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10 Jan 2017 8:12
Current Is it good or bad that when everyone I RP with suddenly stops replying, I am no longer surprised nor depressed?
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8 Dec 2016 21:00
Love is fleeting. Such as, I love winter, until I slip, bounce my head off concrete and douse myself with hot chocolate. Now I hate winter.
3 Nov 2016 0:42
Aaaannnnnddddd life sucks.
19 Jul 2016 18:44
Aaaaannnnddddd here we begin.


So I'm brand new to this site, but I have been RPing for a while. I'm not the best, usually only having a one to two paragraphs a post, but I do try to keep up with whoever I'm RPing with. I tend to go with smaller groups as I find it easier to keep going, with a strong like for 1x1.

RPs I prefer the most:

Medieval, both fantasy and not. Could be with normal people or mythical creatures, because Manticores, Dragons and Lamias are simply awesome.

Pack/tribe style, having a small group that has to lean on eachother to survive has always been enjoyable for me.

Freelancers, generally a very small group (usually 1x1) that runs around and does what they need/want to.

Post-Apocalypse, cus who doesn't like blowing up the world? Also, sometimes zombies, cus I like to make pretty splatters.

Spaaaaacccce, because exploring the unknown and getting into trouble is always fun.

Romance. Now this does not mean adult material, I mean more of the cutesy moments that makes my blackened little heart actually feel something. While I can go into the naughtier things, it's not something I'd just jump into. Also I don't consider romance to be a stand-alone type of RP, only as a tag along to a larger story.

Also, if you put Pokemon (Feral or Gijinka) in front of any of those, I'd probably jump right on that.

I usually play females. I can do males but I'm not as comfortable with them. Also I pretty much try to find any excuse to play a Kitsune, as they are adorable and I wish to hug them.

A small warning for the end of this, I can be rather mean to my characters, sometimes downright evil. Missing limbs or shattered minds have been known to happen with a few (more then a few) of my characters.

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In The Marauders (2017) 18 May 2017 10:41 Forum: Casual Roleplay
NEVER say you aren't enough for someone else, because if you put effort into trying to be what they needed to be happy and they still thought you weren't enough, then that's their failing, not yours. Changing yourself for someone else might help fix some things, but that can make yourself feel worse if you don't do what you want, and in the end if you aren't happy with who you are then it just makes it harder for yourself. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm certain a number of us would be willing to lend an ear if you need, even some of us that only know you through RPGuild.


..... Yep, that's Shyr.
Shyr watched the entire affair, silently looking at the oddball group that had apparently been stuck together for this little adventure. So they had another small furry creature, a really big fish, an oversized lizard, a smaller overly touchy-feely lizard, the older, boring human and a apparently young one that had a foul mouth and attitude problem. This was going to be all sorts of fun. When the young one mentioned she'd be here as an engineer Shyr had to fight to keep a giant grin from spreading across her face. She hefted her bag further up her shoulder before heading over to them.

"So you'll in engineering with me, eh? I can't help but think we'll get along quite nicely." She said as she looked at the young girl with a smile and a slight sing-song tone to it. After a moment she looked to the Captain, smile never leaving her face.

"In any case, lets get going! I wanna see see how this big Tralamurrpau purrs." She continues before scooting into the main part of the ship, looking around the interior like a child exploring somewhere new. She idly wondered where the main engine room was, but figured someone would end up showing her after the briefing.
Same, still kicking.
Woo! Firefly! I actually have the box set for it, sucks they only got 1 season. I was actually planning on putting a reference in somewhere and hope someone knew about it.
Not all that good, but it's something, right? God I hate how many times I had to redo something that small. Most of what I had tried to put in there felt more like just barfing words on paper and calling it a day than an actual post.
Shyr's ears came up when she heard Katie approaching from the ramp. She looked.over to him, inspecting the figure as he welcomed them to the ship. It took a moment to figure out what he actually said, and she found both the fact that he had an even thicker accent than her, and that he had called her a 'fair lady' to both be extremely funny. Obviously he either wasn't informed about her species and prior... activities with the pirates, or the Committee simply hadn't cared enough to slap something together to warn them. Either way she decided to play nice for now, entertain herself by stringing them along until she was needed for some violence. She looked to him with a smile on her face.

"Ah! I take it your here to help us new members get acquainted with the ship!" She said in a cheery voice, a complete 180 from her earlier swearing. Always fun to keep people guessing. She heard something mechanical come up somewhere behind her, but she had her focus on the individual in front of her.
@Hawlin You have a post ready for the group arriving? I thought Katie had left to go speak with the Captain and the others with him?
Speaking of replies, sorry I haven't gotten anything out recently. Between snowstorm knocking our power out 4 times in 2 days and a personal shitstorm wearing on me I've been finding it hard to write anything for a cheery character. I'll try to get something out to work with soon.
Right, I should probably ask about swearing and such. Is it a no-no or is it fine, as long as it's used in moderation of course?
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