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@Nyahoo Looks good, you're accepted! As for your ability, you get Copy! Copy is an Enigma Ability, an extremely rare Ability type! Copy allows you to copy the Ability of any Familiar! Whoa! Copy has only been recorded a few times in history, and is one of the most sought after abilities! While useless on its own, by touching a nearby Familiar with skin-to-skin contact, you can copy their Ability! However, you can can only hold one power at a time, new touches will overwrite each other, and the power you copy only lasts for one hour. You can only copy a specific person's power once a day, so make sure it counts! In addition, you inherit all the weaknesses of a specific Ability, and you may not be as skilled in its use as the original user. However, this versatility allows you to operate in a wide array of fields, and makes you a force to be reckoned with! Awesome!

As for your partner, seeing as we have messaged @MechonRaptor but have not gotten a reply, we are putting Nathaniel on the waiting list, and in order to move things on as quickly as possible for our upcoming scene change, you will be paired with @onenote's character Nancy. Nancy and Nathaniels de-bonding and Nancy and Luciano's bonding will be off stage, @Nyahoo we will pm you with full details.

In the mean time, you can post Luciano in the character tab, and feel free to join our discord chat at any time if you feel like it, link is right up in the first ooc post!
@Nyahoo Thank you! And yes, we still have room! Go ahead and submit a character, we'll review it as soon as possible.

So Regis's parents weren't home often because of work then? They must be very busy then, if they couldn't come home to their child. Monty's own parents were always home in the evenings, save for a few rare occasions were they had a conference or simply had to stay late, and in that case they always called ahead and sometimes even left a sitter. It was hard to relate to his partners situation, it seemed like such an alien concept to him. But it would be very impolite to go nosing into others buisness, so Monty let the subject drop, focusing on the change of conversation instead.

Just as Regis was seemingly reassuring Monty about the Monster Hunting subject, a knock on one of the doors leading into their room interrupted him. Monty watched curiously from his position next to his bed as Regis stormed to the door, seemingly quite annoyed at being interrupted a second time. The boy was complaining about this fact but abruptly cut himself off, apparently recognizing the person at the door if Monty could wager a guess. Monty peered curiously over Regis's shoulder, wondering who it could be, and how his partner knew them.

At the door was a middle aged woman with a very large amount of luggage. Monty felt his eyebrows shoot up, confusion clear on his face. Was that all Regis's things? Why on earth did he bring so much? What could one even need, when almost everything was provided. Maybe the other boy had some very important possessions he couldn't bear to part with? Whatever the reason, Monty wasn't to judge. It was none of his business anyway he told himself, attempting to quell his curiosity and outright incredulity by folding and putting away his clothes.

Although apparently it had something to do with rocks according to the woman, which garnered his attention once again. The mention of rocks seemed to bother Regis judging by the look the boy threw Monty's way and his stammered remark about it being figurative. Monty simply smiled calmly at the other boy, amused and rather confused. Was Regis embarrassed about rocks? But why? He continued pondering this as his partner escorted the woman and himself outside. After finding no reasonable answers to his questions, he gave up and resolved to ask Regis later.

It was hard to eavesdrop on the barely muffled conversation going on through the wall, but he managed to ignore most of it by organizing the rest of his luggage. Eventually his mind wandered, and he thought back on the events of the day, a content smile making itself at home on his face. So far, everything had gone rather smoothly, ignoring a few bumps. He had a seemingly rather nice, if not a little strange partner, and he looked forward to the rest of the year. His thought drifted back to Felicity, wondering once again how she was doing, and to Nancy. He hadn't seen who her partner was, but he hoped they got along. Nancy looked rather intimidating, and at first glance people often assumed the worst, but she was a genuinely sweet young woman. Monty was glad to have her in his life.

Monty startled slightly as Regis came back into the room, carrying his luggage with him. Quickly pushing himself off of the bed, Monty walked over to his partner, slightly concerned for the other boys safety. The boy really did have a large amount of boxes, and the thought of how heavy it must be made Monty cringe. The expression was quickly replaced with another bout of confusion at the mention of maids and then the reference to his luggage, before realization and a bit of amusement washed over him as he put together what Regis was talking about.

"Uh no actually, I can't say I do. We never really had maids at home. I mean, we have a cleaning lady who comes in every once in a while, but other than that we do most of the work around the house. We all clean, mom usually cooks, sometimes dad. We live in a penthouse so there's also building staff, but we don't really have a need of our own personal staff." He rubbed the back of his neck in thought, before nodding decisively. That was it, they never had need for more than just that.

