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Location: Forest outside Bellbrooke - Bearing Lake - Church
Interacting with: Falling Down @Crosswire

Understandably, the teenage girl did not respond too kindly to his appearance. In fact, she sounded very much annoyed. But he continued with his actions, taking small pleasure in the shock he elicited from the woman. It was enough to calm him down and not get angry at her for being so rude. Here he was, helping her get what she wanted, and she didn't even give him even a little bit of gratitude. A 'thanks' would have sufficed. If it wasn't for his interventions, who knows when she would finish prying that door open. Certainly not in seconds like he managed to do.

Her words were harsh, and rather crude. He can see now why she was deemed to be the troublemaker of the year. Aside form escaping, it doesn't seem like she had any sort of respect for those around her. Or perhaps that was because he was a danger to her treasure - to what she would find. Flash figured that even he would react this way if someone else were present when he would claim his Electrum - and that the person would want him to share the prize with them.

He raised his hand as she warned him. "While I honestly do not think you're in the position to say something like that, I will respect your wishes. This is your treasure trove, not mine." He admitted. While he could just as easily end her life then and there with one swipe of the sword, given that she has her guard down, he decided that it was in his best interests to keep her alive. Flash adjusted the collar of his coat and then placed his hands behind his back.

"Nevertheless, it is my job to escort you back to Bellbrooke safely. That means I cannot leave you alone now that I have found you." He then smirked. "Just pretend I am not here. I promise that I will not get anything that you want." Their interests seem far enough so he wasn't worried about taking a complete interest in anything she would get. Even if it were some magical artifact, it really didn't matter to him. He wanted knowledge - books. And he doubted that such a rough-looking teen like Falling Down would want something as boring as books. "It would be for both of our best interests to stick together. I do not think the Headmaster took your disappearance too lightly."

He kept his hands away from his sword to show that he meant her no harm as she pointed the pipe at him. As she entered the church, he followed. However, he made sure that he was a couple of steps behind her. Far enough so that she wouldn't be able to hit him with the pipe, but close enough so that he will be able to help her out if she's in trouble. The thought of letting her rot entered his mind. No one would know. But he shook it off once more.

No, she must get back alive.
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Worried Mind

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School, lobby

Worried shrugged. The posturing of arrogant ponies did not concern him; If need be, he would try and track down some kind of authority to investigate his finances. Surely Equestria had to have some kind of organization to make sure ponies paid their taxes and would investigate if something looked... off about their records. Even if it actually did turn out that the good Prince was paying for their services legitimately, having his home government check out his finances would be more then enough to cut him down a peg.

"A job's a job then. We should get going." There wasn't any more need to ask questions... or remain in Blueblood's annoying presence any longer for the time being as far as he was concerned.

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Location: Bellbrooke Walls

Thundering’s crossbow bolt cut through the icy winter air with audible force as the skeletons charged through the slushed and snow towards the wall. Though the leader of the bleached collection of dog teething treats saw the guard atop the wall taking aim, it made not attempt to dodge or even move evasively. It simply charged ahead with weapon raised and skin stripped jaw open in a soundless cry of battle.

The crossbow bolt flew and quickly made contact with the leader skeleton’s torso. Had Thundering been shooting at a being of flesh and blood her shot would have pierce clean through their heart, killing them. However the skeleton was devoid of such things and the steel bolt simply few through the empty space between their ribs, glancing off the spine and sending small chips of bone into the air before punching into a nearby tree.

Unphased by the shot the lead skeleton continued its charge even as it’s boney brethren met similar fire. Taking single fire rifle shots, javelins, and thrown hatchets from the other guards that began to assemble on the wall facing the forest. However the projectiles had little effect on the undead and they quickly closed on the stone wall that separated them from the town.

However the skeletons, in their preoccupation with the fleshy vulnerable guards atop the wall, had completely missed the hulking Diamond dog that had already crushed one of their ranks. As one skeleton turned to face Romt it was met with his sledgehammer and all but exploded from the force of the impact. Hardened bones split like popsicle sticks beneath a truck tire, collapsing into powder and splinters as the limbs and larger fragments of bone flew out in all directions like shrapnel.

Each and every skeleton, especially the leader, slide to an awkward stop through the snow and turned their gaze on Romt. Even as guards continued to fire on them from the wall the skeletons stared at the hulking, fleshy wall of a canine. Had the undead been capable of feeling fear, they would have quivered the way any sane made would at the sight of what they were up against.

Fueled only by purpose however the skeletons did not hesitate. As soon as they registered the Diamond Dog as a threat, they charged towards it with the lead skeleton running up and swinging it’s obsidian bladed Macuahuitl at Romt with the full force it could muster from it’s animated limbs.

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School, lobby

“Finally, a human who doesn’t want to waste my time. With the rarity I see before me now I have no doubt that you’ll actually managed to succeed in my simple request and bring me back something of substance!” Blueblood straightened out, beaming pleasantly as he watched Worried turn and began to leave. Any human that left his presence was good news to him but one willingly going to the work demanded of him only added to the pleasant sensation of relief it typically brought.

Location: Outside Bellbrooke, through woods and at Bearing Lake

Mentions: @Polaris North

“Shows how much you’ve had to deal with him. He takes everything that isn’t gold plated and stroking his ego lightly. The only reason he’ll even get mad that I left in the first place is because it’ll make him look bad.” Falling stepped over the slightly smoldering splinters of the door as she entered into the dark, dust ridden cathedral. She could hear the smug, irritating voice of the thunder spewing guard behind her but she refused to turn and acknowledge him. Fearing the insufferable look on his mug would inspire her to violence against someone who could more readily hinder her efforts.

