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The Chaotic Guard

25 | Reformed Human | Male

◇Physical Description◇

Lightning Flash stands at a tall height of six feet, dwarfing those around him. He has a rather muscular build thanks to the training he had undergone to join the Grand Guard. Because of his initial exposure to the magical radiation produced during the Rendering, his light brown hair turned snow white - which is usually unkempt most of the time. However, his lime green eyes didn't appear until much later - after he had started to dabble in the arts of electromancy.

For someone who spends a lot of time outside, he has a rather fair complexion - adding to his handsome facial features. He seems to take good care of his body - or at least, anything that anyone could see. Thanks to his nature, he abhors any dirt on his features as he quickly wipes them down. His skin in immaculately free from scars that can be seen.

Because of his position in the Guard, he was able to get hold of some rather nice clothing. A white overall trench coat with Equestrian armor underneath to protect him from attacks, plating on his sleeves, gloves, plates slacks and boots.

◇Personality Elements◇

  • Charming
  • Friendly
  • Chaotic - he loves destroying things
  • Violent at times
  • Doesn't care about anything else but his own twisted kind of fun; psychopathic
  • Surprisingly, he's good at following orders as long as it aligns with what he wants - usually it does


Lightning Flash was a name given by his Equestrian masters. No, his real name was Jonathan Morrey. Let's take a small trip back to the past of the destructive human of the Guard. Jonathan was a normal boy back then, happily living with his family. His parents were caring and his older sister did more than just adored him. They were a relatively well-off family and they wanted nothing more than to just stay close and stay happy. His father was a scientist and his mother a doctor.

Everything had been normal until Twilight Sparkle had established contact with Earth. Enamored with what the Equestrians had to offer - his parents spent time working tirelessly on their research of magic, working with government teams to weaponize this magic.

It took a while, but his mother opened her eyes to the truth. They were creating mass weapons of destruction again, instead of turning their head to the other side to create machines made with magic to heal. She argued with his father and then with the team, but she ended up being kicked out of the team.

His mother said goodbye to Jonathan and his older sister, vowing that she would return and make things right. Jonathan didn't know what happened to her mother after that. There were rumors that she then went on to learn healing spells herself with the aid of the Equestrians. Jonathan, himself, had already gotten acquainted with the magic - Electromancy. Hiding from his older sister and his father, he had successfully stolen an ancient text about it along with some Electrum. He practiced on and on, away from his the presence of anyone he knew.

Then, the Rending happened. Ten years ago, when he was fifteen, everything went to hell. Jonathan and his older sister managed to survive. His father made his way back to them. However, he soon died from mass organ failure - horrifying that two. Having only suffered minor injuries, the two set out to find some help. Any help.

It took months for someone to find them, and Jonathan had been undergoing some... problematic changes. He seemed to have lost the skill of empathy and seemed to love bringing harm to others which was sated by destroying various things in their already destroyed world. His older sister worried about this change, but there was nothing she could do about it. There was one thing that should be noted, Jonathan never brought harm upon his sister. Not even once.

They were both placed in a sort of Reformation School and he was given the name Lightning Flash - mostly likely in reference to one of them seeing that he was carrying Electrum with him. He was a rather good kid in the school, happy and content with being with the others but showed problematic signs of psychopathy but they chalked it up to merely the nature of humans to be destructive and it never really harmed anyone.

Lightning Flash graduated with flying colors and went on to join the Grand Guard. Meanwhile, he as having flashbacks of his past - a past he did not remember living. He remembered a name - Julianna - and the feeling of warmth around him. As time passed, he began remembering more and more. Faces popping up, serene places, the feeling of power in his hands. He even remembered his name, Jonathan.

When he had joined the Grand Guard, he was the perfect role model. Friendly, charming and willing to go to lengths to protect - Lightning Flash was the Guard everyone thought would be Captain at one point.

But he never yearned for the position. Every proposal was rejected, keeping him at a relatively low position with a relatively average payout. He patrolled the borders of the walls - willing to go outside and brave the monsters, and whatnot.

One time, as he was patrolling the area outside the walls, he had come across a dying adventurer. Knowing that he wouldn't make it, the adventurer talked with Lightning Flash who humored the dying man. He spoke of tales of magic and how the power of the heavens was under his control. Just before he drew his final breath, he handed Lightning Flash a bag of Electrum and a leather-bound book that recounted his journey. Keeping these for himself, Lightning Flash then went on to report the dead body to the higher-ups.

