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@webboysurf Accepted.
@webboysurf Of course.

@Eviledd1984 Accepted and fine by me.

@Sightles There is always room.
@Eviledd1984 If you plan on playing the Italian boss then yes. Francisco can for sure come to the meeting with a made man.
@officaz Happy V-Day!

A body rolled over in the large four poster queen, the sheets were everywhere, barely covering the woman's half-naked body. The room was quite large, the floor made from wood, the walls painted a creamy white and the red velvet curtains kept the sun out without fail. That was half the problem, Catalina was one to get up early before the sun rose tot he horizon but some days she would sleep until late in the afternoon to make up for the sleepless nights. A woman dressed neatly walked to the curtains and yanked them open letting the sun pour into the room stirring Catalina once again. Catalina slowly raised her head, her eyes fluttered opened to reveal the beautiful blue eyes which many had fallen for.

“ It’s noon, Ma’am. The event coordinators had called, the chef and the decorators have arrived. All of the press and paparazzi have been informed once more this is a private event and no cameras or equipment are allowed within the premises while the event and its guests are in attendance.”

The event is supposed to showcase and grand opening to the Silk Petal’s new wing, after being closed for over 14 months. The rose gold metal card invitations were sent to many of the big names and elites all over the world in hopes to gain more investment funds. Anyone who was anybody would be there, including the five crime families.

“Anything from my sister?” Catalina asked softly as she sits up. The thick tresses of her hair falling in a silent curtain around her face as she pulled the covers away from her person. Passing a hand through her hair, she rose fluidity from her bed. The neatly dressed woman hand Catalina her robe which she took and slipped into, fastening a knot to her waist.

“No, nothing as of yet ” the woman replied. “ We have tried to get contact but-”

“Ms. Bloom,” Catalina’s voice broke out, her voice low and deadly. “ Try again, do not stop until you reach through and sent a friendly reminder to our neighbors. All parties must attend, if not I will be claiming favors. ”

“Yes, Ma’am”

Catalina walk to her bathroom removed her robe to get ready for tonight's event.
@NeoAC You are good, just make sure to finish the rest of the sheet when you can.

@officaz Now that I am better and all, we shall start tomorrow. Have work tonight. I will post by then, if not too tired I will post when I get home at 2am.

@Kinjaav No worries, I did not forget. You are good to go.
SOrry guys, down with a severe cold and sinuses infection. Feeling the colors of the rainbow. I will try to get the beginning post up by tomorrow.

@Hellion There will be of course and I will make sure the players have a chance to interact.

@officaz Accepted, to the characters tab you go.

@Kinjaav@NeoAC Understandable, hope to see them soon.
@Hellion The players are open to npc them until filled. (Sure did :))

The deadline for character application shall be the end of February 7th. If going to be late, just send me a heads up. Thanks all.
Those who are interested I've created a discord for the RP. I would love to hear any input or questions!
@AtomicNut All is well, thank you and have a great rp time.

@Hellion Accepted, off to the character tab!
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