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27 days ago
Current Happy birthday to meee! oh god i think I drank to much is that a thing?
1 mo ago
Sorry for posting delays, work tried to kill me yesterday and it's making a valiant effort again today.
2 mos ago
Long weekend of family, swimming, rock climbing, drinking, fireworks and good food. Trying to write with a hangover is not fun, but I'll get it done! Hopefully half decently too.
2 mos ago
Running around with family for the long weekend, likely won't have time for replies until late tonight or tomorrow.
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2 mos ago
Can"t sleep at 3 AM and I need to be awake and out of the house by 5. Guess I'm not sleeping tonight.


So I'm brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for a while. I'm not the best, usually only having a one to two paragraphs a post, but I do try to keep up with whoever I'm RPing with. I tend to go with smaller groups as I find it easier to keep going, with a strong like for 1x1.

RPs I prefer the most:

Medieval, both fantasy and not. Could be with normal people or mythical creatures, because Manticores, Dragons and Lamias are simply awesome.

Pack/tribe style, having a small group that has to lean on eachother to survive has always been enjoyable for me.

Freelancers, generally a very small group (usually 1x1) that runs around and does what they need/want to.

Post-Apocalypse, cus who doesn't like blowing up the world? Also, sometimes zombies, cus I like to make pretty splatters.

Spaaaaacccce, because exploring the unknown and getting into trouble is always fun.

Romance. Now this does not mean adult material, I mean more of the cutesy moments that makes my blackened little heart actually feel something. While I can go into the naughtier things, it's not something I'd just jump into. Also I don't consider romance to be a stand-alone type of RP, only as a tag along to a larger story.

Also, if you put Pokemon (Feral or Gijinka) in front of any of those, I'd probably jump right on that.

I usually play females. I can do males but I'm not as comfortable with them. Also I pretty much try to find any excuse to play a Kitsune, as they are adorable and I wish to hug them.

A small warning for the end of this, I can be rather mean to my characters, sometimes downright evil. Missing limbs or shattered minds have been known to happen with a few (more then a few) of my characters.

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@6slyboy6 To be fair I did do that entire thing on my phone, so it's a little harder to make everything shiny. Besides, as you said the content is what's important
Well that took longer than I wanted. Anyway, here you go! I think it's all in order.

@6slyboy6 Arriving before the collapse of the wormhole is fine though, right? Was thinking a couple of weeks before everything went to Hell in a handbasket.
@6slyboy6 If you want to go ahead and get it started, it wouldn't be hard to toss my character in once they're ready. I'm still kinda flailing around with my ideas right now, between work and being sleep deprived, it really isn't easy to pin something down.
Those times you spend an hour writing up something in the middle of the night, go to sleep, and in the morning hate every part of it. God damnit.
Imma drop my interest and start making a character. Quick question though, are there multiple groups of Devil Runners, or is it just one?
Alright, Imma have to sit on the sidelines for a while. Recently my creative drive has taken an absolute plummet, I'm down to only 2 RPs and I still can barely muster the mental power to reply, let alone with a decent post. Once I get back in the swing of things I'll catch up and work something out, probably tweak Shyr a bit to make it work.
I'm waiting for @Tenma Tendo to reply to mine before I post.
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