"And as for my bags, this is all. I only brought what I needed, since we get most of the rest already. So just some essentials, clothes, some personal things." He cocked his head in thought, mentally going through all that he had brought. It wasn't much, but almost everyone else had about the same amount with a few exceptions, such as that boy Felicity was partnered with, and now his own partner. He glanced over to Regis and his boxes, curious despite himself. "What about you? Not to be rude, you just have a lot with you. Do you, uh, need some help carrying or unpacking? They look... heavy."


Beatrice huffed in amusement at her soon to be partners statement, grinning up at Jeanette. She seemed like a rather nice girl, and Beatrice again felt a spark of anger at the rudeness earlier displayed. But that was in the past now, and at least it mean that whatever impression she left on Jeanette definitely wouldn't be as bad as that. As the other girls had laid on top of hers, Beatrice clasped it in her own atop the podium, and the druids began to work. She felt the slight trembling and squeezed lightly, wanting to comfort Jeanette but not wanting to embarrass her by pointing it out. The druids completed the ritual normally, and Beatrice shivered slightly at the tingle the mark caused as it formed on her hand. She withdrew her hand from Jeanette's, and grinned down at it. This was it, she was bonded!

She happily walked off stage, almost skipping, and looked over her shoulder at her new partner as she bent down and grabbed the handle to her bag.
"Well then, what's say we be off, out of these lovely peoples hair?" She gave a cheeky grin of her own, before focusing on her bag. With strength very out of place for someone of her size, she hefted it up with only slight difficulty.


Monty perked up at his partners choice of elective, completely missing the other boys verbal blunder. So he liked cooking too? And he was good at it? Maybe he would like to meet Nancy, they could talk about cooking. Monty would have to introduce them to each other. This was great, they were gonna be great friends! He could feel his excitement for the year ahead growing. He could barely remember why he was so nervous about this in the first place, he doubted he would be stuck with anyone he hated anyway. And Regis seemed like a very nice boy, so there was nothing to worry about now.

His thoughts drifted back to Felicity, wondering how her meeting with her partner was going. The boy seemed a bit, well, shady, but Felicity seemed to like him. And he had been rather friendly towards them both. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. Abruptly he remembered the announcement about monster hunting and paused. While he himself and even Felicity would be fine in the class, he didn't know if that was the case for his partner. Although the other boy claimed to have some very handy skills, it was different running around and dealing with monsters, some of which would be hostile. That wouldn't be good for all of the students, although they couldn't much help it now that the class was mandatory. He chewed on his lower lip, eyebrows scrunching together in concern. He would have to ask and make sure his partner would be alright.

As Monty tuned back into the current situation he realized Regis was speaking. He shook himself and went back to listening, it was rude to ignore someone, his mother would be very disappointed if she ever found out he kept doing that. Which was very unlikely to be honest, he doubted she could read minds, but just the image of her face when she scolded him for being rude was enough to make him more alert. At Regis's mentioning of child protective services, Monty quickly threw his hands up in what he hoped was a placating act.

"Oh no! No no, I would never! I mean, unless they were like, actually being abusive or neglectful because that's illegal, but highly doubt that's it." Hopefully his partner was able to decode his babbling, he doubted he was making much sense. He took a calming breath and forced himself to slow down. "I was just curious, and a bit confused. My parents are home fairly often, so it was just a bit odd to hear that you were alone enough to teach yourself that kind of stuff."

He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling awkward once again. Back at square one then. Carefully lifting his suitcase, he walked over to one of the beds and set it down. As he unlocked it and began carefully unpacking, he racked his mind for something to change the subject with. Eventually he remembered his earlier concerns regarding the electives, and turned to face his partner, slightly less stiff than he was a few moments ago. Mundane actions like unpacking helped calm his nerves a bit.

"Oh, by the way, will you be alright in monster hunting? I have some experience, not much, but I can help you if you need anything." He asked, still absently sorting items onto his bed. "Not that I think you do, but I heard the class is a bit tough, not to mention the teacher..."


