and we club members have a project due tomorrow to take ten pictures of a day in the life of a student in BHHS, and I would like for you to be my subject. Would you mind?”

When Shiloh was done with her proposition, Parker didn’t respond right away. She was leaning forward, staring intently at the photographer’s hair as if she wasn’t convinced it wasn’t actually cotton candy. The diminutive sophomore started to extend a hand towards Shiloh’s hair for confirmation but it was quickly and lightly slapped down by Min-seo, who had once dealt with the grabby hand of Parker one morning after Min’s bed hair looked like ‘little black twizzler things’. Parker looked towards Min as if Parker had just been gravely offended, but it lasted for all of two seconds before Parker was back to normal and asking Min what Shiloh had said. Parker had been too focused on the cotton candy-colored hair.

Min explained it as best she could and Parker understood the gist of it. If it were possible for her to widen her eyes in excitement more than they normally were, she would have done so in this instance. “I GET TO BE IN A MAGAZINE? COOL! YOU’RE COOL, I WANNA DO IT!” In Parker’s mind, the only people that had professional photographers take professional photos were the famous people in the magazines with the fancy dresses and suits and therein was a flaw in the otherwise brilliant plan. ”WAIT...I DON’T HAVE FANCY CLOTHES THOUGH. IS THAT BAD?”

Shiloh grinned at the exuberant sophomore. She was perfect. “Yes, you’re gonna be on the cover! And, no, my magazine’s not for people with fancy clothes, so no worries.” The club project didn’t originally include physically printing a zine, but for Shiloh, it did now.

After receiving much-needed consent to photograph, Shiloh went about her task. Shi had ensured Parker that it would be best if she just, did all of the normal things that she did. Perhaps normal was the wrong word to use with Parker... She should just do all of the usual things, then. No, that still wasn’t right. Just be Parker — yes, that was perfect. Shiloh took the first of what would total to be a series of ten final photos right there in homeroom. Conversation had continued whilst Shi had sat beside the group, and she managed to snap a joyous candid of Parker eating her sugary treat. A yellow and green gummy worm (they must be her favorite) had hung limply from her lips while the blonde wore an expression of pure, childlike joy. It was an amazing candid shot, and Shiloh was pretty sure that she could even pitch it to Black Forest for advertisement, maybe even make some bank on it. Plans to be decided later on that thought…

Shots two and three were taken throughout the school day itself. Part of the deal that Parker may or may not have realized that she agreed to was that Shiloh was now going to be her consensual stalker for the next eight to twelve to who-knows-how-many hours. So stalk, Shiloh did. Shot number two was taken in the hallway. Shiloh had been following Parker from a slight distance, as to not spook her, or ruin any potential candid moments. Parker was switching out books in her locker and Shi managed to snap a pic of Parker looking up, her lips were parted slightly, as she reached up on her tippy toes to grab a book from the top shelf of the open locker. It was perfect — school brochure-worthy levels of perfect.

The third photograph came to life in math class, of all places. Well, not in the classroom, per se, but it was during that period. Parker seemed to be even worse at math than Shiloh was, because the teacher had assigned her to needing a tutor in the form of the upperclassman stranger-slash-genius, Sean Sterling. That was interesting. Shiloh wanted in. So, when the pair had taken their tutoring session outside, Shiloh found a way to follow. She was trash at math, but she was able to charisma check her way out of class for a few moments by name-dropping the photography club project. Shot number three was a beautiful sunny Californian afternoon picture, with Parker and Sean sitting under a tree working on math problems, surrounded by books and papers that fluttered up with the breeze.

The final bell rang, indicating that the first day back to school was officially dead and gone. Finally! Thankfully, as they were both sophomores, Shiloh shared many classes with Parker, including this final one. She still had several more pictures to go before her project could be considered complete. Seven pictures, to be specific. Shiloh had reviewed and deleted all but three photos so far. Now the real fun could begin, now came the time to discover what a Parker does outside the confines of BHHS. “So, where to next? Do you go straight home after school?” Shiloh asked, skipping over to Parker’s side as they left class together.

When the bell rang, Parker was out of her seat with the first ding. On a normal day she would have ran out and practically sprinted her way to her locker or out the front door, but today she had to wait for someone and it wasn’t nice to run off. Fortunately she and Shiloh shared the last class of the day so Parker was able to wait by the door while bouncing on her heels like a puppy excited to go for a play outside. To say Parker fully understood the proposal from earlier would be a half-truth. She still didn’t know just why Shiloh was hanging around her all day, but it didn’t matter. Shiloh was nice and her hair, while decidedly not cotton candy, was really cool, so Parker had committed the photographer’s name to the banks of her memory vault.