“It’d be easier to pretend you weren’t here if you actually weren’t. Why don’t you wait outside, or blow a nice big hole in the lake and jump into it? Don’t think for a second I intend to stick by your side. If we get seperated I’ll happily leave you to run in circles looking for me.” Falling spat as she walked, developing a more hurried pace as she began to look around at the interior of the building she so desperately wished to get into moments before.

The cathedral was dark with a high ceiling and stoney walls that seemed stained with secrets of ages long since forgotten. Pews sat in rows. Many broken or collapsed from the rotting uncared for state of the wood. Beautiful stained glass windows high above their heads remained obscured, covered with large tarps and sheets held to the stone walls with tape and nails.

Falling’s forward movement slowed as she noticed lit candles lining the walkway leading up to the altar in the center of the church. Their orange flames provided the illumination lost from the covering of the stained glass windows, even as they wavered and flickered in the harsh winds blowing in through the open door.

“Wait...these candles couldn’t have been burning here forever, could they?” Falling’s anger and irritation began to fade as confusion pervaded in her mind. Stepping past candles both short and tall with pooling puddles of wax surrounded them the brown haired girl ascended the steps of the altar.

There, on the white marble surface of the altar, was a grizzly scene. In a small circle scrawled in blood was the bloated rotten head of a pony. Eyes white and tongue hanging out of the slack jawed mouth the pony head stared unnervingly forward. On both sides of it were golden candlesticks lit with red candles.

Despite wincing from the sight and smell before her, Falling’s eyes did not go to the gold but the book.

Set off to the side away from the blood and slowly rotting pony flesh was a large tome. Leather bound with a iron lock keeping it’s clasp firmly shut the book drew the unruly girl’s eyes. In moments it was in her hand, clutched and held tightly as she looked it over for a title or some means of opening it.

“Someone must of been here. Well if they were then this is mine now.” Falling muttered, smiling eagerly as she tugged at the lock.

All the while a door farther back in the church creek, slowly swaying ajar from the wind blowing into the room.
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Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School
Interacting with: Following Prince Blueblood @Crosswire; also Worried Mind @Bright_Ops, Beeline @Ramzam

Rays shrugged.

"Eh, it looks like they have the situation under control."

With that, he finally turned away from the window and followed Worried out of the office.

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Location: Bearing Lake - Church
Interacting with: Falling Down @Crosswire

"You're right. Blueblood only cares about appearances. Do anything to piss him off, and I doubt he would just let you off with a smack on your hands." Seeing as this girl shared his sentiments, he decided to leave off the title. Lightning never did like talking titles when the person who has them doesn't deserve it. Everyone was in a state of peacefulness - false security and whatnot. Well, it's not like it's affecting him gravely anymore so he didn't much care. Besides, even if she did rat him out by telling what he said to the Headmaster, why would anyone believe her? This was goody-two-shoes Lightning Flash we're talking about her. The kindest, most obedient child out of his whole batch.

Despite her obvious dislike of him following her, he still was hot on her heels. There was nothing she could possibly do to get him to stop. After all, he was the trained guard and she was just a delinquent from the school who had little to no formal training. Well, it's not like he would ever do anything to hinder her progress unless she would fall down a pit. In which case, he'd be forced to catch her. But until such thing would come to pass, he would be trailing behind her silently.

The church wasn't anything special to look at. Like its outside state, the inside was in a complete state of disrepair. With the wood rotting away and its stained glass covered, there really was nothing he could say was even remotely beautiful here. The noise was irritating though - as the tarps that covered the glass window moved violently against the wind, but was still effectively nailed that it wouldn't come off. Nevertheless, he persisted to follow.

He moved to touch one of the pews just to see how deteriorated it was, but Falling's voice snapped him out. So she was planning on actually speaking with him throughout this mini-treasure hunt. Ah, or maybe she was just musing to herself. Flash moved away from the pew and then followed her, observing the candles laid in a specific order. This was... oddly familiar. "Unless those candlesticks are magic, and I doubt they are, no. They shouldn't even be laid down like this." He admitted. There was a creeping sense of foreboding in the back of his mind. The green eyed male knew something was wrong.

Seeing Falling wince, Flash decided to ascend the altar as well. Seeing the gruesome scene did not invoke any sort of emotion from Lightning Flash - except a hint of... glee, but also irritation. These emotions passed his face in a millisecond that no one would even notice it. "Poor sap." He first said as he stepped closer. "Quite obviously, someone's doing experiments here." He's definitely seen this kind of handiwork before. But could a necromancer really be this close to Bellbrooke with no one noticing? No, it may be some other form of magic. But he was confident that someone else has been messing around with the same thing that brought their destruction.

Falling now had a book on hand that had quite a tough-looking lock. He frowned. "With the evidence of this lying around, I don't think this mystery person of ours hasn't exactly left yet." He pointed out. As he spoke, he heard a small creaking sound and he slowly turned and took his bow into his hand and prepared an arrow - green eyes locking onto the sound. A complete 180 turn from his attitude. He was completely serious this time. Was it another treasure hunter? Or was it their mystery person?

Either way, both weren't exactly good news.
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