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26 Apr 2017 0:56
Current I was so mean to someone they started acting like a decent human being. Is this real? Am I in the matrix?
8 Apr 2017 1:54
I’ve got you, you’ve got whatever’s left of me to get—our conversations are like minefields, no one has found a safe way through one yet.
4 Apr 2017 6:19
I liked Attack on Titan for six episodes, but then it turned into shit.
30 Mar 2017 4:17
I think some people on RPG like the idea of anime gifs and avatars more than they actually care about watching anime or reading manga! Just sayin’.
28 Mar 2017 19:41
Home is where the hospital isn't. Glad to be out of there.



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I will be officially only responding OOCly and ICly with my new account. Just so you know.
Yo, we've got Genin Teams!

We’ll have to go over it and figure out we’re going to do about your character’s potential team since we only have enough players to meet our current limitations (we have fifteen genin). I will talk to Sloth and Ryo, and we will get back to you.
As far as I saw your sheet was not finished? I assumed you were still working on your draft (as depicted above).
In ①⑨⑥⑧ 28 Apr 2017 0:24 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Well, I don't know who's still here, but if this IS still going, I have an idea for it I've been wanting to try...

If you want to help revitalize the RP, I'd be more than happy to look at your idea.
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