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Current Packing = death. And not the good kind, either...
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Just watched a video containing the phrase "this is the dankest emo crack ever." Yup, this is my life.
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dude, potatoes are the best food group
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"Well hate is gasoline, a fire fueling all my dreams."
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There's a place in the dark where the animals go. You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow. Juliet loves the beat & the lust it commands. Drop the dagger & lather the blood on your hands, Romeo


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Collab with @Lovely Complex

Some call it professional wrestling, others call it sports entertainment, but no matter what you know it by, it’s left an unfading mark on popular culture. Famous faces like Wally Norton, Blaze Pierson, hell, even his father, Heath Ryder, The Ghost Ryder, have become household names. Part of that is thanks to people like Chance, who make men like his father look like titans. As a kid, watching the viewing screen backstage with his mother, the biggest appeal that resonated in his mind was the larger-than-life, big ass dudes that yelled funny, and at times, hella’ intimidating shit to their opponents.

Growing up though, while the wrestlers polished their acts, Chance came to appreciate the business and marketing of it all. He was no digital marketer, but he did know how to make an effective visual presentation. Keyword: effective. His job usually involved listening to Beatrice and giving her exactly what she wanted, which was one hell of a show. It was hard to explain his knowledge of cinematography, because it wasn’t something many people could get their head wrapped around without years of study. It wasn’t as easy as pointing a camera at the product and hoping for the best. There must be strategy, there couldn’t be assumptions on who your audience was, and there had to be short-form content, or you’d risk losing a fan’s attention in a split second.

But you know what the biggest thing was?

You had to be prepared. Prepared to catch the moments, even the unexpected. Constantly watching the talent and never being one step behind, always one step ahead. The moments. The stories. The talent. That’s what the fans wanted to see. The strategy helped keep it tight, but Chance helped make it right. AWE needed people like him, because without them, who would be able to see… any of it?

Unlike the most recent shows, Chance was not surrounded by a film crew, nor was he in the backstage set, the area with the backdrop of AWE that was specifically meant for interviews. Since he was outside taking a smoke, he had already passed the tv trucks, the photoshoot room, the makeup chair, and the set for AFTERSHOCK, until he was united with his twin just in time for Barbie’s interview, just outside of the star’s dressing room. With efficient speed and nonchalant ease, he grabbed his powerpack and put it on, then he set the camera on his shoulder, looking through the viewfinder at his sister’s face.

“Chance! You’re late. I can’t believe you decided NOW was a good time to--”

“Speeding.” Chance widely yawned. Man, she always freaked out for no good reason. She was used to this by now and was always ready when Beatrice gave them the cue.

“And we’re live in five, four, three…” Yep, there it is.

As if moments ago she wasn’t flipping her marbles, Joy held her mic up to her lips and smiled at the camera, “After hearing so much talk about her in LA and Chicago, I thought it was about time for us to hear a few words from Barbie Summers herself.” Turning her body to face the door, but keeping it angled so Chance could still see her face, Joy brought her free hand up and gently knocked on the door.

As glitzy and glamorous as the star herself, the dressing room door was decked out sparkling decor. Pink, so much pink. At the center of it hung a plaque that looked like a movie director’s clapperboard, with Barbie’s name chalked in neat, elegant script. Said door swung open to reveal the devastatingly gorgeous blonde wrestler. Her hair hung in big, loose, sensual curls that reached past her shoulders and almost to her elbows. She pushed her crystal-rimmed Gucci sunglasses carefully up her forehead and atop her crown of golden locks.

She sighed dramatically upon seeing the guest at her door, playing up the “I can’t be bothered by this paparazzi” celebrity vibe that her character was written to have these days. Barbie rolled her eyes, the lids of which sported an amount of shimmering silver and pink shadow that seemed more fit for RuPaul’s Drag Race than any AWE event. Everything about Barbie Summers dripped ‘extra’, and it was meant to. Barbie is extra, more extra than anyone else will ever be, and they needed to be reminded that every day. “What is it, Joy? You’re interrupting me heading out for a walk.”

Crinkling her nose, Joy sweetly apologized, “I know how busy you are, and I’m sorry for intervening with your… busy schedule, but I just need to ask you.” and in with the hard hitting question she went, “Last week you were called out by not only one wrestler, but two. Sydney Ellis called you a coward and Morgana basically threw your words back at you and insinuated that you, Barbie Summers, are a hypocrite. As we all know, she believes you are Drayden’s shadow and could not make it out in this business without him. What are your thoughts? There seems to be a lot of heat heading in your direction.”

“First off, who even is this Sydney?” Barbara asked, flipping a curl over her shoulder gracefully and ignoring any attempt that Joy might have at responding to said question. “Secondly, I am no hypocrite. Barbie Summers stands in no one’s shadow. No man, no woman, nor deity, is on my level. I’m a star, darling, I light up the entire night sky. There is no place for shadows when you shine as bright as I do. As for Morgana, the poor thing is just jealous. Her dark heart doesn’t have any room to spare for love, isn’t that sad? She’s just a girl lashing out at a happy couple, all because she is forever alone.” The blonde didn’t even look slightest bit sad at her words, nor did she look like she regretted any of them. Instead, she wore a matter-of-fact, smug grin as she looked passed Joy, and into the camera lens.

“I don’t mind the heat, that’s what it means to stand in the light. And isn’t my tan looking great these days?” Barbie extended her right arm to display the golden glow that she spoke of to Joy, turning her attention back to the interviewer now. “Is that all?”

Joy internally was impressed. The amount of cockiness and pride that Barbie Summers had was absolutely fantastic. Standing here, inches away, Joy was enthralled. She could only imagine what the audience would think. “No actually, it isn’t.” Joy took a step closer and locked her gaze with her interviewee. This is what the audience truly wanted to hear. “Will you fight?” Her question filled the air with heavy connotations behind it, before she added, “Today, Sydney Ellis and Morgana will go at it, to ultimately get to you. And I will quote Sydney Ellis’ words, for verbatim, Barbie Summers can not and will not fight me. Is this going to be the case or…?” Joy intentionally trailed off to get Barbara a chance to chime in.

“I don’t know who this nobody thinks she is, but sure, I’m willing to put anybody and everyone in their place. Is this… is this GI Jane? The one who wasn’t even worth Morgana’s time?” Barbara acted out the false realization immaculately, and then laughed a tinkling bell of a laugh. Placing a hand to her voluptuous chest, she caught her breath in a sigh. “Oh, this is bound to be good. You can tell her this, verbatim: Come at me, honey, and I’ll have you seeing stars, just like the rest of the peasants below me.”

The glammed up dressing room door was suddenly blocking Joy’s view, as Barbie slammed it in the interviewer’s face to punctuate her final statement. The queen hath spoken.

Location: The Stables La Casa de Lala
Interacting With: Horses, Momma E, Rachel & The Girls
Collab with @Lovely Complex

The wooden pasture gate closed noisily behind Ffiona as she stepped into the late morning sun. A bundled up ginger meandered out into the sparkling white fields, snow crunching pleasantly beneath her leather farm boots. She took a few moments to soak in the natural beauty of the scene, as delicate snowflakes peacefully glided down to join their siblings on the frosty earth. It was like walking into a snow globe, or a Thomas Kinkade painting, and becoming a character in a living work of art.

Most of Colorado was downright breathtaking in the wintertime, but no place was quite as awe-inspiring as the Lewis Family Farm. There was a reason that couples from cities, and even states, away traveled here to begin their happily ever afters, and it wasn’t solely the magnificent, insulated event barn. The acres of gently sloped plains and the heavily wooded perimeter served as a stunning landscape for wedding photography, no matter the season. There was even had a ceremonial arch, which was strung with fresh flowers and tulle in the summer, and twinkling white lights and shiny fabrics during winter.

Running around in the middle of the snow-blanketed pasture were over half a dozen horses, joyfully prancing in the powdery white, as if they had never been allowed freedom before. They had, of course, been let out for roaming and riding every morning for as long as Ffiona could remember, they were just being dramatic. Hamming it up in the epicenter of the revelry, was Genie, a twelve year old dapple gray that was gifted to FiFi on her 5th birthday. Each of the Lewis children received a horse of their own to grow up with - and learn responsibility by taking care of - at the age of five.

Letting her best animal friend have her fun for a few more minutes, Ffiona watched as Genie rolled about in the snow. The silly gray creature rocked to the left and right, kicking her long dark legs in the air, and wiggling her back along the icy ground, as if she had an itch that she just couldn’t scratch. Ffiona giggled before bringing her thumb and forefinger to her lips, sending forth a sharp whistle that cut through the frosty air like a falling icicle. Genie rolled over and perked her ears up at attention, but lazily remained down.

