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Current Ok, is everyone sick, or is the apocalypse just starting?
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Recovering from Strep Throat and a 102°F Fever. Don't expect me to post for a little while.
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Trying to not be too creative!
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Where is everyone?! I don't want this RP to die.
I can't post, since my character is currently unconscious, and I really thought we'd go somewhere with this whole cultist raid, or whatever.
@Shadow Dragon@YeetMeister@Elevation@HokumPocus@Mataus
The Bear looks around, and stops fighting. Confusion and concern both squander his beady eyes as if he hadn't been taking in information until just now. All of a sudden, his pupils shrink slightly, although his eyes remain black, but his fur shrinks slightly shorter on his torso, and human flesh is visible under it in some parts. His face and build turn slightly more humanoid as Borthric enters his human-bear hybrid state. "No," spews from the lip of the hybrid, although his prior form did not have the capability of speech. "No ones laughing. Oh... I've hurt people again it all just happened so fast..."
The fur on Borthric shrinks back to only body hair, and Borthric shrinks by about a foot. Now, standing before Brakes, Tristan, and Hark is the woozy, human form of Borthric. He staggers for a moment, then leans forward, obviously drunk, (although his hybrid form showed no drunkenness.) and attempts to plant a kiss on Brakes's cheek multiple times, although he doesn't succeed in any of the attempts. "Wasn't that amazing, Avrrin?" Borthric stumbles around a bit more before finally falling over on the floor, his clothes in shreds around him. The bigger they are, the harder they fall - And this brute likely has the worlds biggest hangover.
Sorry folks! I'm recovered now (Mostly), and I'll post tomorrow.

had this sickness for 3 goddamn weeks!
What do you mean? Is everyone waiting, or are you waiting for everyone. Are you guys waiting for me to respond in the posts? And I'm sorry, I've been recovering form Strep Throat.
The Bear that once was Borthric roars in agony as a knife lodges into his lower calf. He touches it for a moment, but quickly refocusses on evading the flaming table hurtling toward his face. He stoops down to dodge it, the knife in his leg twisting in an akward angle making the Bear roar again. He recovers quickly, though, and as swiftly as he ducked, he pulls the knife out, and heads in a straight, four-legged, aerodynamic sprint toward the teifling who is distracted by another social conflic, and that the Bear believes wronged him. The Bear rushes up, swiping away rubble. Both of his arms raise directly above the devilman's head, in a perfect trajectory to slam Brakes's face into the hard, stony floor of the tavern, about to bash it straight in. The Bear is clearly not in the mood to end this fight easily...
I'm waiting for @Elevation to post what Hark does before I continue with Borthric. Also, @Shadow Dragon since when did Brakes care about people? I know, I shouldn't be RP policing, but it just seemed a bit strange to me.
The ravenous Bear jerks back in pain, clearly confused as to what is happening. It covers it's eyes and face with it's behemoth claws. After stumbling backward into a table were a Kobald and a couple of halflings and gnomes are seated, causing the table to snap and mugs of ale to fly everywhere, the Bear stands back up, furious and frustrated. It charges forward and sweeps broadly with it's claws, slashing not just the teifling, but also shredding a barrel of liquor. His claws continue in an ark headed right toward Hark and Beth.
"No! I'm fine!" Borthric shouts before anyone can react to the teifling's call for help. Borthric resists any hands that touch him as his heavy body squirms around, not wanting to cooperate. It's hard to even get him out of his chair. "But you shouldn't be!" A smile creeps across Borthric's cheeks in contrast to his sour, reddened face. "This man is a sorcerer!" He points accusingly at Brakes. "You're stomach isn't physically big enough to hold that much fluid. You've been cheating, haven't you, Brakes? Using a spell to aid yourself! That's why you're eyes are glowing, bastard!" Borthric is starting to yell, contradictory to his usual calm demeanor. "Whithout your sorceries, you would be nothing! Without you're spell, you'd be throwing u--"
Borthric begins heaving out chunks of vomit, sending everyone around him backward in disgust. He vomits again and again, gasping for breath in between each expelling of liquor from inside him. Once he's finally finished, still facing the floor, he yells through a groggy mouth, "What the hell!? Asshole! You drugged me too! Didn't you!?" A hint of pain is starting to overtake Borthric's expression. "It wasn't enough to win, was it!? You had to humiliate me, too!" For just a moment, it appears as if borthric's beard is growing; not longer, but taller up his face, growing up to his eyelids before receeding. "Oh shi-" But it was too late. Borthric begins to transform. His hairy arms grow even hairier. His beard stretches across his face, morphing it into a face that resembles a real bear's. His eyes become beady black. The flesh all across his body becomes covered in brown fur. He grows two feet taller, stretching from floor to ceiling of the tavern, ripping his clothes to shreads. Now, standing furious, right in front of Brakes, is a great Grizzly Bear. People all around the tavern begin to scream.
The Bear gives a bellowing roar as it stretches forth a meaty claw, grabbing Brakes, and hoisting him violently into the air. Several of the Bear's claws puncture Brake's stony neck, sending a few spurts of blood flying. This Bear does not look at all as friendly as Borthric was...
@YeetMeisterYeah, I know. We are doing quite a lot, and we've only been posting for two days! But anyway, I'm sure the other characters are doing other stuff during the drinking contest, and the contest has probably only taken about five minutes, and it's reaching it's end. We'll cool it on the rapid posting. Also, I'm planning on my character getting drugged with something that makes him transform into bear form and go berserk, (Pretend like you didn't read that, Shadow Dragon) so I'm sure the paladins and any other fighters can get involved in settling that.
Edit: Cue the paladins!
"Bottoms up!" Borthric too begins guzzling from the tankard after filling his enormous lungs to a capacity close to explotion. A few thin streams of gold drizzle down his beard and splatter off his chin as he drinks. He takes gulp after gulp, taking gulps much slower than Brakes, but from the enormous rhythmic bulges in his throat and the loud rumbling sound they make, he seems to be making gulps twice the size of Brakes's. After about ten seconds, though, Borthric's gulps seem to slow down, becoming less immense as he tries to stagger his consumption. His eyes begin to roll back into his head, but they stay there only for an moment. He resteadies himself, still emptying the giant pitcher. About a minute after he recovers, his gulping has slowed down quite a bit, and as his hand begins to shake, he sputters and coughs violently, choking for just an instant. Face red, he downs the rest of the tankard and makes an earsplittinging sound when he finishes the four gallons of ale. It sounds like an animal barking as Borthric strenuously gasps for air.
"What the hell!?" He says through gritted teeth, coughing some more. "There was something solid in my tankard! I think I swallowed it!"
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