“SOMETIMES I HANG OUT WITH HENRY AND MINCY. DID YOU KNOW MINCY LIVES TOGETHER WITH HENRY? SOMETIMES I GOTTA PUT ON NEW CLOTHES AND GO TO A DINER. NOT TODAY BUT SOME DAYS. I DON’T HAVE A HOME!” Parker let that last bit go without explanation as she picked the books she needed for homework out of her locker - though it was just as likely that her homework would be finished by Min-seo tomorrow anyway. “DO YOU WANNA SEE WHERE I LIVE? NORMALLY I DON’T LET ANYONE COME IN WITHOUT A PRESENT BUT YOU CAN COME IF YOU WANNA.”

“Yes, I would love that. Just — take me through what you would normally do after school, and I’ll just follow along. I have seven more pics to get.” Shiloh explained, walking beside her fellow loud and obnoxious sophomore. Shi was probably one of the few people in BHHS that didn’t mind Parker’s volume or eccentric behavior. It was interesting, and interesting people made the world go ‘round. “You said you don’t have a home… so where do you live? Is it like an apartment or a trailer or something? Oh— and do you ride the bus usually? I can drive us if you want… I don’t have a super nice car like most people, but that’s because most people suck. I don’t suck. You need a ride?”

Parker shook her head with an intensity that had never really been matched with her present and general demeanour. When she shook her head at the questions of housing, it wasn’t the playful Parker but one for whom it seemed the subject of living arrangement was a serious issue. “I WALK OR SOMETIMES THERE’S A CAR FOR ME AND THE DRIVER GETS ANGRY IF I DON’T TAKE IT.” Parker wasn’t even sure the actual address of her house and fortunately she didn’t need to. Most days when she wasn’t going off with Min and Henry to play games or whatever, there was a car waiting for her to take her home; she didn’t know why just that it was always there. Sometimes she ignored it and walked instead, but every time she got lost, and every time it was a small hassle.

Today was one of the days where she opted for the car. She trickled outside as other students dispersed to go about their afternoons. She forgot to say bye to Mincy and Henry but Mincy would probably tell Henry the situation. The driver of Parker’s car waved at her and Parker pointed to the car for Shiloh’s sake as she skipped over towards it and jumped - dived really - into the back seat. Head first.

The remarkable thing about being driven was the realization of how close Parker lived to the school. Her house, such as it was, was within walking distance, as it was only about a mile and a half away and tucked into a rather quaint suburban neighborhood. The house the car stopped in front of was a comfy, cozy upper middle class suburban two floor, three bedroom affair. But when Parker walked up her front steps she paused and turned to Shiloh. “WAIT HERE OKAY?"

“Okay!” Shi nodded at the blonde. She had managed to get shot number four in the back seat of the car on the way to Parker’s house… but… not a house? Shiloh was still a little confused about that. Anyway, the picture was an angled shot of Parker peeking out of the back seat window, her hands eagerly placed on the door frame as she watched the people and cars whiz by.

With the confirmation that Shiloh would stay, Parker opened the front door with the sole key on her key ring, and disappeared inside. Shi took a picture of the front yard of the home, being careful to avoid any address markers or anything else that would be uniquely identifiable. Shiloh didn’t want anyone to actually stalk Parker after this project was through. Picture number five achieved — halfway there, now!

Less than a minute later, the front gate to the right of the house swung open. The top of the gate was pointy, which is probably why Parker didn’t just climb it. And because of her height. “OVER HERE, SHI-SHI” Parker led the way again, this time to the backyard of the house and, specifically, the tent strategically placed in the center of it. “YOU CAN COME IN IF YOU WANT I’LL FORGET THE GIFT THING THIS TIME.” There was even a little sign out front that said ‘No Entry Without Present’ that she found at a store not knowing it was just a joke meant for people to put on their roofs for Christmas decorations.

Parker entered her home and plopped herself on the air mattress, the squeak of grape juice boxes sounding like a bed spring. Casa De Parker was a bit smaller than advertised.

