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A Demon's Love
YC is none other then the daughter of Hell's Head Honcho himself:Lucifer. Yet its become boring down there. Having demons kiss, and want your ass has gotten dull. She asks her father when she can be Queen. Only when she breeds an heir for her throne. The thing is...demons only get pregnant by their true love. She slept with other Demons but never had her true love. if she cant find love in hell....why not earth? There on Earth she enrolls ina college and soon discovers a mortal she is head over heels for! seems he has someone watching over him
Real life has been kinda hectic(yikes)
I should have a new plot or redux up soon ^^.
Thanks for the patience
Had a B-Day(Whoop whoop) refreshed and have some new things planned! Stay tuned!
More to come, stay tuned folks!
Cyberpunk:Iron Sky

In the far future in Neo Angel City is your typical cyberpunk city. Neon lights and buildings. Multicultural groups trying to survive, and people have cybernetics. What makes this world different? Above the City is the Iron Sky. What is it? A massive town full of the super wealthy elites. Its everyone's dream to stay there. You either have to be born, buy your way in or be invited to the Iron Sky. Who are out characters? Are we a street kid who does odd jobs to survive, Mercenaries who does hits for the elites, or an Elite with a good heart seeing the inequality those face?
More ideas are comig soon ^.^
Dragon Master(REDUX)
Ever wonder why Dragons have so much treasure? Vast amounts of gold set in caves? Dragon are creatures with vast magic, but use it up in high quantities. If they use to much theyre defenseless. Theyre able to better regulate their mana usage thanks to the Gold. Its one of the strongest pure metals, and such becomes a good conduit to focus their magic. They also can absorb magic from others.
Well, humans have a good source of magic. So what happens when a Dragon decides to be merciful and keep a human as his slave? It turns out this slave is unique. Born with a massive, practically limitless reserve of magic. Thanks to this, they could become much more powerful.
-this one can vary with plot-smut ratio

mainly Wanna do the Hero Problems RP
Still looking
give me some ideas too!
What biting you? REDUX 2.0
Similar as before, YC is saved by MC after being bitten by a mysterious wolf and it transforms her into a She-Wolf. With no other alternative YC stays with MC until they figure out what to do. And whats the only idea they can think of? Use it to solve the mystery of her parent's death. Something wasnt right about how they died and there is more there. This leads the two down to a dark rabbit hole of werewolves, vampires, slayers and magic. What Else will they come across? And what secrets do they both have about their families?

Do it for him Redux!
It seemed like a perfect life! They were going to get a new house, the money was all saved up. That was....until they lost it all(Either by scam, a friend invested it to a shitty comany, or banking issue) now they wont have the house they dreamed up. To make the money back, she decides to do somethig she never thoguth of. Stripping. Though doing so in secret, telling him its a secretary job. She begins to however enjoy the job, loving the men watching her. Loving being desired and watching people dance. As well as seeing the kidn charms of the owner. Maybe this wont be a bad job after all
-Now whats different? Its a modern fantasy/mosnter girl setting. IE this wont just have humans but an assortment of fantasy creatures. Of course set in modern times. But YC will be a fantasy creature(Any of your choosing. Get creative ^.^)
Got some more things planned soon ^.^
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