“Come on, old girl!” FiFi beckoned the mare with another whistle, and this time, she obeyed. The redhead clipped a lead on Genie’s bridle and guided her toward the stables, which Ffiona had spent the majority of the morning cleaning and supplying with fresh hay. Once inside the barn, the horse snorted and clopped her hooves on the floorboards, while Ffiona removed her bridle. Fi stepped away to store Genie’s gear in the tack room, fetching a fluffy wool blanket and throwing it over her shoulder along the way.

This far away from the ranch house that Ffiona called home, the wifi did not reach the cell phone in the back pocket of her light blue jeans. As the Lewis’ had a limited shared family plan, and Fi cared too little for the internet to keep her data on at all times, she did not receive the Facebook message notifications regarding the two day trip plans. If her friends wanted to get ahold of her, they knew that the best way was to either call or text her, preferably call, because Ffiona loved talking.

Instead of being addicted to technology, like many of her classmates, Ffiona was humming to herself and brushing out Genie’s silvery mane on this lovely snowy morning. The ginger stroked the horse’s salt and peppered hair with tender love and care. Once thoroughly done brushing the tall beauty, Ffiona draped the fresh, warm blanket over her back, and patted her hindquarters. “Good girl.”

As a finally step in the princess treatment, Ffiona walked off once again to get some horse snacks. Genie nosed the back of Ffiona’s head knowingly, lifting up the knitted hat and causing her hair to mess with static, when she started to walk away. Aftering pulling the hat down and going on her way, FiFi came back with a carrot in her left hand and two sugar cubes in her right. Genie immediately went for her right hand, which Fi had closed in a tight fist.

“Ahh-ahh! Vegetables first, missy!” FiFi chided, pulling her hand away playfully, offering up the carrot instead. The horse gladly took the crunchy orange snack, but eagerly looked to the sugar-bearing fist as she chewed. Ffiona giggled again and finally held out the sweets in an open palm. Genie licked up the cubes as fast as lightning, whinnying with glee once she was finished. FiFi grinned at her beloved pet before putting each of her hands on Genie’s pure white cheeks, and leaned her forehead up against the creature’s lowered crown. “I love you, Genie-Beanie,” she murmured softly.

Rachel had realized that meeting at ‘their spot’, which was somewhere in the woods by the lake, at a specific tree where they hid a memory box inside the tree hollow, which throughout the years occasionally had critter visitors, was not a good option. AND KNOWING FIFI, SHE WOULDN’T CHECK HER DAMN PHONE. So, she did what she did best. Rode her bike in the freezing cold, completely decked out with winter clothing, praying to the gods that there was no ice yet, speeding to her best friend’s house. For honor! For glory! For the sake of convincing Fifi to go shopping with her because her presence was absolutely needed.

In time, she unceremoniously hopped off her bike, dropped it to the ground, and charged with reckless abandon to where she knew the nature-loving ginger would be. When she did arrive at her destination, she was completely out of breath, “I feel like... coming here by foot… would have been... easier... “ She took her hat off and waved it at her rosy cheeks. Her heart was pounding and she could feel every beat trying to boom out of her chest. She was hot as hell. Riding bikes in the snow was no joke. One day she’ll have her license, that day was not today.

After she had a short cool down period, she looked around for one, handsome white and black speckled stallion, “Where’s Tucky? My fav.” Tucker was one of the older horses, but Rachel felt like when he stared into her eyes, they had a spiritual connection. Her spirit horse. He was an old soul and she loved how… calm he was. Usually. He used to be quite the active one too, but now all he wanted to do was be a lazy bean and sleep. Who could blame him? He’s had a long life and deserved all the sleep.

Ffiona’s eyes peeped open when she heard someone else enter the stables. Lifting her forehead off of Genie’s soft, fuzzy face, Fi expected to see one of her siblings making their way in. They had to take care of their own horses as well, after all. Instead of Trevor or Gwyn, it was Fi’s childhood bestie, Rachel, who bounded into the barn, breathless and red in the face. FiFi smiled in warm contrast to the chilly air around them. “Tuck’s still in the pasture. They’re having the time of their lives kicking up the fresh snow out there.”

The redhead patted Genie gently before stepping out of her section of the stable, and latching the gate closed behind her. Genie settled into a comfy spot, nestling into the fresh and fluffy bed of hay, once Ffiona left her there. “I was gonna bring him in next, since the youngin’s seem to be sleeping the first day of winter break away. Wanna come?”

“ABSOLUTELY! I love him so much.” Rachel put her hat back on so that her hands were free to help Fifi groom and feed him. As she followed her friend, to the best horse in the freaking world, Rachel decided it was time to make her proposition - since they only had so much time, “Sooooooooo, after this, you should spend time with me. Doing stuff. Particular stuff. And it would make me uber happy, uber excited, uber… loved! If you came.” Start it off vague. Yeah, that’s a good route.

“Sure,” Fi responded, as she didn’t really have any plans for the day after her responsibilities were taken care of. Work at PJ’s wasn’t scheduled to start for three more days, and she had to cheer at the game later, but whatever plans Rachel had in mind shouldn’t interfere with that - because she also had to cheer later. It would be a good day for boarding, but Rachie didn’t really like the slopes all that much, so that was unlikely.

“Why are you acting like it’s something that I need to be convinced to do?” Ffiona asked as they headed out into the pasture together to fetch Tucker and bring him into the stables. He would be getting the prince treatment - rather than the princess - but it would be equally as royal, especially with Rachel here. She loved the old beast, and would probably give him extra sugar cubes when Ffiona wasn’t looking.

Gotta’ play it cool, Rachel. “What? I’m not acting weird. You’ll totally be okay with doing this. Like 100 and 10 percent okay. That’s what you’ll be.” Nodding to herself, Rachel scanned the stable, excited to be reunited with her beloved horse. Well, he wasn’t HER’s, but she’d like to think he was.

Okay. It was time to drop the bomb. “So… you already know that me and Lawson are going to the dance together, right? Well, you see, a bunch of the girls and Remy. Probably Remy. Desi is most likely dragging him to come. Will be taking a trip… to Denver. To go shopping. And I have no clue what kind of dress I should get!” Her eyes widened in alarm. The blonde was always quite the expressive girl. “I hold your opinion above nearly everyone else! Probably over everyone else… yeah, you definitely trump my stepmom by a ton. She’d make me wear a dress from neck to toe. Hell, she’d probably cover my face too if she could. WHICH, I don’t understand why because SHE shows skin all the time.”

Ffiona nodded quickly, having no trouble keeping up with her best friend’s rambling. One of the reason they got along so well was because they could talk at their most comfortable pace with each other and have no trouble while, to other people, they sounded like someone accidentally hit the fast forward button on a VCR player - mouths mouthed at lightening speed, the occasional word could be pulled out, but everything else was incoherent gibberish. “YESSS! Oh ehm gee, I’m so excited about you and Law! Of course I’ll come, I absolutely must help you look fairy tale gorgeous, like a queen fit for Linthia itself. You will definitely sweep Lawson off his feet, faster than a dancing broom. Like that movie… uhmm. Uhh.”

“Fantasia!” Rachel chirped in. Did Law like her like that? She assumed this was just friends going together because it was better to go with someone rather than alone. Well, even if he didn’t like her like that, she would enjoy every minute of her time with him. He was so sweet to ask her to the dance and it gave her butterflies that someone other than FiFi wanted to take her.

“Yes! Fantasia!” Ffiona talk-shouted excitedly, doing a little hip shaking dance to punctuate the exclamation. And then she stopped dancing, abruptly. “Also, poor Remy. We need to cheer him up. He hasn’t quite swept his bae up yet. The dance, all magic will be made at the dance! Oh, alsoalso, IIIII have a date to the dance too. Well, a friend date, but still.” The ginger girl’s freckled cheeks colored with blush. “Lana asked me.” she said with a girlish giggle. By now, they had corralled Tuck into the stables and began work on brushing him out and getting him settled inside. Ffiona handed Rachel the brush and went to go put his bridle in the tack room.

“Oooooooh. Lana-Banana. Such a cutie-patootie.” Pausing for a moment, she placed the brush on Tuck’s loin, “I really do hope things turn over for Remy… he hasn’t been his smiley self and it makes me sad.” Rachel pouted in worry. Smiley not smiley was weird. She was curious what happened but didn’t think he wanted to talk about it. Doesn’t change the fact that he looked like an absolute mess this entire week.

Yes, the dance will be magical for him and she and FiFi would make it so. It was going to be the best dance he’s ever been to. Yepp, she officially decided to make Remy a dreamer again.