“Oh man! You have a tent?!” Shiloh snapped a photo of the entire tent from a distance. She then stepped forward and got a close-up shot of the sign out front, which was clearly holiday themed, and totally adorable. “This is so fucking cool! My Uncle Lenny would love this, I bet he’s lived in a tent like this before.”

Shiloh began to dig in her backpack then, her camera swinging loosely around her neck as she did so. After a few moments, a crinkling sound indicated that she had found what she was looking for. She pulled out a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that was fastened closed with a chip clip. Shi offered them to the other girl upon entering her uncommon domicile. “I ate some of them already, but, here! Now you don’t have to forget the gift thing.”

The very first thing Parker did when settled on her air mattress (which was home to a single pillow with a pillowcase featuring Disney princesses) was open the cooler to the right of the mattress and pull out her half-eaten bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows. It was hard to tell how heavy the bag was at full volume, but it was at least well over a pound; the only other items in the cooler were plastic wrapped grape juice boxes. If there was ever any wonder about Parker’s hyperactive self, the fact that her diet was sugary cereal marshmallows and sugary grape juice helped answer some questions.

Parker shook her head at the bag of red corn puff snacks. Red stuff was generally bad and it made her mouth hurt. She unfurled the marshmallow bag and stuck her arm in, grabbing a handful and going straight to town as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And in Parker’s world it absolutely was. “I FORGOT TO ASK,” Parker didn’t wait until she had finished chewing her marshmallows, or rather swallowing them given how easily they broke up under any bit of moisture. “AM I GONNA GET GRADES ON THIS BECAUSE I GOTTA TELL MINCY TO MAKE IT GOOD.”

“No, no. No grades!” Shiloh assured her cheerfully. When Parker had turned down the offering, Shi shrugged and opened the bag of spicy cheese corn snacks to partake of them herself. She knelt down and laid belly-side down on the floor beside Parker then. “It’s just for fun, we’re almost done, too. Wanna see?” Shi brushed the cheese dust from her fingers off on her jacket before pulling the camera strap off of her neck to go through the photos.

That was a relief at least. It was the easiest project Parker had ever been part of. All she had to do was hang out with Cotton Candy and that was definitely something she didn’t have much of a problem doing. Another scooping of marshmallows went from palm to mouth as Parker shifted over to get a better look at the photos taken thus far. They had almost been unrecognizable and the little blonde was utterly amazed by what she saw. Her gasp was audible and she even set aside her marshmallows which was only further proof of her opinion on the pictures. “WOW, YOU DID THAT? IT’S LIKE BETTER THAN MAGAZINES. YOU’RE REALLY REALLY GOOD AT THAT.” It may not have taken much to impress Parker, but her genuine nature made her enthusiasm all the more authentic.

“Thanks!” Shiloh said with a wide grin, clearly pleased by the praise. “It helps to have a good model, I told you it would be fine if you just… did Parker things.” The pink-haired girl then repositioned the camera so that the lens faced them, selfie-style. “Quick, make a goofy face!” Shi instructed, sticking her tongue out at the camera whilst holding up a Cheeto with the free hand that wasn’t holding the camera.

A goofy face? Now Shiloh was speaking Parker’s language. It didn’t take much provocation for Parker to comply. Her mouth opened and her head tilted back like she had just smelled something foul while one eye opened wide and the other was hovering near to shut, stuck in almost a wink. She left her tongue in place but her teeth were showing in her rather strange expression that more and more looked like someone that just drank sour milk. One thing Parker was sure of in life was her affinity to contort and express her face in a variety of ways. And judging by the pictures she saw, Shiloh was sure to even make this silly one look good.

Trevor spent the remainder of his afternoon feeling guilty. He had never been in a fight before. That’s what happened out there on the football field between him and Jacob, that was a fight, he was pretty sure of it. Fights generally had winners, but Trev couldn’t tell who that was in this case. He had a busted lip, and he felt incredibly ashamed, so maybe that made him the loser? Crap… he was going to have to explain this lip to his fathers.

Staring in the visor mirror of his army green Jeep Wrangler, Trevor pondered what he would say. He couldn’t really lie to them, he loved his dads too much to lie about it. There was that, and the fact that Trevor wasn’t really capable of telling lies, unless they were the little white variety, intended to make someone else feel better. Trev sighed deeply and rubbed his hands over his face. The back of his head throbbed dully as constant reminder of the altercation that he would rather just forget about. This sucked.