Lightning Flash found himself a natural at Electromancy - old practices worming to his mind, controlling his body movements to cast the spell. When the Guard found out that he could do Electromancy, the initial reaction was to throw him back to reformation school but was quickly convinced that he could use the power to help stop the monsters more effectively. The presence of the electric-powered human seemed to put unease into the citizens of Bellbrooke, but they have now come to accept him.

◇Skills and Talents◇

Guard Training: Thanks to his training with the guard, he has been able to master the way of the sword and is rather proficient with the spear as well. He's been trained in firearms, but he never found himself good with it. He continues to train himself with a sword and often spars with others.

Survival Instinct: He's survived months with his sister after the Rendering, encountering the Rendered and avoiding them. This ingrained something in his mind - a natural instinct of sensing danger, honed to protect him. He is hyperaware of anything dangerous around him, though it sometimes fails or activates without rhyme or reason.

Athletic: Even before his Guard training, and even before the Rendering, he had always been the star athlete in school. He's come around to using free running/parkour. It is a rather useful skill when chasing down the bad guys. Though shooting them with lightning sometimes does the trick too.

Magical Prowess: He's nowhere near master level, nor high level. He uses it frequently, yes, but he doesn't have the information to constantly make magical theories to test out. Lightning would usually get around to making one when he gets inspiration to do so.

Acting and Manipulation: Why do you think he was able to enter the Guard despite his destructive nature? He convinced them that he has changed and that he is doing everything for the 'greater good'. He joined the Guard so that he has an excuse to fight the monsters while still being given supplies (as adventuring would mean he would have to fend for himself).

◇Relics, Spells, and Techniques◇


Pyromancy. The magic of the flame. Primal and Promethean in nature. This means of manipulating and creating such a base element influenced countless other schools of magic throughout the ages. One of which was Electromancy.

With years of practice and the book given to him by the adventurer, Lightning has been most curious about finding a way to make it easier for him to cast lightning. He's turned to using catalysts every now and then when he truly needs it, but rarely blood.

By using several catalysts, Lighting has been able to increase the versatility on the usage of his spells. No long is he bound to the ground as he chants his spells. His favored catalyst is 'memories', for they are mostly useless to him. As long as he knows who he is, it is fine with him. Though he seem to not want to erase the memory of a girl named Julianna, whoever she is. Obviously, the drawbacks are that he forgets things that might be important in the future - names, events, weaknesses and the likes. It must be known that he doesn't always use catalysts - only when he is desperate.

Spells currently known:


Guard Clothing: His clothing has been heavily modified with paddings to protect him. It keeps him light on his feet but able to withstand some form of damage so that he wouldn't get killed immediately.

Because of his position in the Guard, he was able to get hold of some rather nice clothing. A white overall trench coat with Equestrian armor underneath to protect him from attacks, plating on his sleeves, gloves, plates slacks and boots. His trench coat has a rather big pocket inside where he will sometimes put his book, and also houses his bag of electrum.

Sturdy Backpack: Whenever he goes out of the wall, he is given a backpack which contains essentials or anything that he needs to bring. It has served him well as it is the same backpack he used from the very start. He has already taken it from the Guards and carry it around even off-duty. It usually contains some gold, copper and other metals he can salvage.

Sword: A sturdy silver sword given to him when he joined the Guard. He has refined this sword to increase durability and fixed it time and time again. It is found sheathed on his waist.

Spear: It would usually be found on his back. It's a rather normal spear with nothing note-worthy to speak of. Though, sometimes, Lightning Flash uses it as a pole to vault himself over something. He isn't exactly the best in the way of using a spear.

Bag of Electrum and Gold: After his initial showing of magical powers, he was then able to procure Electrum when he formally asks for it from the Guard. However, on his day-offs, he would usually venture out of the walled city to try and find some extra metals to use. He knows that he can't keep on relying on the Guards since they also have a limited supply and they might not even give him enough anymore. They're usually in his trench coat for easy access.