The room remained a deathly silent, all eyes on Loyola and the offending girl. Then, quietly, he turned to one of the teachers present near the podium, a blocky man in his forties, beckoning him forwards.
"Please escort miss Vrodiskovich from the premises, and contact her father. The subject of her refund can be settled at a later date, but for this moment, this event is holding up the proceedings." he ordered, his voice quiet, yet icily cold. The teacher nodded swiftly, and in a fluid motion, pulled Franceska from the podium and bustled her out the door. Students moved aside and gave them a wide berth, the entire scene happening so quickly, there was hardly room for fuss.

As the doors closed behind the departing pair, Loyola turned to Jeanette and the other students looking stern and sympathetic.
"My apologies for the scene. On occasion, there are those who feel as though their status elevates them above others, and disregard the very nature of this academy and our focus on teamwork. Let this serve as a warning to the rest of you. Your background, breeding, or family wealth matters very little to us here at St. Fortuna's. Once you enter our hallowed halls, you are no longer the son of a shoemaker, or daughter of an aristocrat. You are a student of the academy, and you are here to learn and grow beyond your station, whatever it may be, towards a higher purpose. You will find that the faculty has little patience for those who brazenly disregard all that we stand for. In return for the ample opportunities provided here, we expect maturity, dignity, and exemplary conduct from all of you! You are no longer mere children today. Today, you take your first step into adulthood, and with the privileges of age come the responsibilities. If you find you cannot conduct yourself in a way that would make our academy proud, then this is not the place for you." he finished, before solely turning to the Druids behind him.

After a moment's hushed discussion, the headmaster turned back to the podium, making an adjustment to his list. He cleared his throat, before calling out the next name.

"Beatrice Quincy!"

As Beatrice watched in a mixture of shock and amusement at the situation in front of her, the only thought running through her mind was 'Oh crap'.

At first it had been just the average noble with a superiority complex, but it was quickly moving into insanity. Speaking in such a way to Loyola, the head of the school and one of the most well liked and respected man in Prydain was a sure way to get yourself in trouble, probably expelled. What was this girl even thinking? Her predictions came true as the offending girl was quickly escorted off stage. There was an awkward silence afterwards, no one knowing where to look or what to say. Loyola filled the silence with another speech, which gained murmurs of agreement throughout the crowd.

Everything seemed to be going back to normal when the headmaster changed something on the list, and called out a very familiar name. Too familiar. Oh crap, that was her name.

For a moment she froze, not knowing what to do. The most obvious answer was to calm herself and go meet her partner. Now if only she could get her body to obey what her mind was telling it. After that treacherous moment that seemed to last for an hour, which of course it didn't because that would be awfully silly, ended as she gained control of her body again. Composing her face into a friendly smile, she began walking to the stage, only slightly weighed down by her ridiculously large bag which she promptly abandoned at the steps. Once she reached the stage she gave a nod to Loyola and the druids, and turned to her soon to be partner and stuck out her hand for a shake. You can never go wrong with a handshake, that's what her parents told her. Although she doubted that was the absolute truth, and had made a list of all of the situations where it could go wrong, only for her parents to shake their heads fondly (albeit with some frustration from her mother) and tell her it was the principle of it.

"Hey there! So, I guess I'll be your new partner. It's very nice to meet you, but we can probably talk more later. After all, we got a whole year, and I'm pretty sure people are going to start going crazy if this ceremony is held up any longer."
She finished her introduction with a wink and turned back to the druids, looking slightly more serious, and placed her hand on the podium.

@Melpaws Sorry for the double post, didn't see you there! You can join us at any time, we're pretty much always open, so don't worry about it.
@NarcissisticPotato @Kenaron Alright, good to see you both! I'd say right now things are working themselves out, so you can apply for either, but be aware that you might need to change if we become unbalanced.
@NarcissisticPotato We're still open! I think we need a mage right now, but you can be either.


Monty glared down at his electives sheet, stumped. He had been told that monster hunting would be good preparation for the police training, but he also had cooking and horticulture. He was fine with either, but it basically meant choosing between his sister and his best friend. He doubted Nancy would take cooking, as she already had enough teaching in that and he believed she had mentioned something about horticulture, but he knew Feli would take cooking. He bit his lip, lost in thought, before deciding to give up and ask his partner. Tuning back into the conversation, he turned to Regis. First he had to finish the conversation at hand, it would be rude not to.

"Wow uh, that's quite a lot. That must be quite useful. Personally, I only know some basic survival training. But hey, it's kept me alive this long!" He responded, laughing awkwardly. He hoped his partner didn't mind Monty's humor, it was the only way he could think of to lighten the situation.