He would find Riley first, Rye would know what to do. Hopefully. There was that, and he had been meaning to find Riley all day, after witnessing the crapstorm that was the Morning Show. Something was up with his little brother, and he wasn’t about to let that go undiscussed. Kicking off the engine, Trev grabbed his backpack and tossed his keys in his jeans pocket. He hoped his dads, specifically Remy, weren’t immediately at the door awaiting his arrival, so that he could find Rye.

The Wells household usually smelled delicious. Rem was always cooking or baking something fantastic, and today seemed to be no exception. Trev inhaled the pleasant aroma of something sweet and fragrant with herbs. The sounds of pots and pans could be heard from the kitchen, along with the murmur of a conversation. Good — dads were busy. Trevor headed upstairs to his brother’s room... and found it empty. Darn. He should be home by now, he hadn’t texted Trev saying that he needed a ride or anything.

There was one other place that Rye would likely be, especially if he was having as bad of a day as Trev thought he might be. The treehouse. Trevor quietly made his way to the backdoor, managing to successfully avoid the attention of his fathers again. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and Trevor retrieved it to read a message from Brian Helmsley in their group chat.

From: The Dream Team
I heard about Damian getting kicked off. I already texted the coach; but I'll be taking my leave from the team, too.

Trevor stared down at the phone, deeply disturbed by the words he was reading. So much so, that he stopped walking in the middle of the backyard, and read them over three times, hoping that they would change. They didn’t. The team was losing both Damian, and Brian, and Jacob was suddenly on a rampage. Great… the BHHS football team was likely doomed.

The redhead’s first thought was to try to call Damian, to see what he knew about this. Maybe the ex-captain could convince Bri to stay on the team. No such luck, though, because Trevor’s call went straight to voicemail. Whatever, he’d deal with that later too, he guessed. Back to the task at hand. Trev approached the treehouse that had grown with the Wells boys throughout their childhood, and climbed up the ladder.

Riley was indeed in the treehouse, lying on the ground, staring at the small, hanging light bulb pendant that his dad installed three years ago. Jareth, not Remy. Remy was far too clumsy to handle something like that, but he’d at least whine to dad until he and his brother got what they wanted. Every year, their treehouse would upgrade a little. It was starting to be more like a guest house on top of a tree than a playhouse for children. The dark haired boy was having a pretty shitty day and now he was staring at a text from someone with the first initial ‘B’ saying he was joining as a co-host. How odd. How omnious. How annoying. The anonymous person even told him to call by 10:30 tonight. Why did he only put B instead of his name? There were a lot of kids with B names at their school.

Pocketing his phone, Riley wondered how his brother would feel about him almost making Savannah cry. She may have kept her composure, but Rye knew his words were harsh and ruthless. He basically called her story dumb and pointless without meaning to. There were better ways to give constructive criticism. Who’s he kidding? He didn’t really care about that.

What the boy cared about was losing his brother to someone else. To a girl, who could and would do things that Rye would never do, which ultimately would make Trevor extremely caught up and enthralled with her. Riley had no doubt Jamie had a thing for Marshall, because his expression after they came out the closet wouldn’t be engraved in his damn mind if he didn’t. And somehow, Riley took part in ruining whatever chance those two could’ve had together. At least that’s how it felt like. And now he can’t just be happy for his brother, because he knows things won’t be the same once he and Savannah announce they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shit was stupid.

The trap door-like patch of floorboards at the entrance of the treehouse flipped over, and up popped a tuft of red hair. They had to widen the entranceway two years ago, so Trev could actually fit though it. He was a wide dude these days, thanks to his friendly competition with Damian. Trevor looked around the treehouse and saw Riley… laying on the floor.

“Oh, good. You’re here.” Trev said quietly and pulled himself all the way up, closing the door behind him. The eldest Wells brother sat down cross-legged next to Riley. “I wanted to talk to you about… stuff.”

“Stuff?” Rye looked up at his brother’s face, noticing his lip, before bringing his attention back to the ceiling, “Like you and Jacob duking it out on the field? You know when dad sees your face he’s going to flip.” Straight to business. Never one to dance around subjects, unless they dealt with him. They’re here to talk, so they’re going to talk. Riley wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t waiting for Trevor to seek him out.

“Err—” Trevor looked both uncomfortable, and incredibly guilty. “So… you heard about that… does, like, everyone know? And, I know he is, that’s why I came to you first.”