“Will I have some influence over your wardrobe tomorrow? BECAUSE, I know exactly what character I would make you resemble…” Rachel’s lips rose into a devilish smirk. If FiFi allowed her, oh man, this would make her day. Her life. There was this one particular character that Rachel believed FiFi could pull off amazingly, at least look-wise. Gently, she brushed Tuck’s croup and then walked to meet his groggily gaze. Resting her forehead against his, ever so lovingly, she whispered to her animal companion, “I think she’d pull off the sexy Sybil, don’t you think?” The hot redhead enchantress was to DIE for. Literally. A lot of people died for her - willing and not.

What? A girl could dream!

Ffiona rolled her eyes jokingly. “I guesss.” It was obvious by her smirk that she was actually looking forward to the fashion adventure. FiFi didn’t go out and do… girly things… very often, so times like these were always special occasions. Maybe someday, she could also find her happily ever after. “So, you said Denver? How are we getting there? I doubt Poppa will let me borrow the pick-up for a trip that far. And you don’t have a car…” Ffiona asked, now in front of Rachel and the horse, with some snacks and a blanket in hand for him. She handed the treats to Rachie for her to feed Tuck, while she covered his back up with the blanket..

“Lala and CR’s guests have rentals. So I’m assuming once we get to Lala’s, we’ll pile in cars that take up that whole grove… it’s been very lively there. Oh!” Rachel graciously grabbed the treats and fed the horsey, “So, those two have been together for their entire lives, right? We should definitely convince Lala to spice things up. Maybe, we can make her uber sexy, like how I’m going to make you! Make CR’s heart go boom, boom, boom.”

“Oh myyy, sounds like fun. I don’t know about me getting sexy, that sounds… I don’t know.” Fi laughed and waved it off dismissively. Who was she going to try to impress? Thus far, there haven’t been any heartthrob romantic interests for her in Westworth. Ffiona’s future person, they’d have to be one hell of an individual to capture and tame a heart that was as wild and free as hers. Perhaps not even capture it, ideally they would run alongside her. “Well, we can be done in here, then. I’ll go beat Trevor out of bed with his gross drooly pillow, and he can take care of the rest of the barnwork.”

The girls locked up Tucker safe and sound alongside Genie’s stable, before trekking towards the Ffiona’s home. “Tell Momma about the plans, I’ll be right back.” Ffiona ran in the house quickly, only kicking off her snowy boots in the mudroom before scampering up the stairs and calling out for her brother to get up.

“Tell me what?” Eleanor said from the kitchen, peeking into the entryway, where her daughter had left Rachel standing in the dust of her tracks.

“Oh hey, Miss E! You see, tomorrow is the dance and for dances you wear dresses. Fifi and I, well, we were invited to go shopping. Take a trip to Denver with a bunch of friends and those kids everyone’s been talking about! From, uh, Cali. Yeah, the Cali kids. News travels fast and it isn’t like we live in a big town. So, most of the girls in my class are meeting up at the Foxley’s and then carpooling to the city to get some nice… clothes. For the dance.” Rachel never was one to explain herself well, but luckily Eleanor was use to her roundabout way of telling things.

“Oh, that sounds lovely. Can’t hardly ever get my girly in a dress. Pictures will be needed. When are you heading to the Foxley’s?”

After assaulting him with his own pillow, as promised, Ffiona trotted back downstairs with a very sleepy, grumpy-faced Trevor following after her. “Help acquired, ready to roll.” FiFi was wearing a different outfit now, hopefully one that smelled less like a barn… but Ffiona always smelled a little bit like a farm, and she didn’t find that fact all that unappealing. Lord only knows how she managed to undress and redress in that amount of time, it seems that everything Ffiona does is high speed.

“Now, it seems.” The curly blond haired girl grinned at FiFi’s mother, before she gave Trevor a little nudge on his shoulder, “Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s time to enjoy your day and play with the animals.” From there, she allowed FiFi to drag her.

“I assume Rachel told you?” Ffiona said, hooking her arm into Rachel’s to start ushering her out. Like Ffiona herself, Rachel could stand and talk to someone for an eternity, if she was left to.

“Dance. Dresses. Denver. Check three times over, triple D!” Eleanor smiled wide and proud at her cheesy pun. “Go hop in the car, I’ll be right out to drive you over to Lorelei’s” FiFi said her thanks and quite literally dragged Rachel outside. Eleanor told Trevor that he could find breakfast in the fridge and fetched her keys.

“Do you girls have dates to the dance?” El asked once she was settled into the car and turning the ignition. It took a few turns for the engine to cough to life, which was common in the cold weather. Eleanor expertly backed the station wagon down the quarter-mile long dirt driveway. The driveway was so long that it warranted it’s own name, which was aptly called “Lewis Lane” on all official maps.

“Lawson…. asked me.” Rachel shyly responded. In all honesty, she couldn’t believe that she was going to the dance with a boy. This was beyond her! Would he even like how she danced? She was a damn dork. Watch. Law was going to find something weird about her and end their night short. It was nerve-wrecking thinking of all the ways this could go wrong.

“And I’m just going as friends with Lana. OH! Do you think I should still match colors with her?” Ffiona asked Rachel quickly, realizing that there might be something to this dance date thing that she was missing. Were friend dates supposed to match? “Maybe just… colors that go?”

“Lawson, is it?” Eleanor asked, raising her eyebrows at Rachel through the rearview. “He seems like a nice boy, comes from a good family, those Barrett’s.” El nodded in approval, turning onto the street that the Foxley’s lived on.

“Mm, yeah… he’s really nice.” Fiddling with her fingers, Rachel looked away from the mirror of the woman fixedly staring at her and answered her friend’s question, “I think friends could do whatever they want! I was going to suggest a dark, ivy green dress for you. Your hair would look absolutely gorgeous with that color. I think Lana is coming so you two could always try to coordinate while we’re there.” The blonde shrugged, not really knowing the answer to the question. There wasn’t anything wrong with them matching if they wanted to match!

“Oh, good! Green sounds nice, that’s my favorite color. Like the grass and the trees and nature!” Ffiona grinned at her best friend, and her mother chuckled. These girls were so full of energy. Young, vibrant, positive energy. The car pulled to a stop in front of Lorelei’s parents’ house. Eleanor dug around in her purse, causing a few crumpled grocery receipts to fall out. She then pulled three crinkly twenties out, and passed them back to the girls - two for Ffiona, and one for Rachel.

“A little extra for you both, get something pretty, and BE SAFE in that city! Call me if you need anything, like a ride home. Or expert motherly fashion advice.”

“Thanks, momma!” Ffiona said, pocketing the money in her jeans and checking for her phone. “I have my cell if there are any emergencies… or advisement needed.” The redhead said teasingly and opened the door to hop out and join Lala and Company inside.

“See you later, Mrs. E… I’ll make sure we take lots of pictures.” And with that, Rachel trailed behind her best friend. Onward they go!

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@Framing A Moose

I loved that post, her personality is hilarious, and the cute little touches, like the dialogue written on the CD... A++++

Location: The Gym
Interacting with: Drayden @Universorum & Claire @lovely complex

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

That is what everyone says that it takes to make it in this industry. Cliché as it is, you hear it all the time in AWE, both backstage, and on it. Many of the top tier wrestlers proved the phrase true, Barbie Summers among them. In fact, Barbara Somerville could currently check the first two off of the list today without even batting a false eyelash.

The blood was represented in the brutal abdominal cramps that she was suffering from. Periods were sometimes less mild and frequent for athletes, but this was not the case for the Doll of the American wrestling world. Drayden was gone, she didn’t have any screen time this week, and her insides were betraying her, all at once. The only thing that she wanted to do was eat chocolate cake, an entire chocolate cake. We are talking about a cake the size of the one Bruce was forced to eat in the movie Matilda. Barbara would eat it without a single complaint made, or breath taken.

This brings us to the next factor in the formula: sweat. Instead of indulging her sweet tooth and facing the consequences that came with it, Barbara was working out. Hard. A figure such as hers didn’t come easily. Her body was a well-oiled machine, and it had been for about a dozen years. Before wrestling, she was an skilled gymnast, like many other female wrestlers before her.

Nowadays, Barbara exercises for at least one hour every day. Cardio, core, strength training - she splits up her days pretty evenly, making sure that no part of her body gets out of proportion, except for her glutes. Barbara - and Barbie - takes great pride in having a far above average ass, as does William, and she plans to keep it that way. Thinking of her Billy made her frown, and she channeled that emotion into getting a few more reps of free weights in.

Wiping the moisture from her brow with her forearm, Barbara paused her routine to get a drink of water from her Camelbak bottle. Sucking down the refreshing liquid, she glanced up at the television, which was screening the happenings of the ring, in real time. A flash of cotton candy pink hair caught her eye, and Barbara paused the audiobook that she was listening to through her headphones, in order to focus on the screen. Oh, this was bound to be good.

