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Current Ay, mariposas, don’t you hold on too tight; both of you know It’s your time to go~
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Ay, mariposas, don’t you hold on too tight; both of you know It’s your time to go~
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I hate dice. I refuse to elaborate as to why.
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"5,000 years ago, our ancestors braved the cold darkness of intergalactic space to flee our long lost homeworlds. Many perished in the void, but many more survived, coming to this galaxy to find a new, glorious life. And so, I tell you this: we are here to stay. No cosmic horrors, no legions of the other races, not even fate itself can remove us. We foresaw what destiny had in store for us, and we defied it. It is what we do, and that is what we will always do."

- Sovar Qel'anis, Supreme Chancellor of the Convocation of Kul'Zarr

"Kelmandrar! Why you not a doctor yet?"

Kelmandrar resisted the urge to roll his eyes as his mother asked him one of thos inane questions again. While he did treasure and love his family, they could be… frustrating to deal with. Even when he was hundreds of light years away from them, he could feel the pressure that they're trying to impose. Oh, who cares about that. In this economy? No way.

Though there's no way they could really find out. He could just… say that he was already one. That he got a doctorate in one of those space academies in the Rainbow Comet City, whose inhabitants were known for their culture and love for art more than anything else. Perhaps he'll just say that he is a doctor, technically… but in philosophy, that is. The art of overthinking and random bathroom thoughts about the laws of the universe.

"Oh didn't you know?" Kelmandrar finally answered. "I am already a doctor. From the… Academy of Sciences in the Rainbow Comet City. You know that place, right?"

"Oh, those folks," his mother said, squinting. Conveniently, none of the Hyrocs actually knew anyone from the Rainbow Comet City. Probably because the place is constantly moving around the galaxy's core and thus a pain to warp into.

Kelmandrar pouted. "You're not going to congratulate me?"

"Oh, yes, yes, I will. I'll send you an extra pack of credits this month. We are truly proud! But… it's just me at the moment. Your father is… I don't know. I have a suspicion that he's cheating with one of those les- I mean other species."

"... I'm not surprised. Well, I have work coming up now, so…"

"Yes, yes, goodbye. When will you come back here, to Sar-Vantha?"

"When the captain of the Eye kills himself," Kelmandrar answered. "Or dies in battle. I prefer that he keel over and die from food poisoning to be honest. Or gets stabbed in the back by an alien assassin. Any end that's not glorious."

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the signal began to sputter, and then died.

"Oh," Kelmandrar shrugged. "Well, anytime now-"

"Rise and shine, crew. Get your asses to the Mission Deck in ten, gotta brief everyone before we touch down."

"I'll be bringing this shiny ass to the Mission Deck," Kelmandrar said to himself, taking a moment to look at mirror to check the serrated teeth in his beak. He was sure that he flossed everyday…

Soon enough, he was down in the aforementioned deck, wearing a black cloak over his more… normal clothing. Of course, this cloak wasn't just plain; it was adorned with serpentine void dragons and golden flowering vines, with the centerpiece being a circle with white calligraphy written in the Kul'Zarrah Lexicon. The text read, 'weak'.

"Hello, captain," Kelmandrar cheerfully greeted, too cheerfully perhaps. "Tis a good day yes?"
Silas Celeton
The Rogue Trader

The Chaos Sorcerer howled as Paolo nullified his vile incantations, the feedback loop of Warp energy cascading within his mind. The Tzeentchian psyker knelt down, screeching in pain, blood flowing like tears from beneath his eyes. Perhaps he was thinking what his Astartes masters would think of him should they learn that he was bested by one of the servants of the Dead Emperor.

Still, the sorcerer would not give up. If he was going down, then, he declared in the name of the Changer of Ways, he shall take as many worshippers of the Emperor with him.

Whatever promises or pacts he made with Tzeentch, the fickleness of the Chaos God of Deceit took hold as the Sorcerer delved deeper and deeper into the Warp, further risking eternal damnation. With one final heave, he attempted to cast another spell… only for it to backfire and leave behind a charred corpse. That, and several Pink Horrors jumbled out, with the spell apparently succeeding at the price of his life.

He'd have to put his faith in their capabilities to not buckle so soon in the face of trouble that found them this soon.

It was soon apparent that the Chaos cultists were beginning to lose momentum. The casualties they suffered were double of what they inflicted on the naval infantry, and the screeching Tzaangors were being picked off one by one. Still, they still fought on, elated by the promises of the ruinous powers.

The Tzaangor that Stukov fought brayed and screeched, angry that its prey wasn't folding as fast as the others. Its fury was only compounded when another of the naval infantry stabbed it in the back with a bayonet, prompting the beastmen to turn around and grab him by the throat...

“No time t’be lazin’bout! Yer Voidmaster is go-” His remark was cut short as a grenade went off, thankfully the full force of it was absorbed by the small pile of corpses that the Frontiersman was using as cover but the blast of it was still enough to send him tumbling past, concussed by the explosion.

Silas, in a similar vein, was affected by the explosion, though not as much. Along with the pile of corpses, the Tau shield generator that he used absorbed the impact. Though his ears rang and his vision was dazed, if only for a moment, he quickly came to the Kin's side, using the power blade to slice apart a pair of Cultists that were rude enough to approach with chainswords drawn.

"Grummore? Grumm? By the Throne… are you alright?"

Silas, worried, considered calling a medicae if the Kin didn't wake up within the next moment…

Outside, the situation had evolved rather quickly. The remaining Chaos vessel was successful, ramming and disabling the Gladius frigate owned by one of the other Rogue Traders. The spectacle was visible from the observation deck, with the two ships slowly crashing down towards the bottom of the Webway tunnel.

In the bridge, meanwhile, the augur arrays flashed with new, unidentified signs, yet again. What else was coming…?

Cool! Got a couple of ideas in my head. Cool to DM you about them?

Yeah, or you could join the discord to discuss with the rest of us. Either way good.
Been keeping my eye on this thread for a bit. Room for another?

Yup. Been waiting for more people kek
So hard to do long posts when it's just combat hahaha. Just feels like fluff, responding to events from other posts, and then a little of your own to add color without going too OP.

Well, we'll be getting to the next part of the arc soon.

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