Sitting up, Riley shook his head, “Nope. Not yet. But I’m sure that’ll be one of the many things talked about tomorrow.” Taking out his phone once more he opened the Weekend Warrior, scanning Sunday’s post, before saying, “Savannah told me.”

“Oh.” Yeah, there was that. Surprisingly enough, Trev had yet to reflect on the fact that Savannah saw the fight. Of course she had, she was right there in the bleachers, and whether or not she knew it, her presence was partially the cause of the scuffle. Trev went to chew on his lip anxiously, and then winced. That stung. “Jacob said some really out of line stuff. That’s not the reason it happened, you know me, I can handle smack talk, but like… he was out of his mind. He tackled me, and threatened to hurt her too. It was… wild. I think the team is pretty doomed.”

Trevor sighed, letting the anxieties and frustrations out in that breath. At least, he tried too. This isn’t all that he had come up here to talk about, though. Something was wrong in Ryeland, so this conversation should go both ways. “And you? What was this morning about? …that wasn’t really like you, either.”

No, it wasn’t. He was right. Briefly dodging the question, Riley looked at his brother’s lip again, “Did you clean your lip and apply antiseptic lotion?” Not waiting for his brother’s reply, Riley picked himself up and went to the bathroom, yes bathroom, in their treehouse, and got the first aid kit. His dad was super paranoid sometimes.

“What? And face dad like this? …no way.” Trevor responded to his brother, who was already up and walking away. That quick shift in subject wasn’t a good sign. Something must really be bothering him. At the sound of Trev’s slightly louder speaking volume, there was a rustling sound in the room to the left. Probably a spooked squirrel or something.

When he returned, only then did he respond, while cleaning his brother’s face to lessen their father’s reaction, “Trixie is doing this new thing, which is why Brynn is a co-host now. I have a feeling the newspaper club isn’t doing so hot. I don’t know how I feel about her, she’s kind of a bitch, but then again, the majority of the girls at our school are kind of bitches.” Dancing around the actual issue. “Doesn’t help that A Double bailed. Though, I gotta give Owen credit. That stuff was hilarious.” Riley really didn’t want to mention Jamie or Marshall, maybe his brother wouldn’t notice him avoiding his eyes…

“Yeah, Owen’s camera skills were pretty laughable.” Trev joked, glad that Riley wasn’t super upset about that side of the wayward show. His face grew more serious, though, because all of that still didn’t explain his behavior. That, and Riley was looking anywhere but at Trevor… despite the fact that he was actively trying to fix his face. “You sure that’s it? You don’t seem okay.”

Riley kind of sucked at hiding his feelings from Trevor. Granted, if he really was trying. he wouldn’t be in the treehouse. “I think I fucked something good up.” Going to this school ‘fucking good things up’ seemed like a common trend. Not once did anyone suspect Owen and Trixie were having issues until the scandal broke out. “...but that doesn’t matter! How does it feel liking someone? You know, Damian being at dinner will totally make dad keep all his emotions on the inside, and worst case, you can totally tell him you have a thing for Savannah.” His brother’s happiness did matter to him, even if that meant they wouldn’t be close anymore. He wasn’t going to fuck his brother’s life up like he did to Jamie and Marshall. Even if it made him grit his teeth a little.

Trevor was gonna ask about Damian coming over, which he wasn’t aware of, but was never unlikely, when Riley quickly switched the subject again. “Savan—” Trev’s surprised response was cut off by the sound of more rustling. This sounded bigger than a squirrel, maybe a raccoon? Both of the Wells boys were looking cautiously in the direction of the sound — Trevor being ready to potentially fight off any rabid beast that might jump out at them.

A rabid beast appeared in the form of a short emo boy. JD stepped out of the nap room, his hair sticking up in all different directions, and there were red imprints along his cheeks in the from of crinkled sleeping bag material. He looked sleepy, and yawned as he stretched in the doorway.

“Dixon — what are you doing here?” Trev asked in surprise. At least he didn’t have to fight off a wild critter. Although, that description could be used to accurately describe the honorary youngest Wells sibling just as much as it could a rabid raccoon. There were certainly some similarities.

“Huh?” JD rubbed his eyes and then blinked a few times at the older redhead. “Whaddyu mean? I was waiting for you guys… but, I guess I fell asleep. It’s the first day back at school, so we have family dinner. ‘Member? It’s like… tradition. Even if my parents are home.”