Morgana was staged as Barbie’s biggest rival, and rightly so, as she was the previous holder of the AWE Women’s Championship Title. The Sorceress was a cutthroat character, and her hatred for the Plastic Queen was so palpable that you could practically reach into the TV screen and hold it in your hands. Honestly, it was so real that Barbara had trouble separating the character from the woman herself - it didn’t help that Mileena never talked to her backstage. She sometimes wondered if the dark beauty truly did despise her, as she appeared to on the big screen, for all the world to see.

Barbara watched with mild interest as Morgana entered the ring with the music and costume themes made famous by her wrestling legend of a father. That was to be expected, using his infamy to build up her own story. It likely wasn’t even Morgana’s idea, it was probably the writers, so Barbara didn’t judge her for it. When the witchy woman began her monologue, however, Barbara’s interest went from mild, to full attention.

Morg didn’t even waste a second before going in on Barbie. She didn’t mention her by name, but it was clear to any and all who were watching. Her words were as vicious as a viper’s venom, and she even mocked the fake accent that Barbara put on for Barbie’s character. The backwoods Louisiana lass was the furthest thing from a Valley girl in real life, but that was of no matter.

“The desire in me is far greater than any ‘doll’ that thinks they’re worthy for more than just a hand clap.”

Barbara’s lip twitched at the dig. Surely, that was just Mileena being in-character. Surely, no one in AWE was jaded enough to think that Barbie didn’t desire this. She worked her ass off for the title - blood, sweat, all of that cliché shit . A lifetime of being a fan, years of training, and the seizing of a few key opportunities. Barbara was peeved, but she continued to watch the promo in eerie silence.

“When you think of Barbie, what’s the first thing you think of? That she’s pretty in pink? Or that she too is what she calls a shadow of other people. Mm, especially the shadow of her Dray-dee-poo.”

Oh, she did not just go there. Bringing William into this, given his current injured state? That was a low blow. AND, while Drayden was, in fact, the greatest thing to happen to AWE… Barbie Summers stood in nobody’s shadow. She would never claim to be better than Dray - nor even equal to him, it was apples and oranges, really - but they were both rulers, in their own rights. Separate, unequal, and also unrivaled. Barbara kept her eyes on the screen, her vision tinted rage red.

“If she were alone, would she have built the kingdom that she wanted? Happily ever afters don’t last forever, especially to those that don’t respect the ones that help her lift her heavy crown. I don’t see a warrior. I don’t see a soul shining with royalty. I don’t see the hunger in her eyes. I see nothing.”

The spark met powder, and Barbara ignited in the gym. Short fuse? No, no fuse. There wasn’t a fuse in sight - just flames. Fire everywhere. “That BITCH!” she hissed, turning away from the TV before she could see Sydney step on screen and challenge Morgana. Blinded by her volatile emotional state, Barbie spun on her heel and took it out on the nearest punching bag.

The blonde punched and kicked, throwing her whole body into the assault against the weighted canvas sack. Barbie went at it until she was short of breath, and her unprotected knuckles felt bruised and swollen. Billy wasn’t here, he was hurting all by himself, and she couldn’t fix it. Now she was without her lover, completely alone, didn’t have any cake, and everyone hated her.

Without William there to reassure her, Barbara caved to her insecurities. All of the talk about how she didn’t deserve this, that she slept her way to the top, the talentless whore label that Barbie was written to wear so proudly. All of the heat was too much without love present to balance it out. Pressing her forehead against the canvas bag, Barbara practically hugged it, as salty streams trailed down her cheeks.

Tears: The final piece of the stupid. fucking. triad. Barbara sniffled. This was dumb, she was being dumb, crying like this. Big girls don’t cry, and actresses keep on smiling when the scene calls for it. This crown that she wore was something that she had wanted since childhood, something that she told her older brothers that she would have someday, and now she did have it, so she would wear it with poise and pride, no matter how heavy it sat atop her head.

There was only one person that could cheer her up. Only one gorgeous, chiseled face, with soulful eyes that shined for her and her alone. Barbara wiped away her tears and checked out her appearance in mirror - which was essentially the wall, as plates of mirror wrapped around the entire perimeter of the fitness center. No sign of her meltdown was evident on her face, she simply looked like she had just completed a heavy workout and, to an athlete like William, that was a sexy look. Pleased enough with her reflection, she tapped his contact to call him via FaceTime, right there in the gym, sitting on the weight bench in her sports bra and leggings.

For all intents and purposes, Drayden might as well have been dead in the water. Knee surgery as severe as his, apparently put you out of commission for longer than anticipated, and according to the medical staff, it’d be almost a month before he could even start physical therapy. Past that, eight months before he could return, and they’d said they weren’t sure he’d ever be in peak physical form again.

The doctors weren’t sure, but William Shepherd sure as fuck was. If he didn’t get back to how he was before, then he might as well end his life. So, he’d train as hard as needed for as long as possible to get back to the way he wanted to be… for now, though? Once Will answered the FaceTime call, Barbie would see her king curled up on a couch that she’d picked out for their Florida home, with a discarded Playstation 4 controller on his chest.

“Hey, babe. You look grumpy and sweaty. What’s wrong?”

“Hiii Billy, baby!” Barbara greeted him, her lips turning up at the corners. “Just… at the gym.” she said and panned the phone camera away from her, around the room, and then back to her again. “See.”

The man on the other end couldn’t help but smile when she panned the camera around the room, but he nodded when it went back to her. “Yes, I see that. I’m just on the couch. Since I can’t walk without crutches. For a month. I should probably be in the bed, but I wanted to play video games and eat food. So…” He turned the camera around to show the coffee table, which had a half eaten piece of cake, a two litre bottle of vanilla Coke, and some pizza. “Here I am.” And back to him.

Her eyes went wide at the sight of his sinful buffet. You have cake… she whispered and bit her lip. “You should be in bed, have someone set the video games up in the bedroom. You aren’t going to get better quickly if you break the rules.” Barbara broke out of her lustful trance long enough to give him a motherly scolding. Without anyone there keeping an eye on him, namely herself, he was probably doing a whole lot more that he shouldn’t be.

“Well, of course I have cake. I wanted cake, so I bought one. It’s really good, I was surprised.” He didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, so cake was rare for him, and usually it was of the ice cream variety. William usually preferred salty things to the sweet ones. “And I don’t like asking for help, it’s dumb enough that I have to have someone here to make me food if I don’t order it, this kind of stuff is infuriating, it kills my independence as a man.” Now, he wore the grumpy face as he squinted into the camera.

“Plus, I gotta watch Shock N AWE every week, I don’t wanna miss anything important.”

Barbie shook her head at him and rolled her eyes with a small smile. “That person is paid handsomely to do whatever the fuck you ask him to do. Moving a television and gamestation is nothing. As for your independence as a man…” She snuggled her knees up to her chest and held her face in her hand, biting her lip again. “The only way you’ll get all that back is if you follow the doctor's orders. Don’t you want get your strength back, so you can show me what a man you can be?” Barbara pouted and gave the camera her best pair of sultry eyes.

Suddenly, a well-known, delicate, silver-bell sounding voice resounded in the gym. There wasn’t even the sound of the entrance door opening because this woman in particular was light on her feet and could sneak up on anyone if she truly wanted to. By first glance, one would assume the figure that was making her way to her friend was related to the wrestler by blood. The essence of summer emitted from her, with her golden hair draping down her shoulders, curling at the ends, and a smile never fading.

Claire Gilmore.

The fiancee of Kevin Harrison, since May this year, going five years strong. They became official when she was twenty one, anniversary December 21, 2012. She was recently promoted to the head makeup artist position of the AWE Glam Squad (subscribe to their instagram channel: aweglamsquad and twitter account: @AWEGlamSquad), but also assists in the costume department, having excellent sewing skills and both a degree in Costume Design and a licensure in cosmetology, having taken an extensive program in all things makeup. It also helps that she has a strong background in theatre, being raised as the next ‘Shirley Temple’ of her hometown. Of course, her heart chose a different path. She didn’t want to be a star, she wanted to help make stars and, in time, she found an in at the AWE.

If there was one thing she deliberately goes out of her way for, it’s checking up on the wrestlers, especially the divas. Being the main hairdresser and makeup artist for the bigger names like Barbie Summers and Morgana, she tries her best to make sure their personal lives don’t mix with their careers. As a wrestler, it isn’t always easy to separate the act from the person, because at the AWE, you’re nearly always at work, and a camera could be just around the corner to catch you at your worst.

There are also the cases where some of the wrestlers aren’t the most sociable and, if she could, she would be the friend that they needed. The friend that would help them reach the height of their stardom or, at least, keep them sane. Wrestling wasn’t an easy business, and everyone needed a friend. Those that worked at the AWE were family, regardless if anyone realized that or not. You spent most of your life with these people, and it was up to you to take proactive steps to cross that line between acquaintances and friends. Claire was still working on Mileena, or well, Morgana... that girl was a toughy. Far more guarded and shy than people realized. Just because she was a good actress and knew how to be a bitch, didn’t mean she knew how to handle people well.

