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Jacqueline Leroux

One moment Jacqueline was blasely contemplating that her attack caused more damage than she’d expected and how expensive the repairs would likely be, and the next the Doctor herself was screeching in her ear. Easy for her to say, she thought, but said nothing. Now was not the time nor the place to discuss the finer points of acceptable collateral damage.

She was annoyed, because now she had an order to limit even more of her melodies. Great, so I’ll be about just as effective as one of these grunts. Well, whatever, orders were orders. Especially since Jay suspected the boss might cut her pay for the choice of her melody. If it came to that, she’d claim the effective sweeping off of the mobs was worth it.

When Breacher covered her from friendly fire – seriously, wasn’t that worse than thrashing the building a bit? – Jacquelin sent her a brief thumbs up. “Thanks, Breach!” she shouted, shortening the agent’s codename. Then, some more shouting came over the comms, this time from Valkyrie. She was under fire – grenades apparently. Seriously, they have that shit but I have to be the one careful? What a joke… “Keep us updated as you can, Valkyrie,” she commented. King Cobra was one of the main targets after all, so they’d have to get him sooner or later.

But she and Breacher had their own issues. A new tough guy showed up, one nearly as huge as Apollo. He was swinging a fairly long chain, but since he was holding a fair bit of it, Jacqueline wondered if he truly had the reach on her and her war pick. He’ll have an easier time adjusting, so gotta be careful. His taunt was corny, but Jacqueline still responded. “Ha! Only if you’re the one getting tied up, darling!”

Studying the enemy, she shifted the grip on her weapon as she readied a melody. “Hey, Breacher, can you use that shield of yours to protect us from the chain?” she suggested. She didn’t want to get hit, after all. “Then, I can do my thing,” she said, grinning as she pointed her weapon straight at her enemy.

She circled around him, keeping her distance while a projectile gradually formed near the surface of the hammer part of her pick. Maybe he’d see something and react, maybe he wouldn’t. When a golf ball sized lump of metal was spinning slowly at the tip of her weapon, she suddenly swung into the empty air with a, “Hya!” She didn’t need to, since the projectile would fire off regardless, but it just felt better to do so.

Havoc | Great Axe | Arcane | Pry
Eternal Knight | Perfectly polished
Forged Arsenal | Earth/Metal | Fissure
[Quake (2), Mass (2)] Damage X (6), Rain (2), Enhance (2), Powerful (0), Dispel (6), Shield (4)


[Bronze Projectile][Strengthen][Damage X] = - 72 Mana

Caelum Harrington

In response to his complaints, Spindle complimented him, and even assured him he’d get his own Persona soon. “Noted. Thank you,” he retorted curtly, though politely. He was too tired to mince words, and silently – besides his panting – trekked alongside the other two. He listened curiously to Spindle’s explanations, intrigued at the weapons and so-called Personas that could appear and disappear as was convenient. “I see the clothes stay though,” he commented with a nod at Barney.

What Spindle said about territory got him thinking. If each Shadow had their own territory, then they would be safe as long as they went outside of those, right? But wasn’t the whole prison complex Pondwater’s as well? It seemed to him that even these Shadows could be in a sort of landlord-tenant relationship. He had no idea how that worked, but now wasn’t the time to find out.

When they came across a guard, Caelum stopped suddenly, stumbling a bit as he tried to keep back. Barney immediately went into action with his new powers, and the show was rather impressive. Those powers truly were appealing, and if Spindle was right that he would get his own, it could not come too soon.

They met some of the others at a club house of all places. One those other students was sporting a new outfit and his very own Persona as well – a harpy, it looked like. Spindle also briefly explained about this other world, though Caelum truthfully didn’t know how an apparently physical place could be formed out of people’s thoughts. It sounded like the subconscious, but he only knew the gist of that concept, and it wasn’t supposed to be manifested in reality – or a semblance of it – anyway. Maybe he could check out some books about it later.

As was becoming the trend, a bunch of new enemies appeared, and they were chased away. Well, Spindle, Barney, and that other guy stayed behind to fight, while the rest of them sped away. Lagging slightly behind the now healed Vincent and Nick, he introduced himself briefly, still short of breath. “It’s – Caelum,” he stated, tone tense, words interrupted by a brief huff due to being on the run.

He coughed a disbelieving laugh when Vincent expressed his enthusiasm. “Can’t say – I’m exhilarated,” he puffed, “But I’d not – oppose one of those.” He had no problem staying behind Vincent. In fact, even if his greatest wish was to overtake him, Caelum doubted he could manage it just then. When they stopped near the basketball court, he stopped, bending down to rest his palms against his knees as he regained his breath. He’d not got much of a breather when they’d met at the club, after all, and his stamina was only so-so.
I was forced to go on hiatus. Hospital visits and lots of testing, taking care of my sister, tons of family shit, just a lot a lot. Life happened and I apologize, but if you guys are still willing or would like to continue or hopefully even possibly reboot this in a slightly different way and gather more players, I'd absolutely love to.

