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Cyberpunk, bend me over and spank me interested.
If I can’t play as a 2 I’ll have to drop.

I'm sure we can arrange that.
Return to Requiem would be mainly SPARTAN IVs. Unless, the majority decides they rather have characters as marines or ODST. Nightowls would be SPARTAN IIIs and IVs.

The rest of the conversation can proceed else where.

@Thecrash20 Are you expressing interest in either of the stories?
@Burning Kitty@Otaku95 Are you able to provide any links to such information? This is the first time I have heard of this.

@Burning Kitty Of course! So, you're interested in RPing as a Spartan?

@Ninja Fantastic :D Any particular story that is presented above?

I'm waiting for a few more folks to show interest before heading to the next phase.
@Otaku95 I would appreciate any contributions. Nightowls is vague at the moment to allow some mystique for later. Feel free to pm me, I would love to hear your ideas.
@Andromedai Most definitely, thank you. I would love that. Again, feel free to pm me with ideas.

After Microsoft's E3 Presentation and the little tease they gave to the community, it has me craving for a Halo RP. Two ideas come to mind. If there is interest in both them, I shall create both of them.

Halo: Return to Requiem

The Second Battle of Requiem, also known as the Requiem Campaign by the UNSC, was a major space and ground battle between the UNSC and a coalition of the Covenant and Promethean forces.


After the First Battle of Requiem the UNSC Infinity returned to Earth. Andrew Del Rio was stripped of his position as captain of the warship, and the newly promoted Captain Lasky took his place. Six months after the Ur-Didact's attack on New Phoenix, Infinity was ordered to return to Requiem by FLEETCOM. Several new Spartan and Marine fire teams were deployed to Infinity along with hundreds of engineers and scientists.

The Beginning

Shortly before 0500 hours on February 7, 2558, UNSC Infinity emerged from slipspace in the midst of a Covenant fleet, plowing through a RCS-class armored cruiser before the Covenant could react. Infinity then launched her complement of Strident-class heavy frigates and hundreds of Broadsword fighters, which were engaged by Seraph fighters. Infinity began preparing a strike force for deployment to the interior surface of Requiem. Hundreds of Scorpions and Warthogs were loaded onto Pelican dropships, plus dozens of Spartan and Marine fireteams. As soon as enough Covenant ships had been cleared to make a clean shot for Requiem's portal to its interior, the ground forces were deployed in a massive invasion. As the waves of ground forces continued to swarm into Requiem, Infinity and her frigate escorts pushed the Covenant fleet back and secured a UNSC foothold above Requiem.


We'll play as Havoc Squad. Depending on how the majority feels; we can play as either Marines/ODST or Spartans. Regardless, Havoc Squad will be tasked in aiding the removal of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and the Promethean forces that populate Requiem's interior surface.

Halo: Nightowls

"But even among this collection of steadfast soldiers there were a select few with a bond deeper than the others could ever begin to imagine, as these unique IIIs were a secret even to their peers."


The Headhunter was a classified special operations program conducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Spartan Branch. Candidates would be placed in binary or lone wolf teams. They were sent far behind enemy lines on near suicide mission in hopes that their efforts would greatly impact the enemy.

The original headhunters program was comprised of SPARTAN-IIIs who had survived rigorous training sessions at specialist camps on the far side of Onyx. They were then paired up with another SPARTAN-III from the program. These SPARTAN-IIIs would then perform missions far behind enemy lines and would likely die in combat.

During the war, two teams were deployed to an unknown moon to prepare it for a full fledged UNSC assault. Both teams were killed in the process, fighting off the Covenant.

As well, some headhunters, like Jun-A266, tracked and assassinated Insurrectionist leaders that continued to provoke the UNSC despite the threat of the Covenant.

The Program underwent various changes after the war. With the creation of the SPARTAN-IVs, ONI and the new Spartan Branch created a very select list of SPARTAN-III and IV operatives who could be called upon when they were needed.


This RP will consist of us playing as team of SPARTAN-IVs known as Nightowls; a group comprised of several teams of Headhunters that have been tasked to investigate a hidden ONI research station located within the outer territory space that has gone recently gone dark.
I hope this is alright.

Care for one more buckaroo to join your lil' rodeo here?
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