“Have you…” Been here this entire time? Riley’s cheeks may have turned a little pink. “You were asleep, right? You didn’t hear anything?” He cleared his throat. The last thing Riley needed was JD hearing him talk to himself about his issues regarding two boys. He loved JD, don’t get him wrong, but JD wasn’t Trevor, and Riley was having a hard enough time telling his actual brother.

“What? Yeah… I was asleep. Why, were you guys talking about something good? C’mon, spill, I’m old enough!” The young teen grinned expectantly. What could the older boys be talking about that they would be scared of him overhearing besides something racy? Maybe one of them had a girlfriend… or… a boyfriend?

Waving his hands, Riley tried to change the subject yet again, “It’s nothing, nothing! We were just talking about Trevor and his girl.” Yes, use your brother as a distraction. Throw Trevor to the JD.

“Oh, well, uhh. Yeah, I mean, I hope she could be. I kinda did ask her to the movie this weekend.” Trevor admitted sheepishly, but a wide, proud smile crept across his face. He didn’t care if it hurt his split lip, Savannah was worth smiling through the pain.
The two boys exclaimed in near perfect unison. Dixon then followed it up with an additional question. “Who?!”

“Why so soon?!”

Unfortunately, their queries were not answered, as the trap door burst open again, and Damian’s head popped up, “What’s up, boyos?” Damian asked as he pulled himself up into the treehouse. He looked around at the crew that had assembled, and grinned. The gang was mostly all here! “I dunno if Trevor told you guys, but I’m gonna be stayin’ here for like, a couple of weeks probably. Until my mom calms down.” Damian explained, something that he had not yet even told Trevor. He’d even barely mentioned it to Remy in passing while slipping inside the Wells residence.

Suddenly, the treehouse had four grown teens in close proximity to each other. Cracking his knuckles, slightly uneasy, because he was slowly getting the courage to tell Trevor about the closet incident, Riley nodded his head, acknowledging Damian’s troubles, “Yeah… she was intense.” This boy right here got front rows seats to the ex-jock’s mom and her fury.

“Dude, I think she’s lost her whole mind. I dunno what got into her, but I’m screwed at home, until I have something… better to distract her with? I dunno. Anyway, what’s going on here? Anything cool happening in my absence?” Damian asked, digging into his pocket and pulling out two protein bars, one peanut butter fudge flavored, and one cinnamon roll flavored, and then he offered the cinnamon roll one to Trevor. “Here, dude. I always bring two for you, so… here.” Damian explained, shrugging his shoulders as he smiled at his best friend.

“Fantastic.” Trevor responded, happily accepting the protein bar. Dinner was probably soon, but he had football practice today, and that always left him hungry enough to eat at least two full dinners. Let alone having practice and a fist fight. “You know what’s not fantastic, though? Brian’s message. Did you get that? — also, your phone was off earlier.”

“Dude, believe me, I know it’s off. I shut it off because I knew mom would be blowing it up, and I was trying to get it in.” Damian explained, to which JD raised his eyebrows. Damian pulled his phone out and stared at it. He wasn’t exactly sure if he should boot it up quite yet… He sat it down on the floor between them, “I don’t exactly want to turn it on now? Uh, I was talking to Brian though. I think he found out about the Weekend Warrior and the way it framed You Know Who, and got pretty upset. From what I gather, he’s on his way home to ‘make them pay for it,’ but I don’t know what that means, really.” Damian explained, rolling his eyes. “Why? Did he put something in the group chat?”

“Yeah… he quit the team, dude. Apparently already told Coach, too. So, basically… we’re toast this season.” Trevor sounded utterly defeated, and deflated. Damian probably didn’t want to hear about the football team, but Trev was nothing if not a completely honest person. Football was a big part of both of their lives, so he couldn’t really delete it out of their conversations entirely. “Also, Jacob pretty much attacked me today. He wants captain like, really bad or something. The team’s a mess, bro.”

“That reminds me…” Riley rubbed his head and gave his brother a sheepish smile, “I might have critiqued Savannah’s article about you—err, the team pretty harshly.”

“Is that the who? Savannah?” Dixon chimed in inquisitively. If the boys weren’t going to explain, he’d have to sleuth it out. Savannah was a unique name… he didn’t really know a lot of upperclassmen, or upperclasswomen, but he could probably figure out who she was with a name like that.