Cheers y'all and I apologize once more. Let me know what you guys would like to do! I'm back now though, just slightly less frequent posting possibly.

No problem. As for a reboot...It honestly depends on what you come up with and how I feel about it at the time. I might try and make a different character entirely. I'll have to see when the time comes. But feel free to tag me whenever you've got your thing.
Jacqueline Leroux

After Protector, two more freelancers arrived. One in a loud spiffy car – a guy who was obviously going for the cool factor. “Nice ride,” Jacqueline offered instead of a greeting. She’d personally not go for club-levels of noise, but to each their own. She appreciated the view none-the-less, the tight shirt more-so than the machine.

Still, she couldn’t do too much ogling while on the job, so turned her attention to the other esper. Snarky gal, huh? Jacqueline eyed her hobo look with just the teeniest tiniest amount of judgement, but smirked at Klava’s comment about Apollo. “Yeah, no mistaking that,” she retorted with a hint of condescension. Despite her tone, she didn’t dislike the other woman, but making assumptions based on appearances given her outfit was kinda hypocritical in Jay’s mind.

After their brief introductions, Blinky answered some questions, after which the boss herself appeared out of nowhere. Jacqueline took note of the important parts of Veronica’s instructions; don’t destroy the building (obvious), protect the hostages (yeah, yeah, she’d try), kill all others. Well, technically, they were supposed to try and identify who exactly the leader was and the martial arts guy would be better off alive, but since Veronica said it wasn’t necessary, Jacqueline didn’t intend to try. He’d be fine just dead as far as she was concerned.

“Will do, doctor,” she saluted when she got her instructions, and departed with Breacher.
The moment she saw how many enemies there were, Jacqueline decided to wait outside. They were all armed, after all, and at least the building’s wall would serve as the cover.

She wasn’t idle either, and readied a melody. On the floor, in the middle of the room surrounded by multiple criminals, cracks began to form, and there was some loud creaking. Given al lthat was going on, though, Jacqueline didn’t imagine the enemies would notice. As this melody was fairly slow, both Breacher and Valkyrie had shot several men by the time it activated. Thankfully, though, the effect went off while Breacher was still up in the air, so it likely wouldn’t affect her.

In an instant, every gang member withing fifteen feet of the origin point felt a violent rumble. Some fell, others were merely unbalanced. The flooring cracked further, and some drinking glasses and a nearby window cracked. And as soon as it started, it was over. Jacqueline didn’t wait for the surely confused gangers to figure it out, and rushed in. She swung the hammer side of her weapon at every criminal she encountered, cracking hands, heads, and other bones. Those that recovered faster, she just tried disarming first, since like Veronica said, guns were her biggest worry right then.

Havoc | Great Axe | Arcane | Pry
Eternal Knight | Perfectly polished
Forged Arsenal | Earth/Metal | Fissure
[Quake (2), Mass (2)] Damage X (6), Rain (2), Enhance (2), Powerful (0), Dispel (6), Shield (4)


[Bronze Spawn][Quake] = -32 mana

Caelum Harrington

When questioned what he was doing by Barney in the middle of his frantic attempts to save him before the monster got them both, Caelum didn’t pause to show his bafflement. “Getting you out,” he said shortly, all while his hands worked. He didn’t think Barney knew it was uncharacteristic of him to risk his own safety like this, but desperate times and all that. So, the guy was probably honestly confused why someone was saving him. He had shouted for them to run too, the heroic idiot. Well, whatever he thought of it, Barney was getting out of this wreck, at least.

By the time he was free of the debris, he seemed to come to his senses, as he declared he would live. “I won’t die here either,” Caelum agreed. Truthfully, he was partially trying to convince himself that he could make it out. “And you’re welcome,” he held Barney’s gaze briefly, serious. He wasn’t the type to downplay his own actions, and it was a grave moment besides. That did remind him that he’d never explicitly thanked the other man for when he’d charged through the previous obstacles, but it was kind of late for that anyhow.

As soon as Barney managed to stand up and they both armed themselves, the eldritch insect came in sight. Caelum began throwing small miscellanea, but nothing worked. “Oh, god,” he gulped, terrified as the thing got closer and closer without signs of even being inconvenienced, never mind stopping or being injured. Then, after he ran out of stuff, something else hit the monster’s head. Caelum glanced around, bewildered, which was what revealed to him the hidden party. It was the police woman again.