But, she wasn’t here for Morgana. She was here for Barbara Somerville. The current Queen of the Women’s Division. An absolute sweetheart, who dreamed big, and wanted to continuously aim high. A girl who had a lot more in common with her on stage rival than they both realized. “How’s my Barbie girl? In her Barbie world? Is life fantastic? Your ass is definitely not made out of plastic.” Claire was too focused on her silly introduction to realize she was interrupting something. The darling artist was hardly dressed appropriately for the gym.

Barbara jumped at the sudden additional voice in the room. Her eyes bugged wide at the phone camera, obviously guilty at being caught in the act of dirty talking with her man. Barbie tapped the screen and hung up on William, without any warning, and set the phone down on the bench. “Oh! Hi! Just… arm day.”

The blonde wrestler flexed her toned bicep and gave a convincing smile. “As for how I’m doing… crampy, lonely, and hungry. Not necessarily in that order. You?”

“Phenomanal!” Claire enthusiastically responded, but then shook her head in evident lover neediness. “Actually, no, tonight will be another lonely night for me at the hotel. Kevin and his boys will be too busy doing what they do best, making the AWE great and all.” She strided closer to examine Barbara’s biceps, “Tip-top shape, as always!” Pausing for a second, she glanced at the phone resting on the bench and curiously inquired, “Was that William? How’s he doing? It’s weird not seeing him around.”

A pair of dazzling blue eyes flicked down to the phone. Barbie nodded. “Yeah, that was my Billy. I needed to see his face.” Her lips puckered in a pout, comfortable enough in the presence of her good friend Claire to show her true emotions. “He’s misbehaving, but in good spirits.”

The artist watched the wrestler carefully and gave her an empathetic look, as if she understood what her friend was going through, which honestly, she did. In her own way. Kevin was married to his job first and foremost, so not seeing him as much as she would like to was something she’s dealt with ever since he was promoted to chief of the creative division. They knew each other before they were big at this company, and she cherished everything they had, but it does get lonely from time to time.

Claire trusted him with every fiber of her being, and she wouldn’t change their lives together for the world. Call her clique or whatever, but he was her prince, for better or for worse, even if they didn’t spend every waking hour together. “I wish my Sailor misbehaved! Give me a surprise spankin’ while I’m prancing down the halls.” She jokingly giggled and Barbie joined in on the girlish laughter.

“But in all seriousness, we should hang. We haven’t done that since…” Mentally counting in her head, Claire took a gander of the last time they had true girl time, “Almost two months, I think.” Bringing herself down so that she was head level with her friend, the beauty continued to sell her proposition for a slumber party, “I can get us some cake, we can watch some flicks. It would be great. Maybe even buy some fried chicken. God, I love chicken.”

“Oooo~” Barbara’s eyes shined at the mention of indulging in some delicious calories. If William could eat pizza and cake, she could let herself cheat with some fried chicken. And cake! “That sounds lovely. I’ll just have to shower and get dressed proper. You free tonight? You said it was going to be a lonely one...”

“Free as ever! Oh, I’m so happy! I’ll text you the deets and if I need anything… like alcohol.”

“Fantastic, I hope you like a good rosé.”

Location: Hell, briefly. Mostly CR’s place

Collab with: @Universorum @Lovely Complex

Upon arriving at CR’s place, Jar encountered Beverly Hills native, Davy, and Oliver chatting in the front yard. Oli waved silently and continued his conversation with David. Jar stuffed his cold hands into his jacket pockets and approached them, looking around for Christopher Robin and not seeing him anywhere. “Hey Davy, where’s CR at?” he cut in during a lull in chat between the two boys about Davy’s dance date with Madison.

It was as if Jareth had spoke the magic words, as if he had the cast the spell to summon the Westworth Storybook Character out of thin air, as Christopher Robin, in all his glory, stepped out of his home, a steaming plate of pancakes in his hands. He thrust it in Oli’s direction, before complaining loudly, “They just vanished into thin air, my guys. Eh, what up, Jar? We just about ready to roll out — got a few more people coming in, but I figure we can load up my truck first and foremost, but gotdamn, those LA dudes don’t fuck around, my dude. They just keep at it, if they can lock a door they will bang their girls behind that locked door, so I gotta go fetch these motherfuckers right now, you wanna roll with your boy?” Say what you want about his cadence, but CR had a certain way of speaking that was undeniably his own. A little of column A, a little of columns B, C, and Z too.

“You got this. I’ll stand here and welcome anyone else who shows up.” Davy offered with one of his charming smiles directed at Christopher Robin, and Christopher Robin tossed an arm around Jar’s shoulder and led him toward the house.

“So what’s up, what’s happenin’? You got a date for this ball yet? I ain’t asked mine yet, but I’m hoping she says yes.”

There was a question to ponder. “Uhh…” Did he have a date? He wasn’t sure if he still had a best friend, or if he was going to have a boyfriend, or what exactly was happening between Remy and himself? He was going to the dance, and Remy was also going, and he was hoping to attempt to fix how bad he fucked up last week, tomorrow. At said dance. The question made him nervous, he couldn’t answer it directly so, instead, he practiced a little misdirection.

“Haven’t asked yours yet? You mean… your wife?” Jar laughed. “I think she might already know that you’re going, my dude.”

“No, man, I love her. I gotta treat her right, y’know? So I got this whole elaborate plan. Check it out, my Snowflake really likes Rolos, y’know? So, tonight, after she gets back from shopping — we’re probably gonna have to come down from the mountain early for this, which is lame, but whatever… I’m gonna write on her bed, with Rolos ‘will you got to the ball with me?’ and the question mark is going to be laid out in roses. She’s gonna love it, and remember it forever! I don’t want us to break up, but I think it’s important she has the memories to look back on, know what I mean? Like, getting asked to prom and stuff… I’m not gonna rob Lala of those memories, just because we’re already dating.” CR shrugged his shoulders. Hey, maybe he was overthinking it but… he was blinded by love. Lorelei would have things to look back on! He’d make sure of that.

“That’s…” The unpierced side of lips raised in a half-smile. “That’s really sweet, man. You guys are couple goals, pretty much.” Speaking of couples… they were inside the house now and trying to gather up some people being… very involved in couple things. Great, this wasn’t going to be awkward at all. “Are we just gonna, like, bang on the doors?”

“Couple goals? The fuck that even mean? You know what, don’t worry about it. Check it out, Leon and Noli are involved in the guest bedroom, if you get close enough you can hear the rhythmic thumping of the headboard against the wall, and then you got Connor and Melody in the bathroom, shower’s runnin’ so god knows what they’re doing in there. You wanna take the bedroom, or the bathroom? You get one, I’ll get the other.”

“Which one seems less prone to violence? They’re much larger than me, and I don’t want my pretty face messed up.” Jar was only half serious, though he did have a pretty face that he’d much rather keep the way it is. But, this could turn out poorly, and in his honest opinion, neither option seemed ideal. Couldn’t they just leave them to their business?

“Connor’s almost seven foot and his girlfriend looks like she’ll shank someone with her toothbrush if you interrupt them so I got that one. You go to the bedroom. Bet.” CR fist bumped Jareth, and he was off on his way to complete his mission and assemble the Avengers, one stay at a time.

“Good luck with that.” Jar said, perhaps he would soon be mourning the loss of his storybook friend. Jareth headed to the guest bedroom without any amount of haste. Pausing in front of the door, he did in fact hear the the headboard, as CR had mentioned, and grimaced at it. Wonderful. Not wanting to stand here any longer than necessary, he knocked hard on the door, three times, proceeded to stand with his hands in his pockets once again, and hummed loudly.

The thumping slowed down to a crawl, before stopping as Jareth hit the door the final time. There was a brief moment of silence, before a shout came out to greet the emo boy. “Yeah, what’s up? I said we’d be down in five minutes… oh, shit I said that twenty minutes ago. My b!” Leon’s voice carried through the wooden door, the tone giving away the fact that he did indeed feel guilty about that. A carefree giggle followed soon after, and if Jar listened carefully, there were quick movements happening on the other side of the door.

“Right… well, we’re packing up now. Try to be downstairs, fully dressed, like, also now.” Jareth responded to the door. Good, he did his job, time to leave before Leon did something like open it. Jar had no desire to see a half-dressed dude, given this morning’s misadventures, and his preoccupied mind at present. Maybe there were still pancakes around to be had, Jareth thought as he turned to walk away.

