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It is certainly not 'optimal', but it *is* doable, depending on what you want to do with it. You could go swords or valor bard and play them more like a warrior with some magical ability
1 yr ago
One might say your villain arc has begun. Embrace it.
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Man do I love watching the circus


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Piggybacking off of that, would it be possible to give Rowan some rudimentary fire magic? - I gave him one star in intelligence for that purpose lol

I just like the idea of him using fire magic to help him forge, and maybe once he gets into fighting he could like coat a weapon in fire or something
Snow White and her Slime. A match made in the stars.

Meanwhile Rowan is just a regular Joe shmoe, but I think he'll get along with most folks hopefully
I'd like to get some fire magic for my character eventually too- think of like a forge cleric from dnd, so he might go bugging someone at some point!
Well meaning boi

Had a thought about a blacksmith with aspirations of being a monster hunter or knight
Galahad Caradoc

Blightbeasts came out of nowhere. It wasn't difficult to predators to hide in the tall grasses, it was like hiding in an ocean. Galahad supposed they should've been lucky not to have walked on top of them before they struck. Galahad barely had time to register what was happening before he saw a blur zipping through his peripherals. Throwing up the staff of his Halberd, only sheer training and reaction time allowed Galahad to lift his weapon to block the incoming gnashing teeth of one of the blightbeasts before they tore out his neck. Armored man and beast alike tumbled off the back of Korin and into the grasses below as Galahad kicked the beast away from him. The beast was a creature of eyes and teeth, roughly primate in shape, but small and muscular. There were also a lot of them. The beast Galahad had kicked disappeared into the grasses, likely to regroup with another beast and catch him unaware.

"Form up!" Galahad barked into the grass, "Don't let them surround you!"

Galahad's attention was drawn by the snarling of a few more beasts, turning his eye in time to catch a glimpse of flashing light and a head of blonde hair between the grasses. Dashing towards the noise, Galahad leapt into the air, his eyes spotting a pair of beasts harrying the party's white mage. Focused enough on the seemingly defensive white mage, the beasts didn't notice as Galahad's armored form came crashing down on one of them, the spike of his weighty halberd driving into its neck, the weapon crackling slightly with some sort of electricity. Black ichor like blood spewed from the creature's neck, painting Galahad's blue armor and halberd with black blood. Seemingly uncaring that its companion had been struck, the other beast jumped at the dragoon even as he grabbed Neve, sharpened teeth digging into the steel and leather on his forearm.

Galahad felt the heat of blood seeping into his leathers, but ignored it, grimacing as an armored hand struck the beast on the nose repeatedly. The creature was probably trying to tear his arm off, but a third strike to the head encouraged it to release its grip and jump back, rethinking its attack strategy, disappearing into the grass. Galahad panted with the exertion, his forearm tense and armor dented, small pools of red beginning to seep into the dark leather. It'd be difficult for the party to be able to spot these beasts from ground level, it was dark, and the tall grasses provided too much cover, making it was easy for them slip back and regroup. He needed to get above them, they couldn't fight the beasts if they couldn't see them.

"Are you alright?" Galahad grunted to the white mage, wincing slightly as his injured arm took hold of his weapon once more. Without waiting for an answer, his arm grabbed the young mage and he jumped into the air again, though not quite as high. They landed on the wagon, next to the moogle driver, where he deposited the white mage. "Safer for you here. Keep an eye out for us, don't move alone."

Despite the exertion, Galahad jumped again, rocking the wagon as he leapt high into the sky, his armor reflecting the light of the dimming sun as wind rushed around him. He couldn't fly, but he could certainly get higher than anyone else in the party. His eyes scanned the grasses below as his leap began to reach its zenith. While he couldn't make out individual beasts, he could see the trails in the grasses as they bend and folded underneath the weight of the blight beasts. A bit over a dozen of them, moving in groups through the grass, forming small attack groups to ambush his party members.