Adventurer's Journal: It would seem that the adventurer knew more than he was letting on. It accounted his numerous travels and magic spells that he had learned, and described it thoroughly. Lightning Flash has been adding numerous entries as well. He still has a lot to learn from the Adventurer's journal as it contains spells he hasn't been able to do yet.
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Edit: Bits updated, spells clarified, aura color adjusted, compressed behind hider to save space.
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Thundering Cloud

Guard Corporal

24 | Reformed Human | Female

◇Physical Description◇

Thundering Cloud (Cloud to her friends) stands at 5 feet and eleven inches tall and with a build that looks like it may have been softer once. Nowadays, all the softness has been chiseled away, and while she isn't flat by any means, her build leans more towards boyish. Her skin is a light coffee color, topped with neck-length curly black hair that she usually keeps in a tight bun. Despite her build, her facial features remain soft, and she has expressive green eyes that always seem to be slightly widened.

She has a small scar that runs alongside and above her left eyebrow, as well as a gunshot scar just a few inches above her navel.

◇Personality Elements◇

  • Loyal to her friends and superiors.
  • Open-hearted and minded.
  • Still believes there's good in the world.
  • Distrustful of those from outside the Equestrian colonies.
  • Haunted by memories.
  • Light smoker.
  • Terrified of centipedes.
  • Has conflicted feelings about the re-education programs, however she understands it's the only solution so far.
  • Secretly a bit of a sadist. (There's just something about pulling the trigger and dropping a threat that brings her a measure of peace.)


Cloud was born into a military family, to a mother that worked at ONI (US Office of Naval Intelligence) and a father who was stationed in Florida at the time of The Rending. She spent most of her time with her father, living and going to school wherever he was stationed. She had trouble making friends, and as such was mostly withdrawn and more concerned with being independent. By the time she was 13, she could cook and clean for herself, and her father had given her an M1911 handgun for her 14th birthday for her to own when she "got older."

She only knew of her mother because her father had told her. Apparently, she'd chosen a career at ONI over the family life.

Cloud had just turned 13 when the Equestrians made first contact, and her life became a blur at that point. Her father was redeployed every few months as US Command struggled to address the novel issue that foreign entities could now teleport directly into their cities. Unsurprisingly, she found herself fascinated by the Equestrians and their magic.

She was 14 and home alone when the world was plunged into terror. When the screams died down enough outside, she waited for her father. For anyone, really, but nobody came, and after several days of hiding indoors, she was forced to leave the house to survive. She took the gun her dad gave her for her 13th birthday and braved the horrors of the outside world.

Cloud could never have prepared herself for what she'd witness. She kept to herself, spending most of her time hiding and scavenging when it was quiet. She avoided other kids as well, but she couldn't stay hidden forever. a month before she was found by the Equestrians, her little hideaway was discovered by a band of looters. She managed to escape with her life, having to shoot one of the deranged adults to escape. The rest of the group vengefully pursued her for a couple of weeks before giving up the hunt.

When the Equestrian search parties looking for survivors found her, she was in depressing shape. Malnourished, traumatized from months of a living nightmare, and desensitized to the horror.

After reform and re-education, Cloud decided she wanted to help the Equestrians reclaim her world. At least, that's her goal. She managed to get into the Guard and not a single step higher.

Cloud's 21st birthday rolled around and she joined the Guard and started training. Initially, she didn't quite take to fighting head-on with a spear, but in time she got the hang of it and started her service. She quickly found to enjoy the few times she was deployed outside of the settlement, even though she came back with a bullet in her stomach the last time.

Over the years, the memories have started to trickle back in. She remembers "Charlotte" but she doesn't know who's name it is yet. She remembers she had a family, but she cannot recall anything about her mother. She knows, at least, that her father was a soldier. She doesn't remember why a handgun was among her possessions, but she's also inexplicably fond of it. She deals with the memories as they come.

Currently, she has around three years of service in the Guard, and has some experience fighting mutated horrors and bandits, although she's more used to helping keep the peace. Overall, her service record is quite good, although she has made the occasional slip-up in the past.

◇Skills and Talents◇

Thundering Cloud is a soldier above all. She knows how to read a situation and make the right call, and has a solid mind for tactics. She's proficient with the use of the spear and her handgun. She also knows how to survive outside the settlement for extended amounts of time, an instinct retained from before her reformation.

◇Relics, Spells, and Techniques◇

Cloud has her "survivor's endurance." She survived The Rending and the months after by her lonesome, and just when things seemed bleakest and death seemed to call her name, she pulled through and survived. In dire situations, Cloud can keep herself extraordinarily calm or tank through serious injuries (although she has her limits), and if pushed too far she might do something irrational in her desperation.

She also retained small bits of her paranoia from the time of The Rending, and many can attest to how difficult it is to catch her by surprise. She has a knack for noticing things at the last second or catching particularly small sounds.