The door swung open, but it wasn’t Leon, it was Noli, wrapped in the guest’s sheets like a toga. With her cutesy attitude and whimsical smile, the high energy girl pounced on the emo boy from behind, “You’re such a good friend!” She needed to raid Melody’s luggage and steal her panties. Still hanging on him, she rested her chin on his shoulder and grinned, “You should totally save me some pancakes. And if someone wants to fight you for them, punch them in the gonads. Or tits, if it’s a girl. Thank you, JarJar.” Before freeing him, Noli kissed the boy on the cheeks and then unlatched herself. It was time to see what Melody packed for fun times with Connor!

Jareth froze in place. Sure, he had met and talked to Noli before, but they weren’t exactly ‘pounce on you while half naked’ levels of close. No, Jareth actually wasn’t that close with anyone, in fact. This girl - who was just banging her very large, jock-shaped boyfriend, who was right there - was currently clinging to his back. Maybe, just maybe, if he stood very still and said nothing, she would stop. That turned out to only half work, because before she let go, she kissed his cheek. He felt his face flush automatically, time to leave. Now! “Yeah. Pancakes, right. Can’t guarantee that there are even any left, but I’ll try.” he mumbled. How did he get himself into situations like this, anyway? This was CR’s fault.

Shortly afterwards, another new person put their hand on Jar. This time however, it was a much larger, manlier hand than the body of Noli, that clasped down on Jar’s shoulder. The voice that followed after it was much deeper, though it seemed less aggressive than Noli’s, “Hey don’t worry about her, yeah? She’s just kinda spastic, but I got her on lock. She’ll be ready in time.” Leon himself was already fully dressed, in all honesty, he’d wanted to finish what he was doing, but the slopes were calling. “See you downstairs! Aren’t there more people missing anyway?”

Meanwhile, in front of the bathroom door, Christopher Robin mercilessly pounded on it. “Ayy, get the fuck out the bathroom! I know ya’all are clean as fuck in there! We gotta roll!” Motherfuckers.

An irked voice hissed on the other side, “We’re almost finished.” What was happening on the other side, no one needed to know, but Melody did not like sex going unfinished. If CR was in the same position with Lala, wouldn’t he be too occupied to rush to the slopes? Unfortunately, Melody didn’t know CR well enough to assume he was married to two things: Lala and the mountains. Snowboarding, to be exact.

“Nah, it’s alright. We’ll be out in a minute.” That would break Melody’s heart, but they were guests! So he had to be nice. “Don’t leave without us! Ty said you and Davy are dope together, I wanna see it in person, dammit.” He’d missed the last few runs, because Melody had wanted to do other shit, but NO MORE.

“Get your asses on the move! You’ve had enough sex to last a gotdamn lifetime. You got forty five seconds.”

Hmpf. Melody pulled away from Connor and didn’t say a word. It was time to go skiing, or well, she needed to learn snowboarding now. This was stupid. Connor was going to be distracted by boys, and her friends were going shopping. Her day was going to suck. Putting herself back together, she had to retrieve her coat back where her luggage was, she kissed her Alpha on the lips and begrudgingly smiled, “I’ll get your coat, go hang with your friends.”

“Mel-mel, maybe you should go shopping with your friends. You can pick out something cute for yourself to wear to the dance tomorrow, and something snazzy for me to wear — cuz if you don’t, I’m gonna wear a Caiden Winters shirt and jeans, and you know I will.” Connor suggested, smiling down at Melody and kissing her forehead. she didn’t need to be all amped up all the time, she could chill.

“And let other people gawk at you? PLEASE. I’ll tell Belle to get us something, she knows our sizes.” Melody immediately declined his suggestion. Hell-to-the-fucking-no he wasn’t going to the mountains without her. There were most definitely some snow girl junkies out there that would hit on him and she absolutely would not tolerate that. “Plus, I’m happiest when I’m with you.”

Meanwhile, CR reconvened with Jar downstairs, where Mama Bishop was handing out pancakes. She’d made… a lot, to say the least, knowing that there’d be a lot of hungry boys to feed, and was still churning them out. CR grabbed a few pieces of bacon and crammed them into his mouth, before looking over at Jar, “Alright I got ‘em together. You bout ready to dip?”

Jar looked up from his plate of second breakfast. He was ferociously chewing a mouthful of pancake, which was delicious. Maybe he could eat his feelings like a fucking girl or something. What a week, what a day… He was most definitely ready to get on the slopes and clear his mind, if that was possible. “Yeah.” Jar said and swallowed the last of his pancakes before putting his plate in the dishwasher and thanking Mama B. “Everything packed up? My board was here last I knew.” He finished his reply to Christopher Robin.

“Gotta go to the garage and fill up the ice chest, but I got weed and I got everything else. Got snacks, got snowboards… I’m ready to rock. You ready to rock? Dude, me and Davy are gonna blow you away, gonna be dope.” CR said simply, shrugging his shoulders as he crunched on another strip of bacon. Was there such thing as too much breakfast? ...nah.

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Location: Highways Aces High
Interacting with: Fellow Clubs Campers

The Kat Von D Shade and Light palette snapped closed with a decided click. Eva gave her face one final inspection in the mirror. Her pale complexion was enhanced by a light contouring of her cheeks and jawline, and an intense smoky eye. She had a long car drive ahead of her, so she didn’t pay as much attention to what her hair looked like, it was simply tied in a messy bun atop her head.

Heading to her bedroom now - which was a cave-like dwelling of blacks and reds, with band posters, records, concert photos, and ticket stubs coating every square inch of wall space - Eva pawed through her suitcase. Going through her mental checklist of all of the summer camp necessities, she ran off to add sunscreen and bug spray to the toiletries section of her bag. Most camps, in her experience, had an ample supply such things, but it was always good to bring your own personal stash.

After decided that both her person, and her belongings, were ready for the trip, Eva headed downstairs. As the drive was between 6 and 7 hours long, and she planned to arrive at Aces High in the late morning, it was currently earlier than the ass-crack of dawn. As dark out as it was, Eva’s mother Annette was still awake when Eva arrived in the kitchen with her packed bags.

“Oh, you’re up! And you have coffee… bless you, mom. Bless you!” Eva said, surprised, and stared lustfully and the brewing pot of liquid gold.

“Of course I am, I wouldn’t miss my baby leaving me for ten weeks BEFORE she goes on to leave me for four years.” Annette’s lips pursed with legitimate sadness at the realization of what she had just said. Her middle daughter was almost ready to leave the nest, and she was overwhelmed with both pride and sorrow at the same time. “Oh… I’m getting old.” Her lip quivered.

“Age is just a number. Look at you...” Eva said encouragingly and rubbed her mother’s shoulder before pouring a cup of joe into her Alice In Wonderland travel mug. “Any of my friends would say it, ‘toppest notch milf in all of Reno’. They’re not wrong, you’re hot shit, ma.”

Annette shook her head and laughed. “Stop that!” she chided without any emotional reinforcement to her words. Now that she is seventeen, nearly eighteen, Annette and Peter have pretty much abandoned all hope on censoring the words that come out of their Eva’s mouth. She is a free spirit, and she has and will always do and say as she pleases. “Are you all packed?”

“Yeah, I went through my list a few minutes ago. The last on it was ‘acquire coffee’ so…” Eva gestured with the mug and grinned. “Check! Looks like I’m ready to get on the road.”

Eva’s mother fetched some cut up fruit from the fridge that she had set aside for Eva and walked her out to her car. The whip was a sleek black and white MINI Cooper Roadster Convertible that Eva got for her seventeenth birthday and sometimes referred to as Dom (because it reminds her of a domino). Eva packed her bags into the trunk and shut it tight before giving her mom a big hug. “Thanks for the breakfast, mama,” she said with a squeeze.

“Now you drive safe today, make good decisions, and remember that those Californian drivers--”

“Are assholes. Yes, I know, mom. I’ll be fine.” Eva assured her mother before kissing her on the cheek. “I’ll text you at each rest stop, and when I get there safely. Promise. Love you~”

At that, Eva was in her car and on the road. The drive was mostly highways, taking US-395 N to CA-44 W, with some smaller jaunts in between. It wasn’t long before the sun was up and Eva could drive with the top down and her sunglasses on.

The earlier half of Eva’s playlist started with slow, smooth jams. She got into the music and bobbed her head to rhythm of the Sixx: A.M. song. Driving with her only right hand on the steering wheel Eva stuck her left hand into the open air, cutting waves into the wind like a dolphin jumping in and out of the sea. This was living free and easy, the kind of thing summer was meant to be, and Sublime wrote songs about.

When she was about 1 hour away, according to the GPS, the fruit calories wore off, and Eva grew hungry. Seeing the sign for a Dunkin’ Donuts, Eva turned at the next exit for a special treat. The girl had an insatiable sweet tooth, and an intense desire for more coffee. She ordered a dozen donuts for herself and to share with her fellow campers, and a travel refill coffee using her own mug. Save the trees!

