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@Lugubrious Yes sir.

Just waiting on 3 others for their sheets then I'll decide. I'll give them up to today.
@Kyuuzen Concept is good but application seems too strong. A single sprint had enough force to redirect a moving car with zero damage to Hakaizen.
@Sunbather Uh, most of what you're looking for is in the OOC. Let's call it pseudo-internship; HQ would be at a Hero Agency ran by the aforementioned hero.
@Duoya Good enough. I'm expecting him to have a Ditto-like face.

@Shard...I noticed. Actually, I already have the discord up. Just too lazy to include the link here.

@Melkor Tech-wise, they have jetpacks, chokers that function like huge speakers, and little robots who do menial work. They also have massive kaiju-level robots. And yeah, Ara's good to go.

EDIT: Link to discord.
Honestly, I was expecting a giant bug and a slime person. Didn't expect to get both. Surprised we don't have a teleporter or a dragon.

Anyway, the 5th slot will go to @Duoya since he was one of the few who expressed interest earlier. Just wanted to make sure, how humanoid can he get? Around the appearance of Muk or Grimer?

I'll get a 6th person before starting, but will wait for the other sheets before deciding.
@OwO Kinda gross, but gotcha. Accepted! Feel free to post in the cache.

@ResultsMayVary Same thing, feel free to post your sheet.

@Melkor That's cool, no prob. No real change needed. But I will be editing what the present is like in the OP. Maybe that'll affect your character's sheet, maybe it won't.

@Shard You too. I'll send you a PM regarding your guy's quirk.

@Melkor I'm cool with character development, just trying to avoid a scenario where he ends up wanting out or something.

Well, in the source material, they treat quirks as bodily functions and they improve in certain aspects. For Ara, on the top of my head, improvement could be increasing the number of people he can read at a time or tolerating mental fatigue since he's perceiving more stimuli that the usual human. They do a bunch of quirk training in the anime and manga, so its easier to understand. I could give you other examples but that'll spoil it for you.

@OwO I think all bases are covered. Just for clarification, aside from the whole shedding and manipulating of skin, she can also propel it and in a way, move it around in a telekinetic-type manner?
@Duoya No rush dude.

@Melkor I’ll have to say yes on being familiar with the series. What I have here is kind of superficial.

It’s anime’d Japan and more high end when it comes to “technology”.

As a whole, nothing done wrong with the sheet. Stuff I’d like to include and clarify would be his quirk. How else do you see it improving? And include some sort of visual/aesthetic indicator that he’s using his quirk. Maybe a change I’m eye color or appearance? Blood vessel that surround it start to bulge?

Also, characters that are gonna be part of the team should want to be in the team. Just wanted to make that clear.

@ResultsMayVary Stick everything in a hider. Aside from that, we’re all good. I’ll ask for the details later. Funny read. Hold off posting in the character page though.

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