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15 Jan 2017 9:33
Current Sunday is D&D night, so if I'm not around 'tis why.
14 Jan 2017 12:15
Falling asleep! Sorry, Pariah friendos! But be happy that I have nothing to do when I wake up, haha!
13 Jan 2017 5:48
tfw you get a status reply but you don't know from who because its on THEIR wall and not yours.
11 Jan 2017 7:50
“You like that? You want me to cut to three weeks earlier when you were alive?”
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11 Jan 2017 0:21
How do you tell the difference between insidious gossiping and earnest venting— especially when you hear through the grapevine that your friends have been doing such to you behind your back?




Cloud Chasers
Free Pass: Beginning of the End
Naruto: Years of Winter
[ GM ] Pariah
Star Wars: Enclaves


Absolute Comics: A Brave New World
For a Fistful of Credits: A Star Wars Story
[ GM ] Saisei


From Sleep Awake


The A-Team
Creed: In Nomine Domini
StarRiders: Hoshizora no Riders
Star Wars: Left Behind
Star Wars: Hostile Territory

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H E L L O !

If you’ve run into me before, I should probably apologize to you for some reason or another as I have a numerous amount of bad habits on RPG including my disposition, perception, and generally inconsistency in activity. I don’t mean to, of course, but from what people have told me I have sort of gathered a reputation onsite after a number of years of interacting with the community at large. If you haven’t— thank circumstances and hello!

I’ve been roleplaying since 2001, starting off on a number of Sonic the Hedgehog message boards a little after the big internet revolution that shifted from basic user groups to dynamic forum formatting. It is due to this that I sort of feel like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to play-by-post roleplaying. It also sometimes translates to me being perceived as a pretentious elitist jerk, which is only one percent of the truth. I joined RPG prior to “Guildfall” in the winter season of 2012 – 2013, though I was made aware of the site for a bit longer by a friend of mine.

I’m a multi-faceted writer who can fit any category, but I have the most fun in detail-oriented efforts in the casual and advanced sections.


Roleplaying is a social hobby, so as it would happen there are people that I like working with in spades. They also happen to people I consider my peers and my closest friends onsite. If I forgot to mention anyone, talk to me more.

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I don’t know if I have a preference, in all honesty.

deconstructing kid tropes is fun as hell tho
I used to write single sentences as entire posts.

A relative quote that I think is key to remember in any artform and medium is this— “if you have the ability to work with people smarter than you, always try to be the least smartest person in the room and surround yourself with talent, because iron sharpens iron.

Replace the words “smarter” and “smartest” with your choice (“talented”, “experienced”, etc.) and you will realize what you want to do and achieve it. It took me some time to meet my peers but RPing with them made me absorb their creative philosophies and ideals for the better of my artistic ambitions. I’ve written with minimalists, old school descriptive writers, and everything in-between. Even when I started writing on this site I ended up trying advanced level RPs and after some time in these projects I began to pick up on new word choices, more descriptive text, and imaginative designs; but what really happened was I pushed myself to be better and to meet what my peers were doing.

Find a group, perhaps people you admire (hence the mentor point Ruby mentioned), and have fun.
I feel like I have little choice in at least trying to express interest. But lots of RP's on my schedule and such.

So outside of me potentially replying, do we need to do a role call?
I ship myself with @Gowi now.

Do you know why I know this? It's because she's implying I am Yokodera and he is Tsukiko in that picture. Best 2017 ever to have a loli-tsundere and her implications.


Also, ahem.

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