After snapping a selfie with her delicious pink, sprinkled donut and posting it to her Snapchat, Eva was back in her car. The last leg of her journey was filled with fast-paced, energetic, passionate punk rock songs. Eva whipped her head around to the beat of one of Rise Against’s anthemic tracks. This action only served to make her messy bun of blonde locks even more wind-wrecked. At least her makeup was still on point.

Nearly six and a half hours of driving had passed, but Eva finally arrived at Aces High campgrounds. Buzzed up with caffeine and the energy of her killer road trip playlist, Evangeline Claire hopped out of her MINI and threw the driver's side door shut. She danced her way to the trunk of the vehicle while still singing the chorus of Halestorm’s “Freak Like Me”, which was cut off upon her arrival.

“They can’t hold you down, you were born to rise!” Eva sang, pulling her luggage out of the trunk and fist pumping emphatically to her rendition of the song. She closed up the trunk, box of donuts in one hand and the handle of her suitcase in the other, and turned to get a good hard look at Aces High. Smiling wide, she rolled up to the group of campers and counselors and introduced herself.

“Hey, I’m Eva. I brought donuts for the peeps in my cabin, or anyone who wants to be friends. There is only eleven, so peacefully sort that out, I’m not liable for any violence caused.” Eva laughed and pushed her sunglasses up to the top of her head. She was wearing cut up black jean shorts and a crop top that displayed her belly button piercing. The outfit was very soft-femme-meets-punk, but cool enough to wear in the summer heat, despite all the black.

She received an envelope stating that she was sorted into the Queen of Clubs cabin. Eva headed in the direction of the Clubs triad to set up her own personal area, bond with her roomies, and properly offer up the sweet treats she brought. Though, looking at the number of campers, she clearly did not bring enough for everyone!

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Location: The Sky SMF Airport The Bus Aces High Campgrounds
Interacting With: Each Other
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Having endured the longest plane ride of his sixteen years of life so far, Silas Owens eagerly stared out of the window of Delta Flight #438. The airline stewardess had just announced that all passengers should fasten their seatbelts, as they would begin their descent in three minutes time. Silo’s buckle was already fastened in preparation for landing, so he was able to enjoy the scenery as the aircraft lowered through the clouds, while everyone else got seated and buckled up. The morning sun was smiling upon the earth that passed below, like one long checkerboard of various shades of green and yellow.

The plane’s landing was safe and uneventful, but young Silas was still quite ecstatic to finally be on the ground. He stretched out his cramped up limbs whilst waiting for his single - yet enormous - suitcase to roll around at the baggage claim. SMF was lively, as Silas had expected any Californian city airport would be. The boy spent some time people-watching, a beloved hobby of his, and almost missed his luggage when he got distracted by it.

With his bag in hand, or wheeling behind him, rather, Silas set off to find the pickup location. Silo fished around in his jeans pocket and pulled out a crumpled up print out that said to exit the Sacramento airport, and head to the bus stop located near parking lot “C”. A clearly labeled bus would be waiting to pick up the out-of-state arrivals - as well as any other campers that were dropped off - at the airport, and then to transport them to the camp site.

The aforementioned bus was found in the form of a bright yellow school bus with “ACES HIGH” painted in bold, black, block letters along the side. He idly wondered if the bus was an old model from a high school, and if the director had simply named the whole camp that out of convenience. The name, and it’s origins, hardly mattered however, because this was bound to be a dope-ass camp regardless of it’s name.

Confidently striding over to the large vehicle, Silo hopped up the steps and gave the bus driver “Joe,” his name, when he was prompted to do so. Joe checked a list, nodded, and then proceeded to highlight a row across the page. “All set, kiddo. Take a seat wherever ya like. We got a few more boarding here, and we’ll be making a couple other stops along the way, for pickups. Should be up in the mountains in a few hours time, so get comfy.”

Silas nodded at the driver. “Thanks, man,” he said before heading down the narrow aisle, looking for a place to set his luggage and find a seat for himself.

Madison was bored, to say the very least. Since she had lived closer to the camp than most people, and the bus had pretty much swung by her house and picked her up straight from there. There were no goodbyes, her parents were gone at work by the time the bus had arrived. Upon boarding, she had moved toward the back, because it was where she felt like she would be the most comfortable. She wanted no part in the ruckus that would soon happen up front. She just wanted these last few hours to herself before she’d have to spend her summer with a bunch of people that she most likely didn’t know.

She didn’t even want to go, but after much convincing (a.k.a. bribing and negotiations), she agreed to spend her summer at this camp. Madi was fine with the social group she had now, despite how eccentric they might’ve been. Sure, they might’ve spent a majority of their time indoors and studying, but they were better than nothing.

Madison rested her head on the seat, trying to fall asleep so that she could pass the time. Or at least try to pass it. After about ten minutes of failing to do so, she gave up and decided to stare out the window, but not before putting her earphones in and putting on an old favorite. The slow rocking of the bus as it traversed through the roads of Northern California, combined with the easygoing vibes from the song, made the trip a little more enjoyable, until they stopped at an airport a couple hours later.

The camp was just a few hours away from where she lived. Why were they at an airport, out of all the places in the better half of California? Then they stopped in a parking lot, labeled “C”. Madison closed her eyes once again as another blast from the past came on. She could feel the bus’ doors open, and then footsteps inching closer and closer to her.

Silas hefted his suitcase into the back of the bus, alongside all of the other bags, which were forming a sizable mountain by this point. Next up was decided on a seat. There weren’t any left that were one hundred percent vacant, but Silo didn’t mind, he was a social dude! He selected a spot next to a rather unenthused, yet gorgeous looking, girl. She had pale porcelain skin and wide eyes, which lended to her having a very doll-like appearance. She was of… Korean descent, if Silo had to hazard a guess.

“Sup? Whatchu listenin’ to here?” he greeted with a cheerful smile as he sat down beside her. She had headphones in and seemed to be jamming out to something good. Silo loved music, he was usually always listening to a song himself, even if the the rhythm was only in his mind.

Madison opened her eyes as she felt the presence of an individual. Goosebumps prickled on her skin when the air shifted about her. She opened her eyes and saw a very attractive - presumably African American - male standing right in front of her. She scooted a bit to allow him to sit down. She had a slight smirk on her face as the two exchanged formalities. He was pretty cute, to say the very least.

“I was just jamming out to some AFI, but the song just ended.” Madison removed an earphone and offered it to the boy who had just sat down next to her. “You wanna listen along? I’m Madison, by the way.” The song had changed to something else, not as emo as AFI, but definitely enjoyable.

“Hells yeah, thanks,” he said, gladly taking the earbud offered to him. “Pleased to meet ya, I’m Silas Owens. Everyone just mushes it together into Silo, though, I like that.” The infectious beats of Flashing Lights thumped in through the headphones, and Silas moved his shoulders in time with it.

~I'm more of the, trips to Florida
Order the h'orderves, views of the water~

Silas shamelessly sang and grooved along with Kanye. His singing voice was decent - a result of years of singing in the church choir - but his dancing was what was really on point, especially for being seated on a bus. Dance was Silas’ passion, and the reason he loved music as much as he did. “I actually am from Florida” Silo remarked with a light chuckle at the coincidence. “What aboutchu?”

As Silas sang a little bit to the Kanye West hit, she was honestly, as the kids used to put it, shook as she heard how beautiful of a voice he had. She felt goosebumps yet again, and a funny feeling in her chest, as she heard that amazing voice. She remained silent, watching him sway and get into the song. This Silas guy was a lively fellow, for sure.

“I’m from this area. Just drive two hours to the south and you’ll find yourself on my turf.”

“Oooh, nice!” Silas said with an intrigued lilt in his tone. “I ain’t been landed for more than a half hour, and I already met myself a Cali girl with good music taste. This fittin’ to be a good summer, indeed.”

The teens spent the majority of the hours long bus ride making small talk and sharing songs from each other’s playlists. By the end of the drive, the pair were laughing and getting along well enough that people might confuse them for old friends, rather than the new acquaintances that they were. The bus rolled to a slow stop after crossing an adorable stone bridge. Joe announced that this was the end of the road, and the whole swarm of campers gathered their bags and funneled out of the vehicle in a graceless rush.

The floridian boy casually followed Madison to the exit. Now that they were out in the open, Silas got a much better look at the group of kids that he would be spending the next ten weeks with. There were some really chill looking people among them, lots of cuties too, this was going to be fun!

Ash, the camp director, was handing out envelopes containing cabin assignments to each of the campers. Silo thanked her when she handed him his own, ever the polite young man that his mama raised him to be. “Wonder if we’ll be in the same cabin,” he mused to Madi as he tore into his packet. “Clubs… you?” Silas announced and peeked over at the contents of her envelope.