-Guard Armor sized for a human.
-Worn belly rig (She uses most of the pockets and magazine pouches for random stuff, but she is also currently carrying two magazines for her M1911
-Sturdy spear
-A Trusty M1911 Handgun chambered for .45 ACP.
-Pack of old cigarettes (currently has four)
-Slightly rusty Ka-Bar bayonet (Usable as a backup weapon/utility knife.)
-Soldier's rucksack for whenever her duties take her beyond the settlement's boundaries (Bedroll, compass, weapon maintenance kit, journal, water canteen.)
-3 pairs of adjustable cuffs. (Usable on humans/ponies)
-1 Unicorn horn-dampener (for apprehending those dang unicorns)

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The Impostor

31 | Changeling | Male

◇Physical Description◇

    Beeline is a unicorn pony with a somewhat stocky, muscular build. His coat is light brown, and his mane is a sandy blond. He’s grown a chin strap beard, which he keeps trimmed fairly short. He doesn’t put too much effort into styling his mane or tail, and they’re often left to become scraggly messes. His eyes are dark green. His cutie mark is a black and yellow arrow, with a dotted line trailing after it.

◇Personality Elements◇

  • Vigilant
  • Curious of others.
  • Values intelligent life.
  • Practical
  • Fond of telling stories.
  • Howdy y’all!


    The discovery of Earth brought many things for the changelings, new opportunities chief among them. The Rending only made the jump to Earth even more attractive. Impressionable minds, individuals in need. The many external threats were a perfect distraction for more than a few changelings to slip in unnoticed.

    One particular changeling warrior happened upon Beeline on his own in the wilderness, slew him, and took his place. He made his way to the nearest settlement, pretending to have lost his memories to a monster created by The Rending.

    This new, amnesiac Beeline spent several years integrating into a group of scavengers and making a name for himself as one of the proportionately few civilians to successfully hunt and slay monsters. He fed off the group’s camaraderie for one another and reveled in the praise he received for slaying monsters in the defense of others.

    The rumors of a great and powerful something in Bellbrooke have attracted his host group to the British Isles, just as they have attracted many others.

◇Skills and Talents◇

    The original Beeline’s special talent was marksmanship. The changeling version is far from perfect, but has honed his skills and reached a very high level of accuracy, given his weapon of choice.

    Years of hunting experience have taught him how to track other creatures and set traps, using both his tools and his magic.

    Due to the nature of his species, he’s an excellent actor.

◇Relics, Spells, and Techniques◇

As a changeling, Beeline sustains himself by passively absorbing the positive feelings others direct toward him. Because of its necessity to life, his magical capacity and throughput are both very high, for better or worse.

    Transform: Beeline can transform into any living creature of a similar size to their own—provided they have a visual reference to base their new form off of. Maintaining the form is a subconscious act, and slowly drains their magical reserves. Halting the flow of magic in any way will cause the transformation spell to fail.

    Siphon: Forcibly feed off another living, feeling being. It’s flashy, unpleasant, and entirely obvious what’s happening, both to the victim and to any observer.

    Plant Emotion: Essentially the opposite of his siphoning spell, raw emotions (e.g terror, loathing) can be forced into the mind of a single target.

    Levitate: Beeline can lift and manipulate objects in the same way a unicorn can. He’s had plenty of practice utilizing this skill, and can control several objects at once—most easily demonstrated when using his rifle.

    Fire Portal: A powerful spell that creates a doorway between two solid surfaces. While the entrance and exit need not be in direct eyesight of one another, portals placed by estimate in unfamiliar surroundings can lead passengers to places far, far away from their intended exit...like inside a rock, or on the surface of Pluto. If either end of the portal closes on a solid object, said object will be split in two.

    Conjure Illusion: Use moderate amount of energy to create the illusion of an object. The amount of magic used to increase duration and complexity of the image scales multiplicatively.

    Cloak: It is not perfect invisibility; light twists and bends around him, and his silhouette is very easy to recognize if any sudden movements are made.

    Smoke Bomb: Low-effort spell that conjures a cloud of smoke around the caster.

    Shield: A relatively simple shield spell that takes the form of a curved field of solid magical energy. It catches objects and deflects them away from the caster. The more magic poured into the shield, the stronger it is.


    A flask-sized, metal container, filled with photographs of himself and his hunting party. He’s never without it, in case he ever has to modify or temporarily abandon his disguise.