At the sight of her figure, he exhaled a large gust of air. The relief loosened his muscles and made him breathe easier. Of course, he was still fairly tense given the situation, but not so much he’d freeze when it was time for action. The police woman – Spindle – did get them a brief respite due to her intervention, however. Besides introducing herself, she also explained that the monster was a Shadow, and what that meant.

When she asked if they were ready, Caelum awkwardly shrugged. He couldn’t help but protest her following claim that she was bad at fighting, though. “What? Didn’t you skewer that Cerberus’ head?! In what world does that make you bad – and how could we possibly do better?” he exclaimed. That she was able to summon and control a living kite just reinforced his question.

Before long, though, Spindle attacked the Shadow, wrapping it up via Odradek. They exposed the Shadow’s face. Given that it protested such, and how it looked much softer, and thus more vulnerable, than any other part of it, Caelum could tell attacking that was the way to go. Unfortunately, it was too high for reach just then. Still, he followed Barney’s lead, and got close enough to attack the body. Gripping the board tightly, he slashed at the mantis’ side with the jagged end. It didn’t do much, and in the end, Caelum went for a stab. The shape of the weapon wasn’t right though, and all he managed was to get it destroyed beyond use.

He escaped as soon as Spindle said to, but one of the Shadow’s flailing legs still managed to catch him just above the ankle, though the resultant cut was shallow enough not to endanger or slow him down. When he was safely behind a statue, he dropped the ruined remains of the board, and went to search for another weapon. It didn’t take as long this time – he knew where to go, and what to look for. This time, he went for the broken handle of the wagon, for an improvised weapon that was similar to Spindle’s needle all things considered.

By the time it was time for them to get in another hit, Caelum was ready. “I’m on it!” In the heat of battle, and determined to end this, he wasn’t so afraid anymore, nor embarrassed. He ran from behind his latest cover, getting to the Shadow’s side while avoiding its maw and tail as he best could. After Spindle skewered it, so did he, driving the wooden stake into its side, and simply leaving it in there as he retreated. The Shadow’s thrashing earned him some more cuts over his arms and sides, but by now, he was pumped too full of adrenaline to notice or care.

Caelum watched from some distance as Barney finished off the monster. “Kill it!” he cheered. Watching him knock this horror around with a wheel was exhilarating. He certainly didn’t expect him to be able to summon his own minion, however. His mouth hung upon till he shook it off. Barney rode his scorpion to battle, new outfit and fixed up wheel apparently part and parcel of what happened with him. With his new pet and its magic, Barney had no issue defeating the Shadow.

“Persona…that was the, uh, Samsa-cockroach?” he questioned. He had no idea why or how that thing showed up, but he’d learned not to question much of what happened in this place. His sanity would suffer otherwise.

However, when Spindle said they had to go help the others, he couldn’t help but whine. “Do we really have to? I don’t even have,” he gestured to Barney, “whatever that was.” Still, he did warily approach the kite. It was a way out of here, if nothing else. Even if Spindle only took them after saving the others, which, well, he supposed it was for the best.

“Better than you are, I’d say,” he answered Barney’s question. “Let’s move on,” he sighed. It was as good a sign as any that he’d go along with the whole saving others thing even though he was sick and tired of monsters, megalomaniacs, and all other incomprehensible events.
@TheMerlin So, the first dragons the Dragonier used were also Elder Dragons? And the dragons existing in the present time all are descendants of those tamed ones? Or am I missing something with this?
Jacqueline Leroux

She was being driven to the precinct in what was basically a giant metal cage, and it was utterly silent. Jacqueline didn’t show it, but she was bored. The only silver lining was that her esper outfit didn’t make her all the more uncomfortable, despite logic dictating that wearing full plate should.

Jay was glad to arrive at the location, because at least it got her out of the awkward, suffocating enclosed space. She surveyed the surroundings, hoping to catch signs of trouble – but there was nothing on the outside.

She stood guard while she waited, gaze perfunctorily wandering here and there, just in case someone or something dangerous showed up. Jacqueline noted one of her co-workers, Valkyrie was as serious as ever. Not that she herself was lax, but Jay had recognized from working alongside her that the other woman took their duty very personally. She couldn’t help but wonder if she could keep up being so stiff and inflexible even several years down the line. Should just worry about myself.

Jacqueline let out a slightly longer exhale, then moved closer to where conversation between Breacher and Blinky ensued. “A few freelancers, huh. Don’t have nothing against them, but it’s annoying how we’ve no clue how many’ll show up till they do. Oh, well.”

