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Current @Magio Worn Feystones are dropped from tempered monsters, the higher the tier, the more likely.
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Being too tired to fall asleep is bullshit of the highest order.
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@Super Duper one of my old favorites is the Sword of Truth novels. Of course there's like, a dozen in the series and none of them are small, so have fun if you go for it!
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Current mental capacity = moldy potato. Like holy crap I can't even do basic math.
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Wake up in the morning, stretch, go into the kitchen to get some milk, see that it's snowing, go right the fuck back to bed because screw that. November, don't even start with me.


I have been RPing for a while. I'm not the best, usually only having a one to two paragraphs a post, but I do try to keep up with whoever I'm RPing with. I tend to go with smaller groups as I find it easier to keep going, with a strong like for 1x1.

RPs I prefer the most:

Medieval, both fantasy and not. Could be with normal people or mythical creatures, because Manticores, Dragons, and Lamias are simply awesome.

Pack/tribe style, having a small group that has to lean on each other to survive has always been enjoyable for me.

Freelancers, generally a very small group (usually 1x1) that runs around and does what they need/want to.

Post-Apocalypse, cus who doesn't like blowing up the world? Also, sometimes zombies, cus I like to make pretty splatters.

Spaaaaacccce, because exploring the unknown and getting into trouble is always fun.

Romance. Now, this does not mean adult material, I mean more of the cutesy moments that make my blackened little heart actually feel something. While I can go into the naughtier things, it's not something I'd just jump into. Also, I don't consider romance to be a stand-alone type of RP, only as a tag along with a larger story.

Also, if you put Pokemon (Feral or Gijinka) in front of any of those, I'd probably jump right on that.

I usually play females. I can do males but I'm not as comfortable with them. Also, I pretty much try to find any excuse to play a Kitsune, as they are adorable and I wish to hug them.

A small warning for the end of this, I can be rather mean to my characters, sometimes downright evil. Missing limbs or shattered minds have been known to happen with a few (more than a few) of my characters.

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So at the moment I'm not actually looking for new RPs, just have a bad habit of looking at ICs. Saw something that almost killed me with laughter though, so wanted to say this.

But don't send me a post with 'He smiled' as the only thing in it.

I had a parter years ago on a different site that did that exact thing. What made it even worse was that the previous post had him smiling at the end of it too. The RP crashed and burned right there. XD

Ended up doing another one with him like, a year later though. Turned out to be one of my favorite RPs I've ever done, was kinda amazed at the increase of his writing skill.

Anyway, good luck on your RP search!
Alright, got mine up! Sorry for the huge delay. I'll also start writing up relations to the rest once I can, but I do have a few more things to get finished before.
Vadri Al

Heading back to her resting place, Vadri quickly emptied most of her ammo pouches, probably leaving a good 40 pounds behind as she returned to the main area for their departure. She didn't like leaving so much behind, but if they were going to be hauling freight than she wasn't going to slow herself down too much carrying it all. Hopefully, they wouldn't run into too much resistance on the way there. Once she returned, she took her position up wordlessly. While she had to admit that this might not have been the preferred job, at the very least they would be assisting out the survival of a settlement until they managed to clear out the path for trade to continue once more. Once Loki returned, Vardi followed behind her as the group made their way to Nairvalle.

Once the group had arrived at the blockage, it became obvious that it wasn't something minor. After a few moments of silence, she looked over to Sidney. "Sorry to say, but I don't think you'd have enough explosives on you to put too much of a dent in this. Might make it easier to clear out the smaller pieces, but it might also just bring down a whole lot more on the worker's heads." She said before glancing over to Newt as she offered the torches. She smiled a little at the girl's antics before taking a torch for herself, saying a quick thank you before turning her attention to Loki.

"Well, what's the plan? A few heavy crates to lug through the maze of dark tunnels, so we'll need something to go off of until we get to another main passage that leads to the destination."
@mifune Yah, sorry, been a busy weekend and haven't been able to sit down to properly write something out. Getting around to catching up on everything at the moment, I'll put together the ideas and send them when I can.
Hello! So I'll just get right into this, cus I've never actually made an interest check before. The last couple of days I've been hit by a couple of things that I've been itching to do. I was kinda ignoring them, but they haven't gone away, so screw it, Imma see if anyone else wants to do them. Before those though, I'll put up my small list of rules.

1. Site rules and the normal "don't be an ass" rules apply.
2. I'm free and clear for 18+ material as well as swearing, but use it in moderation please.
3. As for posting, a couple a week is fine by me. With how much I've been bingeing on XCOM, Warcraft, Starcraft and Pokemon between work, I can't really push others for more, as I'll probably get distracted at some point.
4. As for size, a good paragraph is all I ask. If you can do more, have at it, but I'd prefer a small flavorful post than 8 paragraphs full of nothing.
5. Reasonable grammar. I'm not looking for perfect, there's probably some mistakes in here I missed.

Anyway, the two things I've been craving are as follows. Xcom and Pokemon.

First, with the release of the new Xcom expansion War of the Chosen, I've had it on the brain for a good week and there's plenty of stupid ideas running around making my train of thought crash every few minutes. Anyone interested can just send me a pm for a few of them or even send your oen ideas!

The second, Pokemon, is due to almost starting 2 Pokemon RPs but neither of them actually starting for varios reasons. Again, I have a number of ideas that can be used, though I will say I do prefer playing as either the Pokemon themselves or as a Gijinka instead of a trainer, but a decent plot can easily persuade me.

If interested, just PM me or leave a message here. I'll be looking for maybe 2 or 3 at tops and will change the title when it's closed.
Hello! I've recently been on the hunt for some more action based RPs, and a few of yours have my attention, namely Pokemon, fantasy, Medieval and both Pirate times. Two quick questions though, does future mean space-faring, or just advance sea ships, and what's your definition of pg-13? Cus honestly, something as gory as the Warcraft movie was considered PG-13, with all the limb removing and murdering. Quick note, I tend to try and avoid using cannon characters so I don't butcher them. DX

Vadri Al

Vadri leaned in a little, inspecting the map as the rest of them tossed out their thoughts on the various jobs. Once Sidney finished her part, Vadri decided to speak as well.

"The first option would likely be the easiest. Follow the cable, find the damage and fix it up. There might be some resistance, but we should be able to handle anything we come across. The tanker truck is probably the most risky of the three. I could probably drive It, but it would need to still be in working condition. The real problem though is that it's... well, it's a tanker truck. They aren't quiet. Everything in a five mile radius will know where we are and anything hungry will come running. I'd assume the pay-off would be the highest of the three though. She said before glancing over to where Sidney ran off to.

"So don't worry about getting bored near the thing, I'm certain there will be plenty of things for you to blow up that doesn't kill us all in one giant fireball. Maybe have you and a few others scout out the path, set some traps for whatever comes after us?" She said, hopefully loud enough for Sidney to hear over her sickness. Looking back to the map, frowning a little about the third option.

"The third assignment is caused by a collapsed trading tunnel, so I doubt we would need to steal the supplies. Seems like a low risk, low reward with the reward dropping the longer it goes on. Collapsed tunnels, high mutant concentrations and simply losing our way could make this into a long trip with how much backtracking could happen. All depends on our luck. Also we'll have to run light on our own gear, as we will need to carry the supplies ourselves." She finished, looking up to Loki.

"My vote? Probably the tanker. With proper setup, it shouldn't be too much of an issue, but we will have to take care of anything that tries to come after us. I doubt the Operators would be too happy if we lead an army of mutants to their doorstep."
Vadri Al

Glancing up from her work, Vadri smiled a little before quickly replacing the bullets she had been checking back into their mag, grabbing her helmet and rifle before heading out to the main table. She had always been an early riser, likely a habit from her 6 AM wakeup calls in the military, so she was already fully geared up and ready to go. It was also helpful that she rarely needed more that 3 hours sleep to be fully rested. As she came out, she gave a quick mental rundown of their group so far, the fact that they might not be there to see tomorrow a sad reality on this world.

Loki, crazy and aggressive, likely was before this mess started and now it seems to have just gotten worse, she always going into fights smiling. As the rest of the crew gathered up, Vadri stayed in the back for now, watching. She was still rather new to the group, having only joined up recently, so she was still figuring out most of the people in the group. As the others began questioning about the job, she merely leaned back and gave a friendly nod to anyone that happened to glance over to her. She didn't see any reason to toss her voice into the mix, knowing that Loki would be explaining it anyway.
@6slyboy6 Slowly piecing my first post together during breaks, today's been rough though, so not sure how long I'll be up after work.
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