    A massive, 2 bore double rifle with a falling block action. It was made specifically to be used by a unicorn, and lacks the grips or shape that would allow it to be (safely) operated by anything else.

    20 2 bore cartridges, along with the manual and tools to make more.

    A long, thin bayonet.

    Travel Bags: A pair of large saddlebags, combined with a third bag on his back.

    Hunting Armor: A combination of armor and reinforced clothing meant to protect the wearer from teeth and firearms in equal measure. Three massive, shaped durasteel plates cover his chest and sides, hidden beneath a leather coat with a layer of kevlar and padding sewn into it. More durasteel plates cover his joints and hooves. One last plate fits onto his hat, to protect his horn from any sudden frontal impact. Each plate has a circular engraving where it was shot to confirm that it is, in fact, bulletproof.
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Mother to Many

Mid-40's | Pegasus | Mare

◇Physical Description◇

Ms Meadows bears her age well, and likes to think she can still turn heads even though her warm colors are reminiscent of a certain Equestrian hero, a fact that she plays off with good humor. Her body the classic pegasus body type, lean and compact, with patches of fur that can fluff up when she's cold.

Her cutie mark depicts a bird feeding its chick a worm, symbolic of her desire to help the younger generation.

◇Personality Elements◇

  • Kind
  • Lighthearted
  • Just a little bit of a smart-alack
  • Knows how to dig her hooves in


Summer was born and raised near the city of Baltimare, the oldest child of a very large family. While the family was poor in money as she grew up, they made it up with love, and hard work. Almost as soon as she walk to school, she helped her parents care for her many brothers and sisters. From cooking meals to helping with homework, she gladly took on the nickname "Mama Goose". Thus it wasn't a surprise that she kept on going in this role long after her father's hardware store finally took off.

By the time she reached adulthood, she knew she wanted to work with children. At the recommendation of her own teachers, she studied to be a counselor, smoothly earning her credentials. When the portal to Earth opened up, she eagerly took a position at one of the few Equestrian schools established around the portals, a slice of Equestria on Earth. She was visiting her family when the Rending happened, and while she wasn't initially part of initial wave of staff assigned to the reform schools, she was offered the job of Head Counselor at Bellbrooke as the scope of the project stretched the more experienced talent pool thin. Despite her inexperience, she was able to adapt to the job well, having fulfilled her role without complaint for years.

◇Skills and Talents◇

Cutie Mark Talent: Bird feeding a Chick
- Ms. Meadow's special talent is caring for others, specifically children. For her, the greatest joy is seeing those under her care grow and thrive, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

- Ms. Meadows has a way with words, able to deescalate situations and calm people down. This is, of course, relevant in her day job.

- In addition to being a certified flight instructor, Ms. Meadows keeps herself in shape with regular exercise, and has subbed in for the physical education teacher on several occasions.

First Aid:
- As part of her certifications, she had to take a First-Aid course, and maintain the certification. While she is by no means a doctor, she does know how to apply first aid for Equestrians and Humans alike.

Slight of Wing:
- Meadows is quite dexterous with her wings and is good with her hooves. She often carries pencils, purses, and other small items in her mane and tail, and can pull them out at a moment's notice.

◇Relics, Spells, and Techniques◇

- Cloudwalking, flight, and weather manipulation:
As a Pegasus, Ms. Meadows is able to access the typical compliment of Pegasus magic. While she isn't the most talented at using her weather manipulation, she is a certified flight instructor, and is registered as an auxiliary weather-pony should the need arise.


- 'Reading' Glasses: Always wears them, but a few students and staff claim that they are just an affectation and are non-corrective.
- Messenger Bag: This is where she keeps most of her small belongings when walking around. It is a plain green canvas messenger bag with a daisy clasp
- Stationary kit: A distinctly Equestrian quirk, she still uses her own molted quills and ink to write, though she has moved more towards the modern practice of pencils and erasers as they became cheaper. She still sharpens her quills and pencils with a pen knife.
- Lighter and a pack of Cigarettes: Kept near the bottom of her bag, she can sometimes be seen furtively flying off to smoke in the clouds with other flighted staff members.
- Keychain: Apart from the keys to her own office, living space, and other staff areas, she also has one of the few keys to the locked file cabinets containing a copy of every student's file.
- First Aid Kit: The best thing for boo-boos since kisses. Normally kept in her office, it contains a few bandages, styptic, and other items that can patch someone up enough to get them to the infirmary for proper treatment.
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