She ignored the part about Breacher’s daughter, as she wasn’t really interested. But she did pitch in at the end. “To a good one,” she said simply. She shifted her war pick to her left, and offered her right to Blinky and Breacher. She didn’t bother with Valkyrie, since she either wasn’t interested or that weapon really was too cumbersome.

A moment passed, and all was quiet again. “So, chance of monster involvement?” she asked idly. However, her tone indicated she didn’t expect anything non-human this time.

It wasn’t long till their first Freelancer helper arrived. They were a giant suited-up soldier, and drew attention from far away. “Evenin’. Just call me Leroux. Pleasure to meet you,” Jay introduced herself with a nod.
Caelum Harrington

Caelum scoffed incredulously at the priest’s speech. “We may be lost, but we don’t belong here,” he stated derisively. The whole place was a hellhole, regardless of how grandly gilded the cathedral and courthouse happened to be.

Barney was also infuriated with his lookalike – rightfully so. As he challenged the dream double, the latter always had some twisted answer ready. When Barney sought support from his companions, Caelum obliged. “He’s clearly deranged,” he said with a shake of his head and a frown.

However, there was one point during the conversation where Barney – the real one – exhibited an eerie resemblance to the evil copy. They both believed the thing about others needing help more than either of them did. Is it a coincidence? Why is the double even trying to convince him? Maybe he’s just trying to drive us all crazy…

Caelum didn’t get to find out. The double seemed to give in with suspicious ease, and then – transformed. Fuck, not again! He dashed behind one of the shrines as soon as the monster emerged. Its attention was not on him, though, but rather on Barney. It slashed at him with a huge claw, sending him flying straight into an offering wagon.

Caelum stared at the fallen student, frozen. He wasn’t dead…right? No, there was definitely some small movement there. But if it goes after him again…

Too afraid of being responsible for another’s death, Caelum acted. He ran towards Barney, weaving between shrines and offerings as he could. There was no way the monster wouldn’t notice, but at least it wouldn’t have a clear path towards him.

When he made it to the crash site, Caelum began clearing off the debris. “Shit, get up, you can’t stay down,” he muttered.
Among the collapsed trinkets, there were several that caught his eye. Desperation drove him to make a smile pile of what could be useful – candle holders, dishes, small sculptures. Even the broken off wood could do in a pinch. “This isn’t enough,” he sighed despondently. “What else?” Skewer it with wood? Not if I can help it...

His gaze stopped at a nearby statue. Most of them stood next to a wall but not all. “Think we could get it to crash into one of those? The Atlas one maybe,” he whispered to Barney. The only other idea he had was to use fire, but that was surely inadvisable.

Whatever they decided, the monster wouldn’t just stand around waiting. In case it decided to come close, Caelum searched the remains of the wagon. Several pieces looked promising, but he took one of the wooden boards. One end was whole, but the other jagged, serrated, and kind of pitiful if he was being honest. The thing was unwieldy, but Caelum hoped it could both deflect the insect-man or maybe get in a hit or two. He was crouched next to the small pile of semi-useful stuff, ready to start chucking them at the mantis as soon as it came within throwing distance.
Shei Vivem

“Hm?” Shei turned to the person who’d spoken, a white-haired girl in a maid uniform. “Oh, nice to know. Thanks! And yeah, I got the letter, sure. Would be a pretty funny coincidence otherwise.” Well, if funny was another word for inadvisable or dangerous. But since she was supposed to be there, it didn’t matter.

She watched as the barkeep berated a boy, amused. “So, Mr. Gana, d’you want to see my license too?” a brow quirked in inquiry.
However, the second earthquake distracted her, and she glanced at the newly formed door intrigued. A nen ability including transportation, maybe even forming the other location? Pretty neat.

“Hey, hey, did you do that?” she glanced at Gana askance. Not so much because she guessed it was him, but because he – besides the presumed White Tiger – had been the only person so far who’d spoken or paid attention to them at all. “Can you get another door or whatever for me too?”

Shei waited till a reply – or the formation of another portal. When the latter eventually happened, whether it was a door or a hole, Shei went in without hesitation. Soon, she found herself in an underground dungeon, noticing another boy standing around there.

“Hi! Were you the first guest hunter at the bar? I didn’t see you when you came in, but I did feel that weird earthquake from the outside…So, were you just chucked in?” she spoke excitedly, not giving the boy a chance to answer the questions one by one.

“Oh, and did you see that White Tiger dude? Do you know what the deal with this is? A test, huh?” she asked, looking around a second time. Now, she took in the several doors, brick wall, torches – and not much else beside the corridor they were in, to be honest.
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