"Look for the lightning!" Galahad bellowed to his party members below. His halberd crackled as he pulled a bolt of lightning from it, throwing them at the packs closest to his party members. He wasn't a crack shot, he didn't expect the lightning to hit any of the beasts directly, nor kill them if it did hit. But in the dimness of the afternoon sun, the bolts were a beacon in the dark, notifying his party of the locations of the beasts.
Hayakawa Kimiko

Kimiko had spent most of the morning unashamedly dazing in the classroom, content with staring out the window while the teachers droned on about whatever their particular subject was. Perhaps the teachers knew by this point in time Kimiko didn't really care to listen to them. At the very least she got her assignments in on time, that oughta be good enough for them surely. Instead, Kimiko spent a lot of her time doodling onto her desk, the edges of its surfaces miniature murals underneath her hands, still speckled and stained with bits of biolight paint she hadn't thoroughly washed off yet.

As the lunch bell rang, Kimi scoffed as Junichiro went off to go buy lunch- the boy had apparently forgotten his, again. The girl chuckled, shrugging off her bright red jacket as she hung it on her chair, picking up the worn bookbag underneath it. The bag itself was mostly empty save for the barest requirements, and of course her own packed bento- courtesy of gran. The bag was for the most part only weighed down by the collapsed hoverboard hanging off the back loop, a bright red Sunrider model, intricately decorated with biolight paints and adorned with a sticker of a black cat. Ever since she'd gotten it, Kimi had found herself reaching down to the bag and touching it every few minutes- as though to make sure it was still there, jealously guarding it from any potential theft.

Kimi chuckled and rolled her eyes as Junichiro soon returned with his apparently ill gotten gains: A trio of curry buns, an admittedly tastier prize than Hayakawa had anticipated. "Forget your lunch again? Starting the week off strong." The girl pushed her bento box into the center of the desk, revealing a packed lunch with plentiful- if simple foodstuffs. Fried egg and spam on a bed of rice, a small set of sausages cut and cooked to resemble little octopi, an assortment of steamed vegetables- almost as if the person who had packed it anticipated it being shared.

"Gran Gran wanted to make sure you were eating well, but it looks like you're doing just fine." Kimiko shook her head wearily, turning as she noticed Shinozaki approaching them. She gave the girl a faint smile, chuckling lightly as she commented on the poor sap that had his food taken away from him.

"Yeah, what sort of glutton eats three curry buns," Kimiko agreed cheekily, holding her hand out towards one of Oda's trophies, "Its a good thing Junichiro brought enough to share, right?"

"Alert: Incoming fire. Advise: Take cover." Echo's voice notified the squad- a bit unhelpfully as bullets had already began pinging off his hefty armor plating. Comms were starting to scramble as the garbled voices of their allies made it hard to establish their status-one of the reasons why ECHO did not think highly of verbal communication. Luckily, his combat forms did not need verbal communication to spring into action. In the distance, the squad could hear the sound of heavy machinery and crunching trees as the Warform began advancing on the village, beam cannons cutting down trees as it stomped forward to get an angle on the village. It would take a few moments before the Warform was in a position to fire however.

These were seconds the squad did not have, as the Endoform looked up, noticing a blast of etheric artillery falling towards it. Without a thought, ECHO slammed it's shoulder into the comparatively flimsy wall of one of the nearby abandoned houses, busting through it and into the building itself to take cover from the incoming artillery.

"Advise: Warform approaching, stand by." ECHO notified the squad as he disappeared into the darkness of the building. In the house itself, the Endoform did not have any visual information on the locations of enemy, however, its two microform, perched on the side of the building and Rasch's back provided it with plenty of situational awareness, specifically the locations of his enemies and allies.

The microform on Rasch's back lifted its combination sensor/beam cannon, watching Rasch's rear and flanks as the man attacked, scanning for targets as well as providing the other forms with as much updated location data as it could detect. The Endoform pre emptively deployed it's squad shield and the Warform quickly began to crest the ridge to gain a line of sight on the village.

"Alert: Enemy in cover. Providing suppressing fire." came the mechanical call of ECHO's voice.

From within the walls of the house, a rapid spray of armor piercing explosive living shells began to punch through the flimsy material and track towards the direction of enemy targets, excepting the location where it's microform-and therefore Rasch was. The very foundations of the house shuddered and shook dust as the loud retorts of the multi barrelled autocannon echoed throughout it at a rate of approximately 2000 rounds per minute. The Endoform focused fire towards the southern buildings, it's Microform spotting for muzzle flashes and determining trajectory for the incoming enemy fire.
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