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Current @Tex If you dab you might as well do it for real. Commit to the dab.
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Just started watching My Hero Academia. On episode 9 now, the intro is fucking awesome
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@letmehaveone2 Sims 4 is trash
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So sick, feel like death.
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On a metal binge tonight after PT, Rammstein, Metallica, and Halestorm baby! With some Black Sabbath of course.


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Any ounce of fat I see on my hips makes me want to set myself on fire.
Guess whose back from the field mothaaafuckaaasssssss

Also just saw the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 and I would absolutely let Keanu Reeves do scandalous things to me.
Phineas Reggingston

@Firecracker_@The Bork Lazer@Opposition@MagratheanWhale@AdobeFlash@Prizrak@BurningCold

Phineas lounged in the back of the sleek campaign car. He took off his top hat, delicately setting it down beside him. South City sped by in a blur, a mixture of swanky high rises and dilapidated husks. The young man was on his way to the debates, the traffic in the city had made navigating a nightmare and living on the other side of town hadn't helped. The driver thought so too, an older man with a cranky attitude and little patience who was currently wishing plagues on people's families as they cut him off. Phineas couldn't help but smile.

Phineas logged into the net using his cybernetic eyes, hopping through data feeds and news sites with a mere thought. Some people might find the concept hard to grasp but it was just like walking at this point. Just another aspect of his body.

Unless SPECS starts to set in.

Phineas shook the grim thought away. Finally he accessed a live feed of the debate. He frowned as he saw they were already a quarter of the way through them. At this rate he'll only get to see the tail end of the first debate. Phineas minimized the net to see their progress through the city. They were stuck in wall to wall, bumper to bumper traffic. He groaned and mentally sent a message to the other communications personnel. He was gonna be here a while.

45 minutes later.

They had finally cleared the traffic jam and were rolling through town at an expeditious pace. The first debate had been something in the area of a disaster, but Phineas made a mental note to keep that to himself.

"Twenty minutes to the debates, Mr. Reggingston." said the driver in a surly voice. Phineas flashed a smile at him.

"Thank you, Mr. Kladov." replied Phineas. Ten minutes crawled by. Phineas had never been particularly fond of travelling by car. He preferred planes for speed and boats for the ocean view, but car was slow and restrictive. Especially when you have a middle aged Slavic insurgent. Well, former insurgent driving you around. A silent notification popped up in Phineas' field of view, a message from S'venia, the communications director. A rather extravagant name for a somewhat small position in this somewhat small campaign, Phineas thought to himself as he opened the message. Phineas felt his stomach drop at the text.

Dexter Campbell in the hospital, shooting in debates.

An address for the hospital was under the brief but concise message. Phineas took a minute to keep his breathing under control.

"Mr. Kladov, I've just been informed there was a shooting at the debates. Mr. Campbell was injured, Miss Skor has sent me the address of the hospital."

He rattled off the address to the driver.

"Please drive with haste." Phineas finished and felt an odd satisfaction at the burnout of the tires as the man changed course and put the pedal to the medal, no words needed. His mind reeled with the weight of the message followed by a confused anger. Which one of those spineless bastards had the gall to pull something like this? His first instinct went to Rott but Gatch was just as, if not more capable of doing something like this. Rott had the stomach but Gatch had the ability to get away with it. Phineas' had curled into a fist on his lap.

"Damn them."

At Caduceus XIV

While Phineas was sure that CXIV was a grand hospital with top of the line equipment and personnel, he was too worried to care. As soon as the car stopped he leaped out and raced inside. The urge to demand to see Dexter Campbell loudly was overwhelming but again, Phineas calmed himself and politely asked to see him. He was certain his eyebrow twitched when they asked him for some kind of ID. After about 10 minutes of vetting he was finally let through, only to see that he was in surgery. Phineas' nerves settled at the knowledge that he was in a room full of healthcare professionals and finally turned his attention to the waiting room. He recognized most of the people there as his campaign team. Who he had never actually properly met. Until now. Phineas sighed to himself.

Always one for pleasant introductions, aren't you? First time you meet the people you're working with and it's outside the room Dexter Campbell might die.

Phineas took his hat in both hands, unconsciously spinning it.

"I suppose now is a good as time as any. My name is Phineas Reggingston, your new Press Secretary. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances..." He let the sentence trail off. It had been a long time since he felt awkward around people. He didn't like it. 30 minutes passed. An hour. Two hours. Each second was excruciating. Finally, the doctors emerged and wheeled a resting Dexter Campbell into his room. Phineas could practically feel the sigh of relief throughout the room. After some time of waiting, they were told Mr. Campbell could receive visitors now. Thinking it improper to greet him first as the person who probably knew him the least, he stepped aside with a small flourish and said to the nearest person.

"After you."
@BurningCold No worries, works for me. And thank you, I try to have a character that is realistically multi-dimensional. I've never understood that common theme with extroverted characters. While I'm not a huge extrovert, I love meeting and talking to people and just seeing people happy, so I tried to channel that through Phineas.
@BurningCold Me too, Kane sounds like an interesting character to interact with. I'm just waiting on homeboy to get to the hospital. Maybe we can do a collab post?

I'm down. Just let me know when you want me to post!
@Opposition Added a bit to the end of the backstory, let me know if there's anything super specific you want to see.
I'd be down, sounds interesting!

Hope this is still a thing
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