Damian had to think about things, and process the information that had been presented to him. Jacob had attacked him? Brian quit the team? What was going on in this school? Shit was out of whack… “He quit the team, really? That’s crazy. That like, really sucks. He’s pretty key in the whole… winning thing we have going on, y’know? So I don’t know what we’re gonna do about that. And Jacob attacked you? … let’s jump his ass.” Damian wasn’t a big fan of Jacob, anyway.

“Damian, you really don’t need another article about you.” The last thing Trevor’s best friend needed was more dirt for the Weekend Warrior. Riley knew if Damian wanted things to calm down about him, he’d have to stay lowkey. Plus, Riley really didn’t want his brother to make it to a headliner post of that blog.

“That, and I already have to try to explain this away.” Trevor pointed to his lip. “Dad’s gonna freak, and I need y’all to back me up. You and me gotta have a set of parents to stay with for the next few weeks, Dames. We can’t jump anyone until your mom’s feeling less crazy.” Rye gave his brother a quick dirty look. What the hell, Trevor?

Kidding.” Trev said in response to Rye’s glare. Jeez, he was high strung these days.

“Guess you got a point. Could crash at the Helmsley’s, though. I bet Brian would be okay with it… Geez, he busted you, huh? I hope you beat his fucking ass bad, dude. If you didn’t, I just might.” Damian said, frowning. “Hey, are we gonna ask about my night, or what?”

Trevor shrugged in response to Damian saying that he hoped Trev beat Jake’s ass. Did he? He certainly wasn’t the only one who took hits… he just didn’t stick around long enough to know what Jacob looked like after the fact. Instead of Trevor, Dixon responded. “Who was the lucky lady this time?”

Damian grinned. It was time to talk about his night! He liked doing this; call it a bragging thing, but he loved it. Damian clapped his hands together, and began to talk about his night. “It was Joy Darling. I didn’t get it in yet, but I almost did, so that’s good enough for me. She was in, like, short shorts… really, really short shorts, and one of those shirts that girls wear when they go to sleep that are like super hot. I don’t know what they’re called, but I know she wore it and it was hot and I want her to wear it again. But, like, I got distracted? Because she put on AWE, and I… I really like AWE, okay? I can’t help it. So I stopped sucking on her tongue to watch part of it and she got pretty upset, then I did the whole thing where I take off my shirt and she was super duper into it, then I went to take her shirt off and like the kid she was babysitting showed up, and he hit me in the face… not as hard as Trevor got bopped, but anyway. He wanted to wrestle. So I wrestled him! And I fucked him up, cuz he’s a kid. Then we played Mario Kart and then I left and now I’m here. Anyway, that’s my night. Now I can look Ender in the eyes and say ‘I’ve slapped your daughter’s ass and groped her boobs.’ Not that I would, because he’d probably… kill me. Like, with a gun?” Damian said, absently fiddling with the ring on his necklace.

“Wait. Joy? Most likely to be valedictorian Joy? The girl who could do a rubix cube really fucking fast… Joy? The one who probably should be a mathlete but avoids all school clubs Joy?” Riley could go on and on and on about Joy and her quirks… but Damian most definitely got the point. This didn’t sound like her at all, but what did Riley know! His brother seemed like he would fight Jacob again once things calmed down. That didn’t sound like Trevor either.

“Yep! One and the same. We’re totally a thing now, I’ve resolved to make her mine and this was just me sealing the deal.” Damian explained, grinning widely. “That’s why I’m in such a good mood even though I didn’t technically get laid. I have a girlfriend now. So that’s new! It’s the first time, I think… But I really dig her, so it’s all good. I mean, she puked on me. So she has to want to date me, right?”

What the hell was Riley’s life? Everyone was getting girlfriends. First Trevor, now Damian. Riley snapped his head to JD and barked, “Do you have someone I don’t know about?”

“W-what?” Dixon’s cheeks flushed red hot at that. His mind immediately wandered to someone, but that… that just pissed him right the fuck off. Crinkling his eyebrows together, he practically grimaced at Riley and snapped: “No! Of course not!” JD crossed his arms in a thoroughly grumpy gesture.

“HEY!” A familiar voice called up the ladder of the treehouse.

“Sup, Pops?” Trevor called back down to his father — the one that would be slightly less likely to freak about his afterschool activities.

“Dinner’s ready. Get your asses at the table, all four of ‘em. I know you’re all here, and Rem cooked enough for a damn army.”

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