"So wait, you taught that all to yourself?" He lifted one of his brows at his partner in confusion. Felicity had told him it was a habit of his, though she never specified ether it was good or bad. Seeing as he often did it towards her, he suspected she meant bad.

"That's pretty neat. Uh, but..." Dang, now he was getting awkward again. Was there a polite way to ask your partner why they were alone all the time? Maybe he liked being alone? Monty hoped this wasn't the case, as he himself hated being alone, and was hoping to be able to befriend his partner. Well, he would ask carefully. Yes, that would do, just be very subtle about it. "But why? I mean, uh, what about your parents?" He trailed off, wincing. Well, so much for being careful about offending his partner.

He was about to apologize when a knock interrupted the conversation. One of the volunteers stepped into the room, grinning. "Sorry to interrupt y'all, but there's been a bit of a change bout your electives. Turns out, monster hunting is mandatory now! Something bout 'curriculum requirements' for next year or somethin'. Anyways, y'all have fun with that!" And with a wink at the two she was back out the door.

Monty stood for a minute, processing what had been said. "Well uh, guess that takes care of that." He said to himself, shaking his head. Now all he had to do was choose between cooking and horticulture. As much as he loved horticulture, cooking had more benefits for him. Feli was there, and he was trying to work on his cooking more. Nancy would probably understand, and he could take horticulture next year. Mind made up, he turned back to Regis with an excited smile.

"I'm going to be taking cooking as my elective then." He bent down and quickly marked it on his sheet. "So, what are you planning on taking? All of these seem interesting."


Beatrice watched as her friend was called up on stage, grinning at him. He was nervous. She could see it in his stiff movements as he walked to the stage. She turned her gaze toward the other boy, sizing him up. His stature wasn't very intimidating, but he made up for it in his posture. He looked even more serious than Richard. Great, this was going to be awkward. She had hoped Richard would get someone a bit more... Energetic? Happy? Something to balance him out and ease the conversation.

She could hear Richard from the stage, and winced at his stuttering. She didn't think of it as a problem, but Richard was always so embarrassed about it. Gods, she wished there was something she could do to make him feel less uncomfortable, but there was nothing to be done. He wasn't making eye contact with anyone, and she couldn't exactly make him look up from where she was. She settled for visiting him as soon as possible. Hopefully their dorms were close together.

More people came and went on the stage, and Richard stepped off, away from his partner. Well, that was one of the most awkward things she had seen in her life, but at least it was over. She definitely was visiting Richard as soon as possible, most likely with some coffee candy to cheer him up.

Her train of thought ended just as a woman stepped onto the stage. Beatrice immediately recognised her. It was Professor Knotte A. Munster, the professor teaching the monster hunting elective. It wasn’t hard to recognise her, given her unique appearance. She was in her mid sixties, but the only signifier of her age was her stark white hair. She was incredibly fit, with impressive muscles and many scars from years of battling and training. Most strange about her was her attire. She always wore a armored breastplate, and had a navy blue cape attached to the armor on her shoulders. She had gauntlets and shin guards protecting her arms and legs, and was quite an intimidating figure over all. The room quieted immediately at her stern glare across the audience. She stepped toward the front of the stage, rejecting the mic offered to her by a volunteer. Her voice was already loud enough, and she was easily able to get the attention of the students. Almost everyone knew her, and many students felt uneasy at her sudden appearance, Beatrice included. Had something happened?

“Due to a change of curriculum in my class for the third years, monster hunting is now mandatory for all second years.” Whispers broke out across the room, a wave of emotions crossing the faces of the crowd. “Quiet! You will have one free elective this year. Electives last all year, so choose wisely.”

Beatrice let out a breath as the imposing woman left the stage, just as quick as she had come. Monster hunting was mandatory now? She personally didn't mind, she had taken it first year, and had planned on taking it again. People were frightened at first, but it wasn’t all that bad if you followed the rules, and there were always accommodations for students that needed it. A grin broke out across Beatrice’s face as she remembered the service monsters, specifically the giant dog monster. He was so fluffy, she was hoping the gentle giant would be there again this year.

@banjoanjo@liferusher Thank you. We will review both of you as soon as possible, we're dealing with some issues at the moment but will get to you both.
@banjoanjo Oh hey, look who it is! And yes, we're always open. We have two familiars applying at the moment, so I would suggest a mage, but you could do either.

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