The bus ride was a lot more fun than Madison had previously anticipated. Hanging out with Silas had been a blast, and finding out more about his tastes in music and his background was also very, very delightful.

Looking outside, she could see that there were quite the bit of people that would be joining them. At least there would be company. Madison had received an envelope right after Silas. She opened it - or at least attempted to. She tried to open it the traditional way, but then the efforts proved futile, so she stuck her finger in the gap, dragging it along the top so that it would finally open. She peeked inside, knowing Silas was also looking.

“Jack of Spades!” Madison announced, before realizing that it wasn’t clubs, “Aww. We’re not in the same cabin.”

“Dang! Oh well,” Silas replied and then smirked. “Guess that might make us future competitors, Madz.”

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Location: Home → CR’s front yard
Interacting with: Charlotte, Oli @smarty0114, CR and Davy @Universorum

Whether or not you are aware of it, there are people in this world that exist solely to challenge your way of thinking. Right in the moment that you think everything is bleak, that’s when they will show up. You grow up thinking that everybody is out for themselves, that it is simply human nature to be selfish. It’s evolutionary, survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. And love? Love is nothing more than a real life fairytale. We made it up. We made it up, because the hope of love keeps us warm at night, even when we feel cold and abandoned.

And then you meet them.

That challenging person. The one who makes you believe - no - the one who proves that good people exist in this world. There are caring, smiley, wonderful people - people that will give you their last pencil, even if that means that they have to take a test in crayon. For Jareth, that person is his best friend, Remy.

Without Remy, Jar might not be in Westworth today. He had never been in a placement for longer than a year before, but something changed that fateful day, in the middle of seventh grade. One person’s kindness opened Jareth’s eyes to all of the good things in life, things worth living for. Small town shenanigans. Lifelong friendships. A place to call home. Finally.

One week ago… everything changed, again. Jareth’s best friend in the whole wide world, admitted that he liked him. Like, liked him, liked him. And since then, it’s all Jareth has been able to think about. Nothing has ever shaken Jar, to his core, quite like this revelation has.

If Jar was being truthful with himself, he would say he is an absolute idiot for not seeing it sooner. An idiot… or in denial? Because, admitting that he saw it sooner would be admitting that he was looking for it, and looking for it would be admitting that he wanted it to be true, and wanting it to be true would mean that he was, at least, a little bit... gay.

Not that there was anything wrong with being gay!

But is Jareth gay? Well, bi would be more accurate… because he and Desi did stuff. They were young, and it was awkward, and they didn’t want to do it again, but that’s not because Jareth didn’t find girls attractive. He did, and he found guys attractive too. CR was, and Remy was too, Jar especially liked the way Remy dressed (probably because of the emo influence on his style). But would he fuck a guy? This was a question best tested by science!

So, there Jareth sat, home alone on his bed with his computer in his lap. Experienced musician, practicing scientist. He was going to test his sexuality in the only way a single, hormonal teenage boy could... porn. Jar would watch gay men do their thing, and if it turned him on - which it would - he would… do something about it. He would stop avoiding the subject with Remy, and confront the situation. No more excuses, no more fear, no more denial. ▶ Play video. The trackpad clicked with a note of finality.


At the sound of his foster mother’s voice, Jareth clapped the laptop shut and tossed it aside so quickly that you would have thought it had just burst into flames. Fire, there was not. Awkward boner, there was. Jar’s eyes darted around the room while his heart beat so fast and hard that his ribs were practically rattling. The skinny, panicked boy took a steadying breath, trying to reign in the flare up of anxiety.

“Jar? Can you come help me with the groceries?” Charlotte called up the stairs again.

Groceries. Right, that was fine, totally normal! There was no reason to be weird. This wasn’t weird. He didn’t actually get caught… Jareth shook his head and left his room, closing the painted black door behind him.

“Coming!” Jar responded before descending the steps to the first floor. At the entryway stood a very tired, but still beautiful, overnight shift nurse, with two armfuls of groceries.

“There’s more in the trunk.” Charlotte said when Jareth went to take them from her. “Did you have your headphones on too loud again? I called for you.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” Jar easily lied over his shoulder on the way out to the light blue prius.Yeah, a prius, only the manliest of cars for Jareth to have learned how to drive in. He hefted the bags of canned goods out of the trunk and closed it by standing on his tiptoes and using his elbow to force it down with a thunk.

Brian was on duty for the day and wouldn’t be home until well after the game tonight. Now would be an ideal time to talk to Charlotte about… things. Jareth didn’t have that many people that he felt comfortable telling anything to. There was Wendy, his therapist, but his next session wasn’t until Wednesday. There was Remy, but Remy was a big part of the thing that he needed to talk about, so that was out. Char was safe, she had to be. Deep breath, here goes nothing…

“So, mom, I-”

“Jareth.Michael.Wells. What did you do?” she accused.

Jareth balked with wide eyes. “What?! Nothing! I-” Did she have superpowers or something? How on earth could she have known? Sonar? Was the laptop volume just too high? He should have actually been wearing headphones, fuck!

The brunette smiled and her gaze softened. Her dark brown eyes almost looked teary. Jareth passively thought that she must have had a long night at the hospital. He should just help her put away groceries and forget about it, so she could get some sleep. And that’s what he tried to do, pawing through the bags, and taking the jar of pickles out to bring to the fridge.

“It’s just… I don’t think you’ve ever called me mom before.”

There was a pregnant moment of silence. Jareth’s grip tightened on the jar and he froze in place. She wasn’t wrong, he hadn’t. Not that he could recall, at least.

“I assumed something must be wrong… is everything okay?” Nurturing, observant, empathetic. These are the traits that make Char so good at what she does - both as a nurse, and as a mother.

Jar focused on his chipped black nail polish. Concentrating on slowly tapping his thumb on the pickle lid made it easier to talk. “Yeah. Maybe. I just need to talk about it, I think.”

Charlotte set down a can of peas and turned her attention fully to her foster son now. “Go ahead, I’m listening.” she softly encouraged.

“Last week I talked to someone. Well, they talked to me. And I didn’t really react the best to it, because it scares the shit out of me. I don’t want to mess up the friendship, because what if we break up? That doesn’t always end as good as Desi and I did... But, I’m going to the dance with them tomorrow, and I think I want it to be more than just a friend date.” Jareth blurted, getting it out there as quickly as ripping off a band-aid. He didn’t mention names, or genders, but Charlotte wasn’t a dull woman.

“The heart wants what it wants. Remember what Wendy said? … Try not to stand in the way of your own happiness.” Charlotte said and put her hand on topping of Jareth’s fidgeting thumb. The boy had a million and one nervous ticks, stop one and another one would start. Jar pulled his lip rings into his mouth and bit his lip, causing that awful metal scraping on teeth noise. Char winced at the sound and patted his hand comfortingly. “Does Ray know?”

“Shit.” Jareth’s eyes bugged. He’d said too much, this was bad. Remy might actually kill him. “No! You can’t!” he pleaded. Fuck!

“I won’t, of course, I won’t. I was just curious… Ray’s kind of...”

“Yeah…” Jareth agreed. “Thanks for listening. And not saying anything. To anyone. Especially Ray - or Brian!” Jareth’s phone buzzed in his back pocket.

“What? No ‘dad’ for him? He’s not that-” It became clear to the woman that she had lost the teenage boy to his technology. Heartfelt chats with Jareth were always short lived, he struggled with expressing his emotions vocally, unless it was through music. What Jareth was capable of with an instrument or a pen in his hands, was either mind blowing or heartbreaking - oftentimes both. Feeling like she had made good motherly progress in their relationship, Charlotte went back to putting away the groceries. This conversation could, and would, continue another day.

The phone notification was for the class facebook group message. CR was wrangling up the homies for a boarding trip. That sounded perfect. What better way to clear the mind than to spend the day freezing your ass off and trying to keep up with your much higher-skilled friends?

I’m in.
I think left my board at your place.
Be there in ten.

Jareth sent a series of responses to the chat and then put his phone back in his pocket. “I’m gonna head over to CR’s place, we’re going to the mountains.”

“Okay, call me if anyone breaks anything. I’m cheaper than an ambulance, and equally or more competent than EMS.” Char said with a smirk over her shoulder.

“Definitely. Thanks… again.” Jareth replied before running up the steps and throwing on some extra clothing. There was no way he was braving the snow with less than three layers on, he’d end up an emo popsicle in seconds.

Once thoroughly dressed, Jar strolled through the front door and walked the few blocks to CR’s homestead. If there was one good thing about living in such a small town, it was that practically everyone’s houses - and most of the recreational activities - were all walking distance from each other. He arrived in less than the ten minutes that he predicted, to find a bunch of people hanging out in the yard, which didn’t surprise him all that much.


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