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Current Is it good or bad that when everyone I RP with suddenly stops replying, I am no longer surprised nor depressed?
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Love is fleeting. Such as, I love winter, until I slip, bounce my head off concrete and douse myself with hot chocolate. Now I hate winter.
8 mos ago
Aaaannnnnddddd life sucks.
11 mos ago
Aaaaannnnddddd here we begin.


So I'm brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for a while. I'm not the best, usually only having a one to two paragraphs a post, but I do try to keep up with whoever I'm RPing with. I tend to go with smaller groups as I find it easier to keep going, with a strong like for 1x1.

RPs I prefer the most:

Medieval, both fantasy and not. Could be with normal people or mythical creatures, because Manticores, Dragons and Lamias are simply awesome.

Pack/tribe style, having a small group that has to lean on eachother to survive has always been enjoyable for me.

Freelancers, generally a very small group (usually 1x1) that runs around and does what they need/want to.

Post-Apocalypse, cus who doesn't like blowing up the world? Also, sometimes zombies, cus I like to make pretty splatters.

Spaaaaacccce, because exploring the unknown and getting into trouble is always fun.

Romance. Now this does not mean adult material, I mean more of the cutesy moments that makes my blackened little heart actually feel something. While I can go into the naughtier things, it's not something I'd just jump into. Also I don't consider romance to be a stand-alone type of RP, only as a tag along to a larger story.

Also, if you put Pokemon (Feral or Gijinka) in front of any of those, I'd probably jump right on that.

I usually play females. I can do males but I'm not as comfortable with them. Also I pretty much try to find any excuse to play a Kitsune, as they are adorable and I wish to hug them.

A small warning for the end of this, I can be rather mean to my characters, sometimes downright evil. Missing limbs or shattered minds have been known to happen with a few (more then a few) of my characters.

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@Ambra The reason I made her rather short is the timing of her capture. I'm basing it off human growth, so her growth spurt would have either been in captivity being fed only how much is needed to keep her alive or a while after when she was struggling to survive. Her Laguz form wasn't as affected because anything she hunted had to be eaten raw as she didn't have the tools to cook or skin anything. I'll change her type to Cat, as I'd like to keep the contrast between her two forms.


Oh Lord, a guy that likes chatting with the ladies with a hate for Laguz because of one that was disguised as a thief. This has all sorts of potential to be a hilarious mess.
Quick question, if you are playing a Laguz that is hiding as something else (in my case, a thief), would they be able to use their class weapons as well as transform as needed? I know in the recent games the shapeshifters can't use their beast stones while in a different class, but that just seems like a game mechanic thing.
I'm in the same boat as Zeroth, as much as I would absolutely love to jump on this I'd like to know a bit more of the structure and expectations before I give my solid answer if I'll be joining or not. Mainly how long posts are to be expected and if battling will have a structure or if it will be free-form, hopefully having players not making themselves hit/dodge every attack.
Just say when, I'll be here.
Sorry for double post, but figured I'd drop this quickly.

Original ID: Isto Velve
Vanguard Codename: Night
Age: 27
Previous Human Occupation: Covert Operations mercenary

Power/Special Weapon: Nine shadowy tendrils that form from her back. They react by instinct, not needing Isto's actual attention to function. They vanish when there are no perceived threats.

Special Skills: Tendril Assault - Her tendrils solidify, lashing out at any targets close by with deadly precision and speed. They are extremely dangerous and can tear through steel, but have a very limited range.

Shadow Walk - Isto quite literally slips into her shadow, allowing her the ability to travel through places that would otherwise be unpassable. She is unable to be hurt while inside her shadow.

Night Zone - Isto emits a burst of black mist, blocking out any form of light for a medium sized area. (approximately 80 ft. wide area) While inside the mist, Isto can rapidly shift in and out if Shadow Walk and her tendrils have increased range, allowing her to strike enemies trapped inside the cloud repeatedly without fear of retaliation. While she herself is blinded, Isto can sense where everything is inside of the mist.

Personality: Focused, loyal and understanding.

BRIEF Bio: Isto grew up in the North American megacity, keeping herself alive as well as she could. Over the years she became adept at sneaking around and avoiding trouble, eventually earning a spot in organized crime. As she gained a name for herself, she began taking jobs from both individuals as well as corporations, ranging from infiltration and sabotage to assassination. When the first invasion occurred, she used several of her favors to have herself selected for the Nano-machines.

Notes: Isto has trained in hacking as well as learning six languages, one for each of the six megacities. She did have a number of other skills, but they have become irrelevant after the Nano-machines.
Sorry, life hitting back like a bitch. I've put thought into my character but haven't gotten anything actually written down yet. Will try to change that soon.
Haven't played Warframe in ages, probably since the the Prime Tigris came out, but this does peek my interest.
NEVER say you aren't enough for someone else, because if you put effort into trying to be what they needed to be happy and they still thought you weren't enough, then that's their failing, not yours. Changing yourself for someone else might help fix some things, but that can make yourself feel worse if you don't do what you want, and in the end if you aren't happy with who you are then it just makes it harder for yourself. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm certain a number of us would be willing to lend an ear if you need, even some of us that only know you through RPGuild.


..... Yep, that's Shyr.
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