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Balthazar stood upon the broken statue of Capitol City's founding mayor. Around him, minor demons listened and cheered as he shouted on and on about destroying the heavens and punishing those that interfere. His voice was deep, booming and above all, menacing. It was obviously being helped along by some dark, magical means.
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Capital City

Gerard strolled down an empty street. He ran over to a car and hopped on the hood and then jumped up to the roof of the car and stared down the street. Anywhere his eyes looked there were signs for murder, arson, vandalism, and of course supernatural battles. Gerard was trying to take note of anything that would tell him if this place was still dangerous, but sadly his sense were as sharp as warriors and scouts were. He sighed at his lack of personal survival skills, but it wasn't like he had no way of searching areas.
Even as his own sense failed him there were mental whispers from reliable sources that would let him no if some place was safe or dangerous.
"Hey kiddo," came a voice so rough it almost felt like his ears were being rubbed by sandpaper. Doors began to open from what appeared to be run down and abandoned buildings. "Why don't you get out of these dangerous streets before the monsters come back?" Soft laughter filled the air, but there was still caution with the volume due to the fact that everyone knew there could actually be monsters around.
"Thanks, mister," responded Gerard. Though Gerard was over 120 years old due to the magic bond with his companions and their vitality seeping into his body through the link of the contract he ended up aging very slowly and so he only appeared to be at most 17 years old. As the people were getting slowly closer and surrounding him Gerard heard some more whispers and it took a some effort to hold back a smile. "But are you guys afraid of the monsters?"
That was when some people started taking out enchanted weapons trying to show off, while the stronger individuals displayed a small fraction of their powers they had. The powers weren't particularly impressive due to the low level of cultivating them. They didn't strive to improve themselves, in fact they probably had no idea how to improve their skills or even use them in innovating ways
"No worries, kiddo," the sandpaper voice said again as electricity crackled between his hands. "We can take on any monster that a comes around these parts. Why don't come inside with us so we can talk a little more in private." The others snickered and it was then that Gerard looked around and only noticed one female out of the group of about 20 men. And she looked horrible and her eyes seemed empty. As if on cue the young woman's eyes met Gerard's and she felt tears building up as she turned away in shame and wiped them away.
"That's great to hear, I feel safer already, because there is a monster in this area and i think it's already here." The face of most of these gang members turned extremely serious as cold sweat broke out and most of their bodies. Gerard watched as bodies tensed up and grips were tightened on their weapons. Even the facade of the talkative broke down slightly.
"What do you mean it is already here, brat?"though the word was spoken without thought he caught his tone and made it sound lighter and friendlier. It was then that Music filled the air. It was an enchanting melody created by a string instrument but what followed was a captivating female voice. Not even 5 words had been sung when everyone's eyes turned blank as their bodies seemed to have not control. Yet the voice continue for another minute.
"My my my, such weak minded and willed humans," a beautiful pale skinned woman with dark green dress that seemed to shimmer with unnatural light stepped out from around the building at the corner of the block. Raven black hair covered her face and as well as her fangs. "I didn't think I would have been noticed by this shrimp but it seems it must have been some fluke seeing as how he is just as weak as these others. Oh well. It is time for a small snack before I report my findings. She approached the guy with electricity still crackly over his skin from time to time and with a quick motion she sunk her teeth into his neck. It was then that a shadow appeared and covered a the area where the gang and the demon was. He reflexes saved her as she jumped back towards the middle of the street as a Large body came crashing down with huge axe in it's hand. As it stood back up the demon woman saw the figure was standing 18 feet tall. It's hooves dug into the ground as it's muscles continue to reflexively flex.
Most of the gang members were crushed into pulp from the size and the sheer impact of the beast in front of her. The horns on it's head had to be at least 7 feet long as it they curved slightly hear and there. It was a demon, no, the woman realized that the horns didn't give off demonic energy. 'Minatour' the recognition filled her eyes as she stepped back. The woman was not a close combat type. She used her music to enthrall weak minded and weak willed people to offer as food and sacrifices. And the size of the horns proved that this was no ordinary Minatour. It was a Lord class beast at least. Which means it had experience, intelligence and wisdom. The trick now was how to get out of here with her life. Minotaurs were extremely territorial. It is why demons, angels, and the humans of the shadow world were glad that they stayed in underground Labyrinths.
"That's no good," a voice came from behind the woman and she was startled she turned quickly to find the young man on top of the car looking at her, no not at her through her, looking at the minotaur. " You missed the target," he looked quite down.
"Sorry, Gerard" the thundering voice of the Minotaur said. The beast's intelligence was higher than she thought. The minatour showed slight remorse which was unheard of for such magical beasts that were known for killing and slaughtering without a second thought.
"No worries," the young boy spoke so casually to this beast Lord, "Go ahead and try again" and with a sudden chill down her spine she turned as the minotaur's gaze fell on her as he approached with quake-like steps.

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Nearing the end of his speech, Balthazar's voice had changed from menacing to maniacal, from disturbing to out right terrifying. The crowd of demons roared with deafening conviction, howling up at the dark sky. "And now! Go forth and feast! Swarm the city! Rip apart anyone that stands in your path!"

With those final words, thousands of demons, large and small, spread out in all directions. They marched in large groups. In their path, only destruction remained, abandoned cars sent flying across the streets, buildings demolished partially or entirely. The screams of innocent humans played like the darkest of orchestras. Explosions going off in such a way, they almost served to keep time, as a metronome would.

As the last of his army had left the square where he delivered his speech, Balthazar calmed down and made his assent into the sky. His dark laughter could be heard echoing across all of downtown and even faintly throughout the city. No longer in a physical form, Balthazar watched his army from above, spreading out as an unnatural cloud of darkness.
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Gretchen Vradiskii Ufain
Back alley slums, Capitol City

A relatively nice day, even for a place like the slums.

Gretchen swept the paved stone path to the shrine, humming cheerfully. There wasn't much she could do to reduce the squalor of the backalleys, but at least her shrine and home looked presentable and clean. It still looked rundown however, and there was nothing she could do about that until she raised enough money to renovate the whole place.

She was vaguely aware of screamings in the distance, but being where she was, she paid it no mind — it was that sort of place after all — until a few people scrabbled frantically up the path to her, chased by what seemed to be a large four legged demon.

"A SHRINE? HERE?" A deep voice boomed from the demon as it moved forwards, liking its chops. "NO MATTER, I WI-"


Almost immediately, the demon burst into flames, disintegrating into dust as it did so. Seemed like one of those unintelligent lower demons, to step into hallowed ground without expecting some sort of defenses. More dust for her to sweep away, on top of those people trailing blood all over her path and garden. Who did they think would have to clean up all of this? Certainly not that dumb pile of ash.

Sighing, she went inside to change into her ceremonial outfit, as well as to get everything she needed for a mass extermination. The shrine itself would be fine, as it was protected by layers upon layers of charms and spells, as well as the divine wrath of the god enshrined within, but these people might trample all over her garden if more came to seek shelter. Honestly, they could have flocked to her more often, and not just during times when they needed her.

Now in the traditional white and red ceremonial clothing, she prayed at the shrine once, before going out, assuring the people there that they would be protected as long as they were in shrine grounds, and not so subtly hinting that praying and donating at the shrine might help.

Her pristine white and red outfit standing in stark contrast to the filth and squalor around her, she made her way towards the downtown areas, following her